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Ozeri 3x Tower Fan (44") with Passive Noise Reduction Technology, Black with Chrome Accent

  • Ozeri 3x Tower Fan (44") with Passive Noise Reduction Technology, Black with Chrome Accent
  • Ozeri 3x Tower Fan (44") with Passive Noise Reduction Technology, Black with Chrome Accent
  • Ozeri 3x Tower Fan (44") with Passive Noise Reduction Technology, Black with Chrome Accent
  • Ozeri 3x Tower Fan (44") with Passive Noise Reduction Technology, Black with Chrome Accent
  • Ozeri 3x Tower Fan (44") with Passive Noise Reduction Technology, Black with Chrome Accent
  • Ozeri 3x Tower Fan (44") with Passive Noise Reduction Technology, Black with Chrome Accent
  • Ozeri 3x Tower Fan (44") with Passive Noise Reduction Technology, Black with Chrome Accent
  • Ozeri 3x Tower Fan (44") with Passive Noise Reduction Technology, Black with Chrome Accent
  • Ozeri 3x Tower Fan (44") with Passive Noise Reduction Technology, Black with Chrome Accent

Ozeri 3x Tower Fan (44") with Passive Noise Reduction Technology, Black with Chrome Accent

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Upgraded with canted fan blades that utilize the physics of blade curvature to generate opposing sound waves to reduce blade noise and isolate the soothing sounds of the airflow itself.
  • Boasting unrivaled technology, the 3x Tower fan is engineered with 3 independently controllable fans and 3 fan speeds, offering up to 9 levels of cooling and customized airflow.
  • Defining the latest in stylistic innovation and digital decor, the 3x Tower fan is among the world's thinnest fans at less than 3 inches thick and boasts a visually arresting design with an elegant reinforced glass base stand.
  • Features 3 preprogrammed airflow patterns designed to foster sleep, relaxation and comfort with 90 degree whisper-quiet oscillation for optimal air circulation.
  • Extended range remote control and the touch sensitive LED control panel provide easy access to all features, including a 7.5 hour timer that can be programmed in 30 minute increments.
  • 5000 CFM
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Customer Reviews

