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OttLite L139AB 13 Watt Desk Lamp with Swivel Base, Black

  • OttLite L139AB 13 Watt Desk Lamp with Swivel Base, Black
  • OttLite L139AB 13 Watt Desk Lamp with Swivel Base, Black
  • OttLite L139AB 13 Watt Desk Lamp with Swivel Base, Black
  • OttLite L139AB 13 Watt Desk Lamp with Swivel Base, Black
  • OttLite L139AB 13 Watt Desk Lamp with Swivel Base, Black
  • OttLite L139AB 13 Watt Desk Lamp with Swivel Base, Black
  • OttLite L139AB 13 Watt Desk Lamp with Swivel Base, Black

OttLite L139AB 13 Watt Desk Lamp with Swivel Base, Black

£150.00 £90.00 Save: £60.00
£90.00 £150.00 You save: £60.00



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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • REDUCES EYESTRAIN: Helps you see details clearly and reduces glare and eyestrain
  • HEIGHT: Adjusts from 11.5 inches to 19.5 inches (29.2 to 49.6 cm) with a 5 inch (12.7 cm) base
  • PORTABLE: Convenient carry handle and fold up design makes makes any task easier
  • ADJUSTABLE: 360 degree swivel base and multi-position shade easily adjusts the light angle over your projects
  • ILLUMINATION: OttLite 13 watt tube rated to last 10,000 hours included. (Replacement bulb type E)
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Customer Reviews

