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OXO Good Grips Lewis Pepper Mill

  • OXO Good Grips Lewis Pepper Mill
  • OXO Good Grips Lewis Pepper Mill
  • OXO Good Grips Lewis Pepper Mill
  • OXO Good Grips Lewis Pepper Mill
  • OXO Good Grips Lewis Pepper Mill
  • OXO Good Grips Lewis Pepper Mill

OXO Good Grips Lewis Pepper Mill

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Non-slip, oversized knob is easy to grip and turn
  • Long arm makes grinding easy
  • Ceramic mechanism adjustable for coarse or fine grind
  • Clear door shows when to refill and opens wide for filling
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Customer Reviews

will not buy againEdit: 1/4/2019 not even a year after purchasing this item, the plastic piece that you adjust on the bottom broke. Cannot use. Do not recommend as it does not last.I was a little worried about some of the negative reviews on this before I bought it. Bought it anyway. Don't regret it. I'm a little OCD and don't like that now my salt shaker doesn't match my pepper grinder, but oh well. Saw some complaints about the fine/coarse setting. It turned fine for me to the fine setting, although you do have to put some force behind it. I cook with a lot of pepper, so the traditional grinder where you need to get a good grip on the top does not work for me since I almost always have olive oil, etc. on my hands making grinding almost impossible without first washing hands. With this grinder, your hands can be slippery and will not affect your grip. In addition, this thing cranks out for more pepper much faster than a traditional pepper grinder. I don't have all day when I'm cooking and this grinder gets the job done. Negatives: I don't like that cap that sits on the bottom. I have to use two hands to separate when I pick it up, and some times it just falls off on its own when I pick it up. Either design one that stays on when you pick it up, or one that will not stay on when you pick it up. I just like to know. I don't keep the grinder on that cap unless I'm done with it. Worth the money and I've not had any problems with it as of yet. Best grinder I've ever owned. Should have switched to this style sooner. 1The best pepper mill I ever had is now milling again.I originally reviewed this at 4-stars because the entire contents dropped out and into my spaghetti so I thought it was dead and needed to be replaced. Fortunately, all the parts were recovered, none were swallowed, and I was able to determine the problem and fix it. There s a small locking ring that fits over a cutout in the shaft that keeps the grinder section, and pepper, from dropping out. It came off so I carefully removed the clear plastic door, tightened the clip up a but with some needle nose pliers, pushed everything back in and snapped the clip back in place and viola all is good again. It s a common clip that I have an assortment of from rebuilding my lawn & garden equipment so if it comes off again I ll just put a new clip on it. no damage was done and it grinds pepper perfectly. The original review follows I purchased it in April 2012 for the exact same price it s listed at today about 12-bucks. the retaining ring that snaps on inside to hold the grinding mechanism in place came off while I was grinding over my pasta and everything came down and out so I pulled off some of the pepper balls and kept going. I think I can snap it back on with some long needle nose pliers and will give it a shot but now I wouldn t want to bet it would never happen again even if I crimp the retaining ring a bit. There s a lot of force exerted on it during the milling process so it s probably just best to replace it. I have no complaints at all with it and getting as many years as I did out of it and it has more than paid for itself. I have become an Oxo fan and have added a number of their kitchen tools to my most frequently used items like the Brushed Stainless Steel Spoon, Steel Can Opener and the Stainless Steel Bladed Dough Blender with Cutter. I can see why this is Amazon s Choice and has such high positive reviews so I ll purchase another and try repairing the old one just for the challenge because I d hate to see it fall apart again over something like a homemade bowl of hot soup. Considering the years I got out of it with pretty much daily use in a household of two adults its well worth the price. I don t know what the life expectancy should be for a pepper mill but it did lose a star because it fell apart rather than wearing out with what I d call gentle use of not more than a few cranks per use. I originally purchased it based on looks and because it had a ceramic grinder rather than metal. The grinding process is easy with the offset handle and since I like coarse ground pepper there s not much of an alternative to milling our own since all we can find in our local shopping (40-miles away) is fine ground pepper. It does not come apart intentionally so cleaning is not all that easy. 5Falls apart into foodBeware. This peppermill falls apart and drops its internal metal parts into your food. It just happened to me for the second time. I gave it the benefit of the doubt the first time. Into the trash it just went. Look elsewhere for a better grinder and check reviews carefully. I just noticed that I m far from the first person it s happened to. 1Would have rated 5 stars but....Overall its a really good grinder. Only issue is you have to hold the door where you fill up the peppercorns because it opens as you are grinding --- you don't want the peppercorns to fly out lol. Has options for course and fine grinding just turn the knob on the bottom. Best of all it has a lid. Oh and it grinds smoothly.Made out of plastic but seems sturdy. Grinding part is made out of ceramic.TIP: grind pepper with lid on so you won't get the pepper all over the place, then you