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Original SpiraLife Spiralizer Vegetable Slicer - Vegetable Spiralizer - Spiral Slicer Cutter

  • Original SpiraLife Spiralizer Vegetable Slicer - Vegetable Spiralizer - Spiral Slicer Cutter
  • Original SpiraLife Spiralizer Vegetable Slicer - Vegetable Spiralizer - Spiral Slicer Cutter
  • Original SpiraLife Spiralizer Vegetable Slicer - Vegetable Spiralizer - Spiral Slicer Cutter
  • Original SpiraLife Spiralizer Vegetable Slicer - Vegetable Spiralizer - Spiral Slicer Cutter
  • Original SpiraLife Spiralizer Vegetable Slicer - Vegetable Spiralizer - Spiral Slicer Cutter
  • Original SpiraLife Spiralizer Vegetable Slicer - Vegetable Spiralizer - Spiral Slicer Cutter
  • Original SpiraLife Spiralizer Vegetable Slicer - Vegetable Spiralizer - Spiral Slicer Cutter
  • Original SpiraLife Spiralizer Vegetable Slicer - Vegetable Spiralizer - Spiral Slicer Cutter
  • Original SpiraLife Spiralizer Vegetable Slicer - Vegetable Spiralizer - Spiral Slicer Cutter
  • Original SpiraLife Spiralizer Vegetable Slicer - Vegetable Spiralizer - Spiral Slicer Cutter

Original SpiraLife Spiralizer Vegetable Slicer - Vegetable Spiralizer - Spiral Slicer Cutter

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • WHILE OTHER HANDHELD SPIRALIZERS TRY TO TEMPT YOU with bundle offers, THEY WON'T ADMIT TO THE WASTEFULNESS of their zucchini spaghetti maker design. Just TAKE A LOOK AT OUR SECOND IMAGE to see what we mean. Our SHORTER, WIDER FUNNEL and SPECIALLY DESIGNED CAP ensure that much more of your veggie is turned into zoodles. Just the way it should be! A BETTER DESIGN from us means LESS WASTE for you! AS SEEN ON THE TODAY SHOW, HUFFPOST AND MASHABLE!
  • THICKER BLADE OPENING MEANS NO SHREDDED ZUCCHINI with both our veggie noodle and ribbon blade. NO CLOGGING OR JAMMING. No more shredding your veggies to mush. Our EXTRA SHARP BLADES make precision cuts for STURDY ZOODLES that can stand up even in thick sauces and soups! EASY TO CLEAN & DISHWASHER SAFE.
  • OUR HOW-TO VIDEOS PROVIDE THE INSTRUCTION THAT OTHERS DON'T. As with any new kitchen gadget, you want to LEARN HOW TO USE IT CORRECTLY so that you aren't frustrated or disappointed. From HOW TO EASILY CLEAN your zucchini noodle maker to USAGE TIPS AND SUGGESTIONS, our 5 VIDEO SERIES help you and your loved ones to get the most out of your veggie slicer.
  • EXTRAS LIKE OUR VEGETABLE PEELER, CLEANING BRUSH, STORAGE BAG & VEGETABLE SPIRALIZER RECIPES EBOOK make our handheld vegetable spiralizer kit complete so that you have everything you need to start your zucchini spiral noodle maker journey. DELICIOUS SPIRALIZER SLICER RECIPES will have you loving your new vegetable spiral spiralizer.
  • OUR CUSTOMERS ARE MORE IMPORTANT THAN OUR SALES. If you are not absolutely happy with your hand held spiralizer, CONTACT US DIRECTLY and we will take care of you. WE LOVE TO HELP. Spiralife zoodler spiralizer makes a great Christmas gift for mom, chef gifts, or holiday gifts for foodies.
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Customer Reviews

