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Kingston Brass K136A2 Designer Trimscape Showerscape 8" Round Shower Head, Polished Brass

  • Kingston Brass K136A2 Designer Trimscape Showerscape 8" Round Shower Head, Polished Brass
  • Kingston Brass K136A2 Designer Trimscape Showerscape 8" Round Shower Head, Polished Brass
  • Kingston Brass K136A2 Designer Trimscape Showerscape 8" Round Shower Head, Polished Brass
  • Kingston Brass K136A2 Designer Trimscape Showerscape 8" Round Shower Head, Polished Brass
  • Kingston Brass K136A2 Designer Trimscape Showerscape 8" Round Shower Head, Polished Brass

Kingston Brass K136A2 Designer Trimscape Showerscape 8" Round Shower Head, Polished Brass

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • 10 Days Return

  • 8-Inch diameter Head
  • 141 water channels
  • Shower arm not included
  • Max 2.0 GPM/7.6 LPM Water Flow Rate At 80 PSI On Showerhead
  • Compliant with California Energy Commission Title 20
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Customer Reviews

I made a double shower head Frankenstein beast shower I'm pretty pleased with myself. So combining the four products linked below I spent just over $100 and have a double shower head with one large rain-head and one small rain-head and a 3-way diverter allowing each head to be used independently (if one person is showering, switch from 8" rain head to little rain head for high pressure for getting shampoo out of hair) or simultaneously (if two people showering together). It works quite brilliantly. Please note, I am in apartment building with high water pressure. Including product in this review, here are the four parts to what I put together, which are all Amazon prime so I think okay to link:Large Rain Shower Head: Kingston Brass K136A1 Shower Head: http://amzn.to/1gMG6xlSmall Rain Shower Head - Waterpik JP-140 : http://amzn.to/1gMFTKHHigh flow arm coming off wall - Danze D481150 9-Inch Adjustable Shower Arm with High Flow: http://amzn.to/1gMG9Jy3-way diverter attached to Arm - Delta Faucet U4920-PK 3-Way Shower Arm Diverter: http://amzn.to/1gMGegc 5Perfect, perfect, perfect! I have researched this type of shower head for a while. Looking for a more relaxing/drenching style shower rather than a high pressure driving flow, this looked like a great value (and it is).My recommendations:Buy this shower head.Buy an extension arm (such as the Danze D481116 13-Inch S-Shape Shower Arm, Chrome) - this will elevate the shower head to an overhead position)Buy a diverter valve (such as Delta Faucet U4922-PK Universal Showering Components Shower Arm Diverter for Handshower, Chrome) - so you can add a handshower wandBuy your favorite handshower wand (I already own the KOHLER K-17493-CP Flipside 01 Handshower, Polished Chrome)Buy the LDR 520 2433W 2-In-1 Permanent or Suction Showerhead Wall Mount - so you can mount the handshower wand,The combo makes for a relaxing shower experience for much less than the sets sold as a package but gives you flexibility as well. 5very awesome. This is the showerhead I have been trying to find for years. It's a really odd thing to become obsessed over, but bear with me... a long while ago I stayed a friends house overnight, and they had an old fashioned Victorian house with a claw bathtub, and showerhead that came right out of the ceiling. It was antique plumbing but a unique experience that for some reason stuck with me. It was a round showerhead that pointed straight down and delivered a very soft but full amount of water. After that experience I wanted something like it, I loved the look and feel of the whole thing. I've bought a few different ones, mostly the WaterPik brands, the "drenching rain" ones that were the biggest ones I could find on a budget. Most of the ones I found similar to the one she had were outrageously expensive (people pay $1000 and up for a showerhead?!) and I just kept settling on ones that would do for the time being. After purchasing my first home I was determined to find a good one but not spend a fortune, and this one is perfect.It's no super-fancy vintage Victorian piece of plumbing, and I don't want to rip up my wall to make it drop out of the ceiling, but for the price and the addition of a 13" arm that allows it to point straight down, it's been a really satisfying purchase. I personally don't want a high-pressure shower and usually use the water at half-force, and this showerhead gives a truly "drenching" experience even at half-force. Full force, and it's still soft, but basically double the amount of water. So, double-drenching, I guess.So if you're not looking for a crazy high-pressure jet of water and want something that looks stylish and makes you feel like you're actually in a rain storm, look no further. This has been the best addition to my home so far. 5Wow! For $30... Wow! 'Wow' is the best word I can come up with, especially considering the price. I've always been envious of hotel rain showers and since my old showerhead was starting to come apart and leak profusely I figured "Hey, why not give it a shot?" I ordered this showerhead, a large S-curve shower arm (from here on Amazon), and some quality Teflon tape at the local hardware store and went to work. Installation was easy. The new showerhead looks great. The water flow is awesome and feels like a much more expensive system. Color me impressed. 