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Knipex Tools Alligator Water Pump Pliers (8801250)

  • Knipex Tools   Alligator Water Pump Pliers (8801250)
  • Knipex Tools   Alligator Water Pump Pliers (8801250)
  • Knipex Tools   Alligator Water Pump Pliers (8801250)
  • Knipex Tools   Alligator Water Pump Pliers (8801250)
  • Knipex Tools   Alligator Water Pump Pliers (8801250)

Knipex Tools Alligator Water Pump Pliers (8801250)

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • More output and comfort compared to conventional water pump pliers of the same length: offer 9 adjustment positioning for 30% more gripping capacity
  • Good access to the workpiece due to slim size in the head and joint area
  • Self-locking on pipes and nuts: no slipping on the workpiece and low handforce required
  • Gripping surfaces with special hardened teeth, teeth hardness approx. 61 HRC: low wear and reliable gripping
  • Box-joint design: high stability because of double guide
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Customer Reviews

What a nicely made tool I work in a harsh environment so the Cobra's are really not an option. These will probably get sprayed down once a month or so with wd-40 to keep them rust free. This tool is extremely easy to open and close I actually prefer it to the push button that force you to change grip position. With some practice I get the feeling these can be open/closed with one hand. 5Great value, craftsmanship, ease of use. Overall superior tool After losing count of the number of channellocks I have broken, and injuring myself the last time, I decided to give these a try based upon the opinions of some fellow electricians. I have never liked the Cobra pliers, mainly because I'm used to how channellocks operate, so the alligators seemed a better fit. After breaking them in after a couple weeks, I am very impressed with their quality and in my opinion better grip and ease of use. They have a smaller profile and fit into tighter areas, grip better and seem to mark conduit less than any other plier I have used. I recommend the alligators to all my coworkers. 5My desert island tool After being a huge fan of channel locks for many years I lost my 430 s and a friend of mine loaned me a pair of 10 alligators. I used them for about a week and I wasn t instantly impressed until went back to using channel locks. The difference s in leverage, grip, and action makes me think channel locks are obsolete. Love the fact that you can tighten up baskets on angle stops and valves without removing the handle or switching to an adjustable wrench. My knipex 10 alligators is the best tool I have ever owned and it rarely ever leaves my sight.P.S. Stop giving bad ratings just because it isn t a push-button style . Push buttons are trash in my opinion 5German made awesomeness There is almost nothing better than a German made tool. You can feel the engineering that went into designing these pliers. They are perfect for most household chores.I use them for pulling broken lag bolts out of wood and reloading die lock rings. I haven t had a single issue or complaint. These are made in Gemany with German steel. They are also very durable while maintains a lightweight feel. I can honestly put them in a back pocket and forget about them.The teeth are machined well and very sharp. The month is designed for pulling or pushing with a single hand. 5best pliers out there If you have never used these, they are phenomenal- they grip like no other pliers. Years ago, when they first came out with these a salesman came into our store and had a little stand that he sat on the floor- he then clamped the pliers on the stand (the round bar he clamped to sat about 6 inches off the ground)- he then stood on them with his full weight to show that they do not slip- I tried it myself- been a user / believer ever since. I've had these and used them for years- I am only picking up an extra because I have an extra vehicle that needs one in the tool box. You will never regret buying these. Peace 5Quality! Highly Recommended. I have had many brands of pliers before and still do, but I feel these are hands down the very best pliers I have ever had. If someone out there thinks there is a better one, let me know, I would like to try them out. They are light weight, Thinner than others which makes it so i can use them in many more situations than ever before. But even though they are thinner and light weight, The strength is incredible. I have yet to break one. 5This Is The Best Tool I Own, carry every day. Have 2 bigger sizes as well. Carry these every day, got a leather belt holder;(clc custom leathercraft # 767 fits perfect). Very good for close quarter sink faucets, and toilet tanks/supply lines coz they're small but jaws open wide. Best tool ever for rockering out flooring nails and staples. I got them as gifts for friends who are jobbers and they loved them. Very grippy, and ergonomic w/ padded handles that hold up well under heavy use. Have my first pair >15 yrs. - cannot wear them out. Have all the sizes in my van and threw out all the others. 5I work as a service plumber and love the Knipex Cobra pliers I work as a service plumber and love the Knipex Cobra pliers. Almost all of our Techs use Knipex over Channel locks except one. He tried my Cobras for a few days but was not sold on the push button style. He was just used to the channel lock style so I bought him this pair as they are more similar to the channel lock style. He fell in love. He likes the handles feel and lack of pinching and has even admitted a better grip on pipe/fasteners with less hand strain. Needless to say our shop is a full Knipex loving crew again. 5Same le Knipex I admit I'm partial to Knipex tools but then again it could just be that I like quality as a whole. I've heard and read many times how we're "paying for the import tariffs" with regard to imported tools like Knipex and Wera and it might be true to a degree but I don't agree with that. I own several adjustable pliers, wrenches, screwdrivers, hammers, ratchets etc etc, of the same and different sizes, by this and many other manufacturers. Of all of those Knipex has held up and performed the best for me. I've had Milwaukee & Greenlee pump pliers, in the same bag as my 10" version of these, that have had a thin, even layer of rust over them while the Knipex had a small spot. I'm not a structural or metallurgical engineer so imo it's "better" steel, (these are vanadium). The slim centered mouth fits into tighter spaces and grips better than the competitions'. The 7" & 10" I've had for about 8 years, using them 4 to 5 times a week and still grab them befor newer ones just because they work BETTER. 5Interesting tool Although I myself prefer my old worn channel lock brand to any other, I will say these Nippits (as there now know at our shop), is a handy lil tool. The guys love it, but comparatively to what job I m doing, my locks still do the best and don t damage my work. The Nippits are amazing for biting ahold of your material your using, but if it s too soft,,,,,,,,,then you will get teeth marks. Love the adjustable locking mechanisms. Great tool. Will purchase more products from this brand in the future, because I love tools. With that said , I do find myself grabbing for my locks in most instances. 4
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