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I Si Basics Silicone Turner With Spring Steel Core, 13 Inch, White

  • I Si Basics Silicone Turner With Spring Steel Core, 13 Inch, White

I Si Basics Silicone Turner With Spring Steel Core, 13 Inch, White

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Hygenic and Dishwasher Safe.
  • Heat Resistant up to 600 Degrees F.
  • Won't scratch non-stick surfaces
  • Comfortable non-slip grip
  • Finely tapered edge gets under foods easily
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Customer Reviews

Breaks easily.Getting the hang of this yodie-kadodie that my wife said not to buy and now uses. Has a flat side handy for pan edges and a rounded one for pretending it s a spoon. Cleans up nice. I d like a boomerang made like this. Update: after a short period of light use, the metal armature broke through. This is junk and headed for the trash.1It s a sturdy accessoryThe ONLY thing I would change about it would possibly be adding a more frictionless bottom. When I use it on my nonstick pan, it isn t as smooth as plastic or wood. Maybe they need to texture the bottom.It is very sturdy, I ve had it for under a week and used it twice. It s great for cooking eggs, the tip is sharp enough to cut a nice fine line into the eggs to separate them and scoop under the eggs to flip them easily.4The PERFECT spatula!!! Best spatula ever! Versatile shape, and works fantastically in my Vitamix container! I have had several of the Vitamix brand spatulas which I thought were awesome, but this one is gold compared to those! Never thought a spatula could bring me this much happiness but I couldn't gush about this thing more. It's long and skinny enough to get into the bottom of containers, and grippy enough to really scrape every last drop, but sturdy enough to not roll over on itself. Fantastic product! 5Yes!We originally got this spatula as a wedding shower gift almost 11 years ago. I just bought a new one because it's finally starting to give up the ghost (missing chunks from scrapping out cans like a doofus)5Sort of fat, and not very wideWhile the leading edge of this spatula is tapered to a fine point, it's quite a steep taper from the body of the spatula, and the spatula itself isn't very wide. It works well for things like cookies which have enough cohesion to stay together as you get under them, but it's a bit bulky for larger, more fragile items like potato pancakes. And while one might argue that a silicone spatula isn't the right tool to scrape a pan with, I often find myself needing a firm edge to scrape up stuff that's sticking to the pan, and the silicone edge is a bit soft to be useful for that. And since the metal interior doesn't go all the way to the edge, I worry that the habit of scraping with it will lead to tears along there. That hasn't happened yet, so I haven't reflected that hypothetical problem in my rating - the 4 stars are for the thickness issue. On the whole, I find the spatula useful in a wide variety of applications and use it regularly.4Great except for the cracks I recently bought one spatula to test on our expensive non stick cookware and was very pleased at first. I found the design to be excellent so the next week I ordered 3 more isi silicone products, a large spatula, spoon and flipper. Unfortunately after about 2 weeks of use a crack appeared on the handle of this first spatula then another crack then another. I'm concerned about bacteria hiding in the cracks and I don't know if it's something that will continue. These products are a little too costly to start cracking after just a few uses. The others haven't started cracking and I will update my review after seeing how they fare.Update 11-17-14My first review was 3 stars. I'm happy to report that no additional cracks have appeared nor are there any cracks in my other isi silicone products. I suppose it was just a defect in casting. Still can't give it 5 stars because they shouldn't have any flaws. In case you were wondering, we use these products daily. I really like this spatula and decided that I can live with this superficial defect. I plan to order more of these. 4My new favorite kitchen utensilMuch better than I expected. Comes totally clean in the dishwasher without that dirty, oily feel so many plastic utensils seem to have. Handle stays firm even in the hottest uses...I used mine for several batch of English toffee this year which is the ultimate heat test!59 months Bought this on Feb 2017 and it is mainly used for peanut butter to be put into my dogs kongs. So I would say once a week. Well almost 9 month later and it's beginning to crack at the top. While my other spatulas that I have bought cheaply are still going strong. If this spatula can't last a year with minimal use then I can't recommend it. 1I love this! <3 I've had this for about 3-4 years, and this is possibly the most used tool in my kitchen. I use it for scraping