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Orblue Garlic Press [Premium], Stainless Steel Mincer, Crusher & Peeler Set Professional Grade, Ea

  • Orblue Garlic Press [Premium], Stainless Steel Mincer, Crusher & Peeler Set   Professional Grade, Ea
  • Orblue Garlic Press [Premium], Stainless Steel Mincer, Crusher & Peeler Set   Professional Grade, Ea
  • Orblue Garlic Press [Premium], Stainless Steel Mincer, Crusher & Peeler Set   Professional Grade, Ea
  • Orblue Garlic Press [Premium], Stainless Steel Mincer, Crusher & Peeler Set   Professional Grade, Ea
  • Orblue Garlic Press [Premium], Stainless Steel Mincer, Crusher & Peeler Set   Professional Grade, Ea
  • Orblue Garlic Press [Premium], Stainless Steel Mincer, Crusher & Peeler Set   Professional Grade, Ea

Orblue Garlic Press [Premium], Stainless Steel Mincer, Crusher & Peeler Set Professional Grade, Ea

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • PROFESSIONAL GRADE GARLIC PRESS: Stainless steel, rust proof garlic press can mince, chop, and crush food with restaurant quality and ease. This will be the best tool in your kitchen.
  • HEAVY DUTY CONSTRUCTION: The heavy duty construction and ergonomic design, ensure you can easily mince unpeeled garlic cloves or peeled ginger root quickly and with minimal effort. Simply press the handles and delicious paste will ooze out, leaving the peel inside. It's like magic!
  • MULTI-USE garlic mincer enables you also to mince ginger, crush peanuts and chop nuts in a breeze. Thanks to its heavy-duty and oleophobic construction, you can easily mince both unpeeled garlic cloves and peeled ginger root easily
  • MINIMAL WASTE design allows you to easily clean the garlic press by just rinsing it under running water or through the dishwasher. Once you press the handle, minced garlic comes out completely separated from the peel-leaving next to zero-waste
  • Rusting and Corrosion proof plus laboratory stress-tested to last for up to 400,000 cranks, allowing you to maximize its mileage. Also comes with a garlic peeler rocker giving you the option just to peel your garlic instead of mincing it-thus making this Garlic Press and Peeler the best value for the price!
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Customer Reviews

