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Norpro 367 36" Natural Cheese Cloth

  • Norpro 367 36" Natural Cheese Cloth

Norpro 367 36" Natural Cheese Cloth

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • High quality dense, weave, washable and reusable.
  • Excellent for basting, stuffing poultry, straining stocks or broth, canning, wrapping cheese and wine making.
  • 100% cotton weave.
  • 2 square yards.
  • Made in USA.
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Customer Reviews

The Best Quality Cheesecloth I've Ever Used for Canning The first cheesecloth I used for this year's canning was leftover from the day I taught my daughter and her friend to make pickles. As I had forgotten to make the purchase ahead of time, they brought their own, and then left the rest of the package with me. It was the loosest weave product I'd seen, and a real challenge to bundle up the pickling spices.When I ordered my next batch I opted for Norpro 367 and am I ever glad I did. It's such a nice tight weave that I only need one layer for most of my uses. While the faulty loose weave stuff I was gifted with wouldn't hold a whole clove in tight, Norpro cheesecloth does a perfect job.I usually don't bother using a string to tie off the bundle (or threading a needle and sewing the spice wrap closed), because I can grasp two opposing corners of the cheesecloth and wrap each in the opposite direction once or twice and then tie them off. That makes a tidy hobo-style bundle, and my liquid gets easily infused with the spice mix.This cloth is heavy enough to use a snitch as a canning jar rim wiping rag, if you prefer to discard (or compost) these rags, rather than soiling and washing an unstained dishcloth for this process. I'll buy this product again when I use up what I have. 5Re-order Worthy It s big enough to cut to size. It works great for making clear broth. 5Making my own Greek Yogurt I found a recipe to make my own greek yogurt and needed good quality cheesecloth. Like other reviewers have mentioned, this is way better than what you will get in a grocery store. I boiled it for 10 minutes prior to the first use, and now I wash it with dish soap to get most of the yogurt bits out and then bleach it, store it, then boil it prior to using each batch of yogurt (I might be going overboard but I want to make sure the yogurt is not contaminated)The recipe I followed is here:[...] 5Not just for making cheese. My wife used pieces of Natural Cheese Cloth to wrap chalk, placing the little bundles in drawers to prevent silverware from tarnishing. It has been working great and I can see how having a package of Norpro cheese cloth at one s disposal can be handy for myriad little projects around the home. The Norpro cheese cloth s wonderful simplicity is that it s easy to cut and store. It s the type of handy cloth that would be great for performing cleaning tasks for hard to reach nooks and crannies. I also like that it s 100% cotton and not made with any synthetic blends. I hope to try using it wth herb bundles in soups soon, though I understand it is recommended to clean it beforehand. I also like the idea of using it as built-in seed strainer when squeezing my garden-grown limes during guacamole preparation.~ Kort 5I cut a pretty big piece to make cheese and had a lot ... I cut a pretty big piece to make cheese and had a lot left over to use for other things or to keep it as spare. I included some pictures to help you decide. 5WORKS UNBELIEVABLY WELL!!!! BUY IT!!! I can't believe how much money I've wasted on the cheap (expensive!) crap at the grocery store. For making stock, those are way too "holey" and trying to wash them to reuse is ridiculously impossible. In any event, if you make stock and end up with that gritty brown stuff at the bottom of your pot, you'll know what I'm talking about. (even after you've strained two times with that cheap stuff at the grocery store and "specialty" kitchen stores!)I only cut one piece of this cloth so far (maybe 1/3 of original size) and have made gallons of stock and it's still strong as ever. My stock now comes out completely pure and clear, no grit at the bottom of the pot.I can't believe how well this thing works and to top it off, I think that one small piece I cut off the cloth is going to last forever. It's large enough to lay over my metal strainer and I cook 20 quarts of stock at a time. I now only have to strain once. Whoopee!!!To the person who says it shrinks. Well, that could be but you must have eagle eyes to figure out how much. No I do not put it in the dryer. why would you do that? I wash it out in the sink, soak it in a small bath with 1 tbs of bleach, rinse, then hang off my cabinet door knob to dry. I admit I skipped the bleach soak the last time and none of us got sick.I kept thinking there had to be something else better out there and I FINALLY found it.Buy it, you won't regret it.P.S. I still use the cheap expensive stuff from the grocery store but only for Bouquet garni. I don't mind throwing out a few inches of that stuff, but treat this purchase like gold.UPDATE: 1/18/13This is crazy! I've been using the exact same piece of cheese cloth all these years. At this rate, I'll never use the entire package. I guess I'll will it to my kids. 5Wash with detergent before first use Excellent product in most respects. Sturdy, good weave, reusable. It does what I need it to do.One word of warning, though. Be sure to wash it with some mild detergent before you first use it. I bought it to steam sticky rice, and used it the first time without pre-washing it. It released a strong, pungent odor during that first steaming. After I washed it with some dish washing detergent -- and rinsed it thoroughly -- before my second steaming, it no longer released that smell. 4Most effective and inexpensive filter for range hoods I use this cloth as a pre-filter to my Broan range hood filter for two reasons: Cost and effectiveness. I used to clean the metal filter by hand, but that took too much detergent and with questionable outcomes. Alternatively, paying $8 every time I wanted a clean filter was prohibitive. Since using this cloth as a pre-filter and changing that cloth on a regular basis, I now only replace/clean the filter, fan blades, and internal parts of the hood farther downstream once a year. My vent is ducted, but for those with ductless venting, that means less vaporized oil accumulating on your kitchen surfaces.So, here's what I do: I cut off a section that 1) allows for folding into three layers and 2) is slightly larger than the dimensions of the filter (so that I can tuck the edges in between the filter and the hood). Three layers provides good absorption without too much additional stress on the hood fan's motor and yields about five-seven applications per package. 5Beware! This is not butter muslin! This is fine for curd cheese, but for making yogurt or kefir cheese? Forget it. Yogurt and kefir run right through this. I will look around for real butter muslin, which is what our great-grandmothers used, and which I've bought from other places.The weave is very loose and threads keep coming loose on the edges. In addition, the cloth shrinks after washing and drying, so you end up with a smaller size than you started with. I would not recommend this for any serious cheesemaker. 2Works Well I use this to make herb oils. Only thing you have to remember is wash it by hand. Do not put it in the washer. 5
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