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PILOT MR Animal Collection Fountain Pen in Gift Box, Matte Black Barrel with Crocodile Accent, Fine Point Stainless Steel Nib, Refillable Black Ink (91142)

  • PILOT MR Animal Collection Fountain Pen in Gift Box, Matte Black Barrel with Crocodile Accent, Fine Point Stainless Steel Nib, Refillable Black Ink (91142)

PILOT MR Animal Collection Fountain Pen in Gift Box, Matte Black Barrel with Crocodile Accent, Fine Point Stainless Steel Nib, Refillable Black Ink (91142)

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • AFFORDABLE LUXURY: The MR Collection features exceptional pens designed for everyday use. With a brass barrel, stainless steel accents, premium matte finishes & 'middle ring' design, they deliver refined style & a smooth writing experience.
  • WRITE ON THE WILD SIDE: Sophisticated with a hint of the exotic, the MR Animal Collection's tonal animal print accents let you bring a touch of your wild side to professional occasions. Available in refillable Fountain Pen, Gel Ink and Ballpoint options.
  • OBSESSED WITH OFFICE SUPPLIES? Get ready to write the most elegant to-do lists with a Pilot MR Collection pen, which offers affordable luxury for uniquely expressive writing. Plus, it makes the perfect gift for yourself or others!
  • STYLE & SUBSTANCE: Pilot MR Animal Collection pens are available in 5 elegant matte finishes with tonal animal print accents - black, pearl white, satin plum, champagne bronze and burnished silver - that are designed to delight the eye & intellect.
  • POWER TO THE PEN: Pilot makes exceptional writing instruments to suit all your needs. We have fountain, ballpoint, retractable, erasable & gel ink pens, whiteboard markers & more for every writing style.
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Customer Reviews

