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PILOT FriXion Ball Erasable & Refillable Gel Ink Stick Pens, Fine Point, Black Ink, 12 Count (31550)

  • PILOT FriXion Ball Erasable & Refillable Gel Ink Stick Pens, Fine Point, Black Ink, 12 Count (31550)
  • PILOT FriXion Ball Erasable & Refillable Gel Ink Stick Pens, Fine Point, Black Ink, 12 Count (31550)
  • PILOT FriXion Ball Erasable & Refillable Gel Ink Stick Pens, Fine Point, Black Ink, 12 Count (31550)
  • PILOT FriXion Ball Erasable & Refillable Gel Ink Stick Pens, Fine Point, Black Ink, 12 Count (31550)

PILOT FriXion Ball Erasable & Refillable Gel Ink Stick Pens, Fine Point, Black Ink, 12 Count (31550)

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • PILOT FRIXION BALL: This capped roller ball pen combines the smooth writing of a gel pen with Pilot's erasable thermo-sensitive gel ink. No wear or tear so you can write & rewrite until it's right.
  • UNLIMITED DO-OVERS: Erasable, refillable FriXion Ball gel ink pens write smooth & erase clean. Available in black, blue, red, purple, pink, orange, lime, & brown ink. Perfect for bullet journal spreads.
  • WRITE & CREATE FEARLESSLY: If you love FriXion erasable ink pens & markers, you'll want to try Pilot's full line of erasable Clickers, ColorSticks, Fineliners, Colors Marker Pens, & Highlighters.
  • TRUSTED QUALITY: We've been making pens for over 100 years. Whether you're taking notes, stocking up on school or office supplies, or writing in a bullet journal, Pilot has the perfect pen for you!
  • POWER TO THE PEN: Pilot makes exceptional writing instruments to suit all your needs. We have fountain, ballpoint, retractable, erasable & gel ink pens, whiteboard markers & more for every writing style.
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Customer Reviews

