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Palli Partners Pull On Knee Cushion Custom Fit (Adjustable) U.S.A. Business

  • Palli Partners Pull On Knee Cushion   Custom Fit (Adjustable)   U.S.A. Business
  • Palli Partners Pull On Knee Cushion   Custom Fit (Adjustable)   U.S.A. Business
  • Palli Partners Pull On Knee Cushion   Custom Fit (Adjustable)   U.S.A. Business
  • Palli Partners Pull On Knee Cushion   Custom Fit (Adjustable)   U.S.A. Business
  • Palli Partners Pull On Knee Cushion   Custom Fit (Adjustable)   U.S.A. Business
  • Palli Partners Pull On Knee Cushion   Custom Fit (Adjustable)   U.S.A. Business
  • Palli Partners Pull On Knee Cushion   Custom Fit (Adjustable)   U.S.A. Business
  • Palli Partners Pull On Knee Cushion   Custom Fit (Adjustable)   U.S.A. Business
  • Palli Partners Pull On Knee Cushion   Custom Fit (Adjustable)   U.S.A. Business

Palli Partners Pull On Knee Cushion Custom Fit (Adjustable) U.S.A. Business

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Adjustable, light, and cool cushion comfort for your knees!
  • Plush & Stretchy with just the right amount of padding
  • Relieves nagging bone-on-bone knee pain from side-sleeping
  • Perfect comfort companion after hip or knee surgery. Machine Washable!
  • For Men & Women * ADJUSTABLE * Machine Washable
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Customer Reviews

Helped with new knee replacementI sleep on my side. If you just had your knee replaced you need to sleep on your back. I started out on my back, but ended up on my side. This caused a lot of discomfort, pain and sleepless nights. Since a pillow doesn t stay in place, I was very happy to find this. It did help cushion the knee, which allowed me to sleep on my side after about one and a half weeks from surgery. The only problem I had is with the circumference of it. I normally have bigger knees and when you add the swelling from surgery, it got to snug sometimes.4Customer service extraordinaire. Note: After I posted the following review about trouble I had after machine washing this product, I was unexpectedly contacted by the seller to apologize and to offer a free replacement, which I have now received. Now, to me, that is stellar customer service. I did not initiate the contact; Mindy from Palli Partners did. I am so surprised and grateful. I will be more careful with laundering the sleeve this time. Thanks, Mindy. I raised my stars from 3 to 4 and would give a 6 for customer service. Here is my original review:I found it fine until I washed and dried it. Then, it came out badly mishapped. Even tore it open, straightened it out, and sewed back together. Still a mess. Think I will try another though, because it was good for awhile. I will try more gentle care. I don't see a better alternative for my knees. 4This Pull-On Knee Cushion Works Perfectly for My Low Back Pain! Even though the description of this Pull-On Knee Cushion states that it's not designed for alignment support of the hips or back, that's what I've been using it for, and it works for me! Years ago I started experiencing crippling low back pain every morning as soon as I got out of bed. I couldn't stand erect while my back was hurting, and it took an hour or two for the pain to subside. I read that sleeping with a pillow between the knees can help to alleviate or lessen low back pain, so I tried using a pillow. But I discovered that the thickness of the pillow makes a big difference. For me, bed pillows were too large and too thick and made my pain worse. So I tried throw pillows of different thicknesses. Luckily I found a throw pillow that was just the right thickness for me, and if I could keep it between my knees all night long, I had no pain when I got out of bed the next morning. But since I change positions while I sleep, there were many mornings when I woke to find that the throw pillow had slipped out from between my knees while I slept, and I suffered the painful consequences. It got to where I wasn't sleeping soundly because I was always trying to monitor the location of the pillow while I was trying to sleep, and I found myself clenching my knees together so that the pillow wouldn't slip away. But this Pull-On Knee Cushion has solved all my problems! I am so happy that I ordered it! I wear it every night and don't even notice that it's there. I sleep soundly now because I don't have to worry about the pillow becoming dislodged! I can relax because I don't have to clench my knees together! And I have no pain when I get out of bed in the morning! 