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Norpro Decorative Cup Warmer (5569)

  • Norpro Decorative Cup Warmer (5569)
  • Norpro Decorative Cup Warmer (5569)
  • Norpro Decorative Cup Warmer (5569)

Norpro Decorative Cup Warmer (5569)

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Great for use at the office, home, dorm and travel!
  • Heated plate keeps your mug warm, so you can take your time and enjoy your cup of coffee, tea, hot cocoa and other hot beverages.
  • Nonstick heating element measures 3.75" / 9.5cm and easily wipes clean.
  • Includes on/off switch with neon light indicator and an extra long 60" / 152cm cord!
  • 120 volts / 24 watts. UL approved.
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Customer Reviews

Great product! Ok. It's a mug warmer. Probably my fourth one. I'm in a bed or a chair 90% of the time and I always have a cup of coffee or tea by my side. I can nurse a cup for 2 to 3 hours. Most warmers lower the temperature to just above warm. But THIS not only keeps it hot but keeps it really hot for hours! I've only had it a few days but I'm in love. And it looks good, too.December, 2017: this cup warmer still works great! It really does keep my coffee hot! This is the one to buy...unless you like warm coffee.October 2018: 2 years and a lot of daily use and I ve finally worn this out. Definitely buying another. Best mug warmer I ve ever owned. Oh, only one thing I ll add; if you do not have a flat bottom mug the warmer will not keep your coffee as hot. Might be why some reviewers weren t as happy with theirs. 5Best thing I've bought for myself in some time. This thing is wonderful...not only does it keep my coffee hot, but it looks nice on the desk too. Should have bought one a long long time ago, could have saved myself many days of depressingly room-temperature coffee! The trivet in the picture is this one: Old Dutch Antique Pewter Tree of Life Trivet if anyone's curious. The warmer does get quite hot to the touch, and I was a little concerned it would damage the wood. Plus it's a pretty trivet. win/win :) Also, my mug is 3.5" across at the base, and as you can see there's a good 1/8-1/4" space left over. Couldn't be happier!(note for some folks complaining in other reviews: YOU HAVE TO START OUT WITH HOT COFFEE/TEA/WHATEVER. IT WILL NOT HEAT UP YOUR COLD OR ROOM-TEMP DRINK. Sorry for yelling but good grief, people, read the descriptions before you start whining!) 5Best Value I have two brands of mug warmers, Norpro and Mr. Coffee. Norpro costs twice as much but in the long run is worth it, because: 1. The surface of my first Norpro is still going strong since 2014, while Mr. Coffee's surface started to erode after a year, and ditto for their coffee maker, although the heating is not affected and they will gladly replace both within the warranty period. 2. Norpro seems to get warmer than Mr. Coffee. 3. Norpro is a bit more stylish with a glazed porcelain look, and the on-off switch is separate from the plate itself. Both mug warmers use wall plugs, and I can't see the sense of USB plugs draining your computer power. I keep my mug warmers on timers that turn off in four hours in case I forget to. 5Just get one...this is the cup warmer you've been wishing for! :) FOLLOWUP REVIEW - 2 Years Later: Well, it lasted for 2 years, so I suppose that's all we can expect from our devices these days. I will re-buy it just because it is so amazing and because it ACTUALLY does keep things very very warm...I guess the little heating mechanism on the inside finally gave out. Wish it had lasted longer, but it is what it is!---------------------------------------------------------Original Review: No joke, this is THE best little cup warmer ever! The chord is black and measures about 4ft long. The on/off switch is on the chord just a couple of inches away from the base. I read some reviews from other people about the underside getting a little warm...Though I have NOT noticed that myself, I happened to have some nice sandstone coasters on my desk, so I sat it on top of one of those just in case. It's a perfect fit btw...you can pick up a set at Bed Bath and Beyond if the potential warmth of the cup holder on your desk worries you. In any case, this warmer keeps your coffee or tea plenty hot! The lower the liquid in your cup gets, the hotter it becomes, so be careful. I can study for a loooooong time now without wasting valuable coffee and tea!! :) 3What's with the bad reviews? This