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My Brest Friend 100% Cotton Nursing Pillow Original Slipcover â?? Machine Washable Breastfeeding Cus

  • My Brest Friend 100% Cotton Nursing Pillow Original Slipcover â?? Machine Washable Breastfeeding Cus
  • My Brest Friend 100% Cotton Nursing Pillow Original Slipcover â?? Machine Washable Breastfeeding Cus
  • My Brest Friend 100% Cotton Nursing Pillow Original Slipcover â?? Machine Washable Breastfeeding Cus

My Brest Friend 100% Cotton Nursing Pillow Original Slipcover â?? Machine Washable Breastfeeding Cus

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • PERFECT FIT: The 100% cotton imported slipcover fits all My Brest Friend wrap around breastfeeding cushions including the travel pillow.
  • SPARE SLIPCOVER: Never get caught without a clean, fresh slipcover for your nursing pillow. This fabric cover fits over your breastfeeding pillow in seconds.
  • SILENT RELEASE STRAP: The nursing pillow slipcover features an adjustable strap for quick on and off of pillow, with silent release - ideal for maternity pillow cover changes while breastfeeding.
  • MACHINE WASHABLE: The easy-care nursing pillow slipcover is machine washable in warm water on a gentle cycle, so your breastfeeding cushion stays clean and fresh.
  • MY BREST FRIEND: For 22 years, My Brest Friend breastfeeding pillows have supported moms and babies during nursing and are the #1 choice of breastfeeding experts.
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Customer Reviews

