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Luxury Ivory Satin Pillow Case w/Hidden Zipper, King

  • Luxury Ivory Satin Pillow Case w/Hidden Zipper, King
  • Luxury Ivory Satin Pillow Case w/Hidden Zipper, King
  • Luxury Ivory Satin Pillow Case w/Hidden Zipper, King
  • Luxury Ivory Satin Pillow Case w/Hidden Zipper, King
  • Luxury Ivory Satin Pillow Case w/Hidden Zipper, King
  • Luxury Ivory Satin Pillow Case w/Hidden Zipper, King
  • Luxury Ivory Satin Pillow Case w/Hidden Zipper, King
  • Luxury Ivory Satin Pillow Case w/Hidden Zipper, King

Luxury Ivory Satin Pillow Case w/Hidden Zipper, King

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Satin Pillowcase for Hair and Facial Beauty
Enjoy a cool and comfortable night's sleep and wake up feeling refreshed with the Sweet Dreams Satin Pillowcase. Satin pillowcases are non-absorbent, helping your skin maintain maximum moisture. It also prevents wrinkles, so you'll wake up each morning with smooth, clear skin. Satin pillow cases provide a smoother surface for your hair, and will keep your hair tangle and frizz free.

Feel the Difference
Sweet Dreams Satin Pillowcase is constructed of high quality 300 thread-count silky soft polyester satin which provide a lasting vibrancy of color no matter how often they are washed, and will stay soft and silky for years. The satin pillowcase features a hidden zipper closure which keeps it from slipping and ensures that the pillow stays perfectly in the pillow case. Satin pillowcases are easy to care for, stain and fade resistant, and wrinkle free; no ironing necessary.

Our Satin Pillowcases are available in a fabulous selection of vibrant colors and prints, you can easily find the perfect color to match or complement your decor. Choose from these 23 solid colors and 4 prints: black, brown, burgundy, camel, champagne, gold, grape, hunter, ivory, jewel blue, light blue, lavender, navy, pewter, pink, red, rose, royal, sage, seafoam, teal, yellow, black zebra print, brown zebra print, jaguar print, leopard print, and white satin pillowcase.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee
At Shop Bedding, we strive to provide you with the best product. We guarantee your 100% satisfaction! If within 30 days you are not satisfied with your satin pillow case, just return it for a full refund! No questions asked, no hassle!