out the blender, food processor, pans and other containers, stirring/cooking, flipping small items, as a jar spatula/spreader for toast, sandwiches, pastries, etc. It's super versatile and never gets put away. One thing I especially like for cooking is that it has a stiff blade inside, but with a soft/grippy surface and that combination is really great for working off the yummy brown bits and caramelized sugars on the bottom of the pan when deglazing (with a deglazing liquid, e.g. water, wine). The handle is very comfortable, and the surface being entirely silicone makes it very easy to clean.While it is a slim spatula, its slightly larger size than the OXO jar spatula makes it a lot more versatile and useful. Actually the only time where I'll use the OXO is for scraping out of containers with very narrow openings like salad dressing bottles or the mustard/mayo squeeze bottles (~1.5" diameter), and this spatula won't quite fit. Otherwise I never reach for the OXO now.One important note though is that while it resists staining and retaining odors/flavors quite well (similar of most but not all silicone utensils - I had a cheaper Good Cook brand silicone spatula that stained very easily with tomato sauce or something with one use), it does still retain some odors/flavors slightly. So I ended up getting a second one in a different color and I keep one for savory and one for sweet uses. That way my homemade ice cream, jams and smoothies don't end up with a faint taste of caramelized onions! :) 5iSi Basics spatulas are unsurpassed in my humble opinion! I am so pleased with my purchase of this Slim Spatula that when I first purchased it, I would take it out of the drawer just to look at it before I was able to actually use it. iSi Basics make excellent products. I also purchased the Red Spoon Spatula. These two purchases nearly round out any cook's needs in the kitchen. I am unlike other's who purchase scads of utensils. I use nearly everything in my utensil menagerie and don't keep anything unnecessary. I own many gadgets that most cooks don't own (like a stainless mandolin) so it isn't that I'm not an avid food preparer. But I don't want to clog my work area with too many choices. This spatula is so great because it has a thin edge that truly scrapes the sides cleanly and narrow enough to fit inside any can or jar I own. It is also longer than my last spatula I bought many years ago from Rubbermaid. The metal tang inside makes it hold up to a lot of pressure. I also like the fact that the edges on either side have different lengths. This is a very high tech gadget for something with no moving parts! I am a silicone fanatic and own many silicone items. Careful though if you use it to clean out food processing bowls with sharp blades. I have a Cuisinart and a Blend Tec and am very careful not to cut the silicone when I clean out the bowls. These are not indestructible. Anyone who says that it fell apart or chipped or whatever, is using the spatulas improperly. I highly recommend this brand and this spatula from this manufacturer. (Progressive is another great company where I purchased my first silicone lid when silicone was first in fashion.) 5Good tool, good buy. Single body metal construction makes this one of the best kitchen tool to have. The silicone material is durable and withstands many cooking temperatures, some oven and most stove tops. Recently had a mouse issue, and they tried to chew my other ones. Surprisingly they were unable to chew through the Silicone Slims vs my rubber/plastic two piece types (newer and more expensive). I threw out the rubber ones, and kept the Silicone Slims (sterilized them in boil salt bath for over 10mintues, no damage no anything.) These will be kept in a secure location. 4My new go to spatula / spoonI love this kitchen tool. It is my new go to utensil. I don't cook a lot so use for light cooking. It is great on non-stick surfaces, perfect for scraping sides or bottom of bowl or skillet. At 12" long it is bigger than the picture might indicate. For me, I wish they made a 9" version.The following are quibbles, not complaints, simply trying to provide a little more information. The spoon part is a bit shallow. It is a bit heavy. The handle is slightly stiff for the general purpose that I use it. I wish they would reverse the square and rounded ends of the spoon / spatula. It is almost as if it is designed for a left handed person. As I said these are minor quibbles not complaints.Btw I bought 7 or 8 silicon utensils to replace my old wood and nylon utensils. Silicon is great, much easier on non-stick surfaces and longer lasting. But I use this one almost exclusively unless I am trying to get into a jar with a very small opening.5PERFECT jar spatula!!! I now have two of these. I find them to be indispensable. In fact, they are one of my favorite kitchen tools. They fit into very narrow jars, which is quite handy. They have a firm edge, which makes it easy to get thick peanut butter solids to mix with the liquid peanut oil in my jars of natural peanut butter. The longer side of the spatula blade is very handy for smoothly spreading frosting on cakes. Once you start using these cleverly designed spatulas, you find all sorts of uses for them. They are much handier than the typically shaped silicone spatulas. I like them so much, I always get one and add it to wedding gifts for family and friends. Try one! You'll find that they are wonderful little tools. 