thing rocks. I'm honestly very confused about the bad reviews on this warmer. Some of them are angry that it gets too hot (um, isn't that the point of it?) and others complain that there's no coffee cup included. YOU SHOULD ALREADY HAVE A MUG. Do you usually drink your coffee out of a glass? Still others say the switch is too far down the cord. Maybe that was true in older models. Here's the actual truth about this warmer:1. It gets hot. It heats my coffee to 120 degrees.2. The less coffee in the mug, the hotter it gets.3. The switch is about 2 inches from the base of the unit.4. The heat plate gets up to 160 degrees around the edges, and 245 degrees in the center.5. The base of the unit gets up to 210 degrees (don't try to pick it up while it's on).6. The unit heats my desk under it up to about 130 degrees (not nearly enough to damage it).7. Despite the modesty of the manufacturer, this thing WILL heat up your coffee when it's cold/luke-warm -- it just takes a little while.8. The cord is about 3.5' long.9. The bottom of the unit has plastic feet, as mentioned in another review, but they are not going to damage your furniture. If you're that paranoid, you can buy felt stickies from CVS or any hardware store and voila.Bottom line: If you want hot coffee and you're not going to be setting this unit down on a paper back book or a pile of matches or something, this is for you. If you're worried about something that's supposed to get hot... uh, getting hot.. then don't buy this.Edit: Attached images showing that the switch is indeed 2" from the base of the unit. 5Quality Construction - See Pictures Wow! This is how things used to be built in the 60's. The base appears to be bakelite. The top is ceramic. The light is a neon light. All of those materials hold up to heat _very_ well. A screw holds it together, not plastic clips! This warmer will probably last a lifetime. But it's built to stand up to heat, not impact, so don't drop it!This warmer is 24 Watts, which is enough power to keep my coffee at about 140'F, the perfect temperature. I put a folded paper towel (actually it's half of a full-size paper towel, folded in half) on top of the cup when it's over half-full. That keeps the temperature at about 140'F. With the cup 3/4 full and the paper towel in place, the temperature was 141'F after 45 minutes. Perfect!I recommend moving the paper towel off to the side about 1/4" or so when the cup is less than half full. Otherwise, after 2 or 3 hours, the coffee gets too hot (148'F) and tastes a little like truck stop coffee.The diameter of the large Audubon cup in the picture is 3 11/16" and it fits perfectly, with no room to spare. The white cup's diameter is 3".I'll update this review if any problems develop. But I expect this thing will last! 5This thing gets hot! This warms up much faster and hotter than my previous warmers. Of course your experience will vary depending on the material, thickness, and footprint of your vessel... as well as the starting temperature of your drink, if there is a lid or not, ambient room temp, etc. For my needs I use this for to keep small ceramic teapot warm at work it keeps it sufficiently hot. Please see photos for surface temp.The only changes I would want would be for auto shut-off timer and a different design. I almost didn't buy this unit because of the looks. I would've much preferred one in plain ceramic white or black.In summary, this is by far the best cup warmer I've owned and I'm happy with it. 5... Napro 5569 Decorative Cup Warmer is by far the best mug warmer I have ever owned and used The Napro 5569 Decorative Cup Warmer is by far the best mug warmer I have ever owned and used.You can purchase other brands for less money however this unit is very well built and has a slightly larger warming area at 3 3/4".The on / off switch is located on the power cord 3" away from the warmer which makes it easy to get to, and there is a red light built into the front side of the unit that lights up (red) when the unit is turned on. The heating element keeps even a large mud of liquid at a nice warm temperature for long periods of time, but not so hot as to burn oneself.In my mind this warmer is well worth the amount asked for. 5Norpro Decorative Cup Warmer Review This coffee cup warmer does exactly that, keeps your coffee hot enough to drink and it's not lukewarm either... I did my research and studied the responses on many and this one got the nod... I am using a stainless steel 14oz double wall cup purchased from Amazon it perfect.. Here is the link to that cup. Stainless Steel Coffee Mug with Lid by Avito- 14 Oz Double Walled Insulated - Best Value - BPA Free Healthy Choice - Shatterproof and Spill Resistant .. I would say any stainless steel cup will work fine as mine does on my computer desk. It gets a bit warm underneath, so don't set on paper or the like.. And keep small hands from getting to it as well, as the area surrounding it gets a bit hot for the touch.. Very happy with this product... 