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NUK Simply Natural Seal n' Go Breast Milk Bags, 50CT

  • NUK Simply Natural Seal n' Go Breast Milk Bags, 50CT
  • NUK Simply Natural Seal n' Go Breast Milk Bags, 50CT
  • NUK Simply Natural Seal n' Go Breast Milk Bags, 50CT

NUK Simply Natural Seal n' Go Breast Milk Bags, 50CT

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • 100% leak-proof double zipper seal for extra security
  • Rounded bottom helps prevent leaks from corners of bag
  • No-mess pour spout helps prevents spills during transfer
  • Pre-sterilized and tamper-evident top plus improved oxygen barrier to ensure freshness
  • BPA-free; Freezer-safe; Do not microwave
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Customer Reviews

Really durableGreat price 5Why are these different than the old ones? Blue vs RedI've ordered the Nuk Seal and Go bags for over a year and liked them just fine. Never leaked. This order, I got two boxes of red (instead of the original blue). They look totally different and now only have ONE PLACE TO SEAL (red) instead of TWO (blue). First time using it and it leaked milk inside my son's lunchbag (made me sad to waste breastmilk AND to have to clean up a mess.) These are terrible and cheap as can be. Will be returning (except now I am out of bags! irritating). 1Not quality bags...I have been pumping for 6 months now, and in that time, I have dealt with four brands of breastmilk storage bags. There is one complaint I have about all breastmilk bags. The ounce lines are never accurate (some more than others, but never right). I always look at how much I pumped with the bottle and write the total alone with name and date. This allows me to know how much is in it after I've frozen it flat and never worry about how inaccurate the lines are.Here is my comparison of the four types of bags I've used in order of my preference.1. Dr. Brown's Breastmilk Storage Bags -Pros: *Very thick. *Entire opening is sealed by a pull off tab. *Very easy to fill *Stands up as you start pouring milk in. *Extremely easy to pour into a bottle. These are my favorite bag!Cons: *On the expensive side. *Ounce lines on the side aren't as accurate as I'd like (though more accurate than others). *Only sold (as far as I can tell) in packs of 25. This wasn't a problem for me as I can only freeze a little of my milk, but if you are pumping and freezing a lot, this would be a deal breaker.2. Bonafide Baby Breastmilk Storage BagsPros: *Medium thickness (not as thick as Dr. Brown's, but much thicker than NUK or Lansinoh). *Write on tab. *Easy to fill, starts to stand on its own as the milk goes in and does not collapse. *Pours easily into a bottle. *American made. I don't know about the others, but this one specifies it on their box. *Includes a non-toxic permanent marker.Cons: *Ounce lines on the side are extremely inaccurate.3. NUK/Gerber Seal N Go Breastmilk BagsPros: *Double layer zip-top. *Writing area is on the tab, not on the bag itself. *Cheap.Cons: *Very thin. *Hard to pour into without spilling (doesn't like to stay open). *No sealer tab. *Plastic tends to collapse when you are pouring the milk.4. Lansinoh Breastmilk Storage Bags -Pros: *Double layer zip-top. *Writing area is on the tab, not on the bag itself. *Top of tab has pull of sealer tab. *Cheap.Cons: *Very thin. *Hard to pour into without spilling (doesn't like to stay open). I have had several leak after I froze and then thawed them - this was a deal breaker for me, as I use bags solely for freezer storage.The Bonafide and Dr. Brown's storage bags are both really good. I will probably stick with Bonafide simply because they are cheaper than Dr. Brown's. I am almost done with my current pumping time, but when my next baby comes along, I will be using Bonafide's. 3buy these bags! we compared many bags and these win!!We have twins and are having frozen breast milk shipped to us via fedex twice a week on a combination of wet ice and freezer packs in a styrofoam container (Insulated Shipping Containers, 13 3/4" x 11 3/4" x 11 7/8"; http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B000ZJSH3I/ref=cm_cr_ryp_prd_ttl_sol_6). The bags were not overfilled and were frozen flat. We found out early that some bags do not hold up well so I ordered every single breast milk bag I could and kept track of how they did (I am a scientist). Here are the results from worst to best (NOTE: this review is most relevant if you are shipping breast milk as fedex is not gentle on packages; if you are not shipping other bags we don't like might be fine but I can tell you which is best overall). Hope you can learn from our experience.Honeysuckle breast milk storage bags: terrible. More than half of these broke during shipping whereas in the same shipment other bag types held up well. I would avoid these.Lansinoh breast milk storage bags: second worst. About 1/4-1/3 of these typically broke/leaked upon shipping. It is not hard to tell they are the flimsiest. P.S. If you use these, a tip I found to help thaw them is to put each bag in a zip lock so it the bag leaks you can still use what stays in the bag (versus what leaks into the ziplock).Medela breast milk storage bags: ok, not great. Hold up better than Honeysuckle and Lansinoh. About 1/6 - 1/5 of these would break/leak. They are also more difficult to pour out of and tend to lose a little milk in the pouring process (trick is to pour fast out of these).Ameda breast milk storage bags: never used them as they come with twist ties and not ziplock seals.Dr. Brown's breast milk storage bags: work great. never had one break. stand up well on their own. very easy to pour out of. Recommended except there is an option just as good and cheaper.NUK/Gerber Seal N Go Disposible Liner: the winner! One bag out of very many has leaked. Stayed intact even when other bags did not survive. Good to pour out of (not as easy as Dr. Brown's but good enough). Thaw well. Better priced than Dr. Brown's (which is why we went with these). 