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OXO Good Grips Small Cookie Scoop

  • OXO Good Grips Small Cookie Scoop
  • OXO Good Grips Small Cookie Scoop
  • OXO Good Grips Small Cookie Scoop
  • OXO Good Grips Small Cookie Scoop
  • OXO Good Grips Small Cookie Scoop
  • OXO Good Grips Small Cookie Scoop
  • OXO Good Grips Small Cookie Scoop
  • OXO Good Grips Small Cookie Scoop
  • OXO Good Grips Small Cookie Scoop
  • OXO Good Grips Small Cookie Scoop

OXO Good Grips Small Cookie Scoop

£76.00 £45.60 Save: £30.40
£45.60 £76.00 You save: £30.40



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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Soft, comfortable, spring-loaded handle absorbs pressure for a simple squeeze
  • Wiper cleanly ejects even sticky dough, creating uniform cookies that will bake evenly
  • #60 portioner holds 2 teaspoons of dough
  • Yields 2" diameter cookies
  • Dishwasher safe
  • The OXO Better Guarantee: If you experience an issue with your OXO product, get in touch with us for a repair or replacement. We're grateful for the opportunity to learn from your experience, and we'll make it better
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Customer Reviews

It s a really great tool for causing friction between you and your loved ...I guess I should have read the reviews before I ordered this for my wife. She was just starting baking of Christmas cookies so I gave her this plus a drying rack that I ordered for her as a gift. Hers broke after 2 cookies. I reassembled it and she made three cookies and then it fell apart again. I thought perhaps she was doing something wrong so after the third reassembly I tried it and it fell apart on my second cookie. It s a really great tool for causing friction between you and your loved ones. It you re looking for an excuse to slam the door and head out to the bar on a Sunday afternoon this will help. 1Fell ApartI'm so disappointed. I've owned this scoop for 6 months. I use it to scoop cupcake batter. It worked like a dream! Then this morning, as I was scooping my cupcake batter, it completely fell apart in my hands. The spring fell into my cupcake batter, and the handle totally fell apart. ARG! Frustrating! 1Cheap constructionI bought the small scoop. Was flexing it when I took it out of the box and it fell apart. My husband put it back together and when I used it about a month later I had done three cookies and it fell apart again. So disappointed!! 1Very comfortable to use, not very small thoughSo I ordered all the small dishers available on Amazon. Sure, I'm nuts, but I have Amazon Prime, so the shipping was free. Anyway, I thought you all might like to see my analysis of them.I added a picture of the scoops and the balls they created to the item, see the alternate pictures. The balls are made out of quite firm, straight from the refrigerator whipped white chocolate ganache. There are two scoops shown for each disher. On the left is a scoop leveled off with a knife, to the right is a slightly rounded "natural" scoop.(from left to right, see picture) I also bought the Norpro Stainless Steel Scoop, 25MM (1.5 Teaspoon) and am keeping that, as I really wanted a very small scoop. The next smallest is also the most expensive, the smaller of the two Zeroll Universal Small EZ Disher Food/Ice Cream Scoop, Orange, followed by the Zeroll Universal Small EZ Disher Food/Ice Cream Scoop, Burgundy. They made nice scoops, but I returned the Zerolls as I found the plastic handles rather awkward to use with very stiff batter. These are followed by the Oxo Good Grips Small Cookie Scoop and the Adcraft (purchased at a local restaurant supply store), which I felt would be best for cookies or small meatballs, but if you like a larger truffle, they could be used for that too. The Oxo Good Grips Small Cookie Scoop has the most comfortable handle to use of all of them. It produced ganache balls of 14-19 grams. 5A poor quality product that relies on marketing its quality grip.After having great success with the OXO Good Grips Green Salad Spinner over other brands that broke, I returned to this brand when shopping for a cookie scoop. I sometimes make large batches of cookies, so comfortable grip was a high priority.It arrived broken but you can "fix" the gear shaft to connect to the teeth of the arm again by compressing the sweep, lifting the gear shaft, and sliding the row of teeth back in place. That's already a bad sign - as this easy "fix" indicates it's that easy to break too.As the sweep moves, it compresses to anywhere from a 2-5mm tolerance against the inner diameter of the scoop wall. This poor tolerance means the scoop will leave a lot of batter or dough against the walls. After putting it back together and squeezing a couple of times - without even testing on cookie dough - the gear detached again. I would not recommend this product. 