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Ninja BL456 Blenders - Countertop, 24 oz, Silver/Black

  • Ninja BL456 Blenders - Countertop, 24 oz, Silver/Black
  • Ninja BL456 Blenders - Countertop, 24 oz, Silver/Black
  • Ninja BL456 Blenders - Countertop, 24 oz, Silver/Black
  • Ninja BL456 Blenders - Countertop, 24 oz, Silver/Black
  • Ninja BL456 Blenders - Countertop, 24 oz, Silver/Black
  • Ninja BL456 Blenders - Countertop, 24 oz, Silver/Black
  • Ninja BL456 Blenders - Countertop, 24 oz, Silver/Black

Ninja BL456 Blenders - Countertop, 24 oz, Silver/Black

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • 900 watts of professional power breaks down fruits and vegetables for nutritious juices and smoothies
  • The Nutri Ninja Pro provides you with powerful Nutrient & Vitamin Extraction performance to extract hidden nutrition from whole fruits and veggies
  • Twist on the Spout Lids and take your drinks with you for easy on the go sipping
  • Manually pulse to easily crush ice, seeds, skins, stems and frozen ingredients for a smooth, even consistency
  • All parts are BPA free and dishwasher safe
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Customer Reviews

Common sense & maintenance.It may be clich , but it seems common sense is uncommon. Prior to purchasing my FIRST Nuti Ninja as a family Christmas gift last year I poured over the reviews of various products here on Amazon and there seemed to be a common theme among the negative reviews, sanitation and leaks. After using my blender for the better part of 10 months I've come to a conclusion. #1 DON'T OVERFILL #2 CLEAN THE SEAL.I'm sure all of us at some point have been guilty of over filling a conventional blender and the result is material fit for a comedy.If you disintegrate a solid object into a billion pieces it's going to take up more space. The blender will become a pressure vessel & hydraulic forces will find a way out. DON'T OVER FILL this or any blender for that matter. I suppose too if the base is cross threaded it won't form a proper seal.If you look at the reviews of ALL brands of blenders there is a common thread to all the negative comments. Are all blenders poorly designed? Not likely. It more plausible to me that a certain percentage of folks either ignore the directions or are in such a hurry they over fill the container. Of course there is the possibility a individual product is defective but that's going to happen regardless of brand.The Second big issue seemed to be cleanliness / sanitation. In my opinion not only is the seal removable on the ninja but it is absolutely imperative that you do so, no amount of soap and water is going to clean around the seal, once you see how it is constructed I'm sure you'll agree. I guess they're fragile if you go digging it out with a buck knife but don't do that , use the correct tool. Again this issue is not unique to the ninja but common with many blenders.The seal on the ninja is not an O ring or flat gasket style , It's a 8mm wide silicone 1mm thick pcompression seal and with a little care can be removed allowing for proper cleaning of the seal and its seat. AND REPLACEMENT SEALS ARE AVAILABLE if it does get damaged over time, I located scores of sellers online.Once a week at a minimum I use a dental style pick tool to carefully lift the seal out for a thorough cleaning. Once you pull that seal out and observe how it's made it all makes sense.So, don't put too much stuff in it and take 5 minutes a week to clean the seal and you'll be golden.Now on to the good stuff.For a personal blender in a pregnant category where many sell for $200.00 to $400.00 this comes in at the low end of the price range but appears to have good quality control using the same materials as higher priced designs. The walls of the blending cups are thick as are the stainless blades.Another feature I noticed was the where the motor drive mates with the blade cap, the latter is made of a softer material that absorbs shock rather than transmitting it thru the drive assembly reducing the chance of fractures.No it's not quiet by any stretch of the imagination but the vast majority of the noise seems to be produced by the blending process not the motor itself.I read a review by one poor soul who's unit belched sparks out the motor ventilation ports, needless to say an isolated issue. In summary; I've used my ninja for 10 months on average 6 days pre week. I've put every combination of foods in from ginger root to grapes , yogurt to yucca , cucumber to cranberries, peanuts to passion fruit and with the proper ratio of solid to liquid filled to the correct level I can honestly say I've never had a problem . I've concocted some nasty tasting mixtures I'll never do again but the ninja still looks & performs like new.I'm a very skeptical customer and was in a quandary about which blender to buy. Every brand was on the table, Oster Bruan Vitamix Jamba Juice Blendtec NutriBullet and believe me I have no problem returning a sub par product but this little guy has given me no reason to say anything but good things.There's literally millions of these out there being used by every variety of person and the odds are some will have a bad experience. Is the vast majority that love these & haven't had an issue wrong? Or is it more likely the few that for whatever reason had a bad experience are upset and vocal? Common sense tells you the answer. Even Rolex has its critics.One last thing, The 32oz cup is a handy addition to consider. I can easily make drinks for three in one shot & be done with it. I received nothing in return for my review. I am in no way associated with this product. I am a 56-year-old retired truck driver. I highly recommend this product. 5Awesome blender! 