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Munchkin Click Lock Weighted Straw Cup, 7 Ounce, Green, Pack of 1

  • Munchkin Click Lock Weighted Straw Cup, 7 Ounce, Green, Pack of 1
  • Munchkin Click Lock Weighted Straw Cup, 7 Ounce, Green, Pack of 1
  • Munchkin Click Lock Weighted Straw Cup, 7 Ounce, Green, Pack of 1
  • Munchkin Click Lock Weighted Straw Cup, 7 Ounce, Green, Pack of 1
  • Munchkin Click Lock Weighted Straw Cup, 7 Ounce, Green, Pack of 1
  • Munchkin Click Lock Weighted Straw Cup, 7 Ounce, Green, Pack of 1
  • Munchkin Click Lock Weighted Straw Cup, 7 Ounce, Green, Pack of 1
  • Munchkin Click Lock Weighted Straw Cup, 7 Ounce, Green, Pack of 1
  • Munchkin Click Lock Weighted Straw Cup, 7 Ounce, Green, Pack of 1

Munchkin Click Lock Weighted Straw Cup, 7 Ounce, Green, Pack of 1

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • - Weighted straw allows your toddler to hold the cup at any angle
  • - Handles are easy for little hands to hold
  • - Flip-top lid covers straw while on the go
  • - BPA-free, and Top rack dishwasher safe
  • - 6+ months
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Customer Reviews

Kid likes the cup - Mama hates the leaking mess This was the first straw cup that my baby would use and she took to immediately. She never liked bottles, so it was a godsend when she liked this cup. However, like others say, it leaks like crazy when used for cold milk, especially if you live in a hot climate. I didn't have a problem during the winter, but in the summer it takes maybe five minutes for milk to start dripping out the straw and leave a big puddle. (See photo & video) We also had trouble with the straw weight causing too forceful of a flow resulting in a stream of water/milk to shoot out my baby's mouth like a super soaker. But I fixed that by removing the weight. So, we still use the cup at 13 months - kid likes it and drinks no problem from it, but I curse it every time I clean up the spilled mess. (On a side note, my dogs love it!) 3Great cup, one of our favorites!One of the winners!So my 10mo old can use a straw cup but doesn't know how to tilt up a regular cup yet. I think I've bought every one they make, so here's my review:Nuby Flip-N-Sip: Strong valve so no leaks, hard to suck. She got frustrated very easily with this originally and I even find it hard to suck. She doesn't seem to get these handles.Munchkin Click Lock Flip Top: Medium valve, no leaks, no handles which we seem to need. Fairly easy suck. One of our go-to's for water.Munchkin Click Lock Straw: Light valve, no leaks, no handles. Easy suck. Likes to chew on the straw. One of our go-to's for water.Munchkin Click Lock Weighted Straw: Light valve, no leaks (unless you don't screw lid on correctly), loves handles, likes to chew on the straw, weight works well. If you squeeze the straw while running water through the weight you can clean it pretty well. Comes with a straw cleaner. I like that it's clear. First cup she'll drink milk out of. I think this is our favorite. Sometimes I kind of prime it for her with the first drink. Wish it had oz markings.Zo-li Bot Straw: No valve but closed straw so easy suck, leaks only if tossed just right on the floor, dribbles a bit if on side otherwise (similar to nipple), easy to hold handles, comes with a straw cleaner. She's not keen on milk in it but drinks water well. I like that it's clear and has oz markings.Lollacup: No valve, open straw, easiest suck. This is just a cup with a straw. The straw may have a weight on it but it's short and stiff and doesn't move. She likes it. I haven't tried milk in it. 5ReturnedThis was awful. Did not work and my LO could not use it. I had to suck extremely hard to get any water out of it. I did everything to "fix" it and nothing worked. It may have just been a defective one but I did not want another after all the comments. Got a Dr. Brown one and have had no problems. Would recommend Dr. Brown instead.**Please help and select if you thought this was helpful!! 1Best-in-class weighted straw cup. But hard to open/close, not leakproof, and flip top lid not securely attachedThis cup is definitely not perfect, but it's the best training straw cup I've found for my daughter who is currently transitioning from a soft spouted sippy, and so still regularly tries to drink with it upside down. The weighted straw feature is the best designed I've seen. For that reason I'm giving it FOUR STARS, in its intended function as a training straw cup. If the weighted straw is a key feature you need in a sippy cup, then I'd definitely recommend this cup. But if you're just looking for the best sippy cup period, this one is only mediocre overall (I'd say TWO STARS), so I'd give it a pass.PROS:- Best-designed weighted straw I've seen: It has a rounded bottom and the weight is disc-shaped, so the weighted straw moves super smoothly around the cup and my daughter has no problem drinking at any angle.