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Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day Dryer Sheets, Basil, 80 ct

  • Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day Dryer Sheets, Basil, 80 ct
  • Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day Dryer Sheets, Basil, 80 ct
  • Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day Dryer Sheets, Basil, 80 ct
  • Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day Dryer Sheets, Basil, 80 ct
  • Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day Dryer Sheets, Basil, 80 ct
  • Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day Dryer Sheets, Basil, 80 ct
  • Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day Dryer Sheets, Basil, 80 ct
  • Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day Dryer Sheets, Basil, 80 ct
  • Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day Dryer Sheets, Basil, 80 ct
  • Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day Dryer Sheets, Basil, 80 ct

Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day Dryer Sheets, Basil, 80 ct

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Paper dryer sheets reduce static and add freshness to your clothes
  • Compostable dryer sheets soften fabrics and are made from plant-derived fibers
  • Garden-fresh basil has a cool, crisp scent that is uplifting & grounding
  • Contains plant-derived softening agents made without parabens and phthalates
  • Mrs. Meyer's produces cruelty free dryer sheets. None of our products are tested on animals
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Customer Reviews

Smell sensitivityI purchase the Basil laundry soap along with the Basil Dryer sheets and used them for the first time today. I am very happy with them. The detergent washed the clothes well, and they came out of the wash with just a hint of the smell of the detergent, but completely odor free. The dryer sheets left my clothes soft and 100% static free. Again, the scent was barely noticeable from the dryer sheets. I have sinus and respiratory problems, so the light scent is really nice. It doesn t bother me at all. If you are looking for a stronger scent, you may want to buy the scent booster. For those of you who have smell sensitivities, these products are an excellent choice. I will be ordering again! 5Greenwashing fraudMrs Meyers is greenwashing. Their products are not natural. I feel stupid for trusting them. Both me and my son have pretty severe skin allergies. We ve always used seventh generation products but decided to try out Mrs. Meyers. We bought dish soap, hand soap, laundry detergent, and scent booster. From the soap, my hands began drying out (middle of summer) and eventually got the the point of bleeding. I didn t realize the soap was the problem until I began researching the ingredients. The laundry detergent and/or scent booster made my son and I both (especially him) break out all over his body. Upon researching ingredients, I found that their products are not natural at all. They just use wording on the label to made their consumers think they re getting something they re not. And we re paying almost double the price. I spent nearly $200 on Mrs Meyers products when I bought them initially as we were out of everything and Amazon had a deal so we stocked up. All of it went in the trash. $200 completely wasted. Not to mention my 3 year old son skin that we re still working to clear up and my hands that were sore to the touch for weeks. Don t trust these people and most definitely do not give them your money. Do research. 1Love the Basil Scent! Sheets work well.I have a new and very modern Large Front Loader Dryer that does have an antistatic mode that sprays steam in it. Well, I really like dryer sheets and I love Mrs Meyer's Basil scented products so this was a no brainer. The sheets are perforated so you tear them in two while they are still folded (easier that way) to prevent plugging of the dryer screen (small chance but DOES happen). Works great and the wonderful Basil scent can be smelled near my Front Door when the dryer is running. 5DisappointedI really wanted to love these, but they were so disappointing :( Upon opening the box, they had no smell to them and looked like sheets of craft paper. To ensure that it wasn't just an Amazon fluke, I went out and purchased another box in my local grocery store and ran into the same problem. I returned that box, but kept the box from Amazon, hoping at least the unscented sheets would reduce static in my dryer. Unfortunately, they didn't. I love all Mrs. Meyers products, but unfortunately, these were a dud for me. Not recommended. 2Smells SO GoodSmells so good in the box, I even put someone around the house. The only thing is I don't really smell it on the clothes like you would downey once it comes out of the dryer. Make sure you tear it up into pieces like the directions say so it doesn't block the vent. 4Great non-toxic dryer sheets that won't hurt your family or your neighbors.The "other" toxic dryer sheets even make me sick when I walk by someone's house. I can't imagine what these do to people with asthma. These work well and a lot come in a box so they last long. I bought them for my two neighbors to keep their toxic sheets from wafting into my apartment when the windows are opened. When other people have done one of my daughter's laundry she broke out in hives from the combination of Tide and dryer sheets. 5Fails to fight staticI use dryer sheets primarily to keep static at bay. I just used these sheets, used two in fact. Retrieving my clean laundry, tell take static crackles started as soon as I reached in the dryer.It's as if none had been used. Fuzzy sweater had all its fibers standing straight out. Satiny pyjama top wrapped itself around my flannel shirt like a level five clinger.I'll try future loads with more dryer sheets in the mix since I'm stuck with them. I'm pretty disappointed. Oh yeah, and the box arrived damaged too. 1Wonderfully lemon scented clothes.I love these dryer sheets. I purchased them because I love the scent of lemon verbena and these do not disappoint. I find that Amazon has the best price than my local stores, too. I recommend that you tear the sheet in half, then put both pieces in the dryer. They will not stick to the vent holes in your dryer drum either. Your clothes will smell even better if you place a half sheet in your drawer or closet, too. 5That's the only possible explanation because these things are THE WORST! And don't get me wrongAs I was reading some of these product reviews I finally figured it out. I got PUNKED! Someone obviously switched out the real Mrs Meyers fabric sheets for sheets of wax paper from the dollar store. That's the only possible explanation because these things are THE WORST! And don't get me wrong. It gives me no pleasure to write this because I LOVE ME some Mrs. Meyers! I use their dish soap and cleaning spray and bar soap, etc. Those are all great products, But these? They're useless. They don't soften anything except themselves into a paper wad that gets stuck in your laundry. They impart none of that great aromatherapy fragrance either. Mrs Meyers needs to rethink her game on the laundry sheets. These are an utter failure. 1been buying for a couple years now.These are my favorite dryer sheets. although i usually have to use at least 2, sometimes 3 on large loads. I am trying to avoid the static and it takes quite a bit to get that to not be so bad..especially in winter. But i like the subtle smell of these. 4
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