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PackIt Freezable Lunch Bag with Zip Closure, Buffalo Check

  • PackIt Freezable Lunch Bag with Zip Closure, Buffalo Check
  • PackIt Freezable Lunch Bag with Zip Closure, Buffalo Check
  • PackIt Freezable Lunch Bag with Zip Closure, Buffalo Check
  • PackIt Freezable Lunch Bag with Zip Closure, Buffalo Check
  • PackIt Freezable Lunch Bag with Zip Closure, Buffalo Check

PackIt Freezable Lunch Bag with Zip Closure, Buffalo Check

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • This lunch bag features PackIt's patented cooling technology. Freezable gel is permanently built into the bag, so you will never waste money on separate ice packs or gel packs again!
  • To use, simply fold the PackIt Lunch Bag flat and store in the freezer overnight (12 hours). In the morning, the walls of the lunch bag will be completely frozen and ready to chill food and drinks for hours
  • PackIt lunch bags are perfect for packing healthy foods such as: dairy, fruits and veggies. Food and drinks stay cool and fresh all day! It's ideal for people with special diets, food sensitivities or allergies
  • The Lunch Bag features a zip top closure to lock in cool, dry air. A buckle handle clips onto totes, backpacks and strollers for hands-free convenience
  • This soft lunch bag is made from nontoxic poly canvas and has a food-safe, water-resistant lining. Like all PackIt products, the Lunch Bag is made from PVC-, BPA-, phthalate-, formaldehyde- and lead-free materials. Simple care: the interior wipes clean, spot clean exterior
  • Proudly made by PackIt: creator of the ORIGINAL foldable, freezable lunch bag. Designed in California
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Customer Reviews

