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LolliZ 96 Gel Pen Premium Set - 2 Pack of 48 Each

  • LolliZ 96 Gel Pen Premium Set - 2 Pack of 48 Each

LolliZ 96 Gel Pen Premium Set - 2 Pack of 48 Each

£90.00 £54.00 Save: £36.00
£54.00 £90.00 You save: £36.00



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  • 96 exclusive colors: 12 standard, 12 neon, 12 swirl, 24 glitter, 20 metallic, 16 milky. Transparent outer shell for easy browsing and access to the large color variety. The 0.8-1.0mm tip range enhances contact with paper for a smooth glide and better hold of ink on the paper's surface
  • Great pens to sketch, draw, color, doodle, write and get creative in a fun and skilled way. Greeting cards, Party invites, Letters to friends and family, arts and crafts, decoration, day care activity, scrap booking, the uses are endless
  • Convenient Artist packaging outfitted with four trays for easy reach and use. Each gel pen can be stored in its own individual insert and comes with a cap for long-lasting use
  • Acid-free Quality product at a great value. LolliZ 96 piece Gel Pen Set is the perfect gift idea to emerging artists as well as confirmed ones
  • 100% LolliZ Satisfaction Guarantee
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Customer Reviews

Wonderful gel pens! There is nothing about them to dislike.I am an avid pen & pencil user. I love them & use them for just about everything, from fountain pens to gel pens, from Blackwing pencils to artist quality colored pencils. I've tried several brands of gel pens & have not been completely satisfied with any of them...until now. The first gel pens I tried were the Sakura Gelly Roll pens, & they serve a purpose for adding a few touches of cute & unique, but the ink flow is too copious for much control. The TEKwriter I really enjoyed until one by one they ceased to work. They also ran out of color very fast. The Pilot FriXion have a smooth flow & are great for writing, not so well for coloring. And then along came these little jewels. I honestly wasn't expecting much even though they had good reviews. I've only had them a week or less, but have used them every day & tried out every pen. The ink flow is smooth & controlled, no skipping. The standard, neon, glitter, & metallic pens have vibrant color, they are absolutely beautiful. Their glitter & metallic pens are the most beautiful I've used in any other brand. The swirl & milky are softer colors. The different tip ranges, 0.6-1.0mm, make them useful for writing to coloring, & they were packaged very well. After using these lovely pens for awhile longer I will update my review on their performance. But all I can say at the moment that sums it all up is that I LOVE THESE PENS! 5Love the Pens and Colors, but I have Duplicates.Love the pens, but there is a HUGE PROBLEM!Love the pens, but there is a huge problem. All four of my sets came with two bright orange and two bright pink, instead of peach and salmon. After receiving the first box of two sets and discovering this problem (the reason this problem is huge to me (might not be to you) is because the peach color is my favorite color to use), I phoned Amazon and told them the situation. They were terrific in quickly replacing the pens, however, the new set also had the same duplicates.Because of the photos already posted here, I can see that there are no duplicate colors in the sets and the sets include the peach and the salmon. Mine include duplicate colors, as I said above.The pens are almost identical to the Fiskars in colors and design. The LolliZ write and draw very smooth and with consistency and I do love the pens very much. The colors are terrific and nice and bright. I love the sparkle colors; they are GREAT colors. I would like to see more pastels though and a light purple/lavender color as the purples are all rather dark. The purple sparkle, however, is fabulous 2Favorite brand so far...Love These! They're the smoothest affordable brand I've found one tried 5 brands or so. I've bought these as gifts for a couple people too. They do include a brown glitter pen... I know many brands don't have brown. They work about as well as the Sakura gelly roll pens but Sakura does have more colors. However the Lolliz pens have a finer point than Sakura gelly roll pens and is easier to control.Pros:Good varietyGreat price $20-30 for 2 packs of 48!Includes colors other sets don't have like brown and a red that doesn't look pink. And a glitter black pen that doesn't look grey (Sakura's black glitter pen looks like a medium to light grey but with both sets it just allowed more variety) .Smooth writingFiner point and better ink control than Sakura gelly roll pensDries faster than other brandsMinor cons: Some of the neon and pastel pens can skip or take a second to start working but I've had way fewer problems with that using lolliz brand than other affordable brands like embroidex and super doodle.Glitter red pen looks pink. (regular red is a true red though)Doesn't include peach color instead has 2 neon orange pens.(lighter orange in neon pic is an embroidex gel pen otherwise that picture is 90% lolliz brand colors) Attached are a couple pics I colored mostly with the lolliz pens. 5Awesome Pens!!!!Absolutely love these!! I've started am adult coloring book, and these were perfect!! Pics are attached, one with and one without flash!! 5Five Star Gel Pens!These pens are awesome! I am an avid Zentangler as well as a Doodler. It's hard to find smooth gel pens that work. I was excited when I got this set of pens. And when I tried each of them I was more excited at how well they work. They "glide" across the paper, I had no issue with skipping, the colors are rich and vibrant! I ordered 2 sets which gave me 4 packs of 48 each. And I am sure I will reorder these again! The quality is great, the shipping package was packed well and the items were perfect on arrival. I am extremely happy with this purchase! 