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Oxo 1130900 Good Grips Fish Turner,Stainless Steel,1/2"W X 13.65"L/3 1/2"

  • Oxo 1130900 Good Grips Fish Turner,Stainless Steel,1/2"W X 13.65"L/3 1/2"
  • Oxo 1130900 Good Grips Fish Turner,Stainless Steel,1/2"W X 13.65"L/3 1/2"
  • Oxo 1130900 Good Grips Fish Turner,Stainless Steel,1/2"W X 13.65"L/3 1/2"
  • Oxo 1130900 Good Grips Fish Turner,Stainless Steel,1/2"W X 13.65"L/3 1/2"
  • Oxo 1130900 Good Grips Fish Turner,Stainless Steel,1/2"W X 13.65"L/3 1/2"
  • Oxo 1130900 Good Grips Fish Turner,Stainless Steel,1/2"W X 13.65"L/3 1/2"

Oxo 1130900 Good Grips Fish Turner,Stainless Steel,1/2"W X 13.65"L/3 1/2"

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Great for lifting, turning and transferring whole fish, filets, seafood cakes and more
  • Sturdy, oversized, stainless steel head
  • Beveled edge helps slide beneath foods
  • Slots in head allow grease to drain
  • Soft, comfortable, non-slip handle
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Customer Reviews