5Bending your knees is awkwardI have feeling my bony knees and bony ankles lately. I have tried the big u shaped foam knee pillow and that did not comfortably arrange my legs. I decided to try this product. It slips on fine but its a bit of a nuisance when I get up to urinate in the middle of the night. More than that though its kind of constricting if I bend my knees which is common when I sleep on my sides. I haven't used it much lately. I am still looking a solution that is comfortable enough I don't notice it.2Brilliant I have been sleeping with my knees together for 27 years. It keeps your pelvis aligned and prevents back pain and posture problems. My chiropractor told me to do it. I don't need chiropractors now that I know how to manage my spine. I have tried pillows large and small. They work, but they travel around the bed and disrupt my sleep. I should have thought of this myself. What a simple, elegant soloution. It stays put without stopping circulation. One side is thickly padded and deep enough so one knee padded is all you need. I am 65 years old with the bones to prove it. 5This knee cushion is a dream!The PalliPartners knee cushion has been key in sleeping through the night and without pain! I am a fairly active person who loves running and biking. Eight years ago I tore the labrum in my hip and since then it has been a journey of therapies and finding what doesn't aggravate my low-back and hips. It doesn't help that I sit for long hours 5 days/week for work. On days when I've pushed myself a little far in the workouts, I tend to have hip aches when I'm trying to sleep on my side. This is a big problem as I am very much a side sleeper. It felt like my hip joints were going to pop through my skin! I found that a pillow between my knees helped relieve the pain significantly but the problem was keeping the pillow secure and I had difficulty finding something to secure the pillow that was comfortable or didn't bother my skin. The PalliPartners knee cushion has saved me! The adjustable wrap is so light and comfortable that I forget it is there and the cushion is just enough to keep my hips better aligned and pain-free while I lay on my side. On top of that, it is shockingly affordable! I will be singing its praises from now on!5A Well Made Product that works I had knee surgery a couple of years ago and I'm a side sleeper. I was finding that one knee would rub against the other and cause some discomfort during the night. This is an good product that absolutely helps that situation and I recommend it to anyone with similar problems. The product is well made and well worth the money. The only reason I didn't give it 5 stars is because of some issues that "I" personally have with the product. I find that the sleeve slips down onto my calf during the night. I could see that happening if I were thin but I'm over 200 lbs and that shouldn't happen. Also, I'm a restless sleeper who tosses and turns and gets up during the night. The material on this cushion is problematic for me. While it's soft and that's good, it also gets stuck in the covers causing my knee to twist. If it were a cotton material or sateen on the outside, I don't think that would happen and I'd recommend making that change if it wouldn't degrade the quality of the sleeve. But if you're a sound sleeper or live in warm areas where you sleep with no covers, that might not even be an issue for you. Lastly, it's a warm material. If you live in Maine or MN you might welcome that but it only warms your knee area with the sleeve is excessively warm compared to the rest of your leg and your other leg. So, those issues are the only reason I didn't give this a five star and I would not hesitate to recommend this product. 4Restful sleep, finallyI had tried knee pillows and they didn't stay in place. I tried thicker knee pillows with a strap to keep it in place. Both would cause me to toss and turn in my bed and wake up several times per night. THEN I FOUND THIS!!! It provides a nice cushion that stays in place effortlessly. it isnt thick enough to fully correct side sleeper posture, but I'm sure it is an improvement, and my bony knees dont hurt any more. plus, any thicker and I'd be tossing and turning.I'd like to see this product in a natural fiber with higher density foam. It does warm the knee a bit, but not intolerable. Also denser foam might help correct the posture a bit more (and yes the site specifies this product is not intended to correct posture).Overall, this is the product I've been searching for. Thank you!4GAME CHANGER for back, side AND stomach sleepers who toss and turn!!!I have been on the hunt for a pillow like this for a long time and was ready to invent one right before I found this! I don't have any injuries, diseases or chronic pain, I'm just a 37 y/o woman whose knees and hips are starting to get painful when I sleep on my side. I actually probably split my sleep time as follows in a single nightStomach: 40%Sides: 40%Back: 20%The first problem with most knee pillows is you have to readjust them any time to change positions. Some pillows have a strap to help keep it in place, but the dog bone shape makes it impossible to use laying on your back or stomach unless you take