4 stars because of the gasket design, and not being able to buy a new gasket without replacing whole assemblyAwesome blender and bells and whistles not needed. You put your ingredients in, put top on and push it down on the base and instant awesome smoothie, couldn't be easier. So easy to clean. You will need to pulse blend sometimes, just like any blender, easy as pushing down on container and letting off. Sometimes you will need to pull the container from the base, and tap on your hand to get the ingredients towards the blade, but you don't have to open like other blenders to push down. This blender couldn't get any easier. The only gripe I got is someone said the silicone seal gets moldy over time and you really cant see it. I called the manufacturer so I could get a spare just in case but they said they only sell the whole blade assembly, $30, which is kind of dumb. What I do is I got a paper clip and took some needle nose pliers to make a 90 degree bend about 1/16 of an inch from the end and insert it into the slot where the silicone gasket is, down the side and then I turn the paper clip so the 1/16 end goes under the silicone gasket and then pull up and it comes right out. I do this after every use because I like clean, it's really no pain at all but they could have designed better. 5moldy gasketMajor health hazard with this product! There is issue with the gasket. After only few times of using (washing and drying each time) I noticed a smell. I pulled out the gasket (not easy to do) and there is mold on the gasket! Unbelievable! Unacceptable and scary! I used a brush to clean around the blade and the edge. The product design should be revised to allow for cleaning under the gasket. 1Disappointed...after 5 years of more than daily to use of my NutriBullet it finally gave out. So I decided to try the Ninja to get a more finer-grained blend. So far in comparison to the NutriBullet the ninja is not holding up. I was excited about the larger blending cup, bigger looking blades, what looks to be a more powerful motor as a result of the larger size, and sturdy look to the Ninja. Day 2 of using my ninja now there are still big chunks left in the bottom of my cup after blending three different times. Yes what is Blended is very smooth but if the blender can't get to all the chunks what is the point. I don't have time to be re blending my smoothie most mornings, I have a smoothie maker to have a quick breakfast before running out the door. At least with my NutriBullet it got the job done the first time. I gave it two Stars instead of one because of the design having less cracks and being easier to clean off after use in comparison to the NutriBullet. 2Useless warrantyWhen i purchased it was great.. it blends anything in seconds. After 4-5 months it started making a loud noise. And then blender blade stopped working. Since the blender is on warranty period, we asked for blade replacement. And they are asking for $20 as the shipping cost for the blade which is actually the price of the blade if we purchase it separately. So in short no use of warranty.. for a $70 blender i need to pay more $35 to get it working. Just to replace the blade they charge 35 dollars. please dont buy this item. 1Product went bad before one yearProduct went bad before one year, bought protection plan, but both Asurion (the company that sells protection plan) and the manufacturer both refused to replace since there is no serial number at the base of the motor and also we didn't receive any protection plan info in the box. 1Powerful but poor quality machineI purposely waited a bit to write this review to see if this item would hold up, and unfortunately it did not. As for the power and ability to make a great smoothie, it is fantastic. However, it is a cheap piece of plastic except for the motor and wears out very easily. The blade assembly that you insert into the motor must be situated exactly right. If not, it could easily strip the unit. This is what happened to me, basically rendering the unit useless.I called Ninja since this is well within warranty but was told the warranty was for the motor only and a blade replacement was not available.However, they would be willing to replace the whole unit for the cost of the blade assembly which was $39.99 plus $6.99 shipping and sales tax.So basically, I would be paying another $49.99 for a replacement unit that I already paid $69.99 for back in January, and probably would not last anyway? It makes no sense to me and I won't do it. 2Best juicer/blenderBought this to replace a Nutri bullet-( very weak motor, Constant leaking, hard to open) This Nutri Ninja Pro Silver is super sturdy, lines up perfectly to the little notches in the base, so you know it's secure. And power !!!! Fantastic takes less time to blend and pulverize my fruit, fresh spinach. ground flaxseed, a dollop of yogurt, a tablespoon of honey and protein powder. This baby ROCKS !!!! No regrets on this purchase !!! Update: After three months of daily use, I must say this is by far THE MOST SUPERIOR DESIGN FOR A BLENDER. Look no further- this one does what it says, no leaks, no mess, and PERFECT every time. Five stars !! 5Poor quality for price!!!I used this blender for smoothies once a day, 4 days a week and it only lasted 6 mos. I followed all the directions and would make sure there was enough liquid to other ingredients ratio. I would shake for 30 seconds then blend for 15 to 20 second intervals. I was also not happy with the fact you cannot purchase extra gaskets, except thru Amazon and they are very cheap quality. I do not believe the gasket was made to remove, because it is very hard and can damage the plastic screw on area of the blade assembly, but if you do not remove it starts molding and stinking. Also a new blade assembly is 1/2 the cost of the machine, which is not even a year old. After it quit working, I tried all the troubleshooting suggestions, and when that didn't work, I contacted Shark/Ninja to see about getting it fixed or replaced under my warranty. Well I was told that they would pay shipping costs for me to return the machine to them, but I would need to pay a cost of up to $14.95 shipping for them to ship me a new one. I feel that everything should be free, since it is still under warranty. I did not abuse the machine in anyway, so I am very disappointed with the quality of this product and the customer service. 1It's in perfect condition but the motor is deadVery frustrating. I bought this item in May 2017 and used it about 10 times and it no longer works at all. It's in perfect condition but the motor is dead. 1
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