Looks and feels premium. Absolutely NOT durable, NOT a high quality product.A quick review... The Ozeri Tower fan blends in with the decor of our living room, it has an upscale appearance, looks techy, and is elegantly polished with a glass base, brushed nickel accents, and overall well-apportioned aesthetics. Ever since owning this fan for about two months, the motor began to make increasingly louder noise. Now, after about 1.5 years, we are looking for a replacement since the noise (a constant increasing-decreasing-increasing, deep bass humming noise) makes it unbearable to watch TV, or even sleep, while the fan is running. This is unacceptable at the $100 price we paid for it. We would love to return for a replacement, or refund, but we are outside of the 1 year period. 1I'm a fan of this fan!If you must have something as utilitarian as a fan in your room, you might as well make it as cool looking as possible. Photos do not do this fan justice. From the heavy (that's a good thing) glass base to the sculptured case to the display screen at the top, this fan is almost a work of art. Most visitors think it is a speaker tower.But aside from its high tech beauty, this fan is the most versatile I have ever owned. There are three fan speeds like most tower fans, but then each of the three fans can be independently operated. I bought this fan for a recording studio, and by using the lowest speed with only one or two of the fans running, it is quiet enough to operate while recording.With all those settings, plus options such as breeze mode or timer, it really helps to be able to see the display. This fan has a large display screen with big icons, making all the information legible even from across the room.Don't hesitate to buy this fan. 5Not a year warranty, many problemsI've already sent this fan to the company to fix the middle fan after it stopped working. I owned the fan for only 4 months when that happened. Now the top fan is not working despite the display saying all three fans are running. I am now being told my fan is not under warranty because it has expired (purchased 11 months ago) and I haven't had it for a year, and when I confronted them about the warranty, are now giving me the run-around saying they may not be able to fix it (even though they've done it before). Now my middle and bottom fans are sporadically starting to slow down or freeze briefly. This fan and company are not worth it. Fan looks great, that's about it. I've had fans that cost less than 20 bucks last 10x longer. The price needs to be knocked down at least half for such a faulty and poor quality product. 2I'm a fan!!Note: I Have had this for 1 day now (and will update my review if, in the passing of time, this product performs better or worse than I report now).LOVE IT.I have the white one with the glass base. It is attractive (although, personally, I think it would be more attractive if they replaced the black grills with something lighter (white, gray, silver, etc).Hard to assemble? I think it took me 2 minutes. Removing it from the shipping box took longer. It is almost fully assembled. You simply slide it onto its beautiful glass base and tighten it in there with a nut.Remote: I actually spent more time trying to figure out how to insert the battery (provided) in the remote. It is a bit odd, and the instructions were only a little helpful.Power level 1: with all three fans is a very subtle white noise. With one fan it is almost inaudible, yet provides a delightful breeze perceptible up to 10' away. Even power level 2 produces a minimal amount of white nose. At 3, there is a hum that might be similar to standard pedestal fans on their lowest setting.It is really great that one can select how many fans (and which ones) will be on for each power level.So far the oscillation (called "swing") is also silent. In m experience, this feature becomes louder as the product becomes older. So we shall see.Near the base of the fan unit there is a blue light to indicate that it is on. It is very low -- enough to see during day or night, but definitely low enough not to be discernible at night unless you are looking right at it.I've gone through a large variety of tower fans and most barely last a year. I look forward to seeing how this holds up.Hope this helps!! 5Great fan for about 6 months... Really loved the look of this fan and all the options you could set on this fan. Everything was great until a few days ago and the 2nd fan froze up. I thought I had turned it off accidentally (that is one of the cool aspects of this fan is that you can control each of the three fans) but it was on. Fan 2 is flat out broken. Been buying Lasko's up until this guy and probably will go back now. Will send in for warranty but this is not a good sign. Would not recommend at this point in the game. We will soon how returns are handled...more to come. Update 3/6/19. They handled the first fan failure pretty well. Had to send the whole unit back for repair which was a pain in the rear but once I got the fan back, I was happy....until 5 months later, a second fan died. I am waiting to see if I have to send it back again. If so, my rating will go down to a one. The Lasko tower fans I had bought were cheaper but ran 2-3 years straight with no issues. 2Best value for a pretty quiet fanI love the look, flexibility, and functionality. Its not loud, but it isn't silent either. I'd love silent fan, but I'm not spending $350 on a Dyson. It's silent enough that when I sleep, I usually play white noise on my radio because the fan isn't quite enough for me (I like constant white noise when sleeping because it drowns out other sounds). For the price, I think this is one of the quieter fans you'll find.This may seem like a pointless feature, but I really like the tropical setting. Constant speed seems to get me too cold and dry my skin out. The variation is actually much easier on my skin but doesn't gives me that occasional burst of speed to keep me comfortable.I bought my first one of these in 2016 and got another in 2018 because I really like it. Going strong so far without issue. 52 of the 3 fans broken after a yearI haven't written a review in a while despite relying on them heavily. This is just over a year in, I only use it when its hot at night. Getting hot right now (late June), I was close to the fan and noticed it didn't feel as strong despite being on 3/high. I was quickly reminded how it had also not felt strong the past couple nights. And its still June. So I looked at the blades real quick and noticed only the middle was spinning. I pushed the blades to see if they were somehow stuck. Blades spin when I press on them.This wasn't a super cheap fan, I was trying to buy something nice.Will hit up company, I need to read more long term reviews like this apparently. 1One StarWorked well for the first couple of months. Once the 3 month warranty expired so did this fan. I'm very disappointed in the weak product support. Things break down , thats understandable, but a fairly new product bairly 6 months old should be covered by the manufacturers warranty. Thats just tells you how much faith they have in their own products. 1Very attractive, unique design for a quiet room fanWe bought two of these just for something different from regular tower fans. We live in Arizona and summer is coming, and the big standard fan in my office drove me nuts last year. I wanted something a bit more elegant and fine-tunable than even a tower fan, so this seems to fit that bill quite nicely. We liked the look so much that we bought another for the living room. We have ceiling fans and powerful A/C, but also in Arizona, every bit of air-flow can help.So far, so good with these fans. We've only tried the one out, and only for a day, but we're very pleased with both the aesthetics and the functionality. If we have problems, I'll update the review. 5Quiet but breaks way too easily! After only day two it s making a rattling noise at the base of the fan.I purchased the Ozeri 3X fan to use either in my living room or in my bedroom but have discovered that it is more of a bedroom fan as it s not very powerful even on the highest fan setting. Also, I have only used the fan twice and it is now making a rattling noise in the base where it turns from side to side. This means I can t use it in my bedroom as that noise will actually annoy me and keep me from falling asleep. I m not sure how to fix this issue other than give it a couple of light smacks with a small hammer. Unfortunately I m beyond the return window and am stuck with this fan. I even bought their Brezza III desk fan and it has a rattling noise too so I m not sure if there s some issue with their fans but I don t think I ll be buying any more of them. I will try giving the phone number call or emailing them at their support email address see if they have any suggestions. The only good thing about this fan is it has a very wide oscillating radius, a nice sleep and breeze option and timer.Update: 5/19/18: all of a sudden the top fan out of the three fans has stopped working. I m going to try and call the manufacture because I only have had the fan since February and now it s broken!Update: 5/21/18: I unplugged it from the extension cord and then plug it back in and all the sudden all three fans working again. It could be the extension cord because it s not a grounded three prong type it may be the wrong type to use. Also the slight rattling noise that I m hearing is coming from the base of the fan where it meets the plastic tubing.Update 07/30/2018: Fan broke with the top fan stopped working. Ozeri was kind enough to send me a UPS paid shipping box with label to send to them to fix the fan. Between my email, receiving their shipping box, shipping it back to Ozeri, and their receiving my fan, it took a month. Then it took about two weeks before I received the fan back around Sept. 6, 2018. Fan fixed and working fine.Update: 10/7/2018: Fan is broken again. Of the three fans, the bottom one has stopped working as of today. I tried the unplugging and plugging back in and that seemed to fix the issue for now. Have to wonder how long it will continue working before it breaks again. 1
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