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Nostalgia Hdt600 Retrored Pop Up 2 Hot Dog And Bun Toaster With Mini Tongs Works With Chicken, Turkey

  • Nostalgia Hdt600 Retrored Pop Up 2 Hot Dog And Bun Toaster With Mini Tongs Works With Chicken, Turkey
  • Nostalgia Hdt600 Retrored Pop Up 2 Hot Dog And Bun Toaster With Mini Tongs Works With Chicken, Turkey
  • Nostalgia Hdt600 Retrored Pop Up 2 Hot Dog And Bun Toaster With Mini Tongs Works With Chicken, Turkey
  • Nostalgia Hdt600 Retrored Pop Up 2 Hot Dog And Bun Toaster With Mini Tongs Works With Chicken, Turkey
  • Nostalgia Hdt600 Retrored Pop Up 2 Hot Dog And Bun Toaster With Mini Tongs Works With Chicken, Turkey
  • Nostalgia Hdt600 Retrored Pop Up 2 Hot Dog And Bun Toaster With Mini Tongs Works With Chicken, Turkey

Nostalgia Hdt600 Retrored Pop Up 2 Hot Dog And Bun Toaster With Mini Tongs Works With Chicken, Turkey

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Great tasting hot dogs: toasts up to 2 delicious, regular-size or extra-plump hot dogs and two buns at the same time. Cord length : 34 Inches
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Hot Dog ToasterA very convenient way to cook your hot dogs.Cooking hot dogs is not rocket science. You do not need a fancy device to heat your wiener. This device cooks your hot dogs quickly and with very little effort on your part. It works much like a regular bread toaster except the slots are made for hot dogs and hot dog buns.This device works beautifully and quickly. You can set the level of cooking with a small dial on the side. The hot dogs will pop out when the desired level of cooking is reached. Like I said, it works exactly like a bread toaster. It has worked reliably for me. This device should give you many years of reliable service because it does not have any electronic microprocessors inside that can fail, it is a simple mechanical device.I like Ballpark hot dogs and that is what I have cooked in this machine. Even a plump one will fit. However, this will not accommodate those foot long hot dogs that you sometimes see at the grocery store. For foot longs, use a roller type hot dog cooker. I have not tried to cook sausages on this machine. I suspect the sausage will produce too much grease.So why this model instead of the more versatile roller cookers? Number one, this style is less expensive and it is easier to clean. The roller types are the ones you see in commercial use. They have more moving parts and they will take more work to clean. I am somewhat lazy when it comes to cleaning, so I chose a cooking device that will be easy to clean. A roller cooker will also take a lot longer to cook. This one cooks fast. As fast as your bread toaster. Think of this device as a hot dog toaster.Highly recommended. If you like foot long hot dogs and sausages, you might want to try the roller style cooker. Just be prepared to work a little harder at cleaning time. This model, the simple pop up hot dog toaster, is more than good enough for standard length hot dogs and buns. 5LOVE THE GRILL MARKS!!!We LOVE that this makes AWESOME Grill marks on the hot dogs!!! I read all the reviews before purchasing and I am shocked that no one mentioned this! And this is not simply a hot dog Heater Upper LOL! There is a BIG difference in using this versus a micowave. For one, THE Grill Marks LOL Sorry- that just tickled me silly and I am in love with that feature alone :) The hot dog does not get "rubbery" like they can in the microwave. We cook ours on setting number 5 and it gets a perfect sear on the outside trapping in all the juices. This little hot dog toaster will give you perfectly juicy hot dogs every single time. Also, it toasts the inside of the bun but leaves the outside of the bun perfectly moist and soft - AWESOME! We learned the hard way what NOT to do- whatever you do- do NOT NOT NOT put Cheddar Filled Bratwurst in this little son of a gun. My son did that (this was one of his birthday presents) The cheese oozed all out and made an interesting mess at the bottom and was a pain to clean :( so do not do what we did.. Also, bratwurst in general tend be much larger and they will not eject properly. Stick to regular or bun length hot dogs as this machine was designed to cook them perfectly. Just as the other reviewers have stated - your toaster will smoke the first 2 or 3 times. I do not recommend eating a hot dog made in the toaster the first 2 times at all- as it will be infused with the permeating smell of burning plastic. Yep. That is what it smelled like the first few times. Knowing this in advance- (thanks to the Amazon reviewers here) we placed a hot dog and bun (just one) in the toaster and set it to low and ran the toaster 3 times. We then threw that hot dog away. Next, we loaded her up with two and turned the setting to 5 and honestly, it was like eating a hot dog at a baseball game. It was WAY better than if I had micwaved it or baked it in the oven or simmered it in a saucepan on the stovetop. This gift was supposed to be for my son- but it is so awesome- that even though I normally do not eat hot dogs- Well, Ihave found myself indulging in one too many. I am VERY impressed and happy with this purchase. Because this one waspurchasd for my son to have upstairs in his