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Nesco FD-61 Snackmaster Encore Four Tray Food Dehydrator

  • Nesco FD-61 Snackmaster Encore Four Tray Food Dehydrator

Nesco FD-61 Snackmaster Encore Four Tray Food Dehydrator

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Top mounted 500 watt fan with patented Converga-Flow action for faster, more even drying
  • Adjustable thermostat for greater flexibility
  • Expandable to 12 trays (comes with 4 trays)
  • Includes instruction manual, 1 fruit roll sheet, 2 jerky cure packs and 2 original jerky flavor pack
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Customer Reviews

EXCELLENT PRODUCT This dehydrator is top notch for the money. I read the reviews, making note of people wanting timers, time tables in the instruction manual being incorrect and one that states they didn't like the hole in the middle, huh? That's where the fan blows hot air downward. As far as a timer and the manual being off on time tables, let me point out you don't need a timer and you don't want to rely on one. This dehydrator doesn't take days to finish, so if you have to leave the house or go to bed..unplug it. Use it when you can check on the progress. It's not a Crock Pot. As far as the time tables being off, take into consideration that people cut their foods into different thickness and a quarter inch differs from eye to eye. Humidity levels are different place to place and so many different factors are in play. So the time tables are only a guide and not the law. That's why you DON'T want to use a timer. This product can also be used WITHOUT electricity. Take the top motor off, cover the top of the trays with clear or black plastic and set in the sun. It's a great product and a good buy, 5Initial Response to Nesco American Harvest FD-61 Dehydrator One of the reviews regarding this model stated it was quiet and did a good job of dehydrating a large variety of foods. Although this is my first dehydrator, it does make what I consider a minimal amount of noise during operation. To date, I've dried several varieties of herbs, watermelon, cantelope, peaches, and pineapple. The recipe booklet described dried cantelope and watermelon as similar to "candy." The watermelon wasn't bad but I probably would not do the cantelope again. Everything else was pretty tasty. The machine is very easy to use and the adjustable temperature control gives you a lot of flexibility for drying food with varying degrees of moisture. Maybe I missed the list of components for this item while unpacking but I was unsure what the white plastic tray was for; it wasn't until much later that I realized this is the Clean-A-Screen accessory mentioned in the instruction booklet. I did have some problems with the plastic trays warping a bit and at least one tray became permanently stained from the peaches I dehydrated but none of that interferes with the functionality of this device. Overall, I am quite pleased with this purchase and plan to experiment with other foods and see what works best for me. 4Not as pictured I have only just received this (quickly, too), but please be aware that the item does not come with spice packs as one of the pictures shows. It comes with the instruction/recipe book, one fruit leather tray, and the dehydrator. I will review how good the item works as soon as I go out and buy some apples!!! I'm excited!Update: It does what it's supposed to do! I small-diced about 9 peeled apples, and ended up with a couple quart ziplocs worth of dried apples. It seems to work best if you give it a few hours, then stir each tray and wait a few more hours, then repeat until the item is dried. The cookbook says that the items dry in an amazingly-short period of time, which I don't find to be true. I have checked my clocks, and they seem to run at the normal speed, and according to my friends I am located outside of any sort of time warp, but my items still tend to dry at about 1.5 times the estimations in the book. Please take that into consideration.I also bought a few extra solid trays,and mesh trays, which I think are essential. With the mesh trays, you can lift the tray out, and easily clean or remove without making a huge mess. When using the solid trays, I find that rubbing a paper towel dotted with some oil aids in removal of things like fruit leather. Where the oil is rubbed, the fruit leather pulls away from the edge as it dries, and dries more evenly. Where there is no oil, the fruit leather will start to pull apart, leaving little fruitless rifts in your future treats. Also, if you add a little oil, they tend to store a little better, as the oil keeps them from sticking together as much as oil-less leathers do. 4Great dehydrator for a beginner I purchased this dehydrator on a whim after my sister told me