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iwill CREATE PRO Laundry Backpack, Heavy Duty Laundry Bag for Laundromat, College Students, Black

  • iwill CREATE PRO Laundry Backpack, Heavy Duty Laundry Bag for Laundromat, College Students, Black
  • iwill CREATE PRO Laundry Backpack, Heavy Duty Laundry Bag for Laundromat, College Students, Black
  • iwill CREATE PRO Laundry Backpack, Heavy Duty Laundry Bag for Laundromat, College Students, Black
  • iwill CREATE PRO Laundry Backpack, Heavy Duty Laundry Bag for Laundromat, College Students, Black
  • iwill CREATE PRO Laundry Backpack, Heavy Duty Laundry Bag for Laundromat, College Students, Black
  • iwill CREATE PRO Laundry Backpack, Heavy Duty Laundry Bag for Laundromat, College Students, Black

iwill CREATE PRO Laundry Backpack, Heavy Duty Laundry Bag for Laundromat, College Students, Black

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • 100% commericial nylon, thick and High desity, tear-resistant; About 15lb loading-bear capacity.TIPS:Please tie a knot after locking the drawstring to make sure the bag is tight enough.
  • Measures 25 x 31"; it is big enough for laundry storage in colleage dorm and family use.
  • 2 pcs adjustable shoulder straps up to 40 inches, safely climb up and down stairs or haul it to and from your car.
  • The bags can be hung on the wall or door with Two strengthen rings for easier storage.
  • The all detail parts enhance for more strong and durable.
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Customer Reviews

I LOVE THIS THING I LOVE THIS THING. i live in queens, ny, no car, no working laundry machine in building. boyf or i usually carry one huge load, and it's not comfortable. well i got one of these for me and told him to use his own laundry bag. we each brought our laundrybag to the laundromat today (i used this for the first time) and i was like "THIS THING IS AWESOME!" so easy to carry and it held a lot. we had like 3 weeks of laundy. i had sheets, multiple shirts, 3 fleece long sleeved shirts, underwear, bras, 10 leggings, sheets, and it all fit. yes he had his own bag too, but he doesnt ahve one with straps. i think im going to buy him one. so easy to carry, really a joy not to have to struggle and carry crap around. also it looks nicer than it does in pictures, sheenier and a nice rich color (i got the army green.) i wish i had gotten this years ago. it's lightweight but strong. granted i've only used it today....if it falls apart i will update my review. another plus - this is big, but the sight of it filling up is a visual cute for me to let me know it's time to do the laundry. otherwise we wait two months and have to do like six loads and it's hell. it's a great size and i couldnt recommend it more. 5first off, when you stuff it FULL, the ... first off, when you stuff it FULL, the straps are too far apart and are difficult to keep in place, mostly due to the bag losing its shape when stuff with clothing. Secondly the cord tie slipped right on out of its sleeve despite my efforts to jerry rig a solution. The quality of the bag material is very high, the design of the aforementioned straps and enclosure needs revisiting. 3This Laundry Bag Makes My Laundry Trips SO Much Easier This is perfect for hauling laundry! My poor washing machine is in need of repair, so I've been carrying my laundry over to my parents house to wash it. I ordered this because I live in a third-floor condo and lugging around a bulky and heavy laundry basket was getting old. This bag will hold at least two large loads and it's so much easier to carry it back and forth on my back. The fabric is high quality and can withstand the weight of two full loads. The nylon adjustable straps are comfortable and the drawstring keeps the clothes safe and secure in the bag. It's perfect and has made my life so much easier!! 5This thing is great! I installed a couple of safety cup hooks ... This thing is great! I installed a couple of safety cup hooks (very inexpensive - can find them at any hardware store) on my wall to hang it on. The hooks I got can hold up to 25lb, so no worries there. When it comes time to wash, I just take my bag right off the hooks, condense the load with the draw string, put it on my back and off to the laundromat. Great for anyone, but I can especially see this being useful for college students living in dorms. I got the brown color but if I had it to do over, I would probably get the black. The brown is more of a Havana Brown, not quite as pictured. Just FYI for anyone who is really particular about that sort of thing. 5SO STRONG I have destroyed so many laundry bags over the years. Most of the time, this happens because1.) I over-stuff the bag, and2.) They don't hold up to actually being washed.This bag is strong Strong STRONG.The placement of the straps is a little weird, being slightly more widely spaced than is necessarily comfortable, but looking at it, it's obvious that this design decision was made for strength, and for me, that's EVERYTHING.I would definitely buy again, but mostly because I don't think I'll ever have to. 5This bag is just right! I ran into a Goldilocks situation with what I wanted from a laundry bag. I carry my laundry four blocks up a hill, so having a bag thick enough to fit all my laundry (for a house of two) with two shoulder straps is surprisingly tough. Some bags were too thin, others were too big. This one was just right.I previously had bought a bag through Amazon (Backpack Laundry Bag 22x28 Commercial Grade 100% Nylon, Made in USA) that had two shoulder straps, but the bag was constantly slipping off my shoulders. It was thick enough not to rip, which is more than I can say about a similar one I purchased several months ago at Target, but the lack of adjustable straps was seriously annoying.This really is an outstanding bag. If you are looking for a bag that has TWO shoulder straps that adjust, which I would recommend if you need to walk a fair distance with your laundry and detergent, with material thick enough not to rip when you jam in all your bedding and dirty clothes in it, this is the bag you want. The price is a bit higher than the bag I linked, so if you're just moving the bag from your car to the laundromat, it might not be worth it. If you need something sturdy that distributes the weight evenly (the description says it handles 15 pounds--I assure you it can hold far more), look no further! 5My 3rd bag, good for price, tends to rip Pros: bag is very large, can hold a ton of laundry. Also doesn t destroy your shoulders when you wear it- the straps are comfortable.Cons: tends to rip where the straps meet the bottom of the bag, hence why I m buying my 3rd one. First happened because I washed it (better to not do, just spray with Febreeze) and it got all ripped up, the 2nd time was just from wear.Overall: good bag for the price, expect it to tear at the bottom. The seller really should strengthen that area. 3Seems durable enough / 1yr update Beats a duffel bag for putting folded clothes back in and heading back to truck---1yr update w/ pics---Still going strong, washed with laundry, avg 2 loads washed once a week.It rests on the floor when I fill it through the week but have a bungee cord s hook keeping it from toppling over. Tied the straps into the loops to prevent slipouts. I would say I fill it with ~20lbs of laundry each time. Usual walk to washing machine is about from the front of walmart to the back (*rough estimate)No problems at all 5Useful and has held up to wear and tear Love this bag!!! I like to NYC and have to walk my laundry about 1/3rd a mile every weekend to the laundromat. I typically carry 3 or 4 loads (towels, clothes, sheets, bed quilt, and a small throw blanket) and it holds up well even if I ve got it stuffed to the gills.Yes, tie the knot in the string after filling the bag like people have suggested in previous reviews. If not, the bag will loosen. Also, yes, reinforce the sides of the bag if you have anymore than one or two loads that you carry in it consistently. Mine started to come apart after a month so I just threw a few stitches in it to hold it together and bam-good as new.It s great for anyone needing to carry your clothes, whether you live in a big city without a washer/dryer in your apartment of your a college student using communal machines or anyone else in between... 5Laundry Backpack is Sick Every 3 to 4 weeks I take on the role of the Hunchback of Laundrydame take the previous weeks spoils to the distant washing facility and I get everything there in back in one go. The backpack function is really useful for that, and it frees up your hands to carry detergent. 5
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