kitchen area of the gameroom- I am now purchasing another one for myself and MY kitchen :) 5Fastest Path to DogI have a mental disorder where if someone mentions hot dogs in my presence, I must have one immediately. With this device, the craving can be fulfilled simply in under five minutes. Just throw the dogs and buns in and drop the toaster bar. About 3.5 minutes later, you've got cooked hot dogs that taste like they came off the convenience store roller grill. Far better than boiling or microwaving.The important thing to know is this toaster is meant for standard sized grocery store dogs. Vienna Beef standard dogs work perfectly, but Vienna Beef Jumbo Franks, which are as thick as a Polish sausage, won't even fit into the basket. Slightly thicker dogs such as Nathan's Jumbo Restaurant Style fit and cook just fine, but I hear dogs that "plump when you cook 'em" can be problematic. Bun-length dogs are fine, even Sabrett's, which stick a good inch above the toaster line when the toaster is engaged. The Sabrett's dogs seemed to shrink during the cooking process. Weird, but it worked. (One of them curled a bit and got stuck in the basket, but was easily removed.)The people behind Nostalgia must be from Kansas, because toasting buns is a Kansas thing. The bun toaster part works fine. You'll most likely need to manually push the buns down...they don't usually fully drop themselves. The cheapo Walmart buns I used toasted with black edges, but not to the point of being a problem. The hot dog side is toasty while the outside is still squishy. About as good as you can get. And no, you don't have to toast buns with the dogs if you don't want to. **NOTE** - If you want the full Kansas dog experience, you must butter your toasted bun. You're welcome, America.Cleanup is simple and, frankly (see what I did there?), not necessary all that often. No more often than a bread toaster, really.For bigger dogs, look at the Nostalgia HDR565 Vintage Collection Hot Dog Roller with Bun Warmer. It takes longer, but will cook pretty much any sausage you throw at it. But for quick dogs, this is a total game changer.I own both, of course. Because hot dogs. 4Gadget aficionados and hot dog lovers, rejoice.I happened upon a video of this product posted by reviewer "James".On watching it, I felt an urgent need to own a hot dog toaster, a need of which I had been previously unaware.The toaster is a candy apple red color that goes well in my kitchen. This is a good thing, because the toaster will be a permanent resident on my countertop.I tweaked the directions for toasting my hot dogs much as reviewer "James" suggested.I use generic buns from our local market and Ball Park Angus franks.If you flatten the buns a bit first, they will brown a little more, instead of just on the very edges.Put the dogs and buns in the toaster on the "5" setting, and press the lever. (You have to push the buns down manually.)When the dogs pop up, I flip them over, then turn the buns to face outward. Then I put the toaster on the "1" or "2" setting. and press the lever again.Keep an eye on the toaster, and when the dogs look about right to your taste, press the stop button. Voila.We like our hot dogs "blackened" in spots, hot and juicy.This technique delivers on that, whereas just popping them in, even on the highest setting, will only get them warm.Toasting them a bit longer also makes the dogs taste like you roasted them over a campfire.There will be time spent cleaning.If you pull out the crumb tray and clean it each time, it will add up to a lot less work in the long run.Tidy up the top of the toaster each time as well, and your gadget will keep its "come hither" good looks longer. 4quick,easy to use,wonderful hotdog smell while cooking! even children can use thisLOVE IT!!!! I bought this for home so my 7 year old could make a quick snack before bed...he loves hot dogs.... I love the smell of cooking hot dogs and buns without the mess! I used it once in a while,but not often because hot dogs are not on my mind at home...one day I was searching for the perfect christmas gift for a woman with 5 kids.... I thought about this and thought it would be perfect!!!! so I ordered this one day,and forgot and ordered another the next day...well 2 showed up at home, I gave one away as a present/who loves it also/ and I took the other to work.. work at a car dealership and have a small fridge on my tool box...and was getting tired of cold turkey,bolonga sandwhich's and was really tired of spending $8-$10 a day for lunch for fast food! so I take this to work, spend $5 for hot dogs and $2 for buns and $3 for a case of water..and for$10 a week I am a happy camper!!! I usually place 2 dogs in at full heat,let them pop up,then place 2 buns in-quickly so they don't burn and stick- then send the dogs and buns down for another ride! Fills the shop up with wonderful toast and hot dog smell.....like when you leave the lumber depot store.... and everyone comes around in curiosity to see this wonderful machine in action! and somedays I can get my money back in donations when I make dogs for the buddies at work :) and of course you'll soon get tires of eating nice warm yummy hot dogs on a winters day...but think of this as I did...... this machine fits....... BRATS!!!!! woohooo!!! beef brats,smokey brats,cheesy brats,chili cheese brats, ect.... a little mustard a little chopped onions and boy are we living now! what a time to be alive! since the water last 3 weeks,I can still spend $10-12 a week for lunch without leaving work, and have a coney island at my finger tips! so a savings of $30 a week time 4 weeks is $120 savings a month...it all adds up..then when spring arrives I'll swap back and forth between cold sandwich and this wonderful machine! best invention since the microwave! 