5It is great quality and made very nicely It is great quality and made very nicely. Kingston seems to make a nice solid unit. The issue I had with this shower head was with the water pressure throughput. It was very very slow with not much pressure at all. Also, if you place the shower head at around a 45 degree angle in the shower (meaning it is not directly overhead), the shower head restricts the waterflow where the bottom has water coming out (low pressure) and no water comes out of the top 1/3rd area. If you truly want a rain drop like experience and you can mount this horizontally overhead, then it would be ideal. 3Corrodes in hard water. I wish I could like this more. We have hard water, and the lack of silicone nozzles causes leftover shower water to pool in the head. As a result, the nozzles clog, and the finish deteriorates. (The silicone nozzles allow the water to drip out - that's how Delta, et al., get to make the claim "clean the showerhead by rubbing it.")I tried to disassemble the head to clean out the mineral deposits, but ... no luck. It's completely sealed. If your water isn't hard, maybe you'll have better luck. At least it wasn't expensive. 3... used with matching 15" shower arm to replace a useless expensive Delta shower head This showerhead was used with matching 15" shower arm to replace a useless expensive Delta shower head. I used a flow restricter taken from my Delta showerhead because I live in the desert and am on a well. I installed it and I love it. My Delta faucet was a mixture of metal and plastic or rubber that clogged and deteriorated. I love the rainfall produced by this oversized shower. Restricting the water flow did not affect the use of this showerhead at all. I did buy the 15" shower arm to make room in my shower to allow for the water to fall directly overhead. It is amazing. I watched a you tube video and the installation was easy and flawless. The finish was perfect with the rest of the Venetian Bronze fixtures in my bath... The shower is better than ever. This was such a wonderful answer to my shower head frustrations. 5Works just as I'd hoped. I have a small, stall-type shower in which the shower head is directly over me as I stand in there. I was looking for a showerhead that would continuously pour water, and not just "gently rain" down on you. I got what I wanted with this unit.The unit is very (very) shallow which is good for me (I'm 6'3"), and there really isn't much to it at all. The unit installs very easily. I have about 3.5" of water pipe coming from my ceiling to which this connected to with only the help of a crescent wrench.I ordered the chrome finish (the preferred satin nickel finish was on back order for a while at the time), and the back (or top?) of the showerhead is really thin and cheap-looking/feeling, but I guess I won't ever see that part because it's directly over my head. It sounds very cheap and hollow when you tap on it, but it doesn't seem to lack in functionality at all. I do not have any low water-flow issues with this unit, even with the little rubber restricter in place.Water rains down in a consistent and even deluge, and as far as I can tell, from every water channel. There are no leaks or any other issues thus far, after about 3 weeks of continuous use.All in all, it does what I was hoping it would do, but I guess I would have prefered it to be a bit more substantial. I don't have any worries about it holding up or anything at this point, so I can live with that. 4Some things to KEEP IN MIND: Five stars as the product came as advertised, on time, with good fit and finish. But, some things to keep in mind:1.) As others have mentioned, water pressure will come into play with this showerhead. I'm afraid if you try to hang this unit off of a standard, angled shower fitting that you'll be disappointed: there won't be enough pressure from the showerhead to get the water to your body without standing uncomfortably close to the wall. This is definitely a "rainshower" head, it needs to be pretty much directly overhead to work as intended, OR you will need to have some seriously impressive water pressure. We already had one of those adjustable extensions in place, so we were good to go there. But:2.) If you ARE using an adjustable shower extension rod thingy, keep in mind that the weight of this larger showerhead, in conjunction with the extra water it holds, may be too much for the friction fittings on your extension. This happened to us. It looked fine during installation; but when I turned on the shower to test it, the weight of the water entering the head just pulled the whole assembly down, womp womp. The friction fittings on the extension just couldn't hack it, no amount of tightening would help them stay. I was fortunate enough to have some heavy gauge copper wire that I was able to use to MacGuyver a (somewhat ugly but workable) sling to hold the assembly up.I tried it out and had a fine shower with it. The proof in the pudding, of course, will be what the wife says when she tries it out! 5A modern Rain Shower touch for a remodel project We purchased this shower head for use as a "rain" type shower as we updated our bathroom. We purchased separately a long arm that screwed into the wall water supply fitting, then added this unit. The colors matched and the desired rain effect was produced.The quality of construction and finish was very good, and helped modernize the shower.We're pleased with it! 5
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