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Niagara N2912 1.25 GPM Earth Showerhead Massage, Small, White

  • Niagara N2912 1.25 GPM Earth Showerhead Massage, Small, White

Niagara N2912 1.25 GPM Earth Showerhead Massage, Small, White

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Saves money by ensuring up to 75% lower water usage than traditional "low-flow" showerheads currently on the market
  • Reduced water usage also reduces cost for heating water
  • Patented pressure-compensating technology guarantees a feeling of great force while using less water, consistent flow rate regardless of water pressure
  • Three spray settings: 9-jet spray, shower and combo
  • Corrosion-resistant high-impact abs thermoplastic body, maintenance-free
  • Even, vacillating motion with a large spray diameter
  • Watersense Labeled
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Customer Reviews

Quick Overview on this awsome shower head!! Ordered on Tuesday, received on Wednesday, got to love amazon prime!! Here is a quick overview of what this shower head looks like and runs like. Seems really powerful for the fact that I am using half the water flow. Went from 2.5 GPM to 1.25 GPM on this shower head. Good construction, the head of course is plastic like everything else these days, but what I did like was that the important part that threads onto your shower neck is actual metal. Looks like chrome plated brass, but thats always the place these stupid heads fail, because the plastic won't hold up. These should be good for the long haul, and for a little over 8 bucks and free shipping, you can't go wrong. I ordered 2 for both my showers, and had them both installed in 5 min total. Great item, great price, can't wait for the savings to start rolling in. 5Five StarsWell made and easy to install. Would definitely purchase again.5Best $8 I ve spent in awhile. If you ve got low water pressure, you need to get this bad boy right here. I thoroughly enjoy my showers these days, after installing this lovely piece of workmanship. It s only been a short timeframe so I can t comment on how much money I m saving by using it. However, I CAN comment on how the water now hits the back of the tub and how easy it is to turn the nozzle to change the type of spray the showerhead gives out. Our hair washes easily and quickly and it doesn t take 20 years to wash the soap off my body like it used to. I m a huge fan, and recommend these to everyone. 5We needed to reduce water flow so our on demand hot water heater could heat the water to a comfortable temperature for a showerThis shower head fixed put hot water issues. We needed to reduce water flow so our on demand hot water heater could heat the water to a comfortable temperature for a shower. The pressure still feels strong enough even with the reduced flow. It has exceeded our expectations.5Shower head review -- not sure how to make that more exciting....I must begin this by admitting that my spouse installed these, unbeknownst to me, to try and curtail the kids water usage as they apparently believe they are part fish (they must think if they sit in a shower long enough, they'll regain gills).SO, my first becoming aware of the showerhead change was when my comfortable 'morning downpour' suddenly became a gentle misting.....As such, for familial harmony, I wish to gently suggest that if you buy these, let your spouse know first.Outside of that, there is enough water generated with which to rinse off any errant soap and it does have a turn in the nozzle so you can adjust the intensity of the water stream (which is great if you are inclined to heavily lather your hair).IF you cherish boiling hot showers which redden the skin and leave you steaming like a lobster when you get out, you may not want this showerhead. There is more than enough water released by which to rinse yourself but the mist is so fine, the water just can't seem to retain that 'intense heat' from nozzle to skin.Do not get me wrong as the water (for normal people, who just like it to be warm) IS warm.. I no longer have to worry about frigid 'arctic showers' as the 'wanna-be guppy' kids no longer are using all the hot water, but I am apparently not going to get a 'lobster-boil' anymore.It's a pretty fair trade in my book because as much as I love a hot shower, hypothermia was more common prior (and I get a lower water bill to boot).5Great shower headI love this shower head safewater and spray strong to easy to control.5It's nice shower and does well with the low water pressureWe used this with a tankless hot water heater (120v 30amp single pole in 5th wheel). It's nice shower and does well with the low water pressure.5MAJOR WATER SAVER & COMPARISON WITH PFISTER BELL SHOWERHEAD I purchased this Niagara 1.25GPM showerhead along with the PFISTER Bell 1.5GPM showerhead. I thought these were pretty good water conserving showerheads for the price. After testing both I tended to like the PFISTER BELL SHOWERHEAD better. We have a roll in shower, no curb and it takes a couple of minutes for the water to heat up to a comfortable temperature before stepping in and unfortunately water would begin pooling an inch deep before we even stepped in. Since changing to these water saving devices, it still takes the same amount of time to get to the comfortable water temperature but major difference is the water no longer has a chance to pool & gurgles nicely down the drain. Its obvious that we're finally conserving water. The radius of both sprays is small but this PFISTER feels more robust & even through the center, This Niagara has optional spray patterns whereas the PFISTER has only 2 modes.PFISTER BELL 1.5GPM SHOWERHEAD:It seems that the Pfister Bell showerhead feels stronger. I don't particularly like the addition of the added air as it seems to cool the water & slightly sting you. I give 5 stars for major water savings & slightly robust feeling water flow.NIAGARA EARTH MASSAGE 1.25GPMI give this Niagara 1.25GPM 3 stars for not feeling like enough water is coming out of the showerhead (our preference). But give 5 stars for the tremendous water savings. To be fair the Pfister has .25 more GPM.We'll have to see about durability for both plastic made showerheads. Either way you'll save a lot on your water bill and for the price of these showerheads you can't go wrong. 