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Kid Basix by New Wave Safe Sippy 2-Baby & Toddler Stainless Steel 2-in-1 Cup with Sippy&Straw, Green

  • Kid Basix by New Wave Safe Sippy 2-Baby & Toddler Stainless Steel 2-in-1 Cup with Sippy&Straw, Green
  • Kid Basix by New Wave Safe Sippy 2-Baby & Toddler Stainless Steel 2-in-1 Cup with Sippy&Straw, Green
  • Kid Basix by New Wave Safe Sippy 2-Baby & Toddler Stainless Steel 2-in-1 Cup with Sippy&Straw, Green
  • Kid Basix by New Wave Safe Sippy 2-Baby & Toddler Stainless Steel 2-in-1 Cup with Sippy&Straw, Green
  • Kid Basix by New Wave Safe Sippy 2-Baby & Toddler Stainless Steel 2-in-1 Cup with Sippy&Straw, Green

Kid Basix by New Wave Safe Sippy 2-Baby & Toddler Stainless Steel 2-in-1 Cup with Sippy&Straw, Green

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • KID BASIX "FUN"CTIONALITY: The Safe Sippy 2 has all the great features of the original Sippy; straw shaped spout for developing palettes, removable handles, slim waist for easy grip and a colorful TPR sleeve to insulate and protect the bottle from dents.
  • NEW DESIGN: Now includes the things parents asked for most; a dust cap to keep the spout clean and a straw adaptor/straw combo. Simply replace the sippy valve with the straw combo and then your child can use a sippy or sip freely with an upright straw cup!
  • TRAVEL PROOF: Silicone spill-proof valve help prevent messes on the go and slow the flow of fluid while your child is learning to sip. Replace the Sippy Valve/Straw Adaptor with the seal Travel Plug when the cup needs to be completely sealed in transit.
  • GREAT SIZE & DISHWASHER SAFE: Comes in one easy 11 oz size perfect for lunch boxes, travel or outdoor play. A single-walled design is lightweight and maximizes capacity. The cross-cut valve is one piece making it easy to use and put in the dishwasher.
  • ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY: Products are made of clean, naturally antimicrobial stainless steel & plastic (only if necessary). All are certified chemical, BPA/Phthalate free & safe for kids' food/drink. Help eliminate waste with Kid Basix reusable products.
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Customer Reviews

