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Pakkon 3 Compartment Lunch Box Food Containers With Easy Tab Lid (10 Pack) Certified Bpa Free Reusab

  • Pakkon 3 Compartment Lunch Box Food Containers With Easy Tab Lid (10 Pack) Certified Bpa Free Reusab
  • Pakkon 3 Compartment Lunch Box Food Containers With Easy Tab Lid (10 Pack) Certified Bpa Free Reusab
  • Pakkon 3 Compartment Lunch Box Food Containers With Easy Tab Lid (10 Pack) Certified Bpa Free Reusab
  • Pakkon 3 Compartment Lunch Box Food Containers With Easy Tab Lid (10 Pack) Certified Bpa Free Reusab
  • Pakkon 3 Compartment Lunch Box Food Containers With Easy Tab Lid (10 Pack) Certified Bpa Free Reusab
  • Pakkon 3 Compartment Lunch Box Food Containers With Easy Tab Lid (10 Pack) Certified Bpa Free Reusab
  • Pakkon 3 Compartment Lunch Box Food Containers With Easy Tab Lid (10 Pack) Certified Bpa Free Reusab

Pakkon 3 Compartment Lunch Box Food Containers With Easy Tab Lid (10 Pack) Certified Bpa Free Reusab

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Practical Compartments, the compartments make great portion control containers and meal plan; good to use for meal prep for weight loss; store anything from food like sushi, to little screws and small toys to keep organized
  • Plastic Lid; the lid is clear so that you can see exactly what lies inside of the bento box; no more dirty, wet, melted paper bags; the lid is airtight so that anything you put inside will not leak; excellent kitchen containers for everyday use
  • Portable and Convenient, take it to work, school, or on outings and picnics
  • The food storage containers are made of safe polyproplyene, BPA FREE making them eco friendly
  • Dishwasher, microwave, freezer safe; engineered for heat and cold resistance; thick walls can withstand up to 250f
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Customer Reviews