3Help conserveWorks like a charm5works greatEasy to install, saves water and outputs like there is no water conservation at all to us.5Love It It has good pressure, even at low volume, so soap and lather rinses off easily. The spray is adjustable, you just turn the plastic ring on the head, which has indents for your fingers.The housing is plastic, at this point I am not able to comment on the durability of it.It was easy to install.I would buy this again. 5Well worth it!!! Paid themselves off in less tha a month!! Since we moved, our water bills have been much higher than our old place. Even though we were using less water than our old house. We average about 6,300 gallons of month for a family of 4. I replaced both bathroom shower heads with two Niagara 1.25 gallon per minute heads and put in a 1 gallon per minute aerator on the kitchen sink. Grand total invested = $22.These shower heads function just fine and I had zero problems just threading them on hand tight without any drips or leaks. I will admit that going from a 2.5gpm head to a 1.25gpm head is a noticeable difference, but the water savings is well worth the compromise. My wife just switches the head to "massage" to get the extra pressure to get her hair washed the way she likes. I don't feel the need to do that...the regular setting works fine for me.First bill (only used the heads for 20 days of the bill) we cut our water consumption down to 4,400 gallons! Saved $23 on our water bill. So they paid themselves off in less than a month. Plus we can feel good for saving water and the energy to involved with treating it.Little things add up. 5Excellent product, I first gave it a lesser review, but have found I was wrong and corrected it. Correction, the neck IS adjustable:Works very well, but it sprays way to high, it really needs an adjustable neck which is unavailable on Amazon. I ended up buying an adaptor at the local hardware store, the adaptor was more expensive than the shower head. It would have been better if it was built in at a slightly higher price.My appologies and correction. After using this unhappily for several months, I bought a new Delta 1.5 GPM shower head with an angle adjustable head. When I was installing it, I saw that the Niagara unit actually had the adjustable angle feature built in, it was just very tight (possibly a good thing).The issue was my stupidity, not the design.That said, the Niagara unit has worked flawlessly and looks far better than the Delta unit, the five stars take into account the exceptionally good price. I just wish it came in brass!Sorry Niagara.PS, one issue remains, Niagara never bothered to answer and correct my error. Makes the argument that the customer's opinions don't matter. 5took to my cabin.. and they worked perfectly ...took to my cabin.. and they worked perfectly with several shower adjustment spray. or pulse setting. .I had very low water pressure from water well pump..5Beware of knock offs I purchased from 2 different buyers. One buyer was from "Take A Shower LLC" and the other was "Amazon Warehouse Deals, Inc". Both were about the same price point, arrived around the same time, but one was a pretty obvious knock off. The shower head from "Take A Shower LLC" did not have the Niagara Shower logo, but rather an "Conservation Group AM" logo. It was difficult adjusting the moving parts such as the swivel & pressure adjustment, and I would not waste my effort on installing such a poor quality item from "Take A Shower LLC". Another notable key difference that makes these shower heads a specialty item is the low water usage. The knock off clearly states it uses 2.0gpm where as the real one says it uses 1.25gpm. I had not had the displeasure of using the one from "Take A Shower LLC" because frankly they never delivered on the item requested. Amazon is always a trusty, but do be wary of those try to sell a chrome plated turd. Apart from the bad merchant the Niagara shower head is wonderful. I had used other low flow shower heads, but this one does not feel like a low flow. The jet spray feature is especially handy when you're looking for power of a high pressure shower. 5Enjoy your hot water! The great:You will know when it is time to get out of the shower because your hands will get waterlogged and look like prunes, not because you have run out of hot water.The good:When you really need a little pressure to get soapy areas rinsed, the "massage" function does the trick nicely.The not so good:-Running out of water meant I could only spend so long enjoying hot water in the mornings before work. Now I have to set an alarm (I love long showers - so relaxing).