- Fairly leak resistant (when using room temperature liquids), meaning if your kid tips it upside down or throws it across the room while using it, at most a drop or two will come out (whatever was already at the top of the straw). But I would not trust it beyond that (see below)However, this cup also definitely has some negatives:- The click lock feature isn't super helpful, and makes it unnecessarily hard IMO to open/close the cup (if you overtwist it, it's very difficult to get off)- The flip-top lid is not securely attached and falls off frequently. As a result, this cup is definitely not one you'd trust upside down in your diaper bag- In addition, if you use this cup with cold/refrigerated liquids, the temperature differential causes the liquid to get sucked up through the straw and spill out of the top. Like, all over the place! (This issue will occur with any sippy that does not have a vent) So, I only use it for room temperature liquids, like water or freshly pumped breast milk. If you want a cup that can be taken in and out of the fridge, this is not a good choice- Handles are not removable (not a huge deal though, since I figure that once my daughter no longer outgrows the handles, she'll also have outgrown the need for a weighted straw)- Hard to clean (due to the weight at the bottom of the straw). For this reason I usually only use this cup for water (or if I need to use it for milk in a pinch, I make sure to wash it out immediately & thoroughly afterward)However, we live with these negatives and still reach for this cup first (during this training phase when my daughter is still regularly trying to drink with the cup upside down) because the weighted straw feature is so much better designed than other cups.For those also considering the ZoLi BOT Straw Sippy Cup - Orange 6 oz: I used that one for several years with my son. Same idea in general, but the weighted straw does not work as well; the cup has to be turned almost entirely upside down in order for the weight to fall to the top of the cup. However, the Zoli also has some advantages. It's much easier to get the lid on/off, and the flip-top lid is much more securely attached as compared to the Munchkin.)I will continue using this cup as a trainer until my daughter learns that she can keep her straw cups upright while drinking, then I will get rid of it and transition her to a straw cup that has a vent, can be tossed around in my diaper bag without leaking, is easier to clean, and is probably also not made of plastic. For the record, my favorite sippy cup for older babies / toddlers / preschoolers (who don't need handles or a weighted straw) is the THERMOS FOOGO Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel 10-Ounce Straw Bottle, Blue/Yellow.I'm posting a video highlighting the key features of the Munchkin (including the weighted straw, click lock feature, and flip top lid) and also comparing the Zoli. Also a picture of my daughter drinking of out of this thing while holding it tipped up & backwards with no problems. Hope you find them useful! 4The perfect sippy cupThis cup addresses most of the faults that traditional sippy cups have.1) Tipping. My first kid always wanted to tip the cup to drink, but with some sippy cups (those with straws), that stops them from working. The others HAVE to be tipped to continue using them, which my second kid never seemed to grasp. This cup works no matter what angle it is at, because the straw is flexible and has a weight to keep it in the liquid.2) Leaking. The straw has a valve to stop accidental leakage. It also has a flipping lid that prevents accidental leakage. It seems to work pretty well and only leaks when you cross-thread the lid. YES, you can cross-thread it rather easily, but it doesn't take long to figure out how to stop that.3) Breaking. The cup is plastic. The flipping part of the lid will snap off easily, but it doesn't break (unless stepped on) and can be easily put back on. The plastic is pretty tough, so I haven't had any problem with the cups breaking.4) Cleaning. It comes with a flexible brush to make it easy to clean. 