5Great for small spaces Finally, with this spatula you can get that batter out of the bottom of the blender. I bought two spatulas: this one and Vollrath (52023) 13-1/2" High Temperature Spatula. This one works great for small spaces such as getting every last bit out of a measuring cup. The other works best when used to empty medium to large mixing bowls. Between the two of them, that's all you'll ever need. 5Left-handed versus Right-handed This tool is excellent, but only for a left-handed person. The rounded flat right side is perfect for cutting dicing vegetables and ground beef and turkey. HOWEVER, it cannot be used effectively by a right-handed person. This happens all the time by designers of kitchen tools. If a tool is not symmetrical, than you MUST make both left and right handed versions. This is similar to a tennis player having more power and accuracy with their forehand than their backhand. Using this tool in the right-hand, requires the user to rotate the hand to the right with thumb up and cut and dice moving the hand to the right. This is awkward. I give the spoon-spatula a "21/2" for its quality, yet poor design! 2The BEST spatula for vitamix and cookingI have had this spatula for several years due to a recommendation on another site and it gets down in the vitamix blender to scrap out, but also works great for mayo jar, making cakes. I loved it so much I am ordering several more. My old once is used daily and still looks new. I HIGHLY recommend.5Quite possibly the world's most perfect kitchen utensilI don't have enough good things to say about this handy little kitchen helper. It combines the best features of a spoon and a spatula scraper into one very useful gadget that has quickly become my favorite and most-used utensil (and I have 2 crocks and 3 hanging racks of kitchen tools and utensils). I use this thing every single day, oftentimes more than once a day.The curved "spoon" corner is great for scraping curved surfaces like bowls and the edges of sloped pans, while the other sharper corner is perfect for digging into the corners and edges of other pans. The spoon surface has just the right amount of indent--not too flat, not too deep--to make this great for stirring and mixing as well as scooping and dishing up. The single-piece construction means there are no cracks or crevices for food to get stuck in, the hole in the handle is perfect for hanging on a hook, and the silicone doesn't burn or melt even when left sitting on the edge of a pan with the burner turned up as high as it will go.I liked this tool so much and used it so often that I bought a second one (in red) to use when the first one was dirty or in the dishwasher.5My "Go To" SpatulaI love this little spatula for jars and containers as well as smaller bowls and pans. I like the firm feel the edges have as well as the different lengths plus the rounded and sharp corner options, seems like it can get at anything. If I could have only one spatula, this would be it.5broke after a handful of usesI had one of these before and absolutely loved it, had it for years before I nicked it on my Vitamix blade. Finally purchased a second one and the end split open not long after purchase. Not sure if this company is selling rejects or what but I'm going to not buy from them again.1Perfect for me. The others are too big or too soft to do the job. I love this spatula. I bought several different models of silicone spatulas and spoonulas, and found this is the only one I use. (For fried eggs I do use a thin egg turner, and for frosting a cake I use a metal off-set spatula). In my experience the edges of all the others were too soft to scrape down the sides of a bowl or pitcher, to stir across the bottom of a pot, to get the last bit out of a jar. This one works for me. Most of it is quite firm. The firm area on the blade is surrounded by a narrow edge that's soft enough to conform to what you're scraping. I also prefer the slimness of this one. I can get into tight spots. It's even better on a large mixing bowl because the narrowness allows more contact with the curved side of the bowl. I bought one of this model at a local store, and bought my second one here. I gave away to cooking pals all the other silicone spatulas I had tried. The first one of this brand and style that I bought 18 months ago is still going strong. 5
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