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Oxo 1043632 Good Grips Toilet Brush Replacement Head

  • Oxo 1043632 Good Grips Toilet Brush Replacement Head
  • Oxo 1043632 Good Grips Toilet Brush Replacement Head
  • Oxo 1043632 Good Grips Toilet Brush Replacement Head
  • Oxo 1043632 Good Grips Toilet Brush Replacement Head
  • Oxo 1043632 Good Grips Toilet Brush Replacement Head
  • Oxo 1043632 Good Grips Toilet Brush Replacement Head
  • Oxo 1043632 Good Grips Toilet Brush Replacement Head

Oxo 1043632 Good Grips Toilet Brush Replacement Head

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Replacement Head extends the life of your OXO Good Grips Hideaway Compact Toilet Brush
  • Flexible neck for easy cleaning
  • Bullet-shaped bristle configuration accommodates even low-flush toilets
  • Handle won't spin in your hand
  • Clamshell canister conceals the brush when not in use
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Customer Reviews

One StarBought this because of the good reviews, but disappointed as water leaks out of the base 1If you're looking for a good toilet brush - this does the jobIf you're looking for a good toilet brush - this does the job. I read lots of reviews before I chose to purchase this model. Overall, not much to complain about. I have 2 bathrooms to clean - so the downside is that when transporting this, you have to completely pick up the product from the bottom of the base-otherwise the brush just comes right out (however that is convenient.) The base that holds the brush isn't the easiest to keep clean but I just personally soak it in hot soapy water, then let it air-dry. The brush itself seems durable and has held up quite well compared to some of the reviews I've read. 4Love this productLove the way this toilet brush looks in my bathroom; the gross part (the brush) is hidden from site and the container is sleek and neat. I also love how the brush is elevated in its housing, so it isn't sitting in nasty water. I clean houses for a living and have seen my share of really bad toilet brush designs. I have been suggesting this product to all of my clients and they are just as pleased with it. My only complaint is that it doesn't have an area where the bristles are longer to reach under the rim. I really have to work to get the brush up under there. Other than that though, it is a great product! 4It is a good, basic toilet brushThe product I received (June 2018) did NOT have the ventilation opening pictured. Instead the unit is fully enclosed, with no way for water, should it accumulate from the brush, to evaporate or be removed short of upending the whole container. You can't even see if any water is collected. I think you need to update your photo of the product so people know what to expect. It is a good, basic toilet brush. The label removed easily. It looks OK in the bathroom. But I really wanted that ventilation feature. 3Very easy to use and stores away nicely behind the toiletVery easy to use and stores away nicely behind the toilet. Love that the brush is covered when away. I saw some people say THEY COULDNT remove the label at the front. That was a deterrent for me but I went ahead and got it anyway. Im glad I did. YES it came with a huge label on the front but I was able to easily peel it off and it left no sticky residue behind. See pics attached. 5Water leaks out of the bottom of the hideaway baseI bought this toilet brush based on the Wirecutter's recommendation. I am not a clean freak, but I am not gross and like to have a clean throne on which to sit. I clean my toilets on a weekly basis.Pros+ Looks nice!+ Brush does a decent job scrubbing and has a nice feel and weight to it+ Hideaway base works as expected to hide the brush and the mechanism has not deteriorated in the last 1.5 years+ Base elevates the brush, so the brush head is not sitting in its gross "juices" and actually drip dries (but as for where those drippings go....)Cons- Water accumulates in the bottom of the base and does not actually evaporate. This is still pretty gross unless you clean it every time you use the brush. (I usually "shake out" the brush pretty well after using and cleaning it, so maybe I need to leave it to dry while "clamped" in the toilet seat.)- The base leaks. This creates a ring of dark gunk on the outside of the base. Depending on your toilet cleaner, the leaked "drippings" may discolor your floors (which is entirely due to my choice of cleaner, I understand) or, if the base is pushed behind the toilet and against the wall/molding, it may get your molding or walls wet and discolored.OverallI like the form and function, and was initially so happy with this toilet brush set. However, the base leakage is a deal-breaker. I currently keep these little guys away from my walls and on top of a folded up washcloth while searching for a replacement. 