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Norpro Meat Grinder, Mincer and Pasta Maker

  • Norpro Meat Grinder, Mincer and Pasta Maker
  • Norpro Meat Grinder, Mincer and Pasta Maker
  • Norpro Meat Grinder, Mincer and Pasta Maker
  • Norpro Meat Grinder, Mincer and Pasta Maker
  • Norpro Meat Grinder, Mincer and Pasta Maker
  • Norpro Meat Grinder, Mincer and Pasta Maker

Norpro Meat Grinder, Mincer and Pasta Maker

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • A must have for the kitchen! Mince and grind meat or make pasta all with one machine! Ideal for meats, beans, nuts and vegetables.
  • Comes with two screens; coarse mincing plate and fine mincing plate. Perfect for making fresh ground beef for burgers and meatloaf and home-made sausage. Also great for grinding chicken, turkey, pork, fish, London broil, short ribs, venison and much more.
  • FeaturesFIVE pasta attachments; Penne, Tagliatelle/Fettuccine, Fusilli/Spiral, Rigatoni & Spaghetti. Enjoy your favorite homemade pasta from your own kitchen!
  • Includes a sausage funnel and stainless steel blades. Suction base and locking key securely suctions to your smooth countertop or work space.
  • Recipe and instruction booklet included.
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Customer Reviews

Norpro works for grinding sprouted grains into paste...I wanted to make bread using wet, sprouted einkorn grains, but couldn't find an effective way to mash the softened grains into paste, to which I would add my sourdough starter and salt to form the dough. I only sprout the grains for two days after an overnight soak, so they are still fairly intact and quite gummy. Devices with spinning blades either weren't powerful enough, or they spun the sticky grains away from the blades to sides of the container. Nothing I had - manual or electric - worked.I decided to give the Norpro a try because it was so inexpensive and seemed like it could be useful, even if it didn't work for the grains. But it did! I loaded some into the hopper and sure enough, it started extruding them through the small holes after the turning blade chopped them. I needed to use a small spatula to keep pushing the grains down into the auger, but it was easy to do that.I couldn't get the last of the grains to go through, since they just stuck to the auger, so I feed the mix through a second time. It was easy and that did an even more complete grinding job. I then took it apart to get the remaining mix off the parts. That was relatively easy as well, and I have very little loss.For the price, this is a very impressive little gadget. It sticks to my countertop like magic, can be assembled/disassembled in seconds, and is easy to clean (I just soaked overnight). Most importantly, it solved my grain grinding problem.I've only used it once at this point, but it did the job better than anything else I have available. If my experience changes, I'll update. 5Perfect little grinder, perfect price!Wow, i was so surprised at how well this thing worked. it is a tiny little thing onle 7 inches tall, and made almost entirely of plastic, but the plastic is a very thick and durible plastic, and of course all of the blades and things are made of steel.I have only used it to grind meat, and that is likely all i waill ever use it for, so i cant peak to its mincing or pasta making abilities,One thing i was concerned about was the suction ability, but the suction cup is super powerful and only one time when i loaded in more meat than i should have did the suction cup pop off, but other times i loaded too much i just had to go slow, and it didnt loose suction.I think they key is to not use too big of chunks of meat. Just cut the meat into strips, and dont shove too much in at once and you will be good! I grinded a ton of meat and it only took me about 15 minutes, and i never had a single jam or anything.there are 2 accessories that it comes with that werent orriginally listed, and one which is the sausage funnel has now been listed, but the other which is like a catching tray, that is also just the size of the unit, so it lets you store or rather tote the unit and parts in it nice and snugg for storage, and additionally it is a perfect catcher tray for all of the meat while you are grinding, so i thought i would mention that. Also I have not yet used the sausage stuffer funnel, but i plan to so i will update my review when i do, i dont imagine that it will work too well, but then the rest of the features have certainly suprised me.I have laready recommended this grinder to several friends who have now purchassed it as well, the price is awesome for a grinder, and it is easy to use, not hard to turn at all, and cleans up easily and doesnt take up hardly any storage space. 5Excellent for the price...nothing beats hand crank for grinding...Update: Still using this 2015 product in 2017, have no complaints, it's still in new condition (with monthly use). My review is for a different model than the currently available.