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Ostep Decor Custom 2mm Thick Clear Table Cover, 120 X 48 Inch, Table Protector For Dining Room Table,

  • Ostep Decor Custom 2mm Thick Clear Table Cover, 120 X 48 Inch, Table Protector For Dining Room Table,
  • Ostep Decor Custom 2mm Thick Clear Table Cover, 120 X 48 Inch, Table Protector For Dining Room Table,
  • Ostep Decor Custom 2mm Thick Clear Table Cover, 120 X 48 Inch, Table Protector For Dining Room Table,
  • Ostep Decor Custom 2mm Thick Clear Table Cover, 120 X 48 Inch, Table Protector For Dining Room Table,
  • Ostep Decor Custom 2mm Thick Clear Table Cover, 120 X 48 Inch, Table Protector For Dining Room Table,
  • Ostep Decor Custom 2mm Thick Clear Table Cover, 120 X 48 Inch, Table Protector For Dining Room Table,
  • Ostep Decor Custom 2mm Thick Clear Table Cover, 120 X 48 Inch, Table Protector For Dining Room Table,
  • Ostep Decor Custom 2mm Thick Clear Table Cover, 120 X 48 Inch, Table Protector For Dining Room Table,

Ostep Decor Custom 2mm Thick Clear Table Cover, 120 X 48 Inch, Table Protector For Dining Room Table,

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • THICK & CLEAR - The 1.5mm thicken custom durable waterproof crystal clear plastic table cover, PVC table protector, vinyl clear desk pad & mat protect your table, desk, tablecloth and furniture tops against scratches, scuffs, stains, spillage while still show the beauty of your table and furniture tops.
  • PRACTICAL - Perfect for dining table, wooden table, glass, marble, stainless steel top, office desk, writing desktops, coffee & end table, TV bench, dressing table, night stand, countertop, hard floor etc.
  • CUT TO FIT - We reserve a little longer than actual size for margin of shrinking. It's not size problem when it's not the accurate measurenement as advertised. Easy to cut to fit, you can mark the exact measurement with a pencil and use a sharp knife or scissors to cut. CUSTOMIZATION: Please go to OstepDecor storefront, find Have a question for OstepDecor? Click Ask a question to contact us for your customization request.
  • DURABILITY & EASY TO CLEAN: waterproof table cover is made from BPA-free, Phthalate-free PVC material, suitable for daily use. Please wipe clear with a dish cloth or spray it with water.
  • ABOUT AIR BUBBLES: Please replace the CLEAR cover with a frosted one or other textured one when your table or desk top is glass, marble, white or other smooth finish to avoid visible air bubbles. We DON'T recommend to place the clear cover on a brand new wooden top, you can cover it on a tablecloth or choose frosted or floral protector by instead when your wooden top is brand new.
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Customer Reviews

Great Product and Excellent Customer ServiceI have a 54"x36" wooden table that I wanted to protect from damage by our young children, but it is a nice piece of furniture that I didn't want to hide under a tablecloth. The many different dimensions offered by the company did not match my table so I planned to buy the next-larger size and cut it to fit on my own as suggested by other commenters. I was hesitant to do this because I knew if I made a mistake making the cuts I would then be unable to return the cover for a replacement or refund. I contacted the seller to explain my concern, and they were extremely understanding and helpful. The representative instructed me to purchase the next smaller size (which was actually less expensive) and then to immediately follow up with an email to her that specified my order number and the exact dimensions that we needed for our table. To get the custom service, I had to make sure to order the product directly from their warehouse and not from the Amazon supplier (which was also less expensive--along with free shipping!). She gave me very clear details about how to make the order this way. I followed her instructions, and 2 weeks later the product arrived--and it was cut perfectly! They did a far better job than I could have ever hoped to do on my own. The rep warned me that they would leave it a few millimeters long on either side as it was likely to shrink slightly in the first few weeks. I haven't noticed any significant "shrinkage" ...but the cover fits well and looks great on our table! It's high-quality material that stays in place, is easy to clean, and I haven't noticed any scratches or clouding in the 2 months we've had it so far.The level of customer service they gave us is sadly a rarity these days and it was very refreshing to work with a company that was so eager to fulfill their clients' needs.5Not so Nice Looking Nor is it Easy to Clean I do not recommend this product for covering a desk. Especially a white IKEA desk top. The ripples are evident and it does NOT wipe clean no matter what you use. I have these annoying marks that makes my white desk look dirty. I can rub the spot all day and it will eventually clear up only to reappear. So working at your desk becomes an issue. Eraser shavings stick to the plastic as well and it just looks very unappealing. Wi 1LoveI ordered this table protector for my table. We recently purchased a dining table and the material