5It works!!! I have been looking for one of these for a while now, because I so often get busy at work that I find my coffee cold and less than tasty, and, with winter weather now on the way, that happens a lot faster if I leave my cup parked somewhere.I got a "cup warmer" that was useless (the "Mustard" USB one that looks like a big cookie) and, in trying to learn why, my fellow Amazon shopper reviews (thank you everyone who posts reviews!) educated me on these devices, that mostly all are useless since their wattage was decreased, years ago, in response to concerns that coffee could get "too" hot for those who like to sue people over such ridiculous stuff. Like spilling coffee is someone else's fault?? Puhh-leaze.....Anyway, so apparently this is one, however, that still has some decent wattage, plus it plugs into a regular outlet (not a weenie USB port), has a switch right near the warmer, a light to tell you it's on, and is made of some really premium materials, a hefty ceramic type base and a quality "hot plate" as the warming surface. And, that is all true! It has all of that, and is a GREAT product. I'm very happy with it.Now, the other thing I learned from Amazon reviews of these various warmers is the secret most manufacturers don't tell you, or say in very small print, which is that you need a flat bottom cup/mug. Now, this is so important that I can't believe makers of these are not required to announce, "WORKS WITH FLAT BOTTOMED CUPS/MUGS ONLY" as a disclaimer or notice for use because, when I went through my cup inventory at work, and at home, NONE are flat-bottomed, and many, in fact, have a bottom arched upward that would never contact the surface of the hot plate area.So, beyond low wattage, the other problem is that many cups don't even make enough contact with any warmer to be warmed, at all, even if the thing was pumping out some respectable wattage.But, as the Fates would have it, after ordering this and and thinking on where I might find a flat bottom mug, that very day, on walking into Starbucks for coffee, there before me, on display for Christmas, was a flat bottomed mug! And, a very cool looking one, I might add, and metal, so an excellent conductor of heat! How about that?!So, I got back to the office, cleaned the mug, poured in my semi-warm coffee, and fired up this warmer.The first fifteen minutes or so...not much. Coffee didn't get colder, but didn't really get warmer either, and, despite this claiming to work for keeping a temperature, not for increasing it, I was kind of hoping it might also warm up an existing beverage a little, so I waited...Going on toward a half hour? Coffee was getting warmer! And, as time ticked by, this thing became more than a warmer -- it became a coffee "re-heater!" In fact, just for fun, I left it on there a while longer, to see how hot it might get, and after about an hour it was near to steaming, which is awesome! So, I'd say it keeps it as hot as a warmer on a decent coffee pot, for sure. If the coffee had been piping hot when I'd put on there, I have no doubt it would have stayed that way, but it's great to know that even coffee that has cooled to lukewarm will actually get returned to a "hot coffee" drinking temperature.I mean, not that I want to drink a cup of coffee that's been sitting around for three hours, lol, but I was just really impressed with this, and I now have found a solution for no more cold coffee, especially since I'm not a fan of radiating my food in a Nuke-O-Wave oven.Excellent product, and, with the right mug of course, this is what you want to keep your coffee nice and hot, and even rescue a cup that has gotten chilled sitting around somewhere.Highly recommend!!!!Thanks for reading, and I hope this has helped!Thanks again fellow reviewers -- all the detailed reviews of the many other products on here, and this one, educated me to find what I needed. 5
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