----------Had researched many grinders and attachments for our Kitchen Aid Pro-600. The reviews were less than stellar on many products, and this one had a substantial amount of positive-use response.Ordered this one, and after grinding about 10 lbs. of varied meats, I am confident and happy with my purchase.Pros-======-Easy to set up...no plugs or power needed.-Easy to clean, easy to sterilize...mosts parts top rack D/W safe.The blades are sharp, the screw is capable of handling the toughest fat (even Boston Butt and Chuck Roast).Cons-======-Stuffer attachment is small for large casing and too big for small casing.-Stuffer is limited use with two hands...you need a partner to crank while holding the casing and feeding the material.All in all, it's the easiest grinder I've used, save the old style cast aluminum units that were always a pain to clean and worked like a Model-T.Some Tips:==========-The idea of using partially thawed meats is a good idea, it minimized back binding of the material as it goes through the screw...if it's too warm/thawed, it becomes mushy and won't propell forward. The frozen water in the meat keeps the meat stiffer so it doesn't bind up and just spin at the exit of the grinder.-Cutting meat into strips that are the size of the screw ridges (1/2"-3/4") and about 4"-5" long is a good idea. Chunks just feed slower, and the strips seem to be easier to feed.-Use a heal of a loaf or a stale slice of bread to help clean the machine out between grinds of different meats- it won't change the flavor of your grind and it's faster than dis-assembly to go say, from chicken to beef, etc.The Basics-============The kit comes with pasta attachments, and a stuffing tube, but as I've read on Amazon, using the caulking gun style of stuffer makes quick work of stuffing.The suction cup is easy to attached (comes with a pusher tool that's also a wrench) to any smooth surface, although you'll find working on a corner of your counter top is advised for the most crank room (cranking back and forth away from you, instead of left or right in a circle in front of you).In about an hour, I ground/seasoned and stuffed about 30 breakfast links, 5 Bratwurst and 12 Italian Sausages. Controlling the products that go into the food we eat is a minimal reward for the time and effort put into the making of the sausage.I'd give it 5 stars if it the stuffer was easier to use, but as a grinder it's a 5.Happy grinding!Cheers... 4hand grinderI got this as a gift for Christmas and have used it regularly to make falafel (I don't eat meat). After reading a few reviews and taking a good look at the grinder, I was a little worried it might break (being mostly plastic) because soaked (not cooked) chickpeas are still fairly hard. Well I've made 5 batches of falafel since Christmas and the grinder has held up very nicely. I do want to make sure you know one thing - if you are grinding something and at one point it seems impossible (or nearly) to turn, just wind it the other way for about a full turn and try again. That was just something I thought of to ensure it doesn't prematurely break on me. I'm excited about the pasta maker part. I have yet to try that. I will post updates if anything goes wrong. But overall, a very nice grinder considering the price. 4Terrible product, cheaply made. Don't waste your money, or time on this one.I bought this intending to use it for pasta. I have used it 2x only and I'm so frustrated with it that I am writing a review for the FIRST TIME EVER here on Amazon. The first time using it, it came mostly assembled, however, I still looked at the directions to make sure it was assembled correctly, which it was. I put my pasta dough down in the chute and began to crank. That's when I discovered the first super frustrating thing about this little machine. It is fully made for a right-handed person, so in order to get the pasta to come out, I had to either crank with my awkward right hand, or crank backward with my left. I chose the latter, and although it was slow going, I finally got beautiful spaghetti strands to come out of the little holes in the plastic mincer included as the "pasta" attachment.Within seconds I noticed that plastic shavings were part of my beautiful spaghetti noodle--What???? Ick! I took it apart, made sure it was assembled correctly again (which it was), began backward turning the crank, only to see white plastic pieces continue to come out embedded in my noodles. Ugh!Tried again a few days later (today) and still having plastic shaving issues. This time, I saw that plastic was being shaved off the auger at the crank end of the appliance. As I turned the crank, plastic shavings were falling from the base of the hand crank all over my counter. It was also being pushed through the entire lump of dough and ending up in my spaghetti again. When I took it apart today, I saw that the plastic mincing plate was all chewed up from the metal blade, as well as the end of the auger near the crank. Decided to try the metal plate that was intended for meat. This time, the hand crank froze up (I think the shavings of plastic caused it to become unmoveable). I had to bang on the end of the auger with a screwdriver just to get it to release. I tried to put it back together and a piece of plastic where you screw on the mincing plate just broke off. Now