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Original BeaterBlade for KitchenAid 6-Quart Bowl Lift Mixer, KA-6L, White, Made in USA

  • Original BeaterBlade for KitchenAid 6-Quart Bowl Lift Mixer, KA-6L, White, Made in USA
  • Original BeaterBlade for KitchenAid 6-Quart Bowl Lift Mixer, KA-6L, White, Made in USA
  • Original BeaterBlade for KitchenAid 6-Quart Bowl Lift Mixer, KA-6L, White, Made in USA
  • Original BeaterBlade for KitchenAid 6-Quart Bowl Lift Mixer, KA-6L, White, Made in USA
  • Original BeaterBlade for KitchenAid 6-Quart Bowl Lift Mixer, KA-6L, White, Made in USA
  • Original BeaterBlade for KitchenAid 6-Quart Bowl Lift Mixer, KA-6L, White, Made in USA

Original BeaterBlade for KitchenAid 6-Quart Bowl Lift Mixer, KA-6L, White, Made in USA

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Continuously beats, scrapes, folds and mixes ingredients for KitchenAid lift-bowl stand mixers.
  • Virtually eliminates hand-scraping and batter build-up on the blade and cuts mixing time by as much as 50%
  • Fits most KitchenAid 6-Quart bowl-lift mixers. Not compatible with KitchenAid mixers KSM657 and all Costco and Sams Club KitchenAid Mixers
  • BeaterBlade is designed for the standard bowls that come with the mixers. It will work for glass mixing bowls, however not with specialty bowls like the Tulip 6000HD . Reference "Which Blade Do I Need?" at our website for a complete list.
  • Made in the USA and Dishwasher Safe. Do not purchase units Made In China.
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Customer Reviews

Great Until It Broke....I absolutely loved this blade! It worked far better than the sandard blade and scraped the sides of my Kitchenaid bowl perfectly. However, after about 8 months of use on a weekly basis, it broke at the base. If it were made of metal I think it would have faired much better. I really loved this blade but am hesitant to order another out of fear that the same thing will happen.... I submitted a picture above showing how the blade ended up. 1Did NOT fit our 6 Qt tilt head Kitchen Aid MixerI purchased this for my parents and gave it to them as part as a gift. By the time I gave it to them and they used it and found out it didn't work - it was too big and then it was too late for me to return. So my advice is to check it as soon as you get it to make sure you get the correct one and it works. I should have double checked that it would work for them before I gave it to them, so that's on me. But still disappointing. 3BUYER BEWARE...When these first came out, there was a warning issued by Kitchenaid that these beaters could overstress your mixer motor. I assumed it was because it was a non KA product and they just didn't like you using aftermarket products - and then KA released their own and I thought I was correct. Not too long ago I was using this beater for a relatively thick batter and the mixer got so hot that it actually smoked a bit. I used the original beater that came with it and had NO issues. In looking at the KA brand of the beater blade with the rubber edge, I realized that the rubber is only on one side, which puts far less stress on the motor than this one with rubber on both edges. I will not be using this again with my mixer. 1Most modern convenience!I damaged my previous one of these when I put a spoon in the bowl while the blade was turning. It took a small piece out of the rubber on the blade and decided not to use it any more. I immediately ordered a replacement! In the interim, I was reminded of what life was like in the old days. I had to stop the mixer scrape the sides and try and get a smooth whip on my butter and cream cheese. It was a nightmare. I make a cream cheese frosting which is a signature item for me. People rave about it and request it on a regular basis. Without this blade it's harder to get a smooth, light frosting because small chunks of the cream cheese stick to the sides and bottom of the bowl without this beater. It's difficult to get it all scraped from the bottom especially and incorporated back into the mixture. I now keep a spare one of these beater blades on hand, just in case, because I never want to go back to those primitive, terrifying times when I had to actually scrape the bowl! 5Way better than any other!I am a heavy-duty mixer user and abuser. I originally bought one of these about three years ago (maybe more) and used it frequently for my (advanced amateur) baking business. Last spring, while making a batch of of my grandma's particularly thick chocolate fudge frosting, one of the top arms cracked. I duct-taped it and - like a champ - the patched-up mixer blade kept going. I came into some money, so I thought I'd splurge and buy a genuine KitchenAid mixer blade...well - I'll be honest here: it sucked. Yeah, it was metal, but I want these blades for the rubber scrapers! I'm lazy! The KitchenAid blade only had one flimsy rubber scraper and it barely did the job...I actually had to stop the mixer and scrape down the sides of the bowl - how inconvenient! I trudged along with it, not particularly enjoying using it, until the rubber blade started tearing away from the mixer paddle! I had to use several twist ties from my hot dog bun packages to tie the blade back on to the paddle so I could finish a job. Then, I went back to the product I was happiest with: THIS ONE. I ordered another one of these paddles and I am back in business! I love this one and if mine ever breaks again, I will order more of this design! 5Does the job but design/quality flaws leave something to be desired...Purchased this for my avid wife baker who owns a 6 quart steel lift bowl Kitchenaid. With few mixer options available that provide adequate bowl coverage, I picked this up and she used it today. While the product works better than the mixer attachment provided by Kitchenaid in terms of mixing closer to the bowl, the groove were you insert this attachment was heavily glazed and consequently squeaks with every turn. Added some vegetable oil to soften the sound, but something that customers shouldn't have to deal with as a new product. Overall, would recommend this given the few options available, but hope they improve on the factory finish so these issues don't occur. 3Doesn't fit kitchenaid 6qtMy husband bought this for me for Christmas and I was really excited to use it, but when I put it on it didn't fit well. I was able to get it on eventually, but the moment I turned on the mixer it made a terrible screeching sound. I could only leave it on for a few seconds, the screeching was so bad. My husband even tried again on his own because he thought I might have been over exaggerating or that I had put it on wrong, but he said the exact same thing happened and he couldn't handle the sound either. In the end I returned the product for a full refund. Wish it had worked! But it was a total dud. 1Information is not correct about the fit for the KV25GOX that is sold by AmazonThis does not fit the KV25GOX that is sold by Amazon even though it specifically states that it does in the description. I've had two of the common Kitchen Aid "too many models to match parts to" debacles this week. This is getting very frustrating. The picture is with the bowl in the lowered position.UPDATEI decided to take a chance on the 5 quart non-tilt head version (picture shows KA-5LR) to see if it would fit this model. It does fit and works well. I'm only raising my review to 3 stars because of the poor information in the description but would honestly give the product a 4, possibly a 5. 3Waste of moneyThis did not fit my 6qt bowl lift model though the description says it fits my model. I tried multiple things, trying to give it a fair shot but regardless of the batter/icing being made this never managed to scrape the bowl clean. The attachment that came with my mixer does far better. Also this made a terrible screeching noise while using it that even if it fit and worked properly would have been unbearable. Returning it and sticking to KitchenAid branded accessories from now on. 1Poor quality - LIGHTWEIGHT PLASTIC!I just received the part hoping to have some help with the bowl scraping task with my KitchenAid 6qt lift standing mixer. However, as soon as I opened the package, I saw that the device is made of LIGHTWEIGHT PLASTIC which is not mentioned in the product description anywhere. I immediately had my doubts about how this would hold up mixing batters and especially icings. Then while it fit on the shaft of the mixer, I could not adjust the depth of the bowl to accommodate the depth of the rubber blade. And considering the above reviews about overtaxing motor issues, I will NOT attempt to use this on my well-loved KA mixer - it deserves the best. So I gave this a try but I will definitely stick to purchasing official KA accessories from now on. WASTE of time and money! 1
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