2Simple product - so usefulThis OXO compact toilet brush is just what I was looking for and is perfect in every way. Never thought I would be reviewing a toilet brush but this product is great. It is very compact and takes up very little space. The design is modern and it blends into any bathroom perfectly. The canister smoothly pops open when you lift the brush and snaps shut just as easily when you put it back. The brush itself is very strong and durable and cleans my toilet bowl easily and completely. I use it for daily general cleanup as well as thorough cleans. For daily cleans I scrub the bowl and rinse off the brush before putting it back in the canister. The brush is easy to clean thoroughly and the top of the canister has room for the inside to breathe and dry out. I must add the canister in no way leaks. I am confused by people complaining about the sticker. Yes the product comes with a sticker adhered to it. But it is very simple and easy to remove it. It leaves no residue and is no issue whatsoever. Love that this product takes up so little space yet provides such a great service and does a superb job. Highly recommend. 5ARRIVED NASTY - GROSS BROWN SLUDGE ON HANDLEThis literally ARRIVED with a disgusting lump of brown sludge on the handle!! I'm so grossed out. I really hope it was mud and not actual feces - did not venture to investigate further. Really gross.Will also be returning the dish brush that came in the same box!! Ew. And disinfecting everything. 1Well designed product, easy to use, elegant lookBig fan of these toilet brushes. I bought 2 (one for each bathroom) and I love the clean and simplistic look. My housekeeper works in an upscale resort and said she likes mine way better than the ones they use in the hotel. They are easy to take out, and easy to put back in - it's a very well designed product.You just have to make sure you get the brushes pretty dry before you put them back. If you have water sitting in there for long periods of time it will get gross. As long as you do that, you will have a wonderful experience.I also love that the brush and the handle are one piece. I've had brushes before where the head kept falling off. This brush is very sturdy and you can use a good amount of force to scrub (if needed). 5Compact and attractive toilet brush that won't disappointI bought 2 OXO Grips Hideaway Compact Toilet Brushes a while ago. It's a neat and compact brush that hides away very well. The open/close mechanism is a handy feature--no need to balance the brush back in the cradle. The brush bristles are firm but not stiff. Bristles clean well without a lot of pressure. The shape of the brush helps with under the rim cleaning as well. Nice feature: the exchangeable brush. It saves the environment as well as cost.I don't understand some of the negative comments regarding brush "unscrewing easily" as well as "flooding" after cleaning or problems with removing the stickers. Here's my experience:1. The brush head does not come off easily and certainly not with normal cleaning. I tested how firmly the bristles are attached to the pole when the brush arrived. It was VERY firmly attached and it took a bit of strength to get it off! My advice would be to try to get it off once before using the brush. Screw it back on but not as tight. Again, the brush head will NOT come off with normal cleaning.2. I can see where the "flooding" issue comes from. The brush is obviously wet after cleaning. I usually shake it out (gently) and there is little to no dripping water left. Whatever volume drips down from there is easily contained. So far, I've had no drips or "floods" at all. The inside of the container seems to be completely dry by next brush session.3. The sticker issue that is none. Like most newer sticker, this one came off easily. No residue at all. The trick is to peel at the corner and SLOWLY peel in one direction. For larger stickers, I sometimes pull several corners and work my way to the center. If somehow a bit of residue is left a little nail polish remover can help. Or GooGone, but that one is oily and needs to be washed with soap afterwards.Some advice once brush has been in use for a while: toilet containers need the occasional cleaning as well. Yes, nobody enjoys that and I'd rather do something else too but it avoids germs and odor down the road. I spray either a bit of vinegar or clorox to the inside while holding over the toilet or a container that can be disposed of. Rinse with water...done. Or, if you have money to spare, get a brand new one. Changing the brush may also be a bit unappetizing. I recommend wearing disposable gloves to avoid direct contact with the bristles.Drawbacks? Mechanically, none. Design is not terribly exciting and neither are the color choices but I personally can live with that.Update ( October 27, 2018)A year later, the toilet brush is still great. Not once did the brush head come off! Bristles brush is still original and looks like new ( see photos) despite heavy usage in a 4 person household. Obviously it is a very durable, high quality product. 5
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