5neons and regular pens write really great. The neons need to be allowed to dry ...I purchased these to compare with another set I purchased from a different company at another online store. In both sets the pastel/milky/chalky ones don't write very well. I've tried running hot water over the pens in the hope that the hot water would help smooth the ink. Didn't work. However, the glitters, metallic, neons and regular pens write really great. The neons need to be allowed to dry before continuing with your work. I may purchase individual sets of pens to stop wasting money on pens I can't use. 4Great pens for coloringI just began coloring the adult coloring books. I bought these because I couldn't pass up the price. I haven't used any other so I have nothing to compare them to, but I can give my honest evaluation of these pens based on their own performance. There are two sets of a package of 48 pens.First, there are not 48 different colors, I think that is pretty clear from the descriptions. There are different types of pens: glitter, metallic, etc. So far I have noticed that there several that are duplicated, but other than three neon oranges (a bit too much if you ask me, I would have preferred 3 purple!) I don't mind there being duplicates because these pens are not going to last long with the amount of intricate detailed work on the patterns I prefer to color.Out of the 48 pens, I have used almost each pen at least once so far, even if only mark on a blank piece of paper to see the true color. Each pen--save and except for the neon yellow, orange, and green--have worked perfectly with free-flowing ink each time, even the first time! The neons seem to have a bit of a problem with running smoothly and i find that i have to do the old "scribble on another paper until it works again" thing we have to do with ball point pens every once in a while. I wonder if it is something about the stuff used to make it neon? Who knows. Once I get them working again, I just have to go over the pattern a couple of times to get good solid coverage for that color.I LOVE the glitter pens. Oh my gosh if there are any 96 pens sets of just glitter pens, I will totally buy them. These make the patterns POP! I love it. They do seem to run out quicker than the other pen types though. Which is sad because I love them!There are 6 pens that are called "swirl" pens. I guess if you were just using them to write cute little notes, they would suffice but they are definitely not for coloring. Fortunately I tried them on the practice paper and not the actual designs I was working on. Because it is different colors of ink coming out at random intervals, they just blend together to make a putrid color that is not really attractive. I would prefer a set that did not contain these, but hey, it was only $25 for 96 pens so having 12 of them that I won't use to color with is ok.All in all, I believe this is a great set of gel pens for the price. I saw many that were WAY more expensive, and I can't imagine, for the purpose I need them, that a more expensive pen would be life-altering. 5Amazing for adult coloring booksI adore this set of gel pens for adult coloring books. They don't bleed through the pages, the gel goes on nice (sometimes it's like painting), and it dries relatively fast (faster than the set I got from Write Dudes 24 pk). The color selection is amazing, what a great way to instantly have a collection suitable for all kinds of images. I was leery of the "swirl" pens at first, because looking at the barrel of ink they look unmixed and redundant. However, I gave the green capped one a shot and loved the effect. Then I tried the others and realized all six of those pens make very different colors, which change in shade very slightly as you color for a blended effect. I love using them as an accent color, and then using a similar hue metallic or glitter gel pen to make the image pop. I'm going to have to make sure I have a backup box of these at all times so I don't run out of a pen mid-project.Pictures: 1. I made a quick and sloppy color chart to compare this set to the Write Dudes 24 pk.2. The glitter pens in this pack are amazing and smooth, and photographs really don't catch their beauty. Just a warning, the silver and gold pens do cover the black lines completely, but all the other colors let the black lines show.3. These flowers were done with the swirl pens and then a complimentary glitter pen. 5Toxic or Non Toxic?As far as gel pens go, they're a mixed variety. Some are superb, some stink, others are just O.K. If you get these for the right price I would probably recommend them except for this one very big issue. On a couple of the user reviews it states that the package they received has a warning label that they may contain chemicals known by the State of California to cause cancer, and within the user reviewers pictures you will see that warning clearly pictured on the package label; yet on the Amazon picture of the 48 piece two pack it shows no warning label whatsoever. If you find the 48 piece one pack of the exact same item on Amazon the Amazon picture clearly shows that warning label from the State of California. Which label did I get on my package today? A label that states this product does not contain chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer. I have never purchased an item that had a label stating that it doesn't have chemicals known to cause cancer only the reverse; why would there be a need for such a label? The discrepancies bother me so much it makes me nervous to keep this product. If it were not for this I probably would have rated these higher. 2Great for the priceUpdate: 7/27/15 - Wow, thank you all for reading the review! I happened to be scrolling through my reviews today and noticed how bad the picture quality was, so, I updated with higher quality photos in hopes you can see the colors better. My first gel pen set finally all gave out - so I am now using my 2nd gel pen pack (I often used my gel pen packs for coloring and writing letters or diary entries, so I'm very glad they lasted so long and that I still have a pack left to use).The 1st gel pen tray is the 2 standard colors and 10 metallic colors, 2nd tray 12 glitter colors, 3rd tray (1st four are standard, others are pastel), and last tray is 6 neon and 6 swirl pens. Thanks again for reading and definitely feel free to ask questions about the gel pens.-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------Original review:I wasn't expecting much considering this was such a great deal. However, the quality blew me away!I added images so hopefully this will help you decide on a purchase.First off, $20 for 96 gel pens? What a steal! I ordered these, and I was expecting low quality since it was cheap.However, every pen I tested works.The two packs were new, except for one pen that seems like the bottom of it had burst open. However, it was only one pen.The reason I gave it 4 stars instead of 5 was because the milky and the swirl colors took a lot of scribbling to get it to work. Even then, it doesn't always write fluidly. However, this is a minor issue, and considering it still works, this is a great product.The glitter, metallic, neon, and standard colored gel pens write very well, and they have very bright colors. I was very impressed with the writing quality of these pens.I think some of the shades are hard to differentiate because I found an overabundance of light greens. However, I can't really complain since it was so cheap.If you're looking for decent quality pens for a good price, this product is for you. 4
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