is very was to scratch/stain. And this is the perfect protector without having to use table cloth! I love how we can see/feel our table natural color without having to hide it. I haven t had any issues with air bubbles or wrinkles from it being folded. I haven t cleaned it as yet but it does keep a lot of finger prints and oils. I hope when I clean it, it comes out. Ordered it a little bigger than my table size. Overall great product. Def would recommend to protect table top especially those that are easy to scratch.5I decided to go with these frosted cover mats and I'm more than satisfied. I requested them to custom cut them and ... I just painted my office furniture instead of buying new..and I wanted to keep the tops looking new. I decided to go with these frosted cover mats and I'm more than satisfied. I requested them to custom cut them and they did.Excellent customer service and product. 5Poor quality control A lot of issues with this item:- frustrating to unpack and roll out.- leaves marks which go away when lifting material off surface but is annoying when positioning items.- material is not cut straight/square so doesn t line up correctly with all edges- material about 1/4 shorter than description 1No instructions included; it shrinks (hubby didn't know) This is a beautiful table cover, with a few flaws:1) On the matte side, at least, it's hard to tell if you've gotten it clean. It looks like there may be an oil stain already but I'm not sure. If you use a sponge with a normal amount of dish soap, you will need to wipe it repeatedly to get the soap out of the little grooves.2) It shrinks. I read about that when I ordered it, but because it has a horrible chemical vinyl smell when it arrives, we had to air it out for over a week in the basement of our new house. My husband is the one who put it on our new kitchen table while I was out. There were no instructions in the package at ALL, so he didn't know to cut it a little bit bigger. It shrank on one end between 1/8-1/4", leaving that area exposed to potential damage. Luckily, there are only three of us in the house now, but when we have a full house, we'll need to make sure our guest is mindful of that spot. Seriously. That's ridiculous. It should come with instructions.As others have mentioned, it doesn't lie completely flat, but this hasn't been a problem for us. I wish it were a little thicker so we wouldn't have to worry about heat transfer. We previously had a Corian table so we're getting used to having to use trivets or thick placemats to protect the table even with this cover.I'd buy it again, just wish it had instructions. Who's going to remember weeks after ordering that it's going to shrink?! 3Ripples could not be removed - does not lie flat The product came rolled and and when spread out on a table it had waves throughout. I waited a while to see if they would settle; they did not. I tried rolling it the other way to train it flat; that did not work. I contacted the seller and they recommended laying it out in the sun to warm the product in the hopes that it would flatten out; this did not work and it was a pain to do this somewhere where there was not grass, gravel, dust, dirt..etc, which I was not able to do. After going back and forth with the seller they sent a replacement - exact same issue. It's now nearly a year later and I have kept it under a weight to try to keep it flat. Still very ripply and wavy. I ordered this to protect our dining table for when the kids are doing crafts. There is no way to put items on this cover because they wobble over on the waves.I do not recommend this product unless you do not need it flat. 1Great protection for wood furniture in lieu of glassThis wasn t exactly what I wanted (I wanted glass) for my table but it is surely a good plan B!!! I had to cut mine to fit the table, so the only thing I m a bit disappointed that it s not a perfect fit but close enough.The corners of our table kind of turn down and it would have been a bit difficult to get the sizing right for a glass top so when I saw this online I decided to give it a try. I m happy with the table protector. It certainly serves the purpose to protect the table. I can enjoy the wood without covering it up all the time protecting it from my cats who occasionally jump on the table and protection from my grandkids too !!!!!5Love it for my IKEA makeup vanity.Love this! Bought it to put on my IKEA Linmmon table top (the 47 inches) so it wouldn t get dirty when I did my makeup on it. It doesn t quite fit exaxtly but you can cut it if you like. I didn t cut mine b/c I liked how on each side there still a little bit of plastic left and in front so the corners and font don t get ruin over time (pics to show how much it goes over the edge when the plastic is pushed all against the wall like the table top). highly recommend this for the ikea makeup vanity set up.5This has been a blessing! Well, I could take all the bubbles out but I don t care. I have this very nice glass table and 2 small kids. The table was getting scratched so this product is a very nice solution. It has been almost a year that we have it. Very easy to clean! They don t have our size