Got a griddle on your stove? You need this! I have a built-in cast iron griddle on my stovetop that I use several times a week. This spatula is fantastic for everything I've cooked - turning pancakes, french toast, burgers. It's flexible with a thin sharp edge that slides easily under the gooiest pancake, but it's also rigid enough to make quick work of scraping the grease off the griddle after cooking a pound of bacon and it's long enough to keep your hand away from the heat of the griddle. 5Cheap, broke the first time I used it!It arrived today and Broke the first time I used it! Cheaply made1stiffIt's too thick. It doesn't get under fish easily and the fish ends up breaking apart. I have better luck with my flexible silicon spatula.1What a fantastic turnerI have no idea how I survived cooking fish as much as I do without this well-designed turner. Lightweight yet not too much so, ergonomics are terrific, and it cleans up in no time. One of the best kitchen ware purchases I have ever made. Bravo, OXO!5If you value your skillet's seasoning, skip this one. The front edge of this turner was so sharp and rough it kept scratching the seasoning off my carbon steel pan. I had my husband hone the bottom front a bit, but it still too sharp and not great. It might be okay in a cast iron skillet, but I was afraid to try it. It looks like a part of the surface metal has rubbed off or something on the back. Also, the turner is very large and the blade too long for my liking. I ended up getting something else from another source. 1Rusted immediately I ordered the restaurant turner and after 1 run through the dishwasher it was covered in rust all over every metal surface (despite being marked as dishawasher safe). Returned for refund. 1THE best turning/lifting kitchen tool you will ever have THE best turning/lifting kitchen tool you will ever have! I had a pancake turner for 40-odd years that was reduced to just the head and the tang that fit into a handle. Something mysteriously happened to it, so I bought this super duper turner, mostly because I love the brand OXO. This turner is high quality metal (just barely tap the edge then put it up to your ear - it "sings" to you! The mark of fine craftsmanship!) and the only turner you will ever need. The turner part is large enough to take 3-4 cookies from a sheet at a time. It can be dishwasher-washed, but I recommend hand-washing - it is just so easy to clean lickety split! 5like I always doMy wife asked for a large fish turner spatula for Christmas, so, like I always do, I hit the web and started doing extensive research on these products. I'm not a chef, nor have I ever heard of Fish Spatulas before, so this was all new to me. After doing much research on the subject - and having read countless Amazon user reviews of more expensive and less expensive products - I narrowed my search down to one product: This OXO Good Grips Fish Turner. But I gotta tell you, I should have known! I've purchased many OXO Good Grips products in the past - and every single one has been outstanding. They are made with the user experience in mind... Always using high-quality materials and designed with good ergonomics. This one is no exception. After 5 months of regular use, it looks as new as it was on Christmas morning... From the pan to the sink to the dishwasher and back into the drawer. If you are in the hunt for an inexpensive yet high quality fish spatula - look no further! You've found your tool...5FINALLY, A KING-SIZE SLOTTED SPATULAbeen looking for a oversized metal spatula for a long time, this exceeds expectations. most are either too narrow or not long enough. Williams Sonoma wanted 30+ bucks for something similar with less spatula and a longer handle, NO THANKS! great overall surface area for decent size fish fillets, and very helpful for turning, lifting deep fried foods. Don't mind the metal, got rid of all my old worthless teflon pans, perfect for cast iron, steel carbon and stainless pans. Great handle, easy to clean. You did it again OXO!5Kinda not so goodThe size is a little larger than I wanted. The handle is too short for my hands. The metal is thin which is great for getting under the food, but heavy pieces of food are like to cause it to flex. The flexing can turn into bending. For its size, the metal is too weak. If the working area was a little shorter it would fine. There is no evidence of rusting, but I remove food from it immediately, do a quick wash under running water, then rinse and dry. This is to prepare it for a more thorough washing later. I would not put this in my dish washer.3cast iron skilletUsed it for the first time in a 12" cast iron skillet. I wasn't worried about it marring up the seasoning. I am new to cooking and fried some eggs and this spatula turned them well. Much, much better than the old, plastic spatulas I had been using. This isn't a knock on the spatula but I found it too big for the cast iron pan. It was hard to get the spatula under the egg with the side of lodge cast iron pan being too tall. But, yes, it did well flipping eggs, and confident it could flip fish, burgers, and a steak as well. The problem could completely be operator error. But with the slotted section being 7" long, not easy to maneuver in a 12" pan. But by the looks of other fish turners, it appears standard size, so probably just me that would have the problem.5Awesome! OXO Good Grips hit it out of the ...Awesome! OXO Good Grips hit it out of the park again with this tool. It is the perfect cook's tool to flip fish fillets in stainless steel cookware.Update 3/20/17: I use this to flip a fried egg over the weekend and it was awesome. Then I made a grilled cheese sandwich in my stainless steel frypan, with lots of ooey gooey cheese and again this was the perfect tool. I buttered both sides of the bread and put those face side down in the pan. This special spatula snuck right under the bread to make it a simple task of flipping over the sourdough wonder. I believe I have just reached grilled cheese nirvana.5Not the quality as statedI purchased an OXO good grips fish turner back in March, It is now early August, I didn't use it for a few months and then I needed it. After using it, I put it in the dishwasher, dried it and hung it on the wall with my other kitchen utensils. I noticed several little orange colored round spots on the narrow part of the stainless head (nearest to the handle) the next day. I tried to rub them off with a scouring pad but they won't come off, It's rust! Why would stainless steel rust? I have been an avid fan of OXO products, their quality, their usability and their pricing are all good by me. This however, is a poorly manufactured kitchen tool, I threw it away.1Not durableOur turner just broke. Very sad that it didn t last long at all.1Big OXO fan here! (One small issue with this unit.) First, let me start by saying I really like the functionality and build of this spatula. For as thin as it is on the edge, it is extremely sturdy. I use it for eggs over easy and I do apply oil to both sides of it to help it slide under the eggs without dragging egg unto the edge, which I think is how restaurants get them so perfectly flipped. Super nice feeling handle also, big enough to feel solid and a nice casing over it. The spatula is also big enough to slide under larger and heavier things securely. It gets 5++ Stars from me for all of that.The issue that costs this unit a star: My spatula develop stains on it that make no sense to me whatsoever. At first I thought that perhaps it isn't stainless steel throughout, but just a coating. And that I was seeing a rub off of the coating. I called OXO and they assured me that is not the case, it is solid stainless. I thought maybe it was the dishwasher but I got a second one and that was not the case. It also stained but with no reasonable reason.Bottom line, it's the best spatula I've ever bought and I absolutely love it. I guess I would have to reconsider if I displayed my utensils upside down because the staining is rather unsightly. I checked reviews and did not see this complaint anywhere else. For all I know there's something weird that's reacting with mine. I'm just mentioning this for people who display their utensils. If somehow it broke which I can't imagine, I would be buying a second one immediately. And this is the first time I've ever had any problem whatsoever, large or small, with any OXO product. 4
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