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Munchkin Sturdy Potty Seat, Green

  • Munchkin Sturdy Potty Seat, Green
  • Munchkin Sturdy Potty Seat, Green
  • Munchkin Sturdy Potty Seat, Green
  • Munchkin Sturdy Potty Seat, Green
  • Munchkin Sturdy Potty Seat, Green

Munchkin Sturdy Potty Seat, Green

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Portable toddler potty seat perfect for potty training boys and girls
  • Contoured to hold child securely in place
  • Non skid edge ensures that seat doesn't move
  • Built in handles for added security
  • "Feet" for easy stand up storage; Material:Plastic
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Customer Reviews

this one is obviously a better fit. I read a previous review about a ...Just got this potty today. We previously had a cushioned one and it smelled of urine after a few uses. Benign plastic, this one is obviously a better fit. I read a previous review about a child putting it over her head and the parents having to cut it off. While I was reading that, I thought to myself my daughter would never do that. She's just never really been the sort of kid to put things around her neck, eat weird stuff, etc. Well, let me tell you, I was dead wrong. She goes potty on her own and I heard her crying so I rushed in. She had managed to put it over her head and was hysterical trying to get it off. I panicked, but luckily my husband managed to get it off right away. Seems like a good seat, but watch your kids with it. 4This is not suitable for little boys. The pee ...This is not suitable for little boys. The pee guard is VERY short. I m returning. Also my son sat on this for about 5 seconds. He leaned forward towards me to help him get off, and the entire seat slid out from under him and he nearly fell off the potty! If I hadn t been right there, he would have smacked the ground, probably causing him to be terrified of sitting there ever again huge problem. 1Small, great seat for the price; compared to our Baby Bjorn seatWe had the Baby Bjorn potty seat but my son insisted on using every toilet in the house for his training, so we got this as an extra seat for an upstairs bathroom. The toilet we have has a smaller seat and opening (not the oblong), so this fit perfectly. The Munchkin seat is a smaller seat than the Baby Bjorn. It also doesn't have the mechanism which allows the Baby Bjorn seat to fit snuggly on a variety of toilet seat sizes. But again, this was no problem because we had a small toilet.I really like the handles on both sides of this seat. My son likes to hold on when he's sitting on it and it helps him balance. There's also a build in way for this to hang on a hook which I like. The Baby Bjorn seat has a rubber hook which I have used to place the seat and to hang it, and it is starting to tear away from the plastic.The pee guard is not too big. The Baby Bjorn's is a bit bigger but neither works very well. I have taken to holding a wadded up piece of toilet paper as a shield to guard from misfires. It may be gross to get pee on your hand, but I'm not learning that is preferable to pee all over the bathroom and myself.I will also mention my son likes that this seat has a blue trim. It is irrelevant to the function of the seat, but if he likes it, hopefully that will only work to encourage him.So, for half the price of the Baby Bjorn, I'm quite satisfied with this seat. However I would caution those who own toilets with bigger openings that this may not fit your seat. 5Sturdy, stable Potty SeatTraining my 2-year old on this was a breeze. He loves it. It's stable on the toilet, with perfectly positioned handholds, and he finds it very comfortable. This potty seat doesn't move at all, and makes it very easy for him to turn his body around to reach the handle so he can flush after going. It makes him feel very grown up that he can do it himself. My toilet seat is the round kind, approximately 8-1/4" x 10-1/4 " inside rim. There is a boy's splash guard integrated on the underside so there's no chance of his peeing between the gap, and it is easy to rinse clean if he does happen to splash that area. The seat is well-made, and it sits easily on its backside by the side of the toilet when not in use. Great potty seat at a very reasonable price! 5Great Design for Tot and ParentsLove this toddler seat, and after months of suspiciously eyeing it from a distance, now our toddler does, too.We read all the books and listened to friends and family tell us we could potty train our kid in a day. Maybe over a weekend. One week at most. Yeah, right. It's taken us months, but it's finally happening and this little seat with handles helped make it happen.I love that it is easy to rinse off after each use and the design allows it to stand on its own on the floor so that it doesn't have to be permanently afixed to the toilet or propped up against a wall.The toddler loves the handles and feels confident she can hang on tight and won't fall in or off.While we haven't hauled it around for emergencies in public places, it certainly could be done. It is compact enough that it would fit in our Built NY diaper bag, and it would rinse off easily in the bathroom sink prior to stowage (in a plastic bag awaiting proper sanitization at home). :( 5Basic but works well!We got this product because my daughter didn t want to go on a kids potty but wanted to sit on the toilet like us. She still hasn t actually gone potty but she loves being able to climb on the seat like she s going to. She is a really small 2 year old, 24 lbs, and can easily get on and off with it and sits a ton easier than without any support. It is very easy to get on and off so we can also use the toilet, however along with that the durability is a little weak. It will wobble a little bit and it a very light plastic. Although I definitely prefer that to a tough to get on and off toilet seat since we would have to be constantly taking it on and off. Overall satisfied with the product! 