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Joseph Joseph 81031 GoEat Compact 2-in-1 Lunch Box, Green

  • Joseph Joseph 81031 GoEat Compact 2-in-1 Lunch Box, Green
  • Joseph Joseph 81031 GoEat Compact 2-in-1 Lunch Box, Green
  • Joseph Joseph 81031 GoEat Compact 2-in-1 Lunch Box, Green
  • Joseph Joseph 81031 GoEat Compact 2-in-1 Lunch Box, Green
  • Joseph Joseph 81031 GoEat Compact 2-in-1 Lunch Box, Green
  • Joseph Joseph 81031 GoEat Compact 2-in-1 Lunch Box, Green
  • Joseph Joseph 81031 GoEat Compact 2-in-1 Lunch Box, Green

Joseph Joseph 81031 GoEat Compact 2-in-1 Lunch Box, Green

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • This food storage container from the GoEat range has a large compartment for your sandwiches or other dry food and a top compartment with a divider for wet food or snacks
  • The smart silicone lid has a locking collar to keep the food fresh and safe inside
  • Dimensions: Top compartment- 500 ml (16 oz) Base compartment- 700 ml (23.5 oz) Full container- 19 14 8.5 (6*) cm or 7 x 5 x 3 (2*) inches
  • Compartments and lid - microwave and dishwasher safe
  • Locking collar not microwave safe. Remove locking collar and silicone lid before microwaving food.
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Customer Reviews

All the fuz and hair attaches to the plastic This was a cool idea which I was happy when I purchased the set. However, it collects all the fuzz/ hair and anything that will stick to the silicon through static and it is very difficult to get off. I stopped using them for this reason since I have cats in the house (and therefore have cat hair in most of my bags) 1Stop losing your good silverware! I carry my lunch every day and the lunch tote seems to get heavier and heavier ... and I leave my good spoons and forks everywhere. This set is PERFECT for carrying in a lunch bag or purse. Or even stashing in the glove box of the car. It's compact, yet big enough not to feel that way. And despite other reviews, it's easy to slip in and out of the case. I bought two sets and love them. 5The knife split in half after 3 months I specifically ordered these to use at work. I loved that they were compact and came in a little case. Unfortunately, the knife broke in half at the handle after a few months. There is a little dot magnet in the handle that holds the cutlery together (I took it apart to see what went wrong). It seems as though the magnet hole is a little too big for the width of the handle part, which made the handle much weaker and susceptible to breaking. I use knives a lot when I eat so that was the most disappointing part. I still have the fork and spoon and use them every day and those are wonderful. Still sad about the knife. 2Just what I needed, and everybody needs. I bought this cutlery set for my office or work, because everytime we were eating somewhere, most of the times we get lots of plastic. I am an ecologist as much as I can so I bought my set to avoid using plastic.This are easy to use, easy to clean, and beautiful. A man or a girl can use them. Knife has a great saw, it's not like a butter-knife. And they are kekpt together with a magnet.Would totally buy more and recommend. 5Awesome two level container I purchased this container for taking salad plus crunchy toppings to work so that I would not have to use a number of different containers. The top compartment easily unscrews from the bottom part so that the crunchy toppings for my salad could be stored separately from the bottom compartment that needed to be refrigerated. It kept the crunchy toppings nice and crisp. This container is light weight and easy to transport in my lunch container/bag and it fits in the mini frig in my office. I only use a few plastic containers and they are all by this brand and BPA free. 5Good quality, perfect size. My 7 y/o son wanted the Sabra hummus and pretzel packs for school snack, but I didn't want to buy a bunch of single use plastics for a snack he'll probably only eat half of. And he didn't want to bring separate containers because... I don't know, maybe he doesn't think it's cool?Anyway, I started looking for snack containers and found this. He liked the picture and, once it arrived, I was impressed with the quality. It feels like it will survive his backpack and I can pack just enough for him to eat, minimizing waste and reducing plastic use.And I can't believe he's actually eating hummus! I'm beginning to feel like we're going to survive the picky eating stage! There may even be light at the end of the tunnel! 5Magnetic and easy to clean! I bought these on my journey to go plastic-free!! I had tried a few others from different brands, but foldable metal ones rusted easily and bamboo/wooden ones splintered. I almost decided to just take silverware from home to carry in my lunch, but those are big and heavy. I found these by chance and liked the silicone case they came with. So I bought them. When I got them, I realized that the knife was magnetized, so the spoon and form stuck to either side to keep them together!! That made me ever happier.The spoon is great. It's got a great well on it. A lot of other spoons I had tried were like...flat. So soup and anything that was liquidy wouldn't really work. This spoon is awesome. The fork is great. Strong prongs. The knife cuts great for a tiny little butter knife!! All in all, I love this set. My only complaint (hence the 4-star review) is that literally, EVERYTHING sticks to the silicone case. Tiny hairs, crumbs, grass...you name it. Not sure how to get that to stop. 4Wipe Case With Vinegar to Stop it Attracting Dust, Lint, Hair Credit to summerkitten s review for the tip! The case is silicone which is a magnet for dust, lint, hair, you-name-it. To stop the attraction, wipe it, and the silicone knife handle, down with white vinegar or anti-static wipes or a bit of fabric softener.This is a brilliant product! Purchased for a PreK toddler s Omiebox, the utensils all measure just under 6.5 inches, the case probably 6.5 exactly. I searched long and hard for a perfect-sized, quality, hard-to-lose and affordable utensil set for a 4y/o. Most spoons are too shallow, fork tines are too dull, sets have no case, or the case is too bulky or fragile, or a pain to use and clean, or one piece or the entire set is simply lost in a myriad of other kids utensils at school and never seen again.When I saw this I thought it was genius! Magnetic utensils with a small, striking case that pick up food properly and aren t overwhelming for a child or any adult on-the-go was a perfect solution. And it s super cheap, I saw the same prices and higher for mediocre options. I m praying this doesn t get lost immediately, either way I m buying a few more for myself, backup and gifts for others. 5Good solid lunchtime silverware set to keep in your lunch bag I like this silverware set very much. After years of purchasing plastic silverware (and winding up with 300 extra plastic knives that I never use), I decided to limit my waste and get something I can just wash and reuse. I like that these are magnetic and fit together nicely. I find it a little annoying to put them back in the silicon case as it is very tight and feels like it might rip (it has not ripped yet so maybe I'm just overthinking it). I might stop using the case altogether since they stay together with the magnet anyway. It is nice to have the option of protecting them from touching other things in your lunch bag though. The silverware is nice quality and easy to use. One small complaint is that the spoon is very round and so does not fit into the corners of yogurt containers very easily, particularly the "flip" cups made by Fage and Chobani. I wish it had a more slender profile for that reason, but in general it is a nice spoon good for eating soup. The fork is very flat and blunt which is not my preference but for a general utility fork it is fine. The knife has a nice silicon casing on the handle and cuts well for your usual lunchtime needs. I have not tried to cut anything really tough with it. They clean easily and are convenient to use. Overall I'm pleased with my purchase. 4Perfect for easy carrying I have bought 4 sets of these. I keep one set in my desk and one set in my purse. I gave my daughter two sets for the same reason. They are a great size, not too heavy but not cheaply made so they will break. Every so often I run the entire set including the holder through the dishwasher. I absolutely love these.I decided to order these when I was traveling for work. One night I worked late and stop on the way back to the hotel and picked up some soup for dinner. I forgot to get a spoon. So I was slurping chicken noodle soup from the cardboard container. Not any more these are great. 5
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