about her experiences with dehydrating fruits on a "small family basis". As of this writing I have owned my dehydrator approximately 5 weeks. I have dehydrated apples, Roma-tyle tomatoes and onions.The Nesco is easy to use and comes with a reasonably complete instruction manual giving the methods and times for various fruits and vegetables. All of my produce has been hand-cut so I am unable to make my slices/cuts as uniform as the book states....so the drying time is frequently a little longer than the book would suggest. However, the book also gives instructions on how to recognize whether a product is properly dried. My apples have been a great hit with my husband and with my mother-in-law.I think this dehydrator would be great for anyone wanting to do small batches or as a first dehydrator....I did do some research prior to buying this particular model and this model had extremely good reviews from other Amazon buyers, especially that this model has a 500 Watt power source. 5Just what we wanted We've owned this unit for about a year and my wife and I both agree that our decision to buy it was a good one despite our limited kitchen storage space. We have a large container garden and use this product weekly through the summer months to dehydrate peppers, tomatoes, herbs, and whatever fruit we're in the mood for.We appreciate it's simplicity and in our opinion the added bells and whistles that some reviewers miss would just detract (and probably add cost) to a product we're very happy with as is.This growing season we purchased a fruit roll sheet and our neighbor's kids loved our raspberry and strawberry rollups despite the fact that we left in most of the seeds in the mix. Then we tried blueberries.... not recommended, lol :) 5Fantastic dehydrator! I purchased my Nesco American Harvest food dehydrator about a month ago and I love it! I can cut up bananas and apples in the morning, it makes my house smell wonderful all day long, and by the time my kids are home from school they have apple and banana chips to snack on!I've also dehydrated mushrooms and a bell pepper that needing using up, both turned out wonderfully, also a coconut which we just ate the dehydrated pieces as snacks. I purchased the dehydrator to cut down the waste of fresh foods in the house and it has certainly more than paid itself off already!I was concerned about the plastic used in the dehydrator because there is no advertisement saying it is BPA free, I called the customer service number on my pamphlet and immediately was talking to a friendly customer service representative who knew what she was talking about & the plastic is BPA free, if anyone else is curious!Great machine, I would recommend it to anyone who is just starting out dehydrating, or someone who has been doing it for years and just looking for a new dehydrator! 5Nice This works great. It drys faster than it said it would. Next time I will watch it throughout the day and not dry overnight. The fruit was a little over dry but it came off the tray easily and it still tasted great. 5Safe treats for our dogs Bought to make treats for my dogs. Their favorite treat is jerky, plus good chewing for dental health. I had bought the treats in store until hearing that thousands of dogs had gotten sick and/or died from tainted treats coming from Chiba since 2002. Appalled our FDA has only asked manufacturers to voluntarily to stop using China as a source, I knew I had to protect my dogs! The unit does a great job, easy to use and easy to clean. Highly recommend. 5What you see is not what you get regarding the trays. What you see is not what you get. For years I made jerky with a Nesco dehydrator similar to the FD37A. My only complaint for that machine was the flimsy, clear dehydrator trays. The dried beef often stuck to them and you couldn't clean the trays without breaking the small plastic grills.I ordered this upgraded unit because the trays in the picture looked like the trays my husband bought at Walmart (similar to the Nesco TR-2 trays) to increase the number of trays I could use. What I got was a gray version of what I had with my old dehydrator. The ones in the picture and also in the manual that accompanied this new Nesco dehydrator show a tray with a reinforced center so I assumed it would be the better trays - they aren't! I haven't used the dehydrator yet, but I wanted others to know that the trays pictured are not what you get with this unit. 3Quality product. Definitely Recommend to Others. I purchased this in 2009 (writing review in 2016) and have never had any issues. Have used it for making multiple batches of jerky every year, as well as for drying fruits and veggies in the summer. Have never had any issues. Still works perfectly after 7 years. 5
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