Can't maintain temperatureI am a little bit disappointed in this bag. I used it daily for a year and wasn't really happy with the temperature it can maintain. I freeze it solid overnight, and then pack my lunch at 7am, to be eaten at 12. I placed a refrigerator thermometer in the bag on top of a baggie of lunchmeat just off the bottom so I could see what temperature it's getting to. At 7am it was at 20 degrees, and 5 hours later with the bag sitting at room temperature in my desk, it was 45 degrees inside, which is outside of a safe temperature to keep things like lunchmeat and dairy.I would expect that a cooler bag that has been frozen keep my food at a safe temperature until at least lunchtime, it is a "lunch bag" after all! Their description claims "Food and drinks stay cool and fresh all day!" Not sure what they consider a day, but it keeps things cold for a few hours at best, not "all day". I would expect that at the end of an 8 hour shift, this would still be slightly frozen or at least cold, but it's room temperature. I also found the velcro to be weak, the handle location plus the weight causes it to constantly open, I wish it only had a zipper closure, not velcro. I am only putting in lunchmeat, yogurt, carrots and an apple, not too much weight. I will not purchase one of these again unless they improve the longevity of the gel packs! 2Potentially great product, but beware of a major design flaw.It's a good product with a couple of major flaws that could be easily corrected by the manufacture. I have bought three of this bags and love the function and design. However, be aware that you will be replacing this item every six months or putting up with functional flaw that becomes a major irritation. The issue is the velcro, just cheap and weak. There are much better velcros that will last over and over, the ones on this product fail after a few months and no longer stick and hold. Why? Two reasons, the velcro is a low quality velcro and two, the design of the handle puts all the pressure on the velcro when carrying the bag. If the handles were on the side it would not pull on the flap when carrying it. Also, when the velcro fails, it is difficult to carry the bag by the handle because the flap is pulled away from the velcro and the bag is left dangling to the side as you hold it by the handle. Not a huge deal for adults, but it is for little kids. I would suggest a stronger velcro or a quality YKK zipper instead. This could be a great five star product. Many of my friends and classmate mothers have tried the bag and complain about this feature. I have bought it three times hoping for improvement or hoping that I had a flaw, but I have got the same bag with the same flaw each time. The should bag version has the same velcro but it is not as impacted by the velcro because the strap is on the side and not relying on the velcro to hold the flap securely to the bag. 3One big wet messI was so excited to purchase this lunch bag for my daughter's first day of Kindergarten. She was so excited to bring her lunch to school and have it stay cool. Today, when I picked her up, she said her first day was great...except for her lunch bag. The condensation on the outside of the bag ruined all of the paper creations in her backpack, including her homework folder with notes from the teacher to me. The outside (and inside) of the lunch bag were really wet, as was the inside of her backpack. She actually told me that her lunch bag ruined her day...so I have to give it one star. We'll likely be returning this and purchasing something else. 1Bottles for daycare...This was EXACTLY what I needed. it's just perfect for my needs! I pack 5 bottles for daycare; dr. Browns wide neck. 4 - 5oz bottles 1 - 9oz bottleIt's a tight fit because I freeze the bag overnight causing the walls to harden, which keeps the bottles cold, BUT THEY ALL FIT NICE AND SNUG. As far as bag height, the bag will fit all 9oz bottles just fine 5Wonderful new frozen freezer lunchbagI love this concept that it has it's "ice pack" built in. I use it as a breastmilk storage everyday at work and I've left it out room temp (when I have no access to fridge) and kept it in between breaks and lunches in the fridge and after 10 hours the sides are still frozen and the milk is still cold! Then I can rest assure my baby will stay safe. The zipper allows for seal and further keeping contents inside very cold.The bag is pretty expandable if I need to stuff it with lots of things, (rare) but totally possible. Would be great for someone who doesn't have access to fridge at work but want to keep something cold for long times. I've never kept it in direct heat, when I take it outdoors I'll make sure to put it in the baby packback or somewhere covered. 5Very unhappy...don't waste your money!This is the 2nd PackIt freezable lunch bag I have bought and neither one has held up long. After only 2 weeks of very light daily usage, this one has ripped at the stitching. I store it in the fridge at work all day long so it is not handled at all and should have held up much better than it has. I was going to buy 2 more for my kids' for school, but I will no longer buy or recommend PackIt products. Such a shame, because it's a great concept for a product. Very disappointed. 1Great Idea - Very Poor QualityThe design idea behind this product is great, but the quality is terrible. The cooler will keep food reasonably cool until lunchtime if I keep it at my desk, but you're chancing it if you eat anything at quitting time. I really expected it to stay cooler longer, however this is keeping it at room temperature. If I keep it in the company fridge, it will stay much cooler for much longer, but if I have to keep it in the fridge, what good does it's cooling feature really give me at that point?I could deal with the cooling time, however I am very disappointed in the quality. Within a couple of months, the closing flap tore at one corner which caused the Velcro patch on that side to keep coming loose. Within a few months after that, I have given up getting any of the three Velcro patches to hold anymore. If they held, then the torn flap wouldn't have been so bad of an issue.All in all, I can hardly recommend a product that is put together so poorly, even if the cooling features were stellar. I am not going to purchase this brand again. 2it started out niceOriginally I loved it, but I have t even had it a year and its leaking out the bottom now. Bummer.Pros it freezes solid and keeps everything cold for several hours.Con, didn't last a year and I wasted $20.I've added pics of the leaking. 1Like many on hereLike many on here, I bought this bag because I wanted to bring bottles to my son's daycare AND hopefully have a bag he could use and love as he gets older. After buying one for him, I'm seriously considering buying more because I LOVE this bag!First, I use the small Doctor Brown's bottles and it easily holds the 4 I need to take to daycare, and could definitely hold 5. It might possibly 6, but it would be tight. I haven't tried the tall bottles in there yet, but you could easily fit 3 and possibly more because the bag is pretty tall.Second, it's basically a bunch of ice packs sewn together which is great! I can stuff the bottles in there and not have to worry about a bulky ice pack taking up excess space. The material is thick and sturdy and I'm not worried about leaks at all. So far we've only used this for daycare, but when the kiddo gets older this bag would be perfect for taking on day trips.Last, I love the way it folds down. The bag is designed so that when it's empty you can fold it up and keep it folded flat (or at least flattish due to the ice packs) with the velcro strap. You can freeze it this way, too, so it doesn't take up much room in the freezer.Love this bag and will probably get more, especially as kiddo gets older! 5Too small but great conceptThat's a great product but I wish they had the larger version. Can't fit any Tupperware with my lunch in it when the bag is frozen unless you put it sideway I couldn't close it. They might want to call it MINI lunch bag. Good for a small box or sandwich and fruits. 3
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