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Lifestyle Dynamics The Original SpiceCrafts Salt and Pepper Grinder Set, Stainless Steel with Recipe eBook & Guide, Pure Ceramic Grinders, Dual Mill

  • Lifestyle Dynamics The Original SpiceCrafts Salt and Pepper Grinder Set, Stainless Steel with Recipe eBook & Guide, Pure Ceramic Grinders, Dual Mill
  • Lifestyle Dynamics The Original SpiceCrafts Salt and Pepper Grinder Set, Stainless Steel with Recipe eBook & Guide, Pure Ceramic Grinders, Dual Mill
  • Lifestyle Dynamics The Original SpiceCrafts Salt and Pepper Grinder Set, Stainless Steel with Recipe eBook & Guide, Pure Ceramic Grinders, Dual Mill
  • Lifestyle Dynamics The Original SpiceCrafts Salt and Pepper Grinder Set, Stainless Steel with Recipe eBook & Guide, Pure Ceramic Grinders, Dual Mill
  • Lifestyle Dynamics The Original SpiceCrafts Salt and Pepper Grinder Set, Stainless Steel with Recipe eBook & Guide, Pure Ceramic Grinders, Dual Mill
  • Lifestyle Dynamics The Original SpiceCrafts Salt and Pepper Grinder Set, Stainless Steel with Recipe eBook & Guide, Pure Ceramic Grinders, Dual Mill
  • Lifestyle Dynamics The Original SpiceCrafts Salt and Pepper Grinder Set, Stainless Steel with Recipe eBook & Guide, Pure Ceramic Grinders, Dual Mill

Lifestyle Dynamics The Original SpiceCrafts Salt and Pepper Grinder Set, Stainless Steel with Recipe eBook & Guide, Pure Ceramic Grinders, Dual Mill

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • UNLIKE OTHER GRINDERS which use inferior internal grinder designs with cheap plastic hubs that wear out over time (see photo), SpiceCrafts CERAMIC GRINDERS WILL NOT WEAR OUT. Our salt pepper mill set central body is made of BPA-FREE, crystal-clear acrylic with beautiful STAINLESS-STEEL end caps for an elegant, minimalist look on your countertop or dining room table.
  • AWARD WINNING, SUPERIOR DESIGN. The award-winning, original SpiceCrafts brand salt and pepper grinder set uses pure ceramic grinders that will not wear out. Many other grinder sets use an inferior plastic design that wears out quickly. The pepper grinder center body is made of BPA-free, tough acrylic, while the grinder ends are beautiful stainless steel. Looks great on your countertop or dining room table.
  • THE PERFECT PURCHASE for any holiday, RECIPE EBOOK INCLUDED. Enjoy our complimentary exclusive recipe eBook with your grinder set. Order now and receive an email with your exclusive eBook download with delicious recipes, tips and suggestions. So watch your inbox. SALT and PEPPER NOT INCLUDED.
  • CUSTOMER CARE PROMISE: Lifestyle Dynamics offers complete CUSTOMER SERVICE, period. Our customers are more important than our sales. If for any reason you are not absolutely happy with your salt pepper mill set, we will replace or refund your order, no questions asked. CONTACT US directly and we will take care of you. We love to help.
