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Live Fresh Fine Mesh Strainer Set Rust Proof Stainless Steel With Non Slip Handles Premium Strain

  • Live Fresh Fine Mesh Strainer Set   Rust Proof Stainless Steel With Non Slip Handles   Premium Strain
  • Live Fresh Fine Mesh Strainer Set   Rust Proof Stainless Steel With Non Slip Handles   Premium Strain
  • Live Fresh Fine Mesh Strainer Set   Rust Proof Stainless Steel With Non Slip Handles   Premium Strain
  • Live Fresh Fine Mesh Strainer Set   Rust Proof Stainless Steel With Non Slip Handles   Premium Strain
  • Live Fresh Fine Mesh Strainer Set   Rust Proof Stainless Steel With Non Slip Handles   Premium Strain
  • Live Fresh Fine Mesh Strainer Set   Rust Proof Stainless Steel With Non Slip Handles   Premium Strain
  • Live Fresh Fine Mesh Strainer Set   Rust Proof Stainless Steel With Non Slip Handles   Premium Strain
  • Live Fresh Fine Mesh Strainer Set   Rust Proof Stainless Steel With Non Slip Handles   Premium Strain
  • Live Fresh Fine Mesh Strainer Set   Rust Proof Stainless Steel With Non Slip Handles   Premium Strain

Live Fresh Fine Mesh Strainer Set Rust Proof Stainless Steel With Non Slip Handles Premium Strain

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • THE PERFECT SIZE FOR ANY STRAINING TASK -Be more efficient in the kitchen and always have the perfect size strainer when you need it! Get all 3 of our premium strainers (7-5/8", 5 1/2" and 3") for a bargain price and be ready for any task at-hand.
  • NEVER STRUGGLE WITH SLIPPERY HANDLES AGAIN! -Our state-of-the-art heat-resistant rubberized grips provide a good grip when wet, are easy to hold for arthritic hands, and provide protection your hands when the handles get hot.
  • CRAFTED FOR DEPENDABLE QUALITY -Tired of flimsy strainers that don't last? The unparalleled workmanship in our top quality sifters ensures a lifetime of reliable use. We are so confident that you will love our product that we back it up with a 100% lifetime manufacturer's warranty.
  • SPEND LESS TIME CLEANING -Cleaning cheap discount strainers can be so frustrating, as food often gets trapped between the mesh and the rim. Our professional grade strainers have exclusive sealed steel rims that prevent food from getting trapped and saves time cleaning, giving you more time with your family. 100% dishwasher safe.
  • NO MORE WASTED QUINOA -Fed up losing grains in the sink when washing quinoa and rice? Never waste another grain with our innovative fine wire mesh that easily strains the smallest ingredients with no waste.
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Customer Reviews