it off or one leg will be cockeyed because of the big end of the pillow. Some people like big body pillows that they can hug, but I find those to be too large, impossible to maneuver around in bed if you flip flop like I do, cause extra sweatiness in bed and obviously you can't really travel with it. This weird looking little wonder solves ALL of those problems!! I almost didn't buy it because it looks pretty home made and funky, but boy and I glad I did! It is ABSOLUTELY PERFECT for my kneeds! (see what I did there?) ;) I slip this baby on over my PJ pants over whichever knee I want and it stays in place ALL NIGHT LONG, including during trips to the bathroom! I love that I can set it and forget it and it keeps me perfectly comfortable all night regardless of what position I'm in and I never have to wake up to adjust it or find it or kick it out from under the covers because I'm sick of it. Also I find it to be the perfect snugness! If it were too snug it would bother me and I wouldn't be able to sleep, but honestly once it's on I totally forget it's there! The soft terry cloth robe like fabric is lovely and luxe feeling. Nothing pulls or pinches and the elastic is just right. Granted, I have NOT tried this with bare legs, but I would imagine it would be just fine. I love that you can easily remove the pad and toss it in the wash and the BEST BEST BEST part of all is that it's small enough for me to travel with anywhere I go, to help ensure that I get a good nights sleep all over the world! This is a priceless feature and no other knee pillows I've seen are this compact! I have seriously slept SO WELL since I bought this pillow and I want to shout it from the roof tops! Don't let the weird look of it fool you, it's awesome! I highly recommend giving it a try before you spend more money on some big fancy dog bone pillow or giant body pillow. And yes I paid full price for this!5Slips a Bit When the cushion stays in place so that it cushions between the knees, it's great. But sometimes it rotates away from the other knee and results in no cushioning. Not always, and not even a lot of time...but often enough to comment about. When it works, it works. Because it is light weight and not bulky, it makes for a perfect traveling item that can be packed away and used on vacation or business trips. Recommended. 4Simple but brilliantI have been waking up each morning with sore, swollen knees. I've tried one of the foam knee pillow which are too wide and which make my hips hurt. Also, I've tried a small flat throw pillow which slid around when I tried to turn over. So, when I saw this I thought I'd give it a try. I've used it the last two nights since I received it and it is amazing how much better my quality of sleep is. I'm waking up without painful knee joints. This is so easy to use and such a simple design but it really works! I can turn over and move without it becoming dislodged. Also, I find that I don't move around as much in an effort to try to get comfortable. It is comfortable to wear and not at all restrictive. Thanks so much for this simple yet ingenious little design.5Intuitive & comfortableIn preparation for a recent arthroscopic knee operation, I was looking for something to pad my knees, as I sleep on my side. I came across this product and it looked like the perfect solution. I've never been able to sleep with a full pillow between my legs because I find it restrictive. The intuitive way in which this product slips on and adjusts was perfect for my needs. It was comfortable, didn't slip, and allowed me to rest peacefully without the fear of hurting myself. Additionally, the owner (Mindy) sent me a very nice email with the product's backstory and offered her assistance if I had any questions. That's great customer service and would make me want to purchase from this company in the future and I certainly recommend her products.5It's Good - But Could Do Without The BowsThis a great pillow that I purchased to mainly help me sleep while on planes in business class. I had owned a previous model of this same pillow but of course left it on a plane recently so had to buy another. One addition to this newly revised model is the addition of a drawstring at the top and bottom. I understand the use - to secure this to your leg so that it does not fall down or move around. However as a man it's a bit embarrassing to get up during a flight and walk around with this thing on your leg with two big bows hanging off. I would like to not have that. In addition it sure would be nice to have this available in a black or grey color so that it would blend in more with the pants I was wearing.For now I have to remove this from my leg every time I get up. So not optimal. However the pillow itself provides excellent padding and is very comfortable to wear for extended periods of time. My only deduction is for the bows.4Working good! I