table but we bought a size up and we cutted 2 of the 4 sides with a stiletto . It looks very much close to perfection to me 5Nice table protectorNeeded a protector that would stay on my kitchen table and not move and fall off. I have a cat who at night would jump on my kitchen table and I would get up in the morning to my plastic table cloth cover and table cloth either hanging off or on floor. I needed a specific size and it was easy to order from seller. It came rolled up with a few ripples on one side of it . All I did was place on my table and placed a few heavy pans on top and after a few hours it was flat. I have been very happy that it has stayed put and my cat cant push it off!!5THICK and PROTECTIVE This is a VERY thick plastic and just what I needed to cover my 1780's pine antique poker table.Love this product. It cuts easily with a pair of kitchen scissors. The ones you would use to cut up chicken bones. EASY to cut - - but it does take some skill to not have ragged edges. Practice first for best results.If you love to see the top of your table and still enjoy the wood grain - - this is the way to go. The table pads cover up the beauty of the wood and are extremely expensive.If you are using it on a desk (as another user mention) - - yes - - papers will not glide across the surface. After all - - it is plastic.I'm buying more of this to cover the tope of my antique settle dining room table. 5I ordered the frosted finish and I am happy!I have kids who use my kitchen table multiple times a day and the surface was getting damaged. For a quick fix I used a cheap vinyl tablecloth on it, but it never stayed in place and it didn't look that great. I found this product and decided to go with the frosted finish per company suggestion. It looks great! I used a hair dryer on it to help flatten it out more. It stays in place, but isn't sticky. I am not worried about it ruining the surface of the table or sliding off. Time will tell how it will last, but I am happy with it so far.5How we cut to exact dimensionsI purchased the table cover to protect a family heirloom. I didn't want the extra folds of plastic hanging over the edges so my husband and I decided to cut it to exact dimensions. We aligned the cover on one side, clamped it to the table and used a sharpie to trace where we were going to cut. We placed some cardboard between the plastic and the table and used a blade to cut it. We found that heating up the plastic with a hair dryer helped make the plastic more pliable and easier to cut. I am in love with the way it turned out.5Looks Good This fit my kitchen table perfectly. Protects the wooden table underneath. Came rolled up and used a hair dryer to make it relax. Easy to wipe and keep clean. 5Pretty nice but expensive. I really like the table cover, they were kind to customize it to my coffee table measurements. However, it's exactly what I needed to protect my table. 5Nicely fit to our table!We liked this product very much after couple days of use! We used to have our wood table dirty and filled with all the oil/stain after each meal. This transparent table cloth makes it very easy and comfortable to clean after dinner. Just need a surface cleaner and wipe it out. The material is great and safe and no plastic smell. Size is also perfect fit to our table! Loving it!5Great productI was so unsure about purchasing this because I didn't want it to look wavy or slide all over the place, or just make my nice coffee table look cheap and crappy... But because it was a very porous wood coffee table, and my boyfriend and I eat on it constantly, I knew it would quickly get destroyed, and this piece of plastic was the perfect solution! It reminds me of those thick clear tablecloths, without all the dangling over the edges and ruining the look of a nice table. It's not perfect, and it definitely doesn't look as fancy as a piece of custom cut glass, but it also doesn't cost even close to the price of that. And it's perfect for everyday eating, putting down drinks and not worrying about staining or warping the wood... Super easy to wipe down, and just as easy to roll up and put away if company's coming over and you want it hidden away (I personally think it looks good enough to not bother). The measurements are not perfect, it hangs a tiny bit over the edge on every side, which you could cut if you want to get it perfect, but I found no need to do this... it's not fancy custom glass. This is a solution to messy fingers, crumbs, spills, children, and boyfriends ;)5Great product! DO RECOMMENDI am SO GLAD I ordered this despite the comments and reviews of some ppl here. I was somehow concerned that it would damage the wood or that it would be difficult to extend over my dinning table. However, I decided to give it a try and order this for our brand new dinning table. I am VERY pleased. Good quality material and flexible enough to apply. Stays in place. I did not use the hair dryer or apply any heat to it yet, but I like the way it is now. I may trim edges to fit, but my husband likes the way it is now (about an inch larger than table). I will def buy another one if need be.5
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