5Do not buy unless you want to see your hard work wasted.If I can give this product a zero - I would. Or maybe I got a very bad batch. At first I liked the bags but now I m having a lot of issues that it s time for me to defrost them and actually use them. I would take one out and place it in the fridge to defrost and by the time I come back to check - my breastmilk is all over the place.( it leaked). At first i thought the first bag was faulty so I wasn t as upset but now I m on bag number 4 and OMG I WANT TO SCREAM AND CRY. Nuk should replace all my wasted breastmilk. I want to cry- should have stuck with a different brand. Please save yourself this pain/trouble and buy a different brand. 1Awful plastic smell!I used NUK storage bags pretty much exclusively for my first daughter. This time around, I've ended up using NUK, Lansinoh, and Dr. Brown's (my favorite). I recently bought 50 NUK bags from Amazon. This morning I opened them up to use with my pumped milk at work, and they smell awful! If you've ever bought off-brand plastic baggies and noticed a plastic smell and weird plastic taste in the food that's stored in them... that's what these smell like. Unfortunately I had to pour milk into two bags since that's all I had this morning, but I just drove to CVS to pick up Lansinoh bags (which I don't love, but that's the nearest store to my office, and it's all they have) for when I pump at lunchtime because I absolutely don't want to use the other plastic-smelling bags. I also plan to pour the milk out of the smelly NUK bags into the Lansinoh bags. Now i'm stuck with 148 NUK bags that I can't use (I opened up each box to smell them, and they all have the same problem). Granted, this is the first time I've ever noticed a smell, but I see that other reviewers have commented on the same thing.The smell is not the only reason I'm giving them two stars. After using Dr Brown's bags I am more aware of how thin the NUK bags are.We have never had a problem with leakage, but they don't feel as sturdy. They also don't stand up as well on their own as Dr Brown's. The measurements printed on the bags is absolutely incorrect. If you don't write how many ounces of milk are in the bag, then you'd have no way of accurately knowing how much it held. Lansinoh bags have the same problem. The first time I used a Dr Brown's bag, I was amazed that the measurement was an accurate representation of what I pumped into my Medela collection bottles. I won't be buying NUK bags again. 2Thick and freeze wellI love these bags. They are thick and freeze well. As long as they are fully closed, they do not leak. Thawing milk is easy in these too and they keep the milk fresh. I hated the L bags, I felt they were too thin and flimsy so I tried these and haven't looked back since. 5Great milk storage bagsI have used these for our second daughter, and have stored well over 2,000 of these bags, and have defrosted probably about 1,500 of them. I have only had 2 of them leak. Yes, it's heart-breaking when you get a leak, but 2 out of 1,500 is not a bad record. With my first daughter, we exclusively used Medela bags. I had leaks rather frequently. It was infuriating. I'm not sure why I didn't switch to other bags back then. I think I just felt committed to using the stockpile of bags we had and the other bags I looked into were even more prone to leaking than the Medelas.I exclusively pump now, and I like our system. I pump with my Spectra pump (amazing pump, by the way. Five star recommendation!), then I transfer the milk from the Spectra bottle into my Nuk bag(s). I then zip up my bags and lay them flat into this Kiinde keeper tray that we have in our storage. (This is an amazing little tray! I highly recommend it! When you lay the milk flat, you can store so much more of it in a neat and tidy way!)https://www.amazon.com/Kiinde-Keeper-Breast-Storage-Organizer/dp/B00CXGYM76/ref=sr_1_7_s_it?s=baby-products&ie=UTF8&qid=1494783032&sr=1-7&keywords=breastmilk+storage+organizer After the milk freezes flat in our Kiinde storage system, I transfer it into gallon Ziploc bags and label what month/days it is on the exterior. I usually put 10-12 milk bags in each big Ziploc gallon bag. I keep the big Ziploc bags organized in a deep freezer in the garage. 5Terrible chemical plastic smell, bewareI'm really disappointed in these bags. I have previously used the medela storage bags to freeze breast milk and didn't like the seal on these, I would occasionally have leaks and they also only held 5oz. I had high hopes for the NUK brand because of the seal, larger volume capacity and better price but I tossed them in the trash because they have the WORST chemical plastic smell. Even after I took them out of the box and left them to air out on the counter overnight, the smell is so bad, it gave me a headache. There is no way I would put my breast milk in these, freeze and re-heat and feed it to my baby. It says the product is BPA free on the box. The bags itself feel soft, it makes me win der what type of plastisizer this company uses and how safe it is for my baby. I'm definitely not taking that chance! Will be going back to Medela bags. 1Great storage bagsGreat storage bags. No leaks so far, great size. Very happy with these, will be buying more when this stash runs out.Great Breastmilk Storage Tip: Buy (6 qt, shoebox size) plastic containers (ie, from walmart), and NUK Seal N Go breastmilk storage bags. Freeze breastmilk flat first, then alternate direction in the plastic container for maximum storage. See image, found on pinterest 5
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