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Ez Cup Filters By Perfect Pod 6 Pack (300 Filters)

  • Ez Cup Filters By Perfect Pod   6 Pack (300 Filters)
  • Ez Cup Filters By Perfect Pod   6 Pack (300 Filters)
  • Ez Cup Filters By Perfect Pod   6 Pack (300 Filters)
  • Ez Cup Filters By Perfect Pod   6 Pack (300 Filters)
  • Ez Cup Filters By Perfect Pod   6 Pack (300 Filters)
  • Ez Cup Filters By Perfect Pod   6 Pack (300 Filters)

Ez Cup Filters By Perfect Pod 6 Pack (300 Filters)

£122.00 £74.00 Save: £48.00
£74.00 £122.00 You save: £48.00



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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • 14 Days Return

  • Allows the use your own coffee in Single Cup Coffee Brewing Machines
  • EZ-Cup Filters remove oils and sediments
  • Should be used with EZ-Cup and EZ-Cup 2.0 (Sold separately)
  • No more coffee grounds in your freshly made coffee
  • Saves up to 80% over pre-filled single serve capsules
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Customer Reviews

Decline in filter paper quality leads to lots of coffee grounds in my mug! I have used EZ-cup filters for almost two years, and have been very happy. The concept is brilliant, and I like the fact that I am not discarding all those little plastics K-cups anymore, plus I am saving money! But the last time I ordered them, in May 2016, I noticed a definite decline in quality. At least one out of every 5 filters tears during use, resulting in a cup of coffee with a mound of grounds at the bottom and floating on the top. At first I though it was my fault, that I must be doing something different to cause the tearing. But I have come to the conclusion that it is not me...it is cheaper, thinner filter paper. I hope the company will switch back to the higher quality paper they used to use. In the meantime, I still have 200+ filters that I am not very confident in. 2Best invention since Bread Best invention since Bread! I've saved a ton of money by using these filters and packing my own K-cups. I was buying 96 pods at $55 that would last us a little over 2 weeks. Do the math. By using these filters, instead of paying close to .50 a cup, it's about .04 a cup. BIG difference. I'll never buy pods again. These filters fit the 2.0 Keurig perfectly. 5They work just fine. A measured scoop makes a mug of coffee We use these filters every day. They work just fine. A measured scoop makes a mug of coffee. We use at least 4 filters a day. More when visitors stop for coffee. The rating is less than five because the filters are not offered in greater bulk with a better volume discount. I suggest offerings of 300, 500, and 900 filters with better volume discounts. 3Very happy which is why I ordered 300 this time around We first purchased these in a small quantity at local store. Then we ordered these to compare quality. Were the exact same item, like new, well packaged, very happy. We use them instead of Kcups and they work very well. I set grinder on between the fine to medium setting and that seems to work best. I fill them up and then use the rounded bottom of my metal coffee scoop to tamp the grounds down. Works just perfect. Leave a little room at top to close (which is just right when tamping down with scoop) and insert. I have not had any trouble with over flow, etc. Very happy which is why I ordered 300 this time around. All in all I estimate, when grinding my own beans, it brings to price of Kcup down from 50 cents to about a nickel. I have used dark store brand, Starbucks and other boutique beans and have been very happy with them all. Generally I drink a lot of coffee so I have purchased about six reusable plastic pods. I grind the coffee, fill all six pods and that way I can reuse them. I drink a lot of coffee in many different ways - pot, Espresso machine, press and Kcups and cannot tell the difference in taste between these filters and any other filter on a drip machine. 5They used to work very well, but something must have changed. I ve been using these filters for over a year and they always used to work very well. However the filters in the last shipment do not work (a lot of coffee grinds in each cup). I tried two different cups (one brand new) and two different Keurig machines, so I can only figure out that the filters must be different somehow (maybe too thick?)Anyway, I m hoping a company rep will see this and assist (I m stuck with 4 more packs of filters, but I m tired of cleaning my machines).I tried Amazon support, but wasn t successful since it s an odd situation. 3Keeps on working well - good value and allows for creativity in coffee selection. Takes about 3 times to figure out how to make it work without spilling grounds. Then it is so clever. Can mix different ground coffees, a scoop of this or scoop of that ... One Keurig does not always brew as well as another I've found. Home one makes a nice full body cup of coffee. One at work is medium strength. SO there can be some variability. BUt this has worked in each machine and brand of Keurig like cups. Use with their reusable plastic, spring loaded brown container. The spring in bottom pushes the used filter with grounds back up to throw away. No digging for grounds or rinsing out except on occasion. Good product. I'm still using my first brown cups that the filters fit in after about 800 filters of use. 5Why did they change the paper quality?!?! I've ordered 30 packages of the 50-filter packs. The most recent batch seems to be of a distinctly inferior quality. First indication of a change was the packaging. The label is different. I quickly noticed that the paper seems thinner and as a result, the coffee grounds break through the bottom and end up in the coffee cup. I have not changed the Keurig machine I use, nor the amount of grounds I use. I am very disappointed because I thought the world of this product....NOT ANYMORE. Please go back to the original product quality!!!! 1Seemed alot of reviews were saying the previously good product was now bad I've used these for a year or so, and needed a re-stock in March. I was a little concerned when I read some of the latest reviews. Seemed alot of reviews were saying the previously good product was now bad, since about whenever the new label appeared. I went ahead and ordered anyway, being there's not really a good substitute out there. I've been using these new ones for a month now (usually 1-3 per day), and haven't noticed any of the problems other reviewers were having - and I was keeping an eye out for. I can't find any difference in thickness, toughness, durability, fit or anything else. Same as ever - good fit and does the job - even with the new label. 4Quality vastly diminished with 2.0 I've buying these filters for years and liked them so much that I buy 300 at a time. My most recent shipment was my first use of the 2.0 filters, and they are not the same quality. About every third filter rips at the bottom during brewing and I get a cup full of grounds. I've been filtering the ground-filled coffee through a fine mesh strainer and a regular coffee filter, but it shouldn't be that much work. I thought the first pack of six was a dud, but I'm having the same problem in the next package. So I'm stuck with 247 filters that are useless 33% of the time. 1The absolute best pods and filters! EZ-Cup pods and filters are the best things out there for making your own coffee. I've tried most of the others on the market and absolutely nothing compares. Very easy to use. I don't even bother buying the pre-made pods anymore. I love that after making a cup of coffee, I just pull the used filter/grounds out, throw it in the trash and I can immediately make another pod. Unlike the pods that don't use filters or don't have a top for the filter, they have to be rinsed and cleaned before reusing. Single cup convenience without the hassle of other pods or the plastic waste of the pre-made pods! 5
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