Ott-Lite let me read again I have nothing but wonderful things to say about the Ott-Lite I purchased. I have poor vision and was having trouble reading in dim light. This little Ott-Lite changed everything. I have it sitting on my kitchen table, open it up and can read while i have breakfast again.Many years ago I had purchased an Ott-Lite for my drawing table. It, too, was amazing. I don't know why it took me so long to get one for my kitchen table. I wish all my lights in the house were Ott-Lites. I have not had to change my drawing table Ott-Lite yet and it has been years. I hope that is the case with this little Ott-Lite.I like the modern design. You just lift up the front portion to turn it on, then lower it to turn it off. It seems sturdy and nicely built. Well worth the reasonable price. I love that it can swivel, too.Ott-Lite L139AB 13-Watt VisionSaver+ High Definition Task Lamp with Swivel Base, Black 5So lightweight and portable with as much light as Ott's big floor lamp. Absolutely love this. Not only is it extremely bright, it's so lightweight and small and has this handle on it, that you can move it around from room to room with no effort at all. I also have had the huge Ott floor lamp but it is so heavy to lug around that I refuse to do so. This little thing provides as much light as the big one and is about the size of an old school thermos bottle.It is electric, no batteries, no on/off switch. It turns on when you flip the lid up and off when you flip it down. It's very bright and a nice white light, not a speck of yellow in the light it puts off. 5Not new I was not happy to receive a product that was obviously not new when I purchased at the full price. I received my light in a package that was obviously repackaged and scuff marks on the lamp itself. I have previously owned one of these lights and have no issue with the product itself just with the state in which I received this one. 3Like the sun and true. Ah, the Ott lot. For those of us into photography or those who paint or enjoy crafts like knitting and crochet, even sewing, this light give true sun-light lighting (sorry for the redundancy) so that you see exactly what the final product will look like. I recommend this product for anyone with the last name Ott on your gift list. Following my own advice that is just what I did. True story., 5It was given to me by a mobility specialist who recommend them to people with low vision I've had this lamp for years. It was given to me by a mobility specialist who recommend them to people with low vision. I love the full spectrum light, the bulb lasted years, and the lamp is still working good as new after almost a decade. I recently bought one for my grandpa (who was using mine as a reading lamp) who is very hard to shop for, he never wants anything, but loved this lamp. I might get another for my friend. 5LAMP'S SO-SO BUT COMPANY'S RETURN POLICY IS BAD/REVISED DEC 31 2012 Eight months ago I purchased four of these lamps to go on the four corners of my office desk which has a sort of "U" configuration. They looked great. Recently one lamp suddenly stopped working. The other three kept on working just fine. Tried everything--new bulbs, different outlets, repeated opening and then closing. Still would not work. Since I had tried new bulbs I figured it had to be the balast since that's the only other part that would go bad. Called OttLight in Tampa since they have a two-year return policy.In fact, I discovered their return policy is not very good. First I needed to either send them the defective unit (at my expense), or send them a photo of the lamp so as to show that I had severed the cord from the lamp (again, at my expense). The severed cord thing is a first and was sort of insulting. And I would have to include $9.95 cash as a "warranty replacement charge." Then I was told by the fairly rude customer service lady that this model was no longer made but had been replaced by a considerably dissimilar model. I explained that all four lamps must match. I asked if she could fix the one I had. She said this would not be possible. So I conclude that this company's return possible is not really a return policy at all. So I went to Amazon and found and purchased the identical match. I trust I will have no trouble with this unit.Now about the lamp model itself. The lamps are attractive and do the job when they work. These things are made in China and we all know about the lack of Chinese quality so I won't go into that here. My main complaint is that the white backing of the lamp goes from a bright white to an off-yellowish color after the lamp has been used for a while. This is due to the fact that the 13 watt bulbs produce a strong brightness that the (Chinese) plastic backing cannot handle. (Since my other three lamps have turned yellowish in an even fashion over time this is not as noticeable as it might otherwise be.) I do not know if Ott has corrected this problem on their newer models.Another problem is the lack of an on/off switch on the unit. Turning the unit on and off requires one to physically open and close the upper portion of the lamp. This requires two hands to keep things steady. For my four lamp set-up this on/off routine would take too much time. As a resort I've plugged all four of lamps into a light bar so that one switch turns all four on and off simultaneously.But even with these problems I'm happy to see that Amazon was able to come to the rescue. Otherwise I would have had to find four new desk lamps. They would not have been Ott. Incidentally no need to pay the big charge for an official Ott replacement bulb. They are available at HomeDepot for a lot less. Just make sure it's a 13 watt PL model.REVISED DEC 31, 2012. I wrote the above review in July 2012. Now, another lamp has just bit the dust. It's not the bulb; it's the (unfixable) balast. These Ott Lite task lamps are pure junk. Another example of pure Chinese junk. This company needs to improve quality control. I'm going with the much cheaper Walmart look-alikes ($17). I do not want to pay this much ($75) for cheap Chinese junk! 1Disposable lamp Most of us are old school lamp buyers. When we buy a lamp we expect it to work forever; it's only the bulbs that need to be replaced.My OttLite quit working after a couple of years. When the bulb burned out for the first time, it meant the lamp itself was broken. I used two different types of OttLite replacement bulbs and neither worked. My step father opened up the lamp and found a burned out wire. The lamp itself caused the bulb to burn out.Can you imagine? The life of the lamp itself is less than the life of the bulb. 1Lamp problem or bulb problem? I have had this lamp for about 6 weeks. Out of the box, it worked great. However, the light bulb didn't securely fit, and fell out a few times until of course it eventually broke. (This could be user error!) So I got another light bulb. When I inserted the bulb, it flickered yellow and did not turn on fully. I returned it as defective, and quickly received a new bulb. But the same thing is happening. I don't know if it is the lamp or the bulb.Yesterday I left the lamp open, and suddenly the bulb lit correctly. But this morning, the same thing happened, and the lamp has yet to go on.So have I received two defective bulbs, or is something wrong with this expensive, 6 week old lamp? I have used Ott lamps for years, and Ilove the light they emit. But this is ridiculous.Update: Just received the correct bulb, but the lamp no longer works. I probably ruined it by using the wrong bulb. I place this wholly on the ott company. It was expensive, it no longer works, and the fact that their are two bulbs that fit the lamp but only one that works is insane. 1Get the 13w florescent version - NOT the LED version I purchased both the LED and AC (13w florescent bulb) lamp versions. Get the florescent one you plug in. I gave the LED version a one-star rating which is very unusual for me. I try to keep things positive. But the differences between this and the LED (battery powered) lamps are hilarious. Even my wife laughs at the LED version. This florescent version you plug in (13w bulb) is 10x brighter. It lights up our whole desk area. That LED version was nowhere near this good. 5I Love this light! If you've never used an OttLite, you have to try one of their many models that fit your needs. As an artist, this light is the difference between making a costly mistake in color matching for my paintings. Even in you think you have plenty of natural light in your home/office/art studio...I can almost guarantee you don't. I was a critic before I decided to break down and try one myself. I was hooked. My eyes even thank me.I have two of these Task Lamps, one is Black and the other Pink. I really like the swivel base, but it does take up a larger footprint on your desk. This is easy to fix...simply do not snap on the swivel base. So you can have it either way.I also have a desk edition that has a jointed arm. It too works very well and wasn't as expensive as this task lamp...but I must say I like the task lamp the very best. The design is just a better fit for me and my situation.You can't go wrong with this task lamp. It is perfect for taking pictures of your art without leaving a dark shadow on the photographed image. It also is fantastic for those that want to post a video on YouTube. I would highly recommend this OttLite Task Lamp to everyone. 5
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