Have been very pleased with these strainers so farHave been very pleased with these strainers so far. Excellent value for the price - have seen ones in the store a twice or more the price and they don't seem nearly as well made. These are light-weight but seem very durable. At first I was concerned about how "shallow" the largest one is as I planned to use it for straining my pasta - but it turns out that it's a bit wider than any old one I had so it actually holds the same amount. Love that I was able to get 3 different sizes (and that nest nicely) for such a great price. The company appears to be very customer service oriented as well. Received helpful information and a nice offer along with the product - as well as follow-up emails asking if we had received our product and were happy with it.5Excellent Extremely well made and easy to use. I would definitely buy these again, but I suspect they will last longer than I do. My only complaint is that if the hanger hook on the smallest strainer had been made a little bigger, I could hang all three nested together on one hook. I can do that with the two larger ones, but not the smallest one. 5... quality of this strainer set seems to be very good. I especially like the sturdiness of the handles ...The quality of this strainer set seems to be very good. I especially like the sturdiness of the handles as so many are available to buy but do not have anything in between the "wires" to keep it from twisting in your hand. It is a great help to have the extension across from the handle so that I can rest the strainer on a pan and use my hands to pour the liquid etc. I am using these for making kombucha with loose tea and want the finest mesh I can find so, if I could change anything, I would make the wire mesh even tighter/finer so as to hold back all sediment. I am most impressed with the company's desire to provide a good product and requesting feedback etc.4High Quality materials but poor manufacturing!!!! updated: quality improved!One of the highest quality products that I have seen in decades, can't wait to see what they offer next!The only change I would suggest is make them in America!Edited 9-30-15: quality of materials is fine but welds broke on handle the 3rd time I used the large one and one side of the medium after first time used. Maybe if they were made in the USA the welds might have held!Even though I originally recommended this item, I would not now!Upated 10-6-15: live fresh contacted me and apologised for the poor quality of manufacture then went above & beyond by sending me a replacement set of three, and indeed the welds are better! I would given 5 stars except for the defects in the original set,Thank You Livefresh! you really do stand behind your product!4Very useful items These three strainers are exactly what I needed to replace my old ones. I use them for everything and find them indispensable in my kitchen. The only drawback is they are made in China. (I buy US made first in all things). That said, they are well made, very sturdy, and should stand up to a LOT of use. 4Good Quality with a size just right for your special need These strainers were just the ticket! The mesh is spaced very well and strong stainless. No sharp edges and well made. Not as heavy as my grandmother's old strainer but easy to manage and handle. The hook in the top allows me to put them on the pantry door with my wood hooks. I like many of my extra tools hanging where I can quickly put them away or find them. Drawers and jammed on a shelf is not good for your tools.These 3 sizes work well. The largest one is good for laying on a big bowl; the mid size will work great for hand sifting flour on your baking board, draining a can of fruit cocktail quickly; the small one will strain your tea or anything your pour into a cup or glass. I know you will find use for the different sizes since they will fill your needs 5An absolute necessity for the kitchenThere are a lot of food strainer sets on Amazon and in stores, but I did my research and chose this set based on the stellar reviews. How have I gone this long without a set of fine mesh strainers?! They are an absolute necessity, especially if you are straining homemade stock. I'm giving 4 stars instead of 5 stars though because the mesh is not extremely fine. This one time I was opening a fairly aged bottle of wine and the [dry] cork broke so I thought I'd strain the pieces out of the wine. There were still itsy bitsy pieces of cork floating in the wine after 2 go throughs. My tea strainer seemed to do a more efficient job. I guess for the purpose of everyday straining uses, this is a great set. But if you're looking for a super fine strainer, there might be something else out there for you4Gret quality I use these for making jelly, as well as for straining the fat out of meat before canning. They've held up well to both uses, even though I use the back of a spoon to press down firmly on meat to release the fat (something that made other strainers tear.) They wash up beautifully in the dishwasher. 5Good price for this quality set of fine-mesh strainers.Bought this set to replace one much-used older strainer that I have had for 20 years. Looking for the one size but have enjoyed using the large strainer for pasta and veggies & seasoning straining for chicken broth, the medium strainer for my Coffee Press grounds, and have not used the smallest strainer yet. Very attractive design. I totally appreciate how fine the mesh is as it strains without getting pieces and shreds lodged in the strainer. I rinse thoroughly, shake out most of the water, and let the stainless steel air dry. Have only used for 3 weeks but very happy with my purchase.5Good customer service, first item brokeThe handle on my largest one rusted and broke off within 5 months of original purchase date (September '19) I noticed one prong on the handle had detached the first month but the item was still usable and seemed sturdy, now it is completely rusted and broken. I only use it for smaller meals for two people. Always hand washed (pretty easy to clean), as we don't make enough dishes to even use the dishwasher.. Disappointed, but the others appear fine so far. Stainless Steel should never rust out in a few months time..EDIT 3/10/20 - Contacted the seller and was sent a replacement promptly. Will update again if there are any further issues, amending stars from 1 to 4 for good customer service and maybe just received defective product. Welds appear identical to first item I received so we will see how long these last.4A very nice set of strainersI'm generally very happy with these strainers. I use the smallest one to strain tea and the mesh is fine enough to catch even very fine loose tea, but large enough that liquid flows through easily. The mesh seems to be very good quality and is attached to a wide rim, I don't expect any tears, or for it to work loose from the rim, any time soon. I like that the handles have a plastic grip.I gave it four stars, though, because it has the same weakness every strainer I've ever owned has had, the strainer is attached to the handle by two small spot welds. This is a definite weak point. If, for instance, you are in the habit of tapping your strainer against the side of the kitchen trash can to empty it, the repeated blows will eventually break the welds.Other than that, a very good set of strainers.4Outstanding Customer Service from LiveFreshThese strainers are very high quality and LiveFresh s customer service is excellent. When I received the set of strainers, there was a very minor issue with one of the strainers. I was a little disappointed, but I understand that sometimes these things happen. I was about to contact Amazon or LiveFresh to see about getting a replacement when I received an email from LiveFresh asking me if I was happy with my purchase.It was a nice surprise to see that the company was actively seeing if I was happy with their product. I responded to LiveFresh about issue and I expected it might take a while to get a reply. However, I got a reply from LiveFresh within 15 minutes saying that they apologized about the issue with the strainer and they immediately arranged to send me a full replacement set at their expense. I was very impressed with their level of professionalism and excellent customer service. It s great to see a company stand behind their product like LiveFresh does.I do a lot of cooking and seek out high quality commercial grade cooking tools and I believe these are the highest quality strainers I have ever used and it s nice to know that in the unlikely event that if there is an issue with them, LiveFresh is very responsive and totally committed to standing behind their products.5Excellent Value from Fine Vendor The stainless steel strainer set of three is the very best of this kind of product I have ever had and at a wonderfully low bargain price to boot. Also, it should be noted that this vendor has excellent rapport with its customers. I highly recommend both the product and the vendor. 5Great strainer set, well madeNeeded a selection of sizes, but as importantly well made strainers that would not fall apart at welds or with weak mesh material. There are excellent for the price! Looked all over locally and was frustrated with the either or both welds at handle connections or mesh quality. Weave, material and design manufacture at the top surround band was lacking. These are well made, have been using them for sifting powders (flour, sugar, etc.) to washing berries to rinsing several cups of rice or beans they have been great and show no signs of distress! Excellent and highly recommended!5Breaks easily but replacedI bought this exactly 5mon ago and was very disappointed to have to reiterate the main point people are leaving in other negative reviews. Overall it's good quality EXCEPT for the crappy weld that attaches the handle to the strainer. It has a single cheap weld so after awhile of shaking the strainer under normal use it's going to eventually break.I'll look into returning for a replacement and depending on how that goes I might change my review.UPDATE NOV 15th 2016The day after leaving my initial review I contacted the seller via Amazon and they rsponded in less than 24hr. I have them my order info and in 2-3 days I had another on my doorstep excellent customer service and backing of their product. It's a good quality product, you just have to watch those welds (don't shake it dry for example). Overall a Goode xperience and changing my review to 4 stars!4
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