It works and works pretty well - Decent intro to spiralizersA decent little, inexpensive handheld spiralizer. I works and mostly works well. I've used it several times with zucchini and squash to make either a main dish "spaghetti" or as a side dish. It does well, but I wouldn't categorize it as "great". It seems like the blades could be a little sharper to slice through the zuck's when they are "pencil-point" shaped and fully engage with the blades, but it's not going to wear your arms out, even when doing a couple pounds of zucchini for dinner.It does take a zucchini or two to get used to it and "perfect" your technique. Wash and cut ONE end off, then insert the cut end into the spiralizer, keeping it as straight and centered as possible, then rotate like a pencil in a manual pencil sharpener. The first turns are very easy as it is only cutting the edges, but once becomes pointed, like a sharpened pencil, it gets a little harder to turn, but not bad at all. When you start getting toward the end, there isn't much left outside to grip, so you use the end cap with the spike and stick them into the uncut end - leaving it uncut let's the spikes get a better grip instead of "stripping out" on the softer innards if you cut both ends - then turn the cap to get as much as possible out of each zucchini. A small amount of waste is left over, a "cone" and the inner core, which are not spiralized, but it isn't that much.Final tip, when picking out your zucchini's at the store, straighter is better making the job a little easier.I'm happy with this slicer and continue to use it - I'm pretty picky, so if it was bad, I wouldn't use it - and am looking for a larger, crank spiralizer for when it's the main dish. I'll still use this for side dishes as it is quick, pretty easy, and clean-up is a breeze. Just poke out any bits hanging around on the inside and pop it in the dishwasher. 4Child's toyAt first I thought I received the wrong item. See the photo as it explains it all. Ridiculously small and the "peeler" is plastic and wobbly. 1Would definitely recommend purchasing from this vendor!Update: This is literally the best customer service I have ever experienced! If you are searching for a spirlizer, I hope you buy it from here. Excellent customer service goes a long way and says a lot about the company and I would highly recommend!This is a quality product, but this is my first time spiraling vegetables, and it's honestly a waste of time for me. I know a lot of people love the zoodles, so if you are one of those people, I would definitely recommend! I just think it's more work than using a grater, and for the dishes I eat, that form of the vegetable is better for me. 5Game. Changer. I know Alton Brown says no uni-taskers, but this may need to be the exception. If you're into vegetable noodles like we are, this is going to rock your world. I am deeply smitten with the ease of this device. After it was delivered, I promptly opened the box and put the unit on the top shelf of my dishwasher to clean it before its first use. Tonight, eagerly anticipating the culinary possibilities ahead of me, I cleaned my 4 zucchini, chopped off the ends, and began twisting the verdant squash into the smaller-tined side. The vegetable glided through the metal and plastic with ease, and before I knew it, I had made my way through all 4 medium-sized delicacies. It was like zucchini noodlevana. 10/10 would recommend. 5Makes beautiful zucchini spaghetti with easeI love packing as many vegetables as I can into food. I also love making cute food. This gadget can do both! I actually received the Spiralife Spiralizer in exchange for my blog review. I tested it out on carrots and zucchini squash. I got some cute curls out of the carrots but mostly smaller julienned bits. I got beautiful long thin spaghetti-like strands of the zucchini and when I used the other side of the slicer, for wide curs, I was able to create zucchini rosettes to embellish a dish. I mostly recommend this gadget for its small size and ease of use on squash. It is easy to store, easy to clean and easy to use if you grow a lot of zucchini in the summertime and like adding it to stir fry, salad, and making dishes look attractive with vegetable curls and decorations. 5Awesome cooking gadget!The SpiraLife spiralizer arrived in two days. It is surprisingly small which is good since it doesn't need a lot of space. It's super easy to use! I was able to spiralize 2 zucchini in less than 2 minutes. It brings a small bottle brush to clean it up and a bag to store it. Also, you will receive a ebook with recipes! I made zucchini shrimp scampi and it was very easy and delicious! I recommend buying it! Here are some pictures I took while using it. 5Nice for zucchinis but other things are not so greatI love making zucchini noodles with this! I had totally intended that I would be able to make a lot of different vegetable noodles with this but it's not very easy. Zucchini and summer squash are pretty ok to use with this but everything else I've tried is really too hard.Here's my experience with different foodsZucchini - easy to do and takes moderate effort/timeSummer Squash - easy to do and takes moderate effort/timeSweet Potato - Doesn't work, the potato is too hard and too wideCarrots - Works ok and fairly easy but wastes a lotCucumber - Works ok and fairly easy but since they're so watery it kinda mushesAlso, the wide noodler does not work too well for me so far.I love the little cleaning brush it comes with, such a simple thing but it's cool they included it so you don;t have to search for something to use to clean it every time. 4A must have to try!**AMAZING** This product is great; it came promptly, the box was in perfect condition, everything was tucked into a pouch so it already seemed like a fancy kitchen gadget! I was absolutely skeptical about using the Spiralife as I have had NO luck, at all, in the past. I have bought three different types of spiralizers and this was my last ditch effort, for under $15, why not? I bought a couple zucchini to try and it worked! the first time! I was making zucchini noodles like the gal in the picture! It's so easy to use, not bulky at all. I simply cut the ends off the zucchini, and cut it in half as it seemed to work better. I was so pleased with this product I ended up using THREE zucchini the first night I had it! it was so fun and made me feel so great because I had failed at all the others. I am looking forward to trying sweet potatoes next! The staff at Lifestyle Dynamics were great as well! I was so pleased with their product I emailed them a picture! I got a response over night and they are absolutely wonderful people! If you have any issues with this product, contact them. They stress contacting them before Amazon or leaving a poor review, and you should. They will correct the problem with no hesitation. Super friendly staff and fantastic product! 5Great for small jobsI'm very glad I bought this spiralizer first, since I have a small kitchen with limited storage and wasn't sure I even wanted to spiralize vegetables. I quickly became convinced I LOVE spiralized veggies, so that was worth the purchase price! However, this model takes a lot more hand strength and wrist action than I have for bigger jobs and my hubby (BIG hands) hates it. I will continue to use it for small jobs, since it takes zero set up and is quick to clean. However, for bigger jobs, I clearly need to get a second one with a crank! One tip: It was a bit easier for me to use when I put it on the counter so the veg was going down (as opposed to holding tool and veg horizontally). The counter helped stabilize the tool and gravity gave me some help with pushing the veg. 4Cheap, plastic, piece of garbage.I gave it a shot, and even after reading all the reviews, this looked like the one I should purchase. However, it's small, made of cheap inexpensive plastic, and the blades are not at all sharp enough to do the job. I tried it first on a small zucchini that was peeled and not at all tough. The slicer section seemed to work, "ok," but the side that was suppose to make spaghetti like noodles, NOT! even close, as it jammed up and was and is very dull. So to those of you who have had success with this specific "spiralizer", mine does not work at all, and I will be purchasing another brand as this one is a piece of garbage. Buyer beware on this one. 1
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