Students bewareI bought these for college. I thought they would be easier to use than the traditional erasable ink pen by paper mate. They are nice and convenient. The problem is if i left them too close to a heat source or rather the notebooks i used them on to take note. The ink disappears when exposed to heat. Like a heater vent in the floor or in the car where the sun can heat the note book up. I lost half my notes because of this. If you think about it that is how this product works. The friction from the rubber end against the paper warms up and the tadaaaa the ink is gone. I took a test once the professor left the test in her car and yeah I got a zero. 1Great pens except for the placement of the eraser (under the cap lid when in use).I LOVE these pens! I'm somewhat a messy writer and these have been very helpful for me to correct my handwriting when I can't read it myself. I also use them when I'm working through numbers/budgets as it's easier to erase than start over.My only issue is where the eraser is placed - on the end of the pen. However, when you take the cap off to write, you place it OVER the eraser. This requires the cap to be removed to use the eraser. I'm sure I'm not the only one to notice this and complain. Hopefully the company will listen and modify this feature. Then I would give it 5+stars! 4Works exactly as stated!I am currently enrolled in college, and I like using pens to take my notes. Unfortunately, I tend to need to revise my notes a lot, and pen simply doesn't allow for that. Pencil is fine for math class, but for other classes, I prefer pens. I have tried MANY erasable pens before, and the results were not satisfactory for me. They would write OK, but erasing was always touch and go. Sometimes the pen would erase fine, sometimes it would leave ink residue, sometimes it would smear the ink all over the area I was erasing, and sometimes it would rub a hole into the paper.I gave up on using erasable pens until I heard about these. They use gel ink, so the issue with not writing well would be solved. I was skeptical still of their erasing ability, but I decided to give them a try anyway.These pens are AMAZING! First, they write no different than any gel ink pen. The writing is smooth and bold. But what I really like is that they erase perfectly clean without smudging or rubbing a hole into the paper! The pen has a rubberized eraser that uses friction to remove the ink. So not only is the erasing clean, but because the eraser itself isn't removing the ink, the eraser produces no by-product and does not ever need to be replaced. So this pen will write and erase until the ink is gone!The pens are not refillable. That is the only downside that I could possibly think of. These are my preferred pen for class now! I highly recommend this product if you want to use an erasable pen that is truly erasable! 5Actually completely erases!I really like these pens a lot! They truly are erasable. I use them for bullet journaling and I hate writing with pencil bc it doesn't stand out on the paper. Here is a pic of writing with it next to writing with my bic intensity super fine point (one of my favorites). With this pen I wrote "create lesson for tok year 1". I drew a dark line and erased it. See if you can find it! ;D I wish it wrote like a felt tip pen, or I wish there was a felt tip pen I could erase but I think that's just wishful thinking. I'm glad I got this close, I just don't like the feel of gel pens, but that's a personal preference. My biggest (and only real) complaint is that I wish the erase tip was also on the end of the cap bc I take the cap and put it on the end of the pen (like every other human right?) when I am writing. So I have to remove it to erase. When I forget and erase with the cap end the ink comes off a little a smears it. Not a super big deal bc the eraser end cleans it up, but this just seems like a design flaw that should have been obvious? I'm not a pen maker though. Maybe they have their reasons. Overall I'm SUPER happy with this purchase. 4Great pens for sewing and creating easy to follow linesFriXioin pens have been getting a bad rap lately with some quilters saying the line drawn with the pen leaves a faint trace even after it's been ironed off. My local quilt store no longer carries them due to this. I personally haven't seen this happen and am very happy with my pens, especially now that there are different colors for when your first choice (usually black) doesn't show up. They are just so convenient, and if you draw on the wrong side of the fabric that will perhaps take care of the issue. The line is nice and fine, barely noticeable, but just enough so you can follow the line when sewing. Just be sure to cap them well, they do tend to dry out if they aren't capped.As an update: I used a black pen on red fabric and it did leave a "ghost" mark after ironing. I've not had that issue with light colored fabric, so now I'm sticking to chalk on darker colored fabric. 5Perfect for someone who messes up a lot.Great pens! I love the fact that you can erase them if you mess up or don't like the way it looks. I am currently using them in a moleskin journal and they do not bleed through. I have attached pictures showing how the pens write, the color of the pens, and how it looks after you erase the ink (second photo). The longer the ink sits on the page the harder it is to erase, but the job still gets done.Please hit the Yes button if you found this review helpful. 5You have to ask yourself why you want erasable pensI ve had these pens for a month now and I love them! I got these for a math class I m currently taking and they have done pretty much what I ve expexted them to do which is write and erase when needed. Despite the negative reviews my pens were not dried out and all of them have worked without drying up.The reason why I didn t give them five stars is because they smear when you erase so you have to give it a second or two which is difficult to remember especially when you re taking notes and have to write fast. You also have to clean your eraser or else when you do erase it will leave a black smudge. As you can see in my pictures. I m using my pens constantly and have not been disappointed in them Just remember the ink is erasable so you must be carful where you leave your notes because it will disappear in the heat. For me these pens have been extremely useful and I m happy with my purchase. 4Good but not greatI love the idea of these pens. They do erase but it takes a bit of effort. On the other hand, erasing did not seem to tear the page. I can understand the other reviewers mentioning that the pens are dry because they do seem a bit dry. The colors are definitely not thick and vibrant like gel pens usually are. Overall, it is great to have a colored pen erase but these do not quite meet the writing quality of regular gel pens.I cannot help but wonder if this is a product issue or a seller issue. Are these dry-ish because they are old or are they made that way? These pens have received so many 5 star reviews that I am just not sure because they are definitely not 5 star quality for us. 3Great, smooth pens! Do not use with heat or the ink will disappear!Great pens! Yes they are erasable and works perfectly, but do not leave whatever you write on it the heat, it will disappear! So, it you make notes or it you are a student in school and wrote a paper/homework with these pens, then left it in your car in the middle of summer, your work just might disappear! I love using the pens for marking my material when doing sewing projects, then I just iron over the line and it disappears! I also use it on paper, but I am careful to not leave whatever I write on in a super hot area. Pilot FriXion erases with FRICTION (as in heat) the more friction you have the hotter it becomes. I hope this is helpful! 5Try them and you will NEVER go back to regular ink pens again!I am such a fan of FriXion pens. As a planner, these are the only pens that I use as I plan out my month, week or day! The ink flows wonderfully and if I mess up - well, all I have to do is erase. I believe I have every type of FriXion pen, highlighter and marker that Pilot makes :-) -that is just how much I love them. If I could give them 10 stars I would!!!Here are a few tips on how to use the pens to their fullest.1) Use them for your planner, calendar or to do list. Use a different color for various activities or priority. This way when you look at your schedule you can see what you are spending the most time doing OR if you are spending time on the things that you need to spend time doing.2) Use them for taking notes. Use a different color to highlight important points so that you can look at them again with a quick glance.3) Do NOT use them for signing documents, contracts or checks.I carry them in my purse, work bag and have a set in my office. They don't last as long as other pens, but I just pop-in a refill and keep on writing.I LOVE these pens and all the versatility they offer. 5
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