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Customer Reviews

Updated review: Love this!As with mass-production, quality assurance in a manufacturer's product is key to consumer satisfaction. But every once in a while, a flawed product manages to slip through the inspection process. I was extremely pleased when a replacement item was shipped, AND I even received a phone call from the company to see how my experience was with the grinder set. I love the Salt & Pepper grinder, and it is a very convenient product to use. To top things off, the company provides outstanding customer service! 5One Broke, but its covered by Lifetime Warranty...The shakers work really well, and I have 2 of them, one in the house and one in my truck. The one in the truck broke and would not grind the salt, I updated my review to one star because for $28, i expect the shakers to last a few years or until I change them out... and not when they give out. Within a couple days, a "Helpful Human" Jules from Lifestyle Dynamics reached out to me to correct the problem and brought to my attention that this product is covered by a lifetime warranty. 1 week later, I received in the mail a replacement to my previous shaker!!In closing, the grinders are really nice, especially with the lifetime warranty, so when I do change them out, upgrade or just want to get some more stuff, I am going to see what Lifestyle Dynamics is offering first.Thanks again Jules for such wonderful customer service and quality products. 5Back to 5 stars just more careful now!So far I love this mill. I really like the "one container" design. It also seems like I am not having to fill it as often as others. Filling it is very easy. The e-manual that comes with it says that the grind size is adjustable but I haven't tried that yet since I have no problem with the size it comes out of the box (similar to iodized table salt and pepper). Have had no problems with it so far (about 2 months of daily use). In the email they send, they state if it breaks they will replace it... and that's nice.Having to edit this review. I LOVED this mill until it broke a few days ago. I tried to send an email to the company but have gotten no response so I am trying to get their attention this way. I used it daily pretty much as it came to me, I never really messed with the screw that changes the size of the grains but when the mill stopped working totally I thought maybe someone else had adjusted it so I tried to loosen it up so it would hopefully grind again. It was stuck good and wouldn't move in either direction then it finally snapped off so only my pepper side is working now.Ok, finally got a response by going through THEIR website vs clicking on anything Amazon has for them. Once I sent the email, they were very quick to respond and send my replacement grinder. I told them I used it everyday while cooking and since the salt I drained from it (after it broke) was slightly damp I'm thinking the steam may have caused the salt to cake and harden which is why mine snapped. I was told that the first email warned about steam but I don't remember reading that so lesson learned the hard way and added here so others can learn from my mistake... So if it happens to get caked up again, I will wash it (and dry it thoroughly before putting it back together) as I was told in the follow up email. Happy again as I have my favorite grinder back and happy with Lifestyle Dynamics! 5You need this in your kitchenAfter pretty much daily use since September 2015, here's what I found: - One of the end caps wore out (i.e. wouldn't stay attached) - not a big deal since it only keeps residual grinds from falling onto whatever surface the grinder rests on - The cylinder itself developed a hairline crack, which eventually spread all the way to one end and the threading broke apart, rendering one end (pepper in my case) unuseableConsidering the cost of ownership, which was $14.99 on Amazon when I bought it 3 years ago, this was a worthwile addition to my kitchen despite the issues listed above, for the following reasons: - Handy to have both S&P in one grinder - Easy refill - Clear cylinder lets you easily see how much is left, and also shows off any exotic S&P you might be using (Himalayan pink sea salt shown in several of the product images) - Saves counter space with the reduced footprint - End-caps keep S&P grinds from scattering on your counter/table - adjustable grind using the internal knob on each endI'm re-ordering one for myself and would highly recommend this as a gift for anyone who enjoys cooking. 5Buyer beware you will be pestered for a review!!!am disappointed in the spice mill.#1The way the storage spaces are designed doesn't allow them to be filled all the way or to hold alot for that matter. I have refilled it twice a week. My old one was $6 at IKEA and I filled it once every two weeks or so. It's oddly tall for how little it holds.#2 The lids are also hard to get off, so much so that I actually took time to take them on and off alot to try and wear them out to be looser.#3 My husband doesn't like the way it grinds pepper. It just doesn't catch the peppercorns enough to get a good grind. Even when you adjust the size the grind is uneven because of the way it catches the corns.I actually wasn't going to write a review but the seller has sent mutiple emails to the point were, even though they've given me a refund, I just want them to leave me alone! Buyer beware you will be pestered for a review!!! 