Poor functionality I have two of these, and the only good thing I can say about either of them is - at least they're not plastic. Beyond that, they're terrible cups. The spill stopper doesn't work well at all, resulting in my son being drenched with expensive goats milk nearly every time he uses it. I thought the straw and cap would help, but the design is poor. The cup will be sitting upright and milk will be coming out of it. If I don't stuff a paper towel in the cap, the cap gets full of milk just from being jostled (yet still upright) in the diaper bag. I'm soo disappointed, and will definitely be looking for a different stainless steel cup. 1Hard to use; not worth it This cup is not worth the effort. There are basically three little rubbery inserts - one for using a straw, one for using it as a sippy cup, and one for sealing it for travel. The problem is that you have to open the cup and swap them out if you want to go from sealed mode to useable mode. It's a good idea in theory but in practical terms I will never use this. I'm not going to sit in a restaurant holding my squirmy toddler while trying to manipulate these stupid silicon nubs into the lid of this cup. It completely defeats the purpose. 1Nine separate parts for one cup?! Nice that it's stainless steel, and it's sturdy and holds up well. Other than that, all those fiddly little parts are so irritating. The bottle itself, the rubber sleeve, the removable handle, the lid, the three different valves, the straw, and the clear plastic lid! All for one measly sippy cup!!My kids (4 an 2) just wanted to use the straw attachment, but it leaks like crazy when set up like that. Whenever I tried to travel with these, I'd put the "stopper" valve in to keep it from leaking, but then I'd have to carry along the straw and straw valve separately in a plastic bag, and take the whole thing apart and change out the parts every time they wanted to drink. Neither hygienic nor convenient. And the rubber sleeve is also annoying; crumbs and gunk are always getting inside, but it's hard to get the sleeve on and off for cleaning.I've put up with these for more than a year, but I just got some Miracle Cups and will happily throw away these Safe Sippys. 2Tough and functional This cup is amazing! My son is allergic to something in the plastic in most cups, so we were ecstatic to find this stainless steel cup. We bought it several years ago, and it has held up extremely well. The only part of the cup showing it's age at all is the silicone around the bottom. We ended up buying a second one so we'd have one while the other was washing.Pros:1) Minimal exposure to plastic2) Dishwasher safe3) The valve has not weakened even after years of use4) Easy for little ones to hold and use5) The handles come off for older kids so it's more thermos like and less sippy cup like.6) It is TOUGH (and we have tested it!)Cons:1) The solid valve used to stop the flow goes inside the cup, it isn't terribly useful in the diaper bag when you're juggling kids and trying to get. drink for one. It does leak a little if you don't use the valve, but if you keep the cup *mostly* upright it isn't a problem. We never used the valve and it was never a big deal. 5Pieces not practical I like that it's stainless but the the straw top is constructed out of hard material that my one-year-old scratches with his teeth (one of the things I hate about sippy cups and a reason for trying this alternative). It's still a bit heavy for him to hold and tip up when using the sippy valve, although the handles help. The biggest issue is that while having different options for the valves seems like a good idea, I'm not really going to switch between straw & sippy since I don't want to confuse/frustrate my child, and neither option is leak-proof. A travel stopper is included, but who really wants to carry an extra part along just to have to open the lid, change out the stopper that is now covered with whatever liquid is inside, and then have a wet piece to carry around while your child drinks. I plan on just using this for water at home. So far the Thermos Foogo is a better option for a stainless steel drinking option (though still not great for spill prevention). 3This is one of my favorite sippys. I was not a fan of the ... This is one of my favorite sippys. I was not a fan of the hard spout sippys until my son stuck his fingers through all his soft spouts. So this works for those kids. I've had these for about 6 months now and have not had any problems with them quality wise or with them getting clean. I wash the in the dishwasher with the sleeve on and no problems. The sippy I bought came with inserts for leak resistant sipping, straw, and a leak proof travel insert not for drinking with. We don't use the straw much because if you refrigerate the sippy and then remove it, as it warms is seems to send liquid up the straw and makes a mess if left out and unused. This sippy will drip if left on it's side. It also takes some work to drink from with the sippy insert but it can be used without any insert at the risk of a little bit bigger spill mess. Oh and the spout has open area inside due to the insert mounting that results in not being able to empty the sippy through the spout. 4Can't Drink due to Crazy Suction :( I wouldn't recommend this product. Here is the story of what happened when we tried using it: after assembling everything, my little one hated it. Why? Because with the no-leak seal he could only take one sip at a time before the suction made it impossible to drink more. So he had to take his mouth off every single sip. Even I couldn't suck more than a tiny bit at a time out of it. So we removed the seal, and the cup worked awesome and let's him drink quickly and get enough fluids, BUT now of course it leaks EVERYWHERE. And I mean puddles all over. 1/4 cup everytime it falls on its side. And we all know how toddlers are. I thought for how expensive this cup was it would really be fantastic, but it was just another, out of MANY sippy cups that were really really bad as far as functionality and usability. It's very durable, but after having it 3 months the handle plastic is about to break from my little guy throwing it so much. It's too bad too, cause if it would have worked well it would have been my favorite. I have a 1.5 year old now, if that helps anyone with the decision. Good luck! 1The sappy spout is cheap plastic I bought this because it was stainless steel, had a protected silicone shell and handles. The problem is that the most important part that you don't want to be plastic is actually plastic: the sippy spout. Within a week my 1 year old had chewed this with noticeable pieces of plastic shredding off. That means he's ingested a small amount of plastic before we noticed he was doing this. This is not ok for anyone, especially children. Let's stop pretending that plastics are ok for us and stop making cheap products. I am replacing this with a sippy cup that has a silicone spout, but that's not ideal either. 1Best sippy ever I love this sippy because it's stainless steel, has removable handles, has a straw/sippy option AND is extremely durable. My son learned to drink through the straw around 7 months and loves to carry this cup everywhere. He's dropped it from his high chair onto the tile floor and the tip still hasn't cracked, even after hitting tip-first. With all this said, I do wish it had a pressure valve of some sort to let air into the bottle while my son drinks from it. He has to suck pretty hard after a gulp or two in order to continue getting water without popping off and letting air into the cup. This isn't a big deal, overall though. He loves his cup. We bought 4 cups in different colors and use a different cup each day. We wash them and their parts on the top rack of the dishwasher and don't remove the sleeve. We've never had any issues with mold under the sleeve or anything.***********UPDATE******** 2 years laterWe have had issues with mold so now remove the sleeve (along with all other pieces) every time we wash the cup and let everything dry completely before putting it back on. We removed the colored cap permanently since it also would collect mold over time (shown in 1st & last photos). Our second son was born 1 year ago and was given 3 of his own new cups. We ordered replacement sleeves from Kid Basix so our toddler would have GREEN sleeves on his cup and our baby would have BLUE sleeves on his cups. Our second son also learned to drink through the straw very easily at 6 months old. We mainly put water in the cups which helps cut-down on the mold issues. We have 3 cups for each child and that seems to be enough. Cleaning the cups is a lot of work but is worth it in my opinion since they are safer for the kids to drink from on a daily basis. 5These are great! I have two of these for my twin ... These are great! I have two of these for my twin 14-month-olds and they love them. It took them all of about 2 seconds to figure out how to use the straw function, and I think they like that the water doesn't come out as quickly as it does with a regular straw. The handles make it nice for my babies to hold onto it. We have not been using the sippy cup attachment because my kids have other sippy cups for their milk, and I got this strictly for water. That means I don't have to clean it out everyday, which is nice. However, when I do clean it I throw everything in the dishwasher. These have held up really well and we've had them for a couple months. I guess if I was going to find a negative, it would be that it can leak during transport if you don't use the stopper attachment. I find it annoying to have to unscrew the lid, put the stopper in, and then screw it back on, only to repeat the process when my kids want a drink. So I have put the stopper on the mouthpiece and find that does a pretty good job of keeping it from leaking. I also make sure to keep it upright as much as possible. Great cup! 5
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