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Nylon Laundry Bag - Locking Drawstring Closure and Machine Washable. These Large Bags Will Fit a Laundry Basket or Hamper and Strong Enough to Carry up to Three Loads of Clothes. (Royal Blue)

  • Nylon Laundry Bag - Locking Drawstring Closure and Machine Washable. These Large Bags Will Fit a Laundry Basket or Hamper and Strong Enough to Carry up to Three Loads of Clothes. (Royal Blue)
  • Nylon Laundry Bag - Locking Drawstring Closure and Machine Washable. These Large Bags Will Fit a Laundry Basket or Hamper and Strong Enough to Carry up to Three Loads of Clothes. (Royal Blue)
  • Nylon Laundry Bag - Locking Drawstring Closure and Machine Washable. These Large Bags Will Fit a Laundry Basket or Hamper and Strong Enough to Carry up to Three Loads of Clothes. (Royal Blue)

Nylon Laundry Bag - Locking Drawstring Closure and Machine Washable. These Large Bags Will Fit a Laundry Basket or Hamper and Strong Enough to Carry up to Three Loads of Clothes. (Royal Blue)

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • QUALITY: Durable rip and tear resistant material with strong double stitching, holds up well in the washer and dryer. Secure drawstring slider to close neatly without tying.
  • CONVENIENT: Large enough to fit laundry hampers or baskets. Just pull out the laundry bag instead of carrying the whole hamper.
  • PORTABLE: Take it to the laundromat, throw it down the stairs to the laundry room or use it to easily separate your dirty clothes while traveling.
  • VERSATILE: These laundry bags can also be used as storage bags for comforters, blankets and stuffed animals, or keep some in the car to transport your kids sports gear.
  • ATTRACTIVE: Nice and pretty with a large selection of rich beautiful colors. Different colors for each of your kid's rooms will make identification easy.
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Customer Reviews

Bag has stood trst of time and traveling however ... Horrendous stench of mold!The stitching on my bag is fine, unlike other reviews. Seems well-made enough. I plan(ned) to use it to keep my pack from getting dirty as I travel through airports. I can't get over the smell though. Am I the only one who received a bag that stinks to high heaven?Upon receiving, I soaked it in a bucket with Eco-friendly detergent (that contains essential oils). I let it soak a couple days, hung it outside in the sun & found that it didn't make the slightest bit of difference. I soaked it again for 3 days, this time in good quality Lavandin essential oil (kills certain molds) & hung it out in the CA sun. It still reeks!I'm currently soaking it again in a combination of Lavadin, Cinnamon & Clove essential oils (all 3 of these oils kill different kinds of mold). If this doesn't get rid of the stench, I may have to burn this.It's a nice large bag & the color is lovely but I cannot keep this indoors & I certainly cannot recommend this bag unless you endeavor to grow mold cultures.Update: March 28, 2017This bag has held up wonderfully! Stitches are still together...no unraveling at all. It washes well. I have been through several airports and train stations. I have used this bag all of those times. I have also used it as a laundry bag during my travels. I have used it to sit on when seats were unavailable. I wish I had bought and brought another one. If you are a world traveler, please do get one for each or your travel bags. It folds up slim and I am sure you will find a hundred uses for it like I have.Just don't ask me to put my nose to it.4a river of blue dyeI've never seen so much bleeding blue dye. Don't think of getting this wet unless you like the color blue on everything, including your hands. Even tried vinegar to set the dye with no luck. I gave up after several washings. If you use this as a laundry bag, and it gets wet, you'd have an interesting wardrobe.1Strong and well made!I ordered these nylon bags because I could not find cotton bags large enough to fit our laundry baskets. My concern was that nylon bags would not be tough enough or made as well as cotton bags but I had no choice. Much to my surprise, these bags are heavy duty nylon and very well made. The 30" circumference is large enough to fit tightly around the baskets yet easy to take on and off. While a 40" length is too long, the extra nylon isn't as bulky as cotton and doesn't take up much room at the bottom. I'm happy with this purchase and they are well worth the price.5Complete garbageI would highly recommend buying this bag if you love wasting your hard earned money on total crap because that s what this bag is crap. The material is very thin, very week and not durable at all. I literally took this bag out of the packaging washed it to make ready for use because I m a bit nutty maybe but I always feel the need to wash any clothes or bags I purchase before I use them and this bag was tearing at the seems after that initial wash. So to refresh I purchased, received, opened, washed for use then put right into the damn trash end result good buy $10.1Not "heavy duty"I purchased this bag because it is marketed/promoted as "heavy duty". The first time I used it, half-way full, it broke open in my driveway, scattering my knickers for all the hood to see.1ReturnedThe quality wasn't good at all. The stitching was loose (only one standard row on each side) and the seam separated with slight pressure. I could see the bag falling apart within a few months. I value my month more that that, so I returned it.Purchased: January 20171falls apart - read below and do not buyOkay, everybody, I generally like buying from Amazon, but this item exemplifies the worst of the platform. It was cheaper than similar items and had overall decent reviews, so I ignored the warnings of many reviewers and purchased. Big mistake, the very first time I used the laundry bag I threw it in the washing machine with the dirty clothes and the dryer as well. When it came out the stitching was already coming apart at the top of the laundry bag. Yes, ONE WASHING was all it took and it's coming apart. And although my anger overrode my laziness to write this review, the idea of returning to a nearby Kohls or mailing back to Amazon for a refund of less than $6.00 seems almost not worth it. I will probably end up using the bag until it completely falls apart, bitter each time with myself for buying in the first place and with Amazon for all the similarly cheap wares that I sometimes stupidly buy. Save yourself the frustration and buy a different laundry bag.1Only lasted 3 weeksI really like these laundry bags. I love the size and the zebra design. But after using this bag for less than 3 weeks, it has already fallen apart. The seams are poorly sewn, are fraying and the bag is now pulling apart. I had such high hopes for the bag. Hoping the other one holds together longer.2Just what I needed.Product arrived on time and in excellent condition. I ordered the smaller of the two sizes of laundry bag offered by this company. When it arrived I was surprised to see that this bag is almost as large as a standard military duffel bag. Plenty of room for my personal laundry and strong enough to handle the 20 lb's of clothing that makes its way to the laundromat. The bag seems to be well made and has a draw cord with a spring loaded slide fastener that works really well. All in all, this seems to be a very good product at a reasonable price.5You Get What You Pay ForRip and tear resistant? I don t think so. I purchased this bag less than a month ago for a 10 day road trip in Canada where doing laundry wasn t an option. This bag started to rip halfway through my vacation. By the time I returned home it was completely hopeless. This bag went right into the trash.1
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