just sprinkle it on whatever you're making.I use the Costco kirkland brand peppercorns... I'm sure there's others that are great too... 4Bought this on Amazon in February of 2015. I ...Bought this on Amazon in February of 2015. I am a fan of OXO products, for sure... but this one did not meet my expectations. Little plastic chute that opens up for adding pepper kept falling off, spilling pepper all over the place. After happening a multitude of times, it will now not snap on at all. Throwing away... 1Pepper Grinder DisasterHard to hold, especially when your hands are a little greasy.To stop it from slipping, I squeezed it harder, but then the little refill door opens.It's just too big and oddly shaped to get a good grip on.Luckily, OXO makes other grinders which have a better design.https://www.amazon.com/OXO-Good-Grips-Pepper-Grinder/dp/B001CDP6EEhttps://www.amazon.com/OXO-2154200-Pepper-Grinder-Clear/dp/B00F5MJCTS/ref=pd_lpo_79_bs_t_2?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1&refRID=9G707V3VW6A656NB8ZAA 1Good While It LastedOnly managed to get a little over two years before it fell apart. The shaft popped out of the upper housing and I cannot find any indication of the clip described by another reviewer with what appears to a similar failure. I probably use three times as much pepper as most people so there was some decent usage. The deducted stars reflect what I consider to be a short life.I liked this product because of the handle and the ceramic grinding mechanism for a very good price. The cap is nice to have to reduce spillage of pepper dust and can be used to hold a small amount of ground pepper.I am offering the below as items for consideration, not cons or complaints, etc.1. The door is not very large or wide opening so a small to medium funnel should be used for filling.2. I used to be annoyed with how frequently I had to fill my old nine inch tall pepper grinder and the chamber for this product is only about three inches in height and the shape of the chamber is a cone converging at the top.3. The door will not close if the chamber is completely filled. Must leave some space to allow door to close and some contents to shift.4. Dimensions of a pepper mill or spice grinder are basically useless except to try to decide where it will fit. Product descriptions from the manufacturer need to specify what the volume of the chamber is. I estimate that this holds slightly less than 1/4 of a cup.Prime Day is only five days away but since this is a product that I need one probably will not be offered. 3If they were cheaper I would have one for all my spicesThis is the best pepper mill I have ever used. I have one for sea salt and one for green peppercorns. You do need to position your hand on the little door when you grind. I fill mine with a small funnel. They hold A LOT. Two or three cranks is all you need for about 1/4 teaspoon. I like the cap on the bottom. I do my couple of grinds, take off the cap and use just as much as i want storing the rest there till next time. This type has lasted me longer than any other. I must be tough on them or holding over a steaming pot or dish may gum them up?? 5Best pepper mill I have ever used.I ordered this for my dad who loves to cook because he had been using a scrappy stand-up knob-style pepper grinder for a while and knew he deserved something better. I was actually pretty hesitant in buying this pepper mill, because there were others sold on Amazon that had much more buyer reviews and were a little more expensive. I hope that this review can help change that.It is literally the best pepper mill I have ever used. Finally got to see it in person at my parents' house and was blown away by the simplicity of the design of this thing. Here's a list of why it is great:- Really sturdy. Made out of plastic, but seems very durable.- The size is PERFECT for holding in your hand (this was one of my biggest fears because the picture makes it look quite big in my opinion).- The loading door is great and the mill holds a very generous amount of pepper.- Very easy to turn, easy to change coarseness (the lever-arm style pepper-mill is really what I was looking for because it is just much easier to turn than a knob-style). Also, the black knob on the lever can rotate independently from the lever, which is key to making it very easy to turn.- The cover cap that comes with it is great so that you don't get pepper all over your kitchen counter.Overall, really a great product. I couldn't be more impressed with it.UPDATE: December 04, 2012It has been over a year since this product was received and is in use at LEAST once every day (and by once I mean over the course of one meal).The pepper mill is still going strong. There really isn't much I can add to the above original review of the product except that there have been no issues whatsoever and it has been working just as well since Day 1. Everyone who uses it loves it, it is VERY easy to use and get a lot of pepper from very little grinding effort due to the design of the lever-style crank mechanism, and it is very easy to clean (which rarely needs to be done since it's a pepper mill).I have gotten other products from Oxo since this pepper mill and continue to be very impressed by them. Do yourself a favor: Do not be fooled by the other pepper mills that are often more EXPENSIVE - this one has been just about perfect. 5Slight Modification Does the Trick !My husband cut a 3/4 inch strip from a bicycle inner tube and slipped it over the mill ,at about the top third, just below the top of the door. This now makes it possible to relax his grip and grind pepper effortlessly. A real boon for painful arthritic hands. Maybe OXO should consider adding a rubber grip strip to the body of the grinder. Great value, don't spend more, buy this one! 5
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