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Customer Reviews

A pro and a con!I was really excited about this pillowcase because my hair is curly and it frizzes with regular cotton pillowcases. Of course these days you hear a lot about how to care for curly hair and satin pillowcases are said to really help reduce frizz. And this pillowcase did reduce the tangling and frizz quite a bit.BUT. It s sooo hot at night! It s not like a cotton pillowcase that can stay cool on one side. Every night I have slept on this pillowcase, I ve tossed and turned in misery.I m not sure if I ll continue using this pillowcase, but I definitely wish it didn t make me so overheated! 3A Must Have If You're A NaturalI really love this pillowcase! Not only is it super cute, but it really does what it's supposed to as far as preserving your hair overnight. As a member of the Natural Hair Community, a satin pillowcase is a MUST and this pillowcase really gets the job done!It really helps to retain the moisture in Black Hair & keeps my kinky curly hair from being all over the place when I wake up. That is really beneficial for me because I'm a wild sleeper and having this pillowcase just makes it that much easier to tame my hair because it is not as dry as it would be from a regular pillowcase.I've also had no problems with washing it and it still keeping up. I've literally thrown it in the regular washer & dryer a couple of times & it's still durable, satiny, and the color is not washed or faded.I definitely recommend this pillowcase for all hair types but especially ones in the 3a-4c range. 5Soft, comfy, and easy on the hair!I ordered a single pair of these pillowcases and have been using them for about a week. They're a lovely color (I bought the champagne), they're much, much cooler than any cotton I've ever had, and I've already noticed a great improvement in tangling. I never realized how bad cotton is for hair! These satin cases have kept my morning brush time to a minimum and cut down drastically on frizzing.The hidden zipper is a nice aesthetic bonus, and I've had no problems washing these two cases on a delicate cycle (no drying machine, of course). I'd recommend these to anyone who isn't bothered by the texture, honestly - personally, I adore the feel of satin, but the fact alone that they've done so much better for my hair is worth the investment, itself. 5Keeps me cool(er) at nightI absolutely love how cool this pillowcase is. I get hot really quickly while sleeping (probably has something to do with the 50lb dog that likes sleeping under the covers next to me), and this pillowcase has definitely helped keep me cooler at night. It feels smooth to my skin, and I've definitely seen less frizz immediately after waking up than I used to.I was slightly concerned about the zipper on the back after reading some of the reviews, but it doesn't really bug me too much. It's covered and is far enough on the side that I never really sleep on it.I've washed it a couple of times now and put it in the dryer (even though it says not to, whoops) and have seen a little bit of discoloration in the fabric. Doesn't bother me though, the pillowcase still gets the job done. 5I'm sorry it took me so long to buy this case!I love this satin pillowcase! It's a durable fabric, the seams have not shredded or come apart, and does not wrinkle! My picture shows the pillowcase right out of the dryer and onto the pillow!I thought the hidden zipper might be uncomfortable since it's a few inches from the edge but have not felt it once.No more bed head when I wake up. I'd definitely recommend this pillowcase. 5Better Than I ExpectedI was looking for a pillowcase to help take care of my hair. It's been getting some breakage and I knew I needed to completely overhaul my hair care. I had heard silk pillowcases were great for preventing breakage, but I do not like silk. This satin pillowcase was the PERFECT alternative. Now my hair has a gentle, smooth surface to help it not break.This is a beautiful soft white color, great for any decor, including my eclectic bedding mix.Also, the same day I got it, my dog decided it would look better with her muddy paw prints on it. I was worried because I didn't know how easy it would be to clean. When I threw it in my wash with a regular load of laundry, oh my goodness! It was not only 100% clean, but it dried SO smooth and wrinkle-free. With dogs, kids, or and mess-makers, cleaning ease and ability can be a make or break factor. Obviously I wouldn't deliberately sleep on it with freshly dyed hair or drink red wine over it, but if you're concerned with how it takes to regular laundry, don't be, it's a dream.Overall, I would HIGHLY recommend this pillow. It's soft on hair, looks beautiful, feels wonderful and is easily maintained. I would get more when my current non-satin pillowcases need replacing. 5Pillow dreamsUsed it for the 1st time last night, AWESOME!!!!! I have a difficult time sleeping with scarfs or caps on my head so when I saw this pillow case, I decided to give it a try. What a world of difference!!I dyed and washed my hair yesterday and usually day afterwards, I wake up to a birds nest on my head...not today!! My hair is sleek, not sweated out and looks 90 % the same when I went to bed!! It was cool to my skin and did not slide off thanks to the small zipper. I was a little corcerned with having a zipper on my pillow case but there is a soft cover over it so it is not noticeable.I will definitely by a couple more so I can switch out the colors, GREAT produict!! 5Sleeping on Satin and No More Morning Frizz:)I sleep on cotton bedding and every morning I awaken to frizzy hair:( I was told about sleeping on a satin pillow case but never really gave it much thought until recently. I ordered just one in champagne from Amazon. Being a Prime member and spoiled, it arrived within 2 days. I put the cotton pillow case with pillow inside the satin pillow case then had my first night's sleep on satin. I awakened the following morning and was very impressed. No frizz! I also noticed that during the day, my hair less frizzy as well, given the summer heat and humidity, of course. This is a great pillow. It looks very rich and priced under $10. I am very satisfied and highly recommend this pretty pup. A must have for home or away. 5Cooling, soft, smooth fabric and gorgeous color!I bought these sateen pillow cases to help keep my hair from getting frizzy and tangled and to keep my head temperature cooler. Have used them for 3 or 4 nights and have noticed a favorable difference. Fabric is soft, smooth, color is gorgeous. Washed and dried today they came out beautiful and are easy to put on the pillows. I do want to comment on the construction method- I think a review had noted there is a zipper down the center which made the case only usable on the reverse side. Mine is actually more towards an end of also it s a hidden zipper with a flap of fabric that covers it. I ve slept on that side and it did not bother me at all. See photo. Recommend. 5A must for curly hairI have dry curly hair (3a), and I'm kicking myself for not buying a satin pillowcase sooner. I have always used cotton pillowcases, and I'm accustomed to waking up with frizzy, tangled hair. If I want to wear my hair down for the day, I have to completely wet and de-tangle it to get it looking presentable again. Otherwise, to save time I would just put my hair into a bun.Now using this pillowcase, when I wake up my curls are preserved better, I have less frizz, and my hair retains more of the oil/moisturizer I put into it. It isn't perfect, but now I can usually get away with just lightly spraying my hair with water, smoothing some things down with my hands, and going about my day much quicker. I also don't find any hairs on the pillowcase - so it is not making my hair break or shed at all.The pillowcase is also really nice feeling. It has the zipper on one of the surfaces instead of on one of the edges, but it doesn't bother me even if I lay on the zipper side. 5
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