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OXO Good Grips Nylon Lasagna Turner

  • OXO Good Grips Nylon Lasagna Turner
  • OXO Good Grips Nylon Lasagna Turner
  • OXO Good Grips Nylon Lasagna Turner
  • OXO Good Grips Nylon Lasagna Turner
  • OXO Good Grips Nylon Lasagna Turner
  • OXO Good Grips Nylon Lasagna Turner
  • OXO Good Grips Nylon Lasagna Turner
  • OXO Good Grips Nylon Lasagna Turner

OXO Good Grips Nylon Lasagna Turner

£48.00 £28.80 Save: £19.20
£28.80 £48.00 You save: £19.20



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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Nylon Lasagne Turner has a broad surface for lifting and serving
  • Angled neck fits perfectly under lasagne in the pan
  • Sized to cut and lift the perfect portion
  • Sturdy nylon is safe for non-stick cookware
  • Heat resistant to 400F; Metal accents add style
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Customer Reviews

Not watertight in connection portionI have bought Oxo item in the past and liked the spoon. I bought a new one but it now has a metal ring that connects the handle. This ring is not watertight. When I remove it from the dishwasher, it leaks out soapy water. I tried to get all the water out, but when it still leaked out when I used it to cook with I decided it needed to go! It held a surprising amount of liquid in that little ring area. Yuck! 1MELTED!!!The plastic is not heat resistant. See the attached photos.I bought one and liked the feel and overall design. So, I bought 2 more. Everything else seemed to be going to silicone, which doesn't work well as a spatula because they are either too thick and push the food around or are too thin and flimsy. I specifically bought this because it was "old school". Unfortunately, this one didn't hold up. It remains to be seen if the other 2 will hold up. They haven't melted yet. But, I am pretty sure they will now.These melted areas didn't occur due to abuse. They just started appearing. What I mean, I didn't do anything that should have caused this. All I used it for was to turn eggs. I normally have good luck with OXO products. They dropped the ball on this product. 1Cracked in half. Tore a chunk out of my finger.I was just trying to scoop a piece of pot pie out of the pie tin when... *snap* the spoon crack in half, a piece when flying across the room somewhere I can't find it, and the sharp edge gouged a chunk out of my finger. Not cool oxo. (Picture of the spoon, pot pie (cooked) and finger attached) 1The handle is very comfortable. More comfortable than my William Sonoma spaghetti serverThe handle is very comfortable. More comfortable than my William Sonoma spaghetti server. But it doesn t work well. It doesn t grab the spaghetti well. It falls off it s like they are flared out too much. In that regard my William Sonoma one is much much better. I m disappointed because cooks illustrated recommended this. 3I forgot how great it is to have a cooking fork!All my old forks just faded away - I don't know where - to be replaced by tongs. I must have a dozen pairs of tongs which I never use, all different lengths, some metal, some rubber-tipped. Some even have fingers, and they're useless, too. Food falls out of 'em, or you smash the food, there's no controlling a pair of tongs. You can't even set them down - they just flip over or roll away. I think I just kept buying them in hopes of finding a pair I could actually USE!I was going through my utensils the other day and I thought, "I have all these tongs, but I don't have a single cooking fork."So I came looking for one, but I couldn't find any. Which really ticked me off. Did you know that, if you search for "cooking fork," Amazon doesn't have any? Neither do those folks over at Google - you have to look for a BBQ fork just to get in the right section. You can forget about your local grocery, Target, Home Depot, or other department store. They have NONE! (Where did they all go?)When I got to this section, I found all you cooking fork connoisseurs debating the fine points of stiffness vs. flexibility, the number and the spacing of tines, and judging them based upon the Bacon Scale (who knew there even was such a thing?). I just wanted a fork that was long enough to let me spear my food in a hot pan without burning my fingers.So I just ordered this Oxo, cause it's a name I know. I don't know if it's any better or worse than any other cooking fork out there. But when I took this bad boy out of the package and used it for the first time, I said "This is what's been missing from my kitchen all these years!" I could see my mother, my aunts, and both grandmothers at their stoves, forks in hand. I could envision the first cave woman who tied a couple of sticks together to make herself a cooking fork, because one HAD to be made! And I knew I had made the right decision and I am so happy with my new cooking fork! Just jump in and get yourself one - you know you want it. 4Love this fork; Very long handleI have looked everywhere for this! Can't find these in the store anymore, i think people thought it was for use as a meat fork, like the metal fork that you use on the grill. This is an absolute necessity for cooking with non-stick pans, as any metal contact ruins them. I use this for stirring rice, pasta, scrambled eggs, or anything you don't want to displace in the pan while you're stirring. I also purchased the Calphalon Nylon Fork, but this one was a good 4 inches longer than that one, and has a more solid feel to it. Highly recommended!EDIT: Dec 2012: i measured it, this one is only 2 and 1/2 inches longer than the Calphalon brand, it just seems longer. However, this one is rated for up to 400degF; the Calphalon fork is only rated for 250degF, and the tips of the Calphalon's tines/points have begun to bend upwards. The Oxo is still in great shape though after months of regular use. 5OXO is bringing my soup game to the next level, or should I say ladleI get this almost childish sense of giddiness whenever I order an OXO kitchen product. Probably because all of the OXO products I have ever owned have lasted years, and functioned above my expectations. It's a kitchen ladle, so it's probably hard to mess up, but this one scoops and pours well and washes no problemo. You of course will need another kitchen implement (a spoon or spatula of sorts) to get all the yummy soup/ stew/ whatever you are ladling out of your pot, seeing as a ladle simply doesn't have the angles to scoop the sides of the pot. OXO will certainly have a product that can meet that need as well. :D It makes cooking more fun to have kitchen tools you enjoy using, and that's why I am willing to pay a bit more for OXO brand. Also, as an aside, please tell me I am not the only one who gets thinks of the children's song "Aikendrum" every time I use a ladle! 5This OXO Good Grips nylon turner is large and sturdyThis OXO Good Grips nylon turner is large and sturdy. It has a nearly straight front edge that's just thin enough for getting under the food easily and a wide rounded shape to give great support to big flap jacks, grilled cheese sandwiches, tortillas, giant burgers or anything else that needs turning or moving about in the pan. I like the round drain holes rather than typical long open slots. It makes this turner even more versatile for lifting out and draining crispy bacon lardons or diced/sliced veggies. The new design of the grip by OXO is especially appreciated. Their older ones were a bit too bulky. This time they got it just right. It gives you a firm, comfortable grip and is not too big to fit down into your utensil crock with all the other tools. I highly recommend it. 5Perfect spaghetti server that is great for lots of different pasta as well!The spaghetti server that came with the utensil set I got as a wedding gift many years ago finally broke recently and I needed a new one. I have had a great experience with OXO products so I ordered this expecting it would be no different. Indeed it has done its job well and seems sturdy and well made. I like the material of the handle and the length of the wand. I like the shape of the basket as well as it is wider and not quite as deep as my old one. That enables it to scoop up tortellini or ravoli in addition to long thin pastas like angel hair, spaghetti and linguini. Let's be honest though, the best part about any kitchen utensil is the ability to throw it in the dishwasher! This bad boy is not only dishwasher safe but is heat resistant to 400 degrees. What more could you want out of spaghetti server? Short of being made of gold, this is a fine and sturdy kitchen instrument that does its job without any fuss! What more do you need to know?I did NOT receive this item free or at a discount 5Good qualityGood quality. 5
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