needed to find something to put in between my mom's knees at night. Something which would give just a little bit of elevation and cushion between her knees.She's a side sleeper and because of her dementia, sometimes doesn't have a lot of control over her legs. I was getting concerned because sometimes I would find the top leg in a strange angle over the bottom one and I didn't want her knees or her hips to hurt.I looked at several different items available, similar to this one, and some of them looked to be a bit too heavy or rugged for my mom to be comfortable in. There was another item I researched that just didn't seem to have ENOUGH material to really help.This knee cushion is a perfect halfway point between too thick and uncomfortable and something which was too light to be of help.This is stretchy and is easy to slip on her leg and over her knee. One side of the cushion is poofy and has the padding. The other side is just soft.I need to turn my mom over several times at night and thankfully this is not posing a problem with my doing the turning.My mom seems to like the knee cushion and seems comfortable in it. I'm glad I decided to buy this one and not one of the very stiff things to put between the knees. 5Be careful! You can't return this item. The cushion has 2 tight rubber band on each side of the tube which make it uncomfortable after a couple of hours. Amazon won't let you return this item even it's in the original package. So be careful when you order. 1Less knee painI was looking for something to ease the arthritis in my knee at night. I've tried putting a pillow between my knees, but it was very uncomfortable and I had to reposition it every time I moved. This slips on and stays in place when I roll over. The only thing I wish is if the foam area were bigger to cover more of my knee. But after using it two nights, it is helping the pain.4Every side sleeper needs one I have been struggling with the dreaded pillow between the knees for years, my back pain and knee pain make me unable to sleep without support. I started searching for one specifically for between the knees but ran into a myriad of problems; too big, too small, to hard, gets lost under the covers, you name it. I was considering trying to make my own when I came upon this little gem. Wow am I happy now. It's super soft, stays in place and I can toss and turn all night and it's still there. I am buying one for every side sleeper in the family. You will not be disappointed. 5It's okay Before I received my item, I was contacted by the seller who thanked me for my purchase, and also wanted to know if this product provided the comfort I was looking for. So here's my thoughts. For the past several years, I had been using the Osteoarthritis Knee Pad / Nighttime Knee Pain Relief / Knee Pillow / Knee & Hip Alignment from AlphaBrace. I've been moderately pleased with it. I really like the foam cushion in that pad - it is perfectly shaped for your knee, never looses its shape wash after wash (as it is made from latex foam), and is sewn into place into the knee pad so it doesn't move around. But I can't get a decent fit on that brace. The medium fits too snug and I wake up in the morning with indentations that take a really long time to go away (not a good thing if you plan on wearing shorts or a dress that day!) and the large is just too big, I'm swimming in it. So I saw the PalliPartners cushion and figured I'd try it. Well, on the positive side, it is very soft and comfortable. No indentations in my legs when I wake up in the morning. But on the negative side, I really don't like the cushioning at all. It's not a solid foam cushion, it's pieces of some kind of fluffy stuff that aren't sewn into place. They seem to mat and wad together, and it's impossible to separate and redistribute the pieces after normal washing and drying. This knee pillow would really be perfect if somehow they used one solid foam cushion and sewed it into place. 3Good idea, but poor execution.The product is a great idea, but somewhat lacking in product quality and execution. The main problem is the cushioning sponge nestled inside the fabric. That's essentially what it appears to be, a kitchen or general cleaning sponge. While it does provide a little padding, it has very little weight or density, so it compresses easily and still allows pressure points to pass through. After using for only a few nights, it lost even more cushion, to the point where it really doesn't provide any relief to my knees. I think I'll try to find a piece of decent memory foam that hopefully can be swapped in, in place of the sponge, to see if it's worth keeping.UPDATE: I cut a piece from the corner of an old memory foam mattress topper that we had, and inserted it in place of the sponge. Major difference. Much better at distributing the pressure evenly.3
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