the plate won't screw on at all.Terrible product, cheaply made. Don't waste your money, or time on this one. 1Handle too long to crank without overhang!The handle is is too long to be used with the unit attached to a flat surface without an overhang. The handle must have an overhang similar to a clamp on style unit. I did not realize this when purchasing. I realize that the design of the long handle is to give extra leverage to crank, but it prohibits use without the necessary overhang. I attempted to use it by attaching to the bottom of an upside down pan on the counter surface with a sausage tube to extend the output to a bowl but it is far too difficult to use if one does not have the appropriate surface with an overhang for the handle to crank. As far as the actual grinding capability, I can see how it can be quite effective. It is relatively easy to turn with strips of meat as directed. However, due to its design and my lack of appropriate surface, I decided to return this item and am buying an electric one. 3Small, simple and reliable.I had an earlier version of this grinder, but, unfortunately, had lost its knife. A replacement knife would have cost me (with S/H) almost the same as buying a new one, and that's what I did.Compared to the old one, this one is a bit bigger, has a few additional pasta making extensions (which I don't use).I use it for grinding meat and it is perfect for this purpose. 5The old model is much better. This one sucks.The old model is much better and stronger.I bought an old model in 2015's August from Amazon and used it as a meat grinder. It works perfectly.Three days ago I purchased the same product for my parents. When I tried to use it the first time, the plastic part just cracked.As you can see from the images, the new is a little bigger than the old model and the plastic is much weaker. I cannot understand why the manufacturer upgrades the old model.DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT AS A MEAT GRINDER 1Yes you can grind raw meat - just don't use meat with a lot of fat/gristle.Given the good reviews on this product, I bought it to make ground pork which costs over twice what whole boneless pork costs at my local supermarket. While I can buy cheap ground pork at the Asian market, its often sold out there and since its 15 miles away, its not as convenient. It was surprisingly easy to use and easy to take apart for cleaning. The instructions tell you to first cut the raw meat into strips, which I did. I also used a roast with little fat or gristle so it was really easy to grind. This unit is very light and the suction cup works real well on a smooth flat surface. The instructions also emphasize that this is for light duty home use only which is how I plan to use this. There are a fair number of small pieces so its important to keep the instructions that show all the pieces so you know what part goes where. However at this price point, I don't think this can beat. Since I have no desire to make pasta it made no sense to me to buy a fully metal one at ten times the price, which in the long run would not save me any money. One other point I would like to make is not to use this with meats that have been brined and are really soft. My first use it looks like the roast I used was not brined but on my second use I noticed the meat was considerably softer. When using the meat pretty much fell apart inside the unit and not when it ran through the blades. Because of that, what gristle there was got stuck on the metal parts making it much harder to use. I did find a way to use it with such soft meats and gristle clogging up the gears - reverse for a few turns which lets in some air and then go forward again - the air will add pressure to get the meat out. However it was also a lot harder to clean afterwards so from now on I am going to make absolutely sure I don't use brined meats. 5Do yourself a favor and don t waste your money on this.Do yourself a favor and don t buy this.It might work just fine as a meat grinder but as a pasta shape maker, not so much.The delivery of the product was totally fine. Came undamage and in great condition. No qualms there.The use of the product was difficult and broke after 20 MINUTES of use.First - I will say the assembly of the product was actually super simple, easy to figure out, and also easy to hand wash (didn t even make it to a dishwasher test.)Second - the product comes with a suction cup on the bottom to help stablize which might as well not even have come on it at all. It kept coming loose and never got a solid suction grip .Third - the crank situation was just awful made even worse by the presence of a barely working suction bottom. Getting the dough through to the shapers was sweat inducing hell and ultimately what broke the meat/dough funnel thing. I basically had to bare down on it to even get the crank handle to go in it s destined circles. It broke in mid crank.I was super excited about this because I love making pasta and I really want to make shaped pastas like rigatoni, penne, spirals and such like this one does but it was just not worth it. 1
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