4Great for UsWe decided to try this one, having the most positive reviews, and we re very satisfied. I m buying another. We do have elongated seats at home but they re oddly minimalist in nature & we really wanted something stable. We have used it at our relative s house & I m fairly certain she has a round seat, and we ve used it in public on some odd shaped seats, and it s fit every time, so far. No seat is perfect as far as I can tell, but this is certainly versatile in our experience 5Easy for My Twins to Use but Doesn't Fit on All ToiletsMy twins are almost four and were starting to get too big for their potty chairs and we wanted to introduce them to the big potty. This Munchkin potty seat was one of the first results I saw plus we've had good experiences with the Munchkin products we've purchased so I decided to buy this one. It was a good price and has a couple choices of colors so I purchased the blue one for my boy/girl twins.This potty seat is made in China and is designed to hold your child securely in place. It has two plastic handles for stability so your child has something to hold onto in case they feel scared to sit on the big potty. The potty is white with the exception of the colorful edges all around the seat that hold it in place on the big potty. These same edges on the back allow the seat to sit on the toilet tank or the floor and not fall down. There is a splash guard so boys can use it without making a big mess around the toilet which is a mother's dream (okay, one of them)! This seat is also easy to clean. If there are any drops on it, I just wipe it down with toilet paper or a diaper wipe and clean it with antibacterial wipes at the end of the day.This seat measures 13 1/4 inches in width from the side of one handle to the side of the other handle, 12 1/2 inches from front to back, and 3 inches high (at the highest point). The hole in the seat measures 5 1/4 inches wide and 6 inches from front to back. The splash guard measures about 1 1/4 inches above the toilet seat. On the bottom, the non-slip edges measure 10 1/4 inches wide at the widest point.We've had this seat for almost four months and it's working well for us. It fits well with our two toilets upstairs and it's lightweight so my kids can easily grab the seat from the toilet tank and put it on the toilet themselves. This seat just sits on top of the big toilet seat and the non-slip edges prevent the seat from shifting, as long as the hole in the big toilet seat is big enough. Together with Bumbo Step Stool, Pink, my kids can get themselves up on the toilet without assistance. The seat is also a good size for putting inside a plastic shopping bag to take on trips, to daycare, or anywhere else you may need to take it.The reason I gave this seat four stars instead of five is because we took it to my in-laws' house recently and this seat didn't fit well on their toilet. I don't think they have a particularly small seat but, in order to use this seat, I had to hold my kids on the seat and it was still uneven. It worked out okay for us but it wasn't optimal. The holes in our toilet seats measure just over 8 inches wide so if yours are similar, this seat should work for you.Overall, we are happy enough with this seat since it works well with our toilets. Since we are potty training twins, we decided to purchase a second one in green so our kids wouldn't have to wait to use the toilet and could use the other bathroom. This seat doesn't fit well in the bathroom at my in-laws' house but we were still able to use it. This seat is nicely priced, easy to clean and safe for my kids to use plus they are able to use it themselves easily. If you are in the market for a potty seat for your child and the hole in your toilet seat measures at least 8 inches, this one should work for you and I'd recommend purchasing this one! 4Wonderful for small childrenGreat seat. Fits our long toilet bowl as well as our regular toilet bowl. Easy to clean. Designed to be used ON TOP OF the regular seat. Several reviews state they can get dirty on the bottom. Well, so can a toilet seat. That's why we clean them. Just put it under running water for a few seconds once a day and it will be fine. Both our kids love it. A few other reviews said it is difficult to get on and off for toddlers, make sure you use a stool so they can get up there. The handles are not meant for them to climb up, just to steady them while they sit. It does not stick to the seat, it sits inside it like a regular training seat. It can be stood on the base on the back of the toilet when not in use. Our older kid loves this, because she can take it off the toilet herself without moving a large contraption or putting it on the floor. We have one in every bathroom, including the master, so the kids can use it in an bathroom. 5Potty training is not easy. I got one of those mini toilets on ...Potty training is not easy. I got one of those mini toilets on the ground and my daughter doesn't like to use it. She wants to be a big girl. So rather fight a needless battle I got one of these. We got a ikea hook on the wall to hang it on, so she can grab it, place it on the toilet and go. The grip is good so it doesn't move, it's easy for little hands to grab and it's easy to clean. And when she visits granparents its easy to pack up.Side note. When she first got the toilet she thought it was a hat. Toddlers are silly people. 4
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