Did the trick - no more Velcro drama Got this for my deluxe pillow bc the Velcro was destroying all my Muslin swaddlers. Fits nicely after it has time to adjust and though not as soft as the deluxe cover who cares because it s cotton and not as hot. I have the strap on the largest setting though to accommodate my still heavy post part I m body. I m still over 200 if that helps anyone that is debating on this due to the size aspect. 5Annoying coverThis is my second one I had one with my first baby and I have one with my second after c-section these are a must. What I hate about this product is how the cover just Fades away, or gets holes in it easy and just doesn't hold up I have bought two different covers to put on top of it so I can replace it and case the baby spits up. They look awful for the amount of money that you spend for it you kind of want something that holds up a little bit better. The fabric isn't very soft either even when you wash it it's still kind of rough on their skin I always end up putting a blanket underneath it so it softer.3More decorative than functional.This slipcover fits nicely over My Brest Friend pillows. The pocket makes storing small items convenient (pacifiers, nursing necklaces, your snack or water, because let's face it, you'll be parched or starving while strapped to this pillow and your LO). I would definitely consider it more a decorative cover than a protective cover. It is not waterproof (nor claims to be), and I find this silly on a product used for infant feeding. (Spit up, dribble, pee, etc have all come in contact with my pillow, and the slipcover provides only minimal protection from these, if you catch it early before it seeps in.) I bought the waterproof slipcover to put underneath this slipcover, and now my pillow is protected and pretty.The cotton is not the softest. It's more like a "cheap bedsheets" level of softness- not soft but not scratchy. I use a blanket with my pillow to create a little "nest" for my LO, so it doesn't bother me.Some people have had issues with the stitching. I found it to be uneven (some seams have a small gap but some are stitched tighter), but it has help up well to multiple washings.4Very thin fabric I got this as a back up to my deluxe Brest Friend cover. I wish I would have returned it. It's very thin and the fabric isn't very soft.My main idea to purchase this was to use while I was washing the deluxe cover. In my opinion, It's so thin that it doesn't help "protect" the actual nursing pillow from milk. You don't want breast milk to seep into the pillow or you will have a rancid smelling pillow to Nurse your baby with. I wish it was thicker, more like the deluxe cover that comes with your nursing pillow.Cute color and design pattern though. 1It is like a shelf that is a full body pillow for ...Unlike the popular "Boppy pillow", your child will NOT roll towards you, or away. It is like a shelf that is a full body pillow for them. I used this for both my kids while breast-feeding, and I have never had back pain. In addition, the pillow itself has two small questions on each side that holds the child's head up for more support. This is a pillow that I will always recommend it to every mother that I am friends with. It made breast-feeding 100% easier. I was able to focus on how my child latched onto me, and not focus on how their body was slipping forward or slipping back. It's supported them, and supported me. Definitely a must have pillow for every breast-feeding mother!5Pathetic quality, fades, terrible fabricI received this item today. The fabric had a cute pattern but the material is very cheap and thin. I washed it with baby detergent like I do all my new baby items, and dried it on low. It looked 10 years old after one wash. The fabric had not softened and feels like something from the dollar store. Only later did I read the label that the fabric will fade and not to put in the dryer. To me this is rediculous. Why use fabric that you know is going to fade? Especially a product whose sole purpose is to be removed and washed frequently because of baby accidents? And not to put it in a dryer? Again, for a product designed to be used for feeding, do they not realize how often babies feed? So they are forcing you to buy multiples if you want them to last, or you are without your pillow waiting for the cover to dry on a line. Raher than use a quality material that would withstand multiple washes and dries, they stick a label on the cover basically explaining away the cheapness and telling you to expect it to suck. I have one of the deluxe covers,which is plain green and fleece, which I'm not wild about the looks, but it is alot more durable, so I'll likely get one in that line of products. This company needs to seriously rethink the fabric and quality of their covers. On a side note, I went to return to Amazon for quality reasons and I was surprised when then gave me a refund and also told me not to return it. They must know how terrible they are because I've never had that happen. Not even Amazon wants it.1Too thin and flimsy I bought this cover to alternate with the blue terry cloth cover that originally came with My Brest Friend. Straight out of the package, it felt thin and flimsy. Nonetheless, I needed something to use while the other cover was in the washer, so I put it on. It is extremely thin (you can see the pattern of the foam underneath it) and has no absorbancy whatsoever, so whatever drool/spit up/milk drips on it will go directly through to the foam underneath. The color is, if possible, even less vibrant than shown in the picture. My least favorite trait is that the stitches pull apart as you're putting the cover on, and I don't trust that it will stay together for even a couple of months, much less until I'm finished nursing.I will continue using it as a backup, but I will be putting the original cover back on as soon as it's out of the dryer! 2Super deceiving.When I purchased this item, it did NOT specify that it was just a slipcover and that no pillow was included. I searched for the Brestfriend Nursing Pillow, found one for $35, then selected this color. Why would this color, listed under the same listing as a pillow, be only as lip cover? Super deceiving.1Great breastfeeding accessoryWe just had our first kid a few weeks ago so we are very new to all the things needed for a child and things that help make life easier.Luckily my wife has a few friends who are on their second kid and have given us great advice. One of the most consistent ones was to get a Brest friend as it's a life saver. After using it the past three weeks we would agree!As our little one is quite tiny now, he fits right on this and brings him close to her so her hands can be free, mostly. One arm still kind of supports him so he doesn't roll off.I know this is just the cover but the pillow is too good to not brag about it.As far as the cover goes, they are kind of a pain to take on and off. Just remember how the humps on top and zipper go and that should make it easier. Also, the cover is hang dry only if that effects your decision to buy it or not. Otherwise, we wish we liked the other covers better so we could've bought a few spares, but even one spare makes a world of difference with a spitting up newborn!5Don't listen to the Boppyheads!!Hands down the best breastfeeding pillow! I bought mine at the recommendation of a friend, after doing a ton of research. The market is saturated by Boppy, whose ubiquity was reinforced by recommendations by the majority of my family and friends. Well, I think they all recommend Boppy because they've never tried another pillow! I bought a Boppy at a discount store, and tried it as well. The Boppy is thicker (higher lift presumptively) and softer than this, also curved top...but I needed support for my baby, not softness. My baby sunk into and rolled off of the Boppy, usually toward me, and into the space between the pillow and me, pushing the pillow away from my body, so I struggled to keep it on, constantly holding it in my arms in a pseudo-hug.I at first thought the idea of a wrap-around flat pillow with a belt and "bumps" was strange...but after my Boppy failures I understood these features were the solutions to my problems! My baby doesn't roll off the flat surface, and the belt keeps the pillow up against by body, so my hands are free to hold and touch my baby during feedings. Even better - if I am reclining in my glider, the belt angles the pillow up, letting gravity keep my baby close to my body. Boppy is great for lounging baby and tummy time (which this pillow should not be used for). But if you are looking for a serious pillow for breastfeeding (which you spend a lot more time doing), save yourself some frustration and buy this!! I've bought one for our second home, one to keep at my parents' house and a travel one too. So worth the money. Don't hesitate to buy it - you'll love it!5but much better once I got home and used this pillowTAKE THIS INTO THE HOSPITAL WITH YOU! I had a hard time with figuring out how to hold the baby and get her latched properly. I didn't have enough hands. I stupidly figured I didn't need this and left it in the car. I had decent luck once I started sitting in the rocking chair and used a pillow on my lap, but much better once I got home and used this pillow! Unfortunately the damage was already done on my nipples and she go bad habits of unlatching and relatching from having to be repositioned so much in the hospital that I never could heal or handle the pain. Went to pumping and didn't last long with that because I felt like I could love on the baby being strapped to the pump so much.5Great fit and high contrast pattern!Just what I needed! Fits the Breast Friend pillow perfectly. The material is a bit stiff (stiffer than the one it came with), but it makes it easier to wipe off spit up. I was pleasantly surprised that the buckle attachment was there as expected.Notably, I chose the black and white cover because newborns prefer contrast at first and my little one definitely enjoys looking at it even when it's just laying around. I definitely recommend having an extra cover on hand! Just be careful in removing the original one, as I managed to rip out some foam while doing so. Oops.5Make your pillow great againFabric print matches what was purchased online (leaf). The fit is great and the buckle is good quality. Took off a star for cheap fabric itself - very thin and pills - but I had low expectations anyway. Wish there was a waterproof backing but I sort of made my own by putting a Munchkin changing table liner under the cover to protect the pillow foam. Not a perfect fit but good enough. Overall it gives me something prettier to look at than my old Brest Friend pillow cover (Fireworks), which looks worse for wear after only five months and two trips through the wash. The pillow itself is holding up very well. I wash the covers on cold and air dry to prevent shrinking.4
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