-If you have a head of long, thick hair, you will spend more time rinsing than you would with standard high-flow shower heads.For the not so good, I would not recommend this shower head for people like my wife, who has medium length, relatively thick curly hair. It will do the job in a pinch, but I think she would be happier with 2 or 2.5GPM. I have really short hair and this does the trick for me. The massage feature does place all of the water in a concentrated area in order to get embedded soap in your hair, but this is not a waterfall. With a cost below $10 and easy installation (see below), this is definitely something you can try before you buy. If after a month or so you decide you like your old shower head, it is easy to remove this and re-install the old one.If you spend a lot of time in the shower because buying a hot tub is something you would never do (but you envy those with one), this is the shower head for you. It will get you clean and possibly make you late for work because you don't have the "cold water timer" forcing you to hop out of the shower as the hot water abruptly ends.By the way, it does tilt (up and down, left and right) once you install it. Which gets me to installation:Installation: I can barely use a screwdriver. I was seriously proud of myself for leveling our refrigerator last week. I had to watch a YouTube video on how to use a socket wrench in order to do this job. I fully expect to win the Nobel Prize in Kitchen Appliance Physics for the effort that included a bubble level, a socket wrench and an allen wrench. This should give you an idea of where I'm at when it comes to practical things and tools. I installed this shower head in about 5 minutes. I am taking off a star because there were NO INSTRUCTIONS. Note to the manufacturer: people will pay 10 cents more for a black and white installation guide with pictures. Even better, you can just make a YouTube or Vimeo video with a proper title so people can find it. Granted, the process here is to unscrew the old shower head and screw this one in its place. However, you will need a slip wrench and a pair of pliers, though maybe you can use two pairs of pliers in a pinch. You will also need some teflon tape (available on Amazon or any hardware store for $3 to $5). It would have taken me less time to install this, but I received conflicting information on how much teflon tape was necessary. A YouTube video showing a guy installing this head said none is really needed (though he installed some anyway), people on here recommended it. The instructions did not say how much tape to use because, again, there weren't any instructions (ahem). I decided to use just a little tape, screwed the head on and saw water tricking out of the side of the head. My old shower head, installed by "professionals" who had remodeled the house back in October, had the same water trickle depending on the tilt angle. So I had to remove the shower head and use more tape. I went very generous with this second taping. I taped all of the threads on the water pipe with four or more layers of teflon tape. I taped it back up and voila! no trickle of water hitting the ceiling for coming out of the side of the shower head. Be sure to tighten the head as much as possible, being careful not to damage the pipe or the head itself. Your pipe and threads might be different from mine, but being generous on the required teflon tape will not harm the shower head, apparently, and will prevent the trickle.On the plus side, for those who do appreciate the environment, this does not come with instructions or those wasteful plastic containers that are cheap only if you do not include the cost to the planet or the trip to the emergency room for the laceration on your hand. "Reason for visit: I couldn't get the new product out of the clam shell plastic casing." I'm pretty certain the nurse just crosses that out and writes "stupidity" in its place, but you get the picture.I am quite happy with this product, and I would recommend it to others with some minor reservations to people with a lot of thick hair. I'd give it 4.5 stars if that were possible. For those people I would try it if possible. You can always keep the head and use it at a later date. 4This one is hard for me to review. I purchased two of these and I don't want to be one of those reviewers that orders something knowing what they're getting and then they aren't happy with it for being what it is. This is a low flow shower head, key word being low flow, it uses half the water and does a 60% job so you can focus on the 10% gains or the 40% losses. If you're in an RV or have limited water this thing does a really good job. For me my son likes to take 60 minute showers so this felt more responsible to buy. Water savings won't be huge for me but gas use may be noticeable. 4Four Starsbought for summer home4Very hard water? NO PROBLEM! My water is VERY hard. TONS of mineral and calcium deposits. If we forget to put salt in our tank, in about a day or two, out shower walls and toilet is yellowy-orange. This shower head has really stood the test of time in my house. I don't need to watch my water consumption because I have well water and do not pay for it, but I feel better that I am. If you get random water jets going different ways, invest in a toothbrush. Goes around the part with the toothbrush once or twice and BAM, brand new. I've spend a lot of money on shower heads from Amazon and Wal-Mart and this is my favorite. I've gone up to just over $40 for a single shower head and have hated them all. When you take it out of the box, you'll feel cheated because it is completely plastic, but I promise you, for $8, this showerhead is heaven-sent.I suggest buying this in conjunction with the Niagara Earth Massage Handheld - 1.5gpm and Delta Faucet U4920-PK 3-Way Shower Arm Diverter with Handshower Mount, Chrome. These two shower heads makes a really nice shower and it's nice when your showering with someone else to be able to just turn both heads on and hand them the handheld one. 5Great productThis shower head simply does what it is supposed to do and does it well.5
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