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Moved By Bikes MBB Longboard Rack

  • Moved By Bikes MBB Longboard Rack
  • Moved By Bikes MBB Longboard Rack
  • Moved By Bikes MBB Longboard Rack
  • Moved By Bikes MBB Longboard Rack
  • Moved By Bikes MBB Longboard Rack
  • Moved By Bikes MBB Longboard Rack
  • Moved By Bikes MBB Longboard Rack
  • Moved By Bikes MBB Longboard Rack
  • Moved By Bikes MBB Longboard Rack

Moved By Bikes MBB Longboard Rack

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Customer Reviews

Great for longboardsGreat bike rack for longboard. Ive used it for my 10ft board and my 8ft. Everything is great about the rack. I needed this one because my boards are longer and needed an attachment not he front and the back of the bike.I put it on my diamondback mountain bike. 5Love it! Easy to use, Strong and Sturdy!Best surfboard carrier out there hands down! Fits my longboard snug and STABLE. Solid mount, lots of flexibility for bikes of different frame sizes. LOVE that the mount is detachable. Super easy to take off and put on. Couldn't be easier to remove if you're trying to store the bike in a tight space. Makes me want to surf more now that I don't have to park my car and the rack is so easy to use.I got 2 of these and installed one on each of our cruiser bikes. One was a women's bike with an all steal frame and it took less than 30 mins to put together. The other was a fatter aluminum frame which took about 1.5 hrs.One thing worth mentioning is that even the widest U-Bolt that was provided was not wide enough for my Aluminum bike frame which is a little fatter. (Giant Simple) I had to use a wrench to bend the U-Bolt around the frame in the front so that it would fit and the rubber protection wasn't long enough. Scratched the paint in the process. Once I got it to fit I had to saw the excess length of the screws off from the front mount which it is stated in the manual as might be necessary for some. Maybe include a wider mount for those of us with newer, aluminum frames? Would have given 5 starts if it weren't for that little custom fitment I had to do.Overall great rack and would recommend highly!! 4Everything I wanted and moreI live about 5 mins from the beach but have to go up some hills and across some train tracks to get there. I used to hold my board but it got dicey every now and then. This rack has freed my 2nd hand, making my cruise to the beach nice and easy. It is sturdy and to make things even better it is detachable, which is great for storage.I use it with an Electra beach cruiser, bicycle. (no back rack)I use it with an 8ft surf board, 5I dig it.This is a well thought out and put together package. It goes on easily, with multiple options and is well built with solid components.I bought this one and another brand from a brick and mortar surf shop (gotta support the locals) for 2 beginner surfers in the family. The MBB seems like it will be more stable, has more mounting options, and was cheaper. It seems more stable simply due to the fact that the arms are mounted farther apart from one another; as opposed to the other rack in which the mounts for the arms are welded into a rear rack. I preferred the other version for my bike for a few reasons, but the MBB is perfect for the intended user.I should say, we haven t used them, yet, but my first impressions are thus. 5Well done.Very versatile. Will actually fit a moped with enough effort. Had to cut some plastic etc. But it fits my soliel moped and is much stronger than the moped racks for sale. Comes with extra parts for different bicycles etc. I wont need to write a long term review I can tell this product will last. 5These are built like a tankI have used every brand of surf racks out there. The cheap ones bend, Carver racks break if your bike tips over. These are built like a tank.They also fold in when you don't use them. Relatively easy to put on your bike ( Hint use a drill with a allen key bit to make it faster )I ordered the short board rack and the long board rack because often I like to bring 2 boards.. Its a little awkward to get on and off, but totally worth it 5Sweet RackI've owned other surfboard bike racks, and this one is top notch. I installed it on a three speed Hang Ten cruiser, which has the old-school springer fork on the front, and a welded on rack in the rear. I also have the large Wald delivery basket on the front. With the many different pieces of hardware and mounting options, putting the MBB rack on was super straight forward.With the springer fork, I simply rotated the mount around on the front head tube. This bike has room between the top bar and bottom bar on the head tube and it worked perfectly. I went ahead and used the rear bike rack to mount the rear MBB rack. I easily could have used the seat post, but I wanted a bit more space between the two rack arms.One hint I'd like to give is that it helps to put in the L-shaped upper tube (the upper part of the tube that the surfboard will rest in) into the mounted tubes before you tighten them down. This will allow you to properly align the direction of the padded surfboard tube arms relative to the bike and each other rather than just eyeballing the clamps. If this does not make sense now, it will once you have the rack and begin to install it.I highly recommend this surfboard rack. It is well built with quality materials. It would definitely be an odd-ball bike that this rack would not work with. Keep the stoke alive! 