3I LOVE IT! But mine broke after (9-months or so?). But I am replacing with same item...I love this grinder! So convenient to have both salt & pepper in same elegant looking grinder. I use Himalayan Pink Rock Salt, so it really looks good. I've had mine for (nearly a year?) and the last time or two replacing the salt, I had great difficulty getting the "thingie" to unscrew in order to fill it. Probably got moisture up in there (I live on the water; very humid) and this time, I broke it right off trying to use pliers to unscrew.But I love it enough to spend the money and replace it with the same item. Next time I might try using a damp paper towel or something to loosen the "solid rock salt" seal. I had avoided doing that before as I didn't want to ADD water, if I could help it. 41.5 years of daily use, would purchase again!I purchased 2 of the salt/pepper grinders after seeing them on a restaurant table. I have had them for about 1.5 years and have used daily. They are wonderful! I love that you can adjust the grind aize and it actually reflects it. Customer service is exactly what you want from every company- fast, helpful, and a real person. 5Look for a better oneI compared 3 grinders on Amazon to see what was the best fit for me and this was my conclusion:Best: Epar 2 in 1 Salt & Pepper Grinder: B07YXBMS2JNot Bad: OXO 2 in 1 Salt & Pepper Grinder & Shaker: B01N3CMA64Don t Buy: SpiceCrafts Salt and Pepper Grinder Set: B00PID7KAMI was comparing all by their material quality, ease of adjusting, range of grind, & packaging.Epar -This is a true dual grinder, it had some nice packaging and also really useful illustrations for the instructions. The clear part and steel looked nice, no scratches or anything. Filling this was super easy, the sides each unscrew and open a large filling jar. The caps also snap on to the mill sides in a pretty secure way. As far as the grind levels go I think there is a pretty good range, its easy enough to adjust, although the OXO design is the easiest of the 3.OXO-The packaging was a bit disappointing, it did not have any, was just in a clear bubble mailer. It had a small hangtag with basic instructions and also multiple safety seals because it came prefilled with spice. My personal preference is I like to get my own spice, but I trust OXO on their spices. This is not a true dual grinder as the salt is just a shaker, but the pepper is very easy to adjust. I would say their range was very similar to the Epar grinders.Spicecrafts-The packaging was okay, a simple box, there were no instructions just a cheesy insert talking about their warranty. This is another true dual grinder, but I would say the Epar one is of much higher quality. The container and steel ends were pretty scratched up, can tell that their quality control is nowhere near that of OXO or Epar . With filling it, the function is the same as the Epar one, but the threads did not line up as well with the grinder components, also I could clearly see the quality difference in the clear container when holding it next to the Epar one, much thinner walls and not as clear. When adjusting the grind it was super difficult, both ends jammed in a more open position and then it was super difficult to make them finer. There was a decent range in the grind, but I would not be able to adjust frequently due to the difficulty. 2Initial Impressions Very Favorable - Still Very Favorable after nearly 2 years!Received my grinder on April 15. Initial impressions are very favorable. The grinder set looks nice, was easy to fill, and has initially operated excellently. It was easy to adjust the mechanism to get the desired fineness for both salt and pepper. Hopefully this grinder will provide excellent service for quite some time.Update on May 6: Having used this grinder daily since I have received it I can honestly say I am very pleased and quite impressed. Filling is easy and the control of the grind is excellent.Update April 9, 2017: I have owned this grinder for almost two years now and am still very pleased with it. I use it 5 or six times a week and it still grinds well. I have not had any issue with adjusting the grind when I need to do so. The only minor issue I have had, and one that I see in some of the reviews, is that one of the end caps has become loose and does not always want to stay in tact. To me this is a minor annoyance and not a major issue -- for others it would be an issue. Overall I have been very happy with this grinder. 5Easy Clean Spice Grinder that keeps on working strongThis is a great salt/pepper combo mill. It still grinds a fine or course salt and pepper after a year of daily use. The price was comparable to a few others I had tried that just didn't continue grinding my choice of fine to course pepper (one kept adjusting to huge cracked pepper on it's own while twisting it) I have arthritis in my hands and it is still easy to turn. It is simple to keep clean which is another plus and the clear-view acrylic has not yellowed or gone cloudy as some kitchen products do after time. They hold enough salt and pepper to keep cooking for about a month before needing to refill, which is very simple to do. I'm glad I made this purchase! 5
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