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Officemate Slim Clipboard Storage Box, Translucent Blue (83304)

  • Officemate Slim Clipboard Storage Box, Translucent Blue (83304)
  • Officemate Slim Clipboard Storage Box, Translucent Blue (83304)
  • Officemate Slim Clipboard Storage Box, Translucent Blue (83304)
  • Officemate Slim Clipboard Storage Box, Translucent Blue (83304)
  • Officemate Slim Clipboard Storage Box, Translucent Blue (83304)
  • Officemate Slim Clipboard Storage Box, Translucent Blue (83304)
  • Officemate Slim Clipboard Storage Box, Translucent Blue (83304)

Officemate Slim Clipboard Storage Box, Translucent Blue (83304)

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Combination clipboard plus storage for papers and pens/pencils
  • Slim enough to fit into most briefcases
  • Low profile clip
  • Ergonomic finger grips
  • Perfect for anyone on the go
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Customer Reviews

It s a no for me.Appearance/ Size /5 : true to what it say. I understand there are dimensions but it still looks smaller then I though. I think they should make another product maybe a half inch bigger inside. It would still be very slim, just would be more useful.Design : It has a nice hook and hinge opening ... but the pencil holder bends at the plastic seam with no hinge.... so you can count on that breaking. Dumb design. It won t hold up as long as you might need it to. Considering the pencil is potentially a daily item you would use with that clipboard. To me that was a huge bummer because I take care of my things so they last awhile, especially plastic items because it s so harmful to throw away. And now I know this is going to end up in the trash sooner then I wanted because of a poor design.I really wanted to like this, I don t enjoy writing badly about products. And I am careful not to deter someone from a product over nothing.I would not reccomend, there are better options of storage clipboards. 1Great price for a great product!I just finished my first semester of my BSN program and I love this clipboard. I thought with the price being so reasonable it would be so cheap and hoped I hadn't made a mistake in purchasing this one and not the more expensive one like a few of my classmates. Let me tell you, they are the ones mistaken for buying the other! This is well made, hold papers, my Keyes and scissors and tape measure and extra pens and extra pen lights (my classmates forget these things all the time!) and I even put a few dollars in it too for lunch time at the hospital! It's so great. It's easy to carry and the writing surface is big and sturdy.I highly recommend this! 5Pretty goodI've had this for a week, it goes with me everywhere. Surface is smooth, and the plastic doesn't cause my hand to sweat. I can fit laminated 8.5 x 11 paper inside. the locking is firm on both pencil box and main storage space.However; if the choice was available, I would have given this product 4.01 stars; near the holding grip, there are 2 hinges that make it possible for the box to open. These hinges viciously scratch when rotating/spin the clipboard to find the top-face (see image with 2 black arrows pointing to hinges). I ended up filing down the sharp plastic part of the hinges (see image). Other than that, not bad.Good luck!!!Note: I purchased this item, I'm not being paid or promoting this item for compensation. 4Clipboard Expert Does Not Approve!I'm a professional Stage/Production Manager. I know my clipboards -- I own almost every storage clipboard out there, from slim cases to huge aluminum cases, sadly.I'm not impressed with this clipboard. Here's why:1. The clips on the compartments are plastic that is molded right with the rest of the clipboard. Not nice hinge clip like other boards. It's VERY hard to open either compartment, almost impossible with one hand. You have to bend the plastic clip out and over the stub and it is very uncomfortable.2. The plastic is thinner and not as strong as other brands like Dexas or Sandurs. These are thicker and more heavy duty, but not necessarily haiver.I DO NOT recommend this product at all.One storage clipboard I own and like is the "Dexas Clipcase 2" which I got at Walmart for only $6 (a standard there). It's not sold on amazon, but they have the original "Clipcase" Dexas Slimcase , BlackThe only difference is that the "Clipcase 2" has the hinge clip on the right side and opens like a book, and the original "Clipcase" has the hinge clip on the bottom and opens up. I prefer the hinge on the side as it is easier to open, and I can do it with one hand while holding the clipboard with the other.The Dexas "Clipcases" don't have special pen compartments, it's just one big compartment. I actually like this better, it's just another step to get your pen out of another compartment, and I never had any issues having the pen in the main compartment.If you like having an extra compartments, consider the Dexas School Clipcase, Purple in translucent colors or solid black. This design opens from the bottom, has a handle cutout, and 3 smaller compartments inside (one long pen area and 2 smaller boxes in the corners for paper clips, eraser etc.It's a little longer (about 3 in.) to make room for the handle and extra compartment divides inside.Save your money and get a Dexas http://smile.amazon.com/Dexas-1517-91-Slimcase-Black/dp/B007CE6SOE/ref=sr_1_8?ie=UTF8&qid=1459722128&sr=8-8&keywords=storage+clipboard or Sandurs case Saunders SlimMate Plastic Storage Clipboard, 00559, Letter Size (8.5 inch x 12 inch), Blue 2Perfect for work or playI use this clipboard in my office since I get tired of dim, drab colors and wanted something different.I find it easy to open (hold where the pen/pencil is stored beneath the clear small lid) and it's easy to pop open the larger translucent blue compartment).I typically store a pencil (standard diameter for such things) as well as a Vanishing Point fountain pen in it (quite a bit bigger in diameter than a standard pen.) If you need to store additional standard-sized writing implements, you might need to add them to the larger section. (You can fit a couple mechanical pencils like the Papermate 7.0mm Clearpoint mechanical pencils but not much else.)In the larger section, there is plenty of room for paper and I've put a very decorative 'peacock feather' folder inside to hold the paperwork - the colors show through the translucent plastic and I've actually been stopped by strangers and asked where I got this clipboard since it shows off the inner artwork so well. So it is fun to switch out the interior folders if you want to change the look.The clip holds pages securely, and the edges of the box line up well so there's no bulging or ugly misalignment.I'll probably purchase more of these - might go for the purple, but I may just get another blue. 5Perfect for nursing students!I am a nursing student and we need to bring a handful of papers and supplies along with us to different clinical settings. This clipboard has adequate space to bring what we need and my favorite part is how it closes so the surface overall is smooth and can easily be wiped down to assure no spread of bacteria! 5If you enjoy coloring, you MUST get this!I enjoy relaxing in bed and coloring while I watch TV or listen to a radio program, especially after an accident I recently had which left me confined to my home. I usually remove the page I'm coloring from the book, and after my ordinary clipboard broke after I rolled over onto it, I saw this one and thought I'd give it a try. I love it! It's sturdier than the regular kind, thanks to the thickness, and projects can be stored inside until they're finished. The smaller compartment on the bottom is perfect for keeping the pen/pencil/marker you're currently using if you have to put your work down before you're finished with a particular color; it ensures that you'll pick the right one up again. This was definitely a good purchase! 5Wrong item!!!! ONE STAR.This was supposed to be a clipboard that held paper and writing utensils. I bought this for my husband because he started a new job today and needed something with a calculator and to hold paper. All this is, is a thin clipboard with a calculator! I did not pay $16.00 for something I could of easily bought for cheap. NOT HAPPY!!!! 1A protective and functional plastic clipboard.The Officemate #83303 is a plastic clipboard with a compartment inside that is large enough to accommodate a couple of tablets of legal sized notepaper. At the bottom edge is a smaller compartment with a white plastic flip-up cover, designed to hold writing instruments or other small accessories. There is room for a couple of pens but not too much more.The clipboard measures approximately 14.5 long, by 10 wide, and is about an inch thick. You can keep notepaper or other documents protected inside until they are needed. The clip is low profile, and is strong enough to securely hold a single sheet of paper. Plastic pads help to keep things from sliding out when the wind is blowing. The smooth plastic writing surface allows you to write clearly. The plastic isn t completely rigid, so it can bend a little when you press down to write on it.The clipboard has a hinge on the left side, and a large release clip on the right side. The interior compartment is large and deep enough to house a couple of legal pads. There are no specific provisions for accommodating smaller items, but with a pad inside there should still be room for a couple of pens. On the back cover, there are ridges along the sides to provide a better grip. The plastic is fairly durable, and provides a good overall level of basic protection from the weather.I also have the , a similar product that I have used for field work. The Officemate clipboard is probably equally functional, although the flip up cover may work better for those who are right handed. The white storage compartment is easily accessible and quite handy. Although a little bulky, this type of clipboard is more attractive and professional looking than your standard clipboard, and this particular series (#8330_) appears to be extremely popular with users.If you plan to use this outdoors, having some protection from rain and wind should be a plus. The annoying thing about soft plastic clipboards is that the writing surface bends inwards, but apparently reinforcing the cover to make it stiffer is not regarded as important. Having various available colors is nice for the fashion conscious, although color is usually a factor in the price you will pay. If you are fortunate, and the color isn t a critical factor, there may be times when you can get an Officemate 8330_ for under 6 dollars. 4Everything that you see in the picture is what it is. Good quality.I want to state before I give my five stars that for the price etc.-the quality is very good. Of course you're going to get a much better quality clipboard with the solid steel ones etc. Or, should I say the aluminum ones. But for a plastic one is held up pretty well so far. My daughter uses it we take notes while we read and keep the ordinance in the flap down and we take the notes on the clipboard. She's in fourth grade and absolutely loves the little hideaway Pouch. It looks just like it does in the picture. You can put several pens or highlighters in the pouch. If you are not rough on things-it should be fine to carrying a backpack or to school on a college campus. I actually ordered her regular clipboard in this one for me-and she wanted this one.Again, if it was made of the most solid construction I would say top notch. But I also had to give it a five star because for as low the price is still great quality. 5
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