5buy it!!!Very solid rack, very simple, easy, and short instructions, and easy to install. I was thinking about buying this for about a year, but was unsure if it would work on my bike. I emailed the company "Moved By Bikes" and they answered my emails promptly, with photos, and were very very helpful. This rack is incredibly versatile and can fit in lots of places on your bike. The photos show this in the instructions.I previously owned a Carver surf rack and it broke, and I could not get in touch with anybody for a replacement. They never answered my emails.The MBB rack is better built, easier and less abrasive to install, more versatile, and longer lasting.buy it!!! 5Great design. Quality materialsI've had this mount for about a year in San Diego and compared to other mounts I've seen this has a better quality design and construction. The most unique feature with this mount is the ability to remove it on non-surf days where you need to ride around town without an obvious 1/2 mount sticking out. It's very discreet. Very happy with the purchase and makes my morning surf sessions much quicker getting in and out before work. 5Shifting front clampPlease let me know if this helps at least one person, as more time has been spent getting this rack to work than the dollar amount might indicate is reasonable. It is good, but it is expensive, and not as good as the reviews indicate.Pros: It does work, and fit. Clear instructions. Nice looking, aluminum, lightweight. Great, button activated, snap off arms fits a 3.75" board (25lb). Excellent rear seat post clamp.Cons: The front clamp uses a single U bolt (the excellent rear clamp has twice as many bolts) The front bolt, and front clamp have rubber linings that flex on bumpy roads. The single U bolt, and flexing causes the front rack to shift, (twist) causing the front rack arm to move slowly towards the ground, and bike, in an arc (even with the set screw, and all bolts re-tightened) - this is if the front rack is mounted in front of the head tube. I have used the rack on two different bikes, both with similar problems. So...eventually, I deleted the rubber part from the clamp and the U bolt, and reversed the clamp so it is facing backwards on the head tube, (this is mentioned in the instructions, as an option). Deleting the rubber makes the clamp less likely to shift (twist), and because (luckily) the space on the back of the head tube on the second bike is exactly the same size as the clamp, it could only shift slightly before it became wedged. So...the 3 stars is due to the hours of hassle.Tips:1. When tightening the nuts on the head tube clamp it will help greatly to have a socket and ratchet, otherwise you may find you can not get enough torque on the nuts to keep the clamp from shifting. Also; Tighten the nuts, wait 30 minutes, re - tighten them, ride around with a board in the rack for a few minutes on a surface that vibrates the rack, re - tighten them again, and check them again after the first long ride. You will probably notice the tension loosen, and you can bring it back to the original tension. If you have a board that is more than 20 lbs. delete the rubber and reverse the clamp (if your frame allows), instead of installing it forward with the rubber, and have to re - do it.2. Testing indicates applying Devcon 2500 psi 5 minute epoxy gel to the front clamp will stabilize it. This can be bought for $5.41 on Amazon. Sand the area on the bike where the epoxy is to be applied with the roughest sandpaper available, sanding vertically, then apply epoxy in a 1/8" thick layer on the head tube, extending from one edge of the clamp to the other edge of the clamp.3. Place board in rack with nose curving out (opposite the photo) - this allows the wheel to turn further and keeps the fins inbound.4. Notice the photo - the board is mounted opposite the kickstand (this caused the bike too fall over with a 25lb. board, and with a 20lb. board). Mount heavy boards on same side as the kickstand after moving the kickstand to it's highest position. If your board is lighter consider mounting as in photo, after lowering the kickstand. Kickstands are available on Amazon that adjust up and down with a button.5. It is difficult to get your leg over and between the board on a men's frame - consider a women's or unisex (mixte) frame. So...why the difference in opinion compared to other reviewers? Probably for the following reasons: 1. Lighter boards. 2. Smoother roads. 3. As with many reviewers on Amazon, they may not be thoroughly testing it (for miles on various surfaces) before writing their review. Notice that MBB offered a set screw for the front clamp - this indicates they were aware of the shifting problem. However; they placed the set screw in the center, exactly in line with the U bolt, which makes it useless against twisting.Note to MBB, or another company: Please consider the possibility of deleting the rubber, and making the front clamp longer, (about 3" instead of about 1"). Drill holes on each end so two U bolts (one U bolt on each end) can be used instead of one. Each end should have at least four holes (eight holes per clamp) to allow for different head tube sizes. One U bolt would center between the top tube and the down tube, and one U bolt would center either above the top tube, or below the down tube (customers choice). The added length and added U bolt will solve the twisting problem, and only one method of installation should be needed. After measuring numerous bikes this option will work on the vast majority of them. Although it may seem preferable to use one U bolt so the clamp will have a higher chance of fitting most head tubes, this is not practical, as one U bolt is too weak, and there are too many different types of tubing. Also; please consider the possibility of offering the rear wheel rack mounting hardware as an option, instead of making people who know they will not need it pay extra for it. This will lower your costs and allow the expense of re - designing the front clamp.Incidentally; Within minutes of submitting this review, the review received "unhelpful". It seems MBB is closely monitoring the reviews, and seeing the 3 stars decided to get revenge - that makes me wonder if some of the reviews are done by employees, and friends.FIVE MONTHS LATER:In an effort to resolve the problems of surfboard bike racks for boards weighing over twenty pounds, a youtube video was made. The YouTube title is: How To Build Your First Surfboard Bike Rack. Although readers may prefer to buy a premade rack, this video may still be helpful in helping adapt the rack you buy to your bike. 3
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