Great for busy people and college students on a budgetMine package was received and nothing was broken with these boxes, much more space than Expected! These bento boxes are great for a newbie with food prepping. I am a full time college student and work around 30 hours a week, so these boxes save me so much time, money and effort through the week. They stack very nicely in the fridge which save me space for all my other food. They are very wide so they don't fit in my lunch boxes perfectly, they lean to one side unfortunately. Yogurts and applesauce isn't the greatest to put in them, but solid food stays put perfectly. I don't use them to microwave my food, but I don't recommend putting them in the dishwasher with the heat dryer on. One of mine did get warped. It great that it comes in a pack of 10 so you can prep lu lunch enough for a whole week with extras or two 5 day weeks. I gave 4 stars because sometimes the lids don't feel like they lock on all the way. They don't make the typical snapping noise you would expect, and liquid type foods then go slide in the cracks lid and box. I have never had my food mix together, but my yogurt will get in between the lid and the dividers. Not a huge deal, but if you want more security with liquid type food then just be warned. Love them and they work great! 4Great buy!I really enjoy this product. The only thing i don't care for is that these containers are a somewhat big. (I have included photos with this review). Based off some of the other reviews I was worried about the containers being broken or not closing properly. I DID NOT experience either issuse. I will say though, that you cannot just snap the lid on and go. You will need to take the time to snap the lid to the container on all four sides, but in doing so I got a secure closure. This is a great value! These will be bigger than you expect, Tons of room for your meals, maybe too much space. I like the size of their two compartment option, but i like have three seperate compartments so for that I'm ok with the largeness of these containers. 5Helpful to easily sort out my dinners and lunchesI picked these up because I needed something to easily store and better portion my lunches and dinners. I prep the week's meals on Sunday, and these things are great to store them in the fridge. Now I just grab the box for lunch and put it in my lunch box with blue liquid "ice packs" and some water and a fruit cup or something.For dinner, I just pop one in the microwave and reheat the meal I cooked. It saves me time after work, since I am usually way to tired to want to cook and makes portioning and storage super easy.Sadly, I did have to knock one star off these because two of the lids arrived completely split into half and were not usable.This leaves me with four for lunch and four for dinner, leaving one day open. Luckily my work provides lunch on Friday, and I can make a small frozen pizza or something for dinner Friday as well, so not the end of the world. But having the other two boxes available would have been nice.The boxes themselves are a little on the "cheap" feeling side, but so far have held up for several months of regular use with no issue.I have no idea if these can be used in a dishwasher, as I hand clean them after use, but they handle the microwave just fine.They work great for what I wanted them for, and I will be picking up another set eventually. Hopefully without two of the lids being completely destroyed. 4So so. I'd pass if I had another chance.I love meal prep containers in general since they make packing leftovers and lunches much easier for me, but these Pakkon containers are average/below-average for me. They don't seal well and you have to wrap your hands around it several times to make sure they seal well. Sometimes they just refuse to seal at all so I can't use those sets for travel meals. They are ok for my personal fridge since I know the seals don't matter.The plastic used to make these are also very brittle. One black container cracked when it was brand new and I simply tried to pull them apart. Several more have cracked via hairline fractures or actual holes in them from average use. I definitely did not get my money's worth with thes sets. I'd pass on these and use meal prep containers from companies with a commitment to excellent in design and manufacturing. 3Not worth your money, look elsewhereI wanted to like this. I was really excited to receive it as the separate portion control spaces. The super annoying part tho is when you microwave the tupperware, the lids do not stay on anymore. So after you use it once, its practically useless, unless you tie a rubber band on it and even then it doesn't completely seal it so your food is prone to spoiling quickly as well as spilling. I'm not sure why this is but if this problem was solved and it was able to be resealed again after one use, I would have given this product a 5 star rating.Now I am throwing them in the trash after one use and now I lost my money in buying this. Save your money and find a different brand. 1These are perfect for pre-portioning and planning the meals for the weekReceived these very quickly, in just 2 days. These are perfect for pre-portioning and planning the meals for the week. There are 10 in the package, which makes it very easy to pack 5 lunches/snacks for me and 5 for my husband. They stack nicely in the fridge when packed, and when they're not being used they nestle together and don't take up too much cabinet space. I would recommend for anyone interested in meal planning or even storing leftovers. Quick and easy grab for on-the-go. 5Great for portion control and work lunchesThree slots for putting your food and a great lid to keep everything from sliding together. These go from fridge, to microwave, to dishwasher with no problems. I am trying to watch portion control and these are a perfect size for a healthy meal. A meat, veg, and salad all fit nicely.I like how they stack for storage. They do not take up a lot of room. The lids can stack and sit beneath the bowls.I am very happy I found these. I have even put spaghetti sauce in them and they did not turn red. Or stain like other bowls I have.I love these! 5Great idea... not great qualityI am pretty disappointed in the quality of these. They are a little stiff, so I handled them pretty carefully. I had one tray crack in half - right down the middle just by taking the lid off (leaving 2 smaller compartments in one piece and one large compartment in another piece). I have one broken lid (just the small tab that you handle to remove the lid broke off). Also have a few of the small compartments with tiny holes in the corners so there is a potential for leaking. I mostly use these for fruit and veggie prep, but it could be an issue if I was using it for leftovers, etc. Says dishwasher and microwave safe, but I hand washed the containers and the lids hoping to extend the life of them. I really like the idea of them but would probably purchase from a different manufacturer next time. 2These containers are very cheaply made and are terrible in the freezerThese containers are very cheaply made and are terrible in the freezer, which I thought was the whole idea. While I was meal prepping I had three of the lids break off right down the middle, and they were barely being handled: the lids get stuck on the edges (not sealed, just the plastic catches) and then the lids break completely in half. The containers that didn't snap were placed into the freezer for later consumption; however, upon pulling the meals out I found freezer burn inside every single contain, which completely ruined the meals I had made. Waste of money. 1They get the job doneProsThe storage containers come with lids that fit tightly to ensure your food remains fresh at all the time.Materials used to design the containers are free from BPA. This gives you complete assurance of total safety, especially when heating in the microwave.The containers are strongly designed to last longer. They cannot be damaged easily even by high temperatures in the microwave.After use, the containers are easy to clean. The materials have a perfect and smooth finish on both inner and outer sections for easier cleaning using common detergents.ConsWhile the small size is a major advantage, it is also a disadvantage because you need to place a lot of containers on the microwave to serve a number of guests.ConclusionThese food containers are ideal for people who want to enjoy every time food is served on the table. The design is truly appealing while the size allows you to only include the right amount of food for guests. You can never go wrong with these containers. 4
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