5Review at 11 months and 14 monthsI wish I started my daughter on this at around 6 to 8 months rather than at around 11 months. She instantly knew how to use it and loves it. Other cups miss the mark. She sometimes struggles to hold other cups or lift them up to get liquid which frustrated her. This cup is simple and operates at any angle. No struggling at all.UPDATE: I am now at 14 months with my daughter. I still give this product five stars with some caveats. The cup has a retractable lid that tucks the end of the straw into the container. This lid can be broken if your kid tosses it on a hard floor as the small nub that connects it to the cup can break off. I have bought a couple of these cups due to this issue. Some people complain about leaks, and yes it can and does leak. The primary reason for leaks is that the suction in the straw is so strong that water can slowly dribble out of the straw. I have seen many puddles around my tile floor due to this. If you close the retractable lid inbetween uses this pinches the straw and helps with the problem. 5DO NOT BUY THE PINK ONE! The real ones are great!My one star rating is for the pink cup - I think these are either defective or counterfeit.I originally purchased the green version of this cup and it worked great. I was struggling to get my 10 month old daughter to drink water at all. With this cup - she reaches for it herself and drinks a good amount! Also, I didn't have to do any training to teach her how to use it, I simply handed it to her and she figured it out within a few seconds. The cup is a good size for her to hold, and fits perfectly in the side pocket of my SkipHop diaper bag. It is a pain to clean, but it does come with a brush that fits the straw part well.Since I loved the cup, I was so excited to see the pink one for the same price. But when I received it, it was definitely not the same. It is hard to turn the cup at all and forget about making sure it clicks to lock it and prevent spills. I can barely get it turned to get the plastic locking piece near the side of the cup! I had other stronger people try it as well and they had the same issue. I reported the first one as defective and received a second one with the exact same issue. So please do not buy the pink one! The green one is so much better. 1Some issues, but we're still using themMy 20-month-old triplets use different straw cups during the day, but for their milk before bed we use these. After 14 months of using them (in addition to a ton of other types of straw cups) and since we own 15 of the cups, I am an expert on these.First the good --The weight makes the straw stay in the liquid, even if the child is reclined. When babies are learning to drink from them and tip the cups sideways or even upside down, they still work.-They are fairly easy to drink from - there are many reviews saying people's kids (or even adults) have trouble drinking from them, but that has not been our experience. We've had many straw cups that are harder.-They have handles.-They have a lid to keep the straw clean and prevent spillage - I guess it's a nice touch, but in our house it was just another thing to clean, plus the kids would close the lid and freak out that they couldn't drink so we took all the lids off and shoved them in the back of a drawer, never to be seen again. Still, for some people it might be crucial to using this cup on the go.-The kids like them. For whatever reason, they drink more milk from these cups than they do from other cups, which is the only reason they're still around.Okay, the bad --Liquid bubbles out the straw, especially if the liquid is cold when you put it in. As it warms, the pressure builds in the cup and the liquid is forced out. This means that even a cup sitting upright will often develop a pool of liquid around it and if the cup is on its side, it will leak a lot. (They have tried to address this issue with an update to the cup which I'll discuss later in this review.)-Pressure builds up if your kid never takes his mouth off the straw, making it harder and harder to drink. It's easy to release the pressure by squeezing the straw, but you have to get it out of your kid's mouth first. (This is another issue they tried to resolve in the update discussed below.)-They are a pain in the butt to clean. Mainly this is because of the flexible straw. They include a tiny brush to push through the straw, which you have to do, a dishwasher will not properly clean these straws. In addition to being time consuming, if you're not careful you run the risk of poking the brush through the side of the straw and making a hole. There are also two small nubs just below the threading for the lid on top of the places where you can see that the cup flares. The purpose of these nubs is to click when the lid is on properly, letting you know it's on right. But why they didn't make these nubs solid is beyond me because milk/juice/etc can get into these nubs and get gross. I didn't notice at first that they weren't getting clean - you have to really pay attention when using a bottle brush because of the angle. It's just an added annoyance.