Crazy awesome combo!I wouldn't normally get excited over a garlic press. However, this set was a head turner at our party. First, the garlic press is great quality and easy to use. The post "smashed cloves" left in the holder are very thin compared to the last cheap press I have, so more of the garlic is actually used. Next, and sadly most excitingly, the rubber roller is THE BOMB at pealing garlic. Everyone had to try it after I loudly with my most excited voice said "Holy crap, this thing actually works!" We all hate to peel garlic and it will never be a problem anymore! It is quick and efficient and you could even do it without having garlicky smelling fingers. Great combo! 5Hard to cleanI really, really wanted to like this garlic press. I had forgotten how awesome it is to just smoosh and voila finely grated garlic and yummy oils and juices. It's great for that. It operates well and seems to be made relatively solidly. However, there are too many nooks and crannies for the garlic husks to get caught up in, which makes it extremely hard to clean this garlic press. Yes, I peel my garlic. I'm talking about the tougher part of the inside clove that all the goodness gets smooshed out of. There's always a kind of husk left over and it gets stuck in the entire vertical seam on both sides of the hopper. I hate cleaning this garlic press so much that I just threw it in the trash. The return window has closed and I refuse to waste another 12 minutes of my life trying to get it clean. 3Excellent Garlic PressI used a hard plastic/steel garlic press for many years. It had a reverse insert that made it really easy to clean. So, when it finally broke, I was looking for something better. This press is definitely better in the durability factor and makes mincing garlic easy, but the cleanup leaves much to be desired. After using it, you need to immediately rinse it out to remove the garlic remains. The "basket" that holds the garlic is folded steel and the edges are not sealed, so garlic frequently presses through those and gets stuck. I usually have to grab a knife or fork to scrape it out, then run water thru the press, and finish it off in the dishwasher. It comes with a small cleaning brush, but seriously, who actually keeps those things laying around the sink to clean this stuff?So, overall, it works fine and the cleaning aspect isn't horrible, but if the basket was sealed on all sides it would be much easier. Also, if the back of the mincer had a part with pins that matched with the holes so you could just flip it around and force the garlic out of all the holes, it would make this even better! 4What is best in life? To crush your garlic, to see them minced before you, and to hear the exaltations of friends and family.Overall, this is a pretty good garlic press that could be fantastic with some design changes, if possible.Using the accompanying accessory that removes skins is optional but I find it easy to use so I prefer to as it gunks up the press less, plus it's oddly satisfying to watch the clove come out bare with a quick roll. The press itself is able to hold 2-3 medium cloves at once and it doesn't take squeezing too hard to use though I usually two-hand it anyhow for dramatic effect. It does require running it along the rim of your bowl or using a knife as plenty of garlic will be on the press, but I've found this to be the case with other garlic presses I've used.The most annoying part comes with cleaning. I recommend washing immediately after use as with even ten minutes of sitting the garlic will become harder and stickier. Even with washing right away, fibers become trapped in the thin openings of basket sides. If this could be a solid piece, it would make the press more pleasant to use.I have attempted using this with ginger but found I just ended up with juice and a crushed pulp that didn't get pressed through. But hey, it's a garlic press, and it definitely does a great job performing its main function. It seems like it will hold up for quite a while! 4Great for Garlic, awesome for Key LimesGreat garlic press that takes little effort to get maximum results. Does a great job on garlic, but it is awesome at juicing Key Limes. When making Key Lime pies it literally takes 1/3 the number of limes to get the juice needed when compared to a conventional manual juicer. Easy cleanup just adds to the bargain that is the https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00HHLNRVE/ref=cm_cr_ryp_prd_ttl_sol_0 5Yup, it's a garlic press...but do press onHow did I miss writing a review on this?! So you may be think spend $20ish bucks for a garlic press. You have lost your mind. Yes this is what my mother and doh said. You could spend as little as $7, which I don't recommend. Or as much as $44+ and as you will guess I wouldn't recommend that one either.So what can be said about a garlic press? If it works it works right? Well this does work. I have had it for over a year with no problems. No sticking of the handles, no rust, easy to clean. I use it daily if not multiple times a day as I cook meals for two other households as well so honestly at times it gets used 15x a day when cooking up monthly meals.Will anyone notice it no? Honestly you will use it and never give it another thought until your at someone's house and use their crappy one and think with your inside voice what a piece of crap your friend has and then hey this would be a good gift for Christmas for them (only if their serious about food)! Or you may have to fend off said friend when they use yours. Will you wax poetically about it? Probably not but if you do please send it to me! I can always use a good laugh.I actually paid more this a year ago and would definitely buy it again! It is worth the money!Tip: Easier to clean when the garlic poop (skin) is fresh. If you forget submerge for 30 seconds and it comes off easy. 5Would not recommend this to anyone who uses a garlic press in the kitchen regularly!!I bought this press after spending way too much time one should spend online comparing garlic presses, and I have to say I've been nothing but disappointed with it compared to the previous garlic press I owned.First, I'm used to a press moving approximately 95% of the garlic through the bottom and leaving say only 5% left in the "container", this, however, doesn't as much "press" the garlic through the holes in the bottom as it does just flatten it like a pancake! I would guess that maybe 60% of the garlic clove passes through the holes while the rest of it just gets smashed in the bottom of the containing metal piece.Secondly, the way in which the container piece has been built/manufactured, all sides aren t welded together, thus small gaps exist towards the back part of the unit where garlic gets lodged and almost impossible to easily clean.Bottom line is compared to my previous garlic press, this thing is a joke! Having used it for a little over a month now, and encouraging friends and family to try it when over at the house as well, all of us would not recommend it to anyone considering a new garlic press for their kitchen. In my personal opinion do yourself a favor and pick up the one IKEA sells. For the price, and overall quality of construction, you can t beat it! https://www.amazon.com/Ikea-000-891-63-Koncis-Garlic-Stainless/dp/B00PNKYZQC 2Vampires beware!I am armed with my new Propresser Garlic Press! This is the sturdiest, best made garlic press I have ever used. It works just like you see on TV cooking shows. Unfortunately, I have never had a press that replicated that effortless processing of garlic in real life, until now. The little basket (I call it the "anvil") that holds the garlic is permanently attached, although it swings free of the sections with handles so it can be cleaned easily. I know it's an overused term, but this tool is definitely professional grade.This Saturday, we had our annual Firefighters' Appreciation BBQ. I cut crosshatching in a big loaf of sourdough bread, stuffed the cuts with cheese, and brushed the whole thing with a half-dozed large cloves of garlic, crushed and swimming in a stick of melted butter. The Firefighters loved it, although I heard one Battalion Chief mutter something about starting fires with his breath. 5Outstanding Garlic PressI like this press. Is the second one I have purchased. Lost the first due to a hurricane. It is very sturdy and does the job. Easy to clean out. The husk remover that comes with it works very well also. Can't recommend this enough. 5Unhappy with this garlic press.I purchased the model AK005 ORBLUE Garlic Press, Stainless Steel Mincer and Crusher with Garlic Rocker and Peeler Set Professional Grade, Dishwasher safe, Rusting-proof and Self Cleaning from Amazon on September 11, 2018. While this product is sturdy and made of good quality materials it, regrettably, does not perform well.The problem with it is that too much of the garlic squishes up and out the sides of the press box rather than passing through the tiny holes. In addition, there is an excessive amount of garlic that remains in the press box no matter how hard I squeeze the handles. It appears to me that this is happening because the flat press heel is significantly smaller than the press box and so rather than forcing most of the garlic through the holes the garlic gets squished and then forced back up. This happens with peeled and unpeeled garlic cloves.Perhaps I received a defective press?It has taken a while to evaluate this product and is now beyond the short return policy of Amazon. I'd appreciate a replacement, or a refund. 1
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