1HOW TO FIX COG SLIP PROBLEMOXO Good Grips Large Cookie Scoop looked very promising as I like my cookies large and I'm frankly tired of using a spoon and my hands to get them to the right size. This actually worked perfectly and was well built and sturdy. Made a batch of Snicker-doodles and it worked great and I was so very pleased. Then a couple of days later made a batch of chocolate-chip cookies, worked great but then I did a batch of oatmeal-raisin cookies and the gear on the end slipped a couple of cogs. Made it impossible to get the cookie out of the gadget. I tried to get it to go back to the original spot on the gear but it is pretty much impossible to do without bending and taking apart the whole apparatus, or so I thought. I was so disappointed as I've always had fantastic service from every OXO Good Grips product and I have more than a few. Getting prepared to send it back when I noticed the OXO Good Grips customer service number so gave it a shout. The real person handling my call (I'm oh so tired of talking to computers) resolved the problem in a moment saying they had re-designed this product in the last few months and there were still some of the older design out there. She told me that she would immediately send me a replacement of the new design and I should not have that problem with this one. And, here is the kicker: IF YOU HAVE THE NEW DESIGN, TO RESET THE COG JUST PRESS THE VERY BOTTOM OF THE SHAFT AND YOU CAN PUT IT BACK TO START. Wow! Talked to a human and that human resolved my problem and I got my replacement in a couple of days. How extraordinary in this day and age. Props to OXO GG!. 5Medium makes 2.5 Toll House cookiesIt s a good scoop. I got the medium size.There is a lot of discussion regarding size of cookie. I could be wrong, but there are more factors involved than just the amount of dough used. That said, I followed the Nestle Toll House recipe and ended up with perfect 2.5 cookies. Their recipe does say use a tablespoon, so that would be the small. However, I think this size is better 4What a mess.My scoop broke about 1/4 of the way through my cookie dough. Before it broke completely, the blade to clear the scoop would only move 1/2 of the way across the scoop. I tolerated that even though I was disappointed. Then, I was baking Christmas cookie gifts and...Clunk! The scoop blade got jammed and wouldn t move. A clump of cookie dough was caught under the scooper blade, there was more dough on my hand from when the blade popped off its track and flung cookie dough, and there was a lot of dough left in the bowl waiting for me to scoop, measure, and mound just right.No, I would not recommend this gadget. In fact, the mechanical failure was so psychologically traumatic, I am afraid to try another brand. I am sorry children. Christmas cookies will be limited this year to bar cookies. No more scooping for me. [sniff] 1Comfy grip but mechanism is terrible and breaks easily.I have to begin to satay that I have loved every oxo product I have purchase except this one. This is the third oxocookiescooper I have purchased regardless since I have not found another that has a more comfortable grip. However, the mechanism is terrible. My first medium scoop broke upon my first use and I contacted oxo and received a replacement. Then I bought another large scoop, which has the same cheap and unreliable mechanics with the gear, also broke but I was able to fix it in a pinch. Yesterday I had to make an order of 200 cookies and used my medium scoop, which lasted only the first 4 trays (48 cookies), then the gear gave out, as you see below. I am surprised to see the high reviews of this product because I do love the feel of the scoop, but I wish Oxo would reexamine the mechanics of this to make it a much stronger product.I have since then bought Solula, all stainless steel without the comfy grip, but feels like a much sturdier product. Higher grade stainless steel and strong gear mechanism. (But beware of counterfeit. If it does not come in a grey box that says Solula and instead is a cheap blue cardboard printed packaging and sticker on the back that says Solula.) 2A Rare Misfire for OXOI hate giving an OXO product a poor review. They're my favorite kitchen ware company. Their stuff is usually well designed and long lasting. This scoop is a huge disappointment. Literally the second time I used, it it broke. The little lever that pushed food out of the bowl popped right out. My husband, who can usually fix everything, was able to pop it back in but it would only last a couple of scoops of cookie dough before it broke again. So, into the trash it went and I'm out $12. I'm bummed that my most trusted brand designed such a poor product. 1
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