-On some of the cups the straw is looser than others. This means that on some of them the kids can poke the straw down into the cup, creating a hold through which they gleefully pour their drink onto the floor. Only some of the cups are like this, which is odd.You might have noticed I wrote quite a bit more in the bad section than the good, so why do we still use them? Well, most straw cups we've tried are sadly worse. The kids like these, they're used to them, and we have a lot so we'd have to invest money into switching. We're basically just trying to stick it out until they're old enough to do better with a plain old cup with a straw in it.Okay, as promised, a word on the update to these cups. Recently they released this cup with a valve in the lid. It is achieved by making a hold in the lid and adding a valve to a flap on the straw, which pops over the hold inside the cup. This - in theory - should prevent the vacuum problem when a kid keeps his mouth on the straw and should allow pressure to equilibrate so the cups don't bubble liquid out the straw. I'm not sure why this didn't occur to them earlier, like when they first designed the cup, but it's out now. Even though we had 12 of the old style, we bought 3 more to try the new style out. And... they weren't the panacea I'd been hoping for. The milk still bubbled out the straw, though not as much. It adds an extra little step to cleaning. The kids, for some reason I can't put my finger on, seem to have more trouble drinking from the newer cups. And one time my son managed to poke on the straw enough that the valve came off the hole in the lid, leading to gleeful shaking of milk into his lap. So it might be an improved design, but it's certainly not a reason to replace all the cups we have and many of the negatives still apply.So in summary - There are a lot of little issues with this cup, but the bottom line is that the kids like them and use them well. We all know that keeping the kids happy is key so until they seem equally happy with a different cup, we'll keep using these, albeit grudgingly. 3A couple flawsLove these cups. They are cute and function. I would give 5 starts but there are two flaws that I wish munchkin would fix or I might try finding a new brand. When I tried to clean the straw with the cleaning brush included with the cup it punctured the straw so now I'm scared to clean the straw with that brush! The second thing isn't as necessary but it is annoying. The lid for this cup started coming off easily after about 2 weeks and now it pops off very easily I'm constantly having to put them back on which is fine when we are at home but not when we are out and his lid falls on the dirty floor over and over again! Please munchkin fix these issues 3The lid breaks off and it bubbles back up through the straw.Summary: This cup functioned but was not a good cup. The lid breaks off and it bubbles back up through the straw. We like the Zoli Baby BOT - Straw Sippy Cup instead.I started my son on the weighted straw cup at 6 months. The weighted straw idea is great but we had to go through quite a few cups to find the one we liked.The first cup we tried was the Munchkin Click Lock Weighted Flexi Straw Trainer Cup. It was fine for the first few days until it spontaneously started erupting milk out of the straw. The cup would just be sitting there and then all of the sudden milk would start bubbling out of the straw. This does not seem to happen with water. The lid will break off this cup. It is badly attached so just accept its going to happen.The next cup we tried was the Lollaland Lollacup. I really wanted to like this cup because it is made in the USA, but although it is very cute the weighted straw is too stiff so it does not bend, so it defeats the purpose of having a weighted straw at all.Then we tried the Innobaby Sippin' Smart EZ Flow 3-in-1 Stainless Straw Sippy Cup. This cup worked fine as long as you remembered to release the pressure as it instructs in the directions. If you don't it will do the same bubbling up thing as the Munchkin cup. This cup can withstand drops if they are not on the lid. The orange cap placement on this cup is bad, I had to take it off because it is too close to the straw and my baby kept putting the wrong one in this mouth, or when he would suck on the straw it would hit him in the face. Unfortunately this cup broke when dropped on our tile kitchen floor, because it landed right on its lid.Finally, we found a weighted straw cup that works. The Zoli Baby BOT - Straw Sippy Cup. I love this cup. It is sturdy enough to withstand many drops and does not seem to have the bubbling back up problem at all. 2
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