5I have had burnt smashed buns come and the burnt bread stays stuck to the metal and is not fun to scrap offIt usually takes 3 times before the hot dogs are done, you have to keep turning them and put them in the opposite way to make sure they get done evenly. And the buns..... I have had burnt smashed buns come and the burnt bread stays stuck to the metal and is not fun to scrap off. I now just warm the buns up in the microwave, so not worth all the worth for a toasted bun. :( I think it could be an awesome product, I just ended up with a clunker! :( 1The novelty wears off very fast once you have to clean itIt's cool as a novelty gift (my dad loved it as soon as he opened it) but it has too many design problems. Mainly, it's nearly impossible to clean. Plus, it doesn't cook the hot dogs properly. Most of the time, it overcooks the outside while the inside remains cold. The only way we've gotten around this is to cook the hot dogs twice on the lowest setting. Not great.I got this for my dad in December, and since then, he's only used it a handful of times. 2Not the greatest, Not the worst.Well, I really had my hopes up for a pretty cool novelty item. I guess it's not all bad. It will roast a hot dog pretty good. But the buns, not too good. The buns stick inside the toaster. Plus, the slots are too tight. You have to smash the buns first before you can get them into the toaster. Then, it burns the edges instead of toasting the bun. The slots need to be bigger and have some sort of non stick coating maybe? A few tweaks and it could be pretty awrsome. The seller needs to take a little more pride in their shipping as well. They shipped it in it's original box, no protection at all. The box was in pretty bad shape when it arrived. So bad that I was doubtful that it would even work. But, fortunately, it wasn't hurt inside the box. 3Nostalgia Electrics HDT Pop-Up Hot Dog ToasterWhen I saw this product I had to have it. This is the most amazing thing since hot water as far as I am concerned. I got it the day after I ordered it. After reading all the negative reviews I could find here is how I approached using the product.1) Smokes during first few uses-I turned the knob to 5 and let it perform a burn-in cycle with nothing in it. Instructions say to not operate without at least 1 hotdog and bun. But in my opinion if it can't survive 1 cycle it would need to be returned as POS. Burn-in worked fine and it did smoke like a bingo player at first, then it stopped. Subsequent uses were smoke free with no odor/taste effect on the food.2) Bun burning along edges-Yes it burned the buns along the edge and was heavier from the top of the toaster down. But after a bit of carbon buildup on the inside it no longer burns the bun and I do cook on number 5. The buns need to be regular sized. I also noticed that most buns, I tried 3 brands, are baked/sliced in such a way that one end is more tapered and I place them into the toaster tapered end up.3) Hotdog expands in holder and is hard to get out-Yes it does on fat hotdogs. Also over cooking causes the hotdogs to split as I discovered when working out the best cook setting. Skinny ones like Oscar Mayer or Nathans or Hebrew National have no problem. I tried 6 different brands all beef brands including Ball Park and Bar S and some generic brand. The BallPark were the worst case of the bubch but I got them out without too much carnage. Overall they all cooked great at setting of 5. I prefer my hotdogs either hot or cold but not in between.4) Cheaply made with plastic-It was only $20. However the plastic housing makes it cool to the touch. Key points are it works very well and is easy to clean up.In conclusion, I think my organs are failing from all the hotdogs I've eaten the last couple of weeks. Everyone who sees the toaster has a big inner child smile moment and has to try it. It works as advertised. It's inexpensive and its color matches my coffee maker. 5This is a great hot dog toaster! This hot dog toaster is worth every penny. Like the other reviewers said, when you get it, put it on 5 and run it through one cycle without any dogs or buns in it to burn it out, then it will be ready for use. I think it helps to flatten the buns out a bit so they rest against the heating surface. Also, I like to run it through a cycle with the dogs and buns, then turn the buns over and run it through again. Helps toast the buns evenly and gets the dogs a bit warmer. The dogs are much tastier when toasted than microwaved or boiled. Cleanup is pretty easy, although it can be a bit of a challenge to wipe down the surface that toasts the buns. I know this thing looks gimmicky, but it really is worth it if you enjoy a good hot dog! 5
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