You can get better than this for the moneyArguably the best entry level fountain pen you can buy.It comes with an ink cartridge and Pilot's squeeze converter. Do yourself a favor and buy their turn button converter and a bottle of ink. Or just get an ink syringe and refill the ink cartridge when it runs out.The pen is made out of brass and is painted. The white version of this pen has a much thicker layer of paint than all the others. It feels like it's enameled. The section of the pen is made out of plastic.It is not too small and not too big. It has some weight to it, but it's not overly heavy like a lot of metal fountain pens. It has a cap that clicks on. It works great in situations when you just need to grab a pen and write with it quickly.The nib comes in either fine or medium. They are both on the fine side, as is common with Japanese nibs. I would recommend starting with a medium nib and going to the fine later if that is too thick. Unless you like very thin writing a medium should be great for you.So, what are the downsides? Well, there really aren't any other than this being a pen you first start out with. After you really like this and get into fountain pens you'll want bigger pens, pens made out of different materials, different sizes and shapes, gold nibs, exotic filling systems, etc.Until then, and even during, this will be your go to pen. 5A very nice FP for a very nice priceIt's very hard to choose between a 4 and 5 star review, but I'm going with 4, for reasons I'll explain below.This review is for the pen in Gold Lizard, with a fine nib (Fountain).I write this as a FP user who is far from an expert, but has basic experience with about a dozen different low cost pens over 4-5 years.When the pen arrived I was very excited to try it out along with the Noodler's bulletproof black ink that I bought at the same time. Both the pen and ink were new to me. [My usual inks are Skrip and Qink, but I've been hearing such good things about Noodler's that I had to try it]Opening the box I found it to be nicely packaged, in a case of about the expected quality for the price of the pen. Simple, but sufficient -- there are pictures in other reviews, so I won't go into much detail here. Good enough for a casual gift, doesn't pretend to be an upscale gift.The pen already had the converted loaded, which I immediately put to use, so I am not reviewing the included ink cartridge, but one was included to get you started if you don't have bottled ink to use.First I flushed the pen with a pen cleaner to ensure that it wouldn't have any trouble feeding ink, rinsed it out, and gave it a fill.The converter is a sac type with a lever to squeeze the sack. For this reason I knocked .25 star off of the review. While many say that sacs are better, I personally prefer clear plastic converters that allow me to see how much ink is remaining and to ensure that I got a good fill. Filling it was fairly easy, I just put the tip of the nib in the bottle and squeezed it and released it slowly 4 or 5 times until no air bubbles were coming out when I squeezed it. Easier and cleaner than the screw or piston type converters, so I may end up changing my mind about which is better as time goes on.A quick wipe of the section and I was ready to write! This review comes after completely using that first fill of ink over a two day period.The writing was nice -- a very sharp and even line. The nib is nice and smooth and started immediately on the first stroke. Fast or slow, it always started the first time except for when I would leave it uncapped for too long (3 or 4 minutes), at which time it would hesitate a little on the first stroke, but quickly pick right back up and start writing. A thinner/wetter ink would probably be even better in this regard, but I've not had a chance to try them yet. It seemed fairly forgiving of angle, not being too picky about keeping the nib correctly oriented to the paper. It would not write with the nib upside down, but since it draws such a fine line to begin with there's not much reason to care. There was a fair amount of ink creep on the face of the nib, which doesn't look nice, but since this is my first experience with this ink and then pen I'm not sure whether to blame the ink or the nib. It wasn't enough to cause blotting or a wet sticky cap.The converter doesn't look like it holds very much ink, but the line on this pen is so fine that it's very miserly with the ink and it lasts a long time. I wrote, doodled, and scribbled a good 20 or so pages before running out of ink, with very little warning -- it was writing perfectly, then just stopped. Squeezing the converter wouldn't give me enough ink in the feed to coax even another sentence out of it, which means that I'll need a backup pen or to keep it well topped off. That said, given how much it wrote there's NO WAY that I'll run out of ink in a normal day of writing.So... I took off .25 star for the converter, where's the other .75 star go? This one is a little more serious for me and it's the comfort of the pen. Is is well balanced, a good weight, a good length, etc... but the transition from the barrel to the section is too sharp. I found myself having to hold the pen much more carefully than I'd like to ensure that it wasn't digging into my finger. Yes, a lighter grip would be a good thing, and something I should practice, but for now I had to be very careful to position my hand lower on the section to avoid a sore finger. In my mind, this is the biggest and only real flaw with this pen, which I'm sure will now be my daily carry pen.(attached image written with this pen, Noodler's Bulletproof black, on average grade printer paper) 4New to Fountain Pens? Start Hear!!I have two Pilot metropolitan fountain pens and love them both! I have one with an italic nib and this one with the fine nib. I have fairly small and bunchy handwriting. Overall I think this pen is excellent value for the money. There are many styles to choose from.What I think about the pen- I love these pens! They are metal so they have some weight to them, though I don't find them too heavy to be comfortable. I was thinking about getting one of the Lamy Safari pens and I held it in my hand and it just felt cheap and plastic. I did not care for that at all. I want a nice pen to feel like it has some substance. I use the converter and bottle ink in both pens. It lasts a few weeks before I have to refill and it's very easy and not messy to refill the pens. The ink flow and feel of writing is very smooth. I highly recommend the Pilot iroshizuku inks.What I think about the nib- I like the fine nib for regular type writing. It suits my handwriting and does not look messy. I would guess the Extra Fine to be too small and not enough flow for me. I've tried a Medium nib and it was way to think and made my handwriting look like a toddler with a crayon. I have an italic nib and like that - it's a thickness between the fine and the medium. If you want something for a journal or fancy cards then I suggest the italic nib. For everyday use, for me, the fine nib is perfect. 5Great Stylish Purple Pen, Write SmoothlyAs many have said, this is a great value for the price. The nib wrote smoothly. (I have a medium nib but it feels like a fine nib to me).The barrel weight is just right (not too heavy or too light). And it has an attractive appearance.I have a few fountains pen and I have tried different brands etc. There are pricier fountain pens that do not write as smoothly as this one.My hoarding tendency already told me to get one of every design available.The pen came fitted with a squeeze converter (see pic) but I have exchanged it with Pilot CON-50 twist converter that I ordered separately (it fits perfectly).The title said that it is "blue" but it is actually deep purple. I filled it with a matching ink (see pic) and I am very happy with it. 5Amazing Pen!Let me start out with saying that this pen is well worth the money. The nib is a Japanese fine, which means it's going to run closer to an extra fine. The smoothness of the nib is impressive for one so cheap and small, and once you break it in it only writes smoother. There will be a bit of feedback if you write very quickly, or if you tend to rotate your pen as you write. I inked it up with Noodler's Black for this review, and I've filled over 15 pages on that one fill. The fine nib allows you to write on cheaper notebook papers and not have to worry about bleeding or feathering, which is essential to me, a student, who writes about 20-30 pages a day for everything from physics equations to general note taking. Aesthetically the pen is beautiful to look at. It definitely doesn't look like a $16 pen. The colors are vibrant, yet richly dark, and the leopard accent only adds to its uniqueness and charm. The bulb-syringe style converter works well, but can be a pain when wondering how soon you need to refill your pen. I would suggest getting a piston converter if you can. Overall I would highly recommend this pen to anyone wanting a finer line at an affordable price. I used Noodler's Black on Top Flight notebook paper in my review pictures. Hope this helps! 5Perfect fine lines for small hand... buy it!I've just received this pen today and used it all afternoon and evening. I love this pen. First of all, it's beautiful - the color, the trim, the shape. I put in the cartridge it came with (didn't have ink at work) and it took a couple of minutes to start writing but once it did I fell in love. First of all, I ordered the fine nib and it is fine. It's just the line I was hoping for. It is smooth, I never need to wait for it to write. I can put it away or just hold it for a few minutes while thinking and as soon as I put it to paper it flows with no hesitation. It is also perfectly balanced for my small hand. Even posted, it is just right. The only real pen I have to compare it to is my Lamy All Star and, for me, this one is much better. I had been so excited to get the Lamy but it's just not balanced right for my hand, if I pause for even a few moments I need to give it a little press on the paper to start writing again. So, I can only speak as a small-handed person who prefers fine lines, but especially for just $15 this is a true winner. I'm trying to decide which color to get next and who to give them to as presents. Enjoy. 5Doesn't last longI purchased three of these Pilot fountain pens (I wanted to use different colour inks. I got the fine nibs and I really liked the way that they wrote. The line was very thin, yet it wrote fluidly without skipping. I purchased these pens in March. It's now October and all three of them leak so much that I've had to throw them away. I don't know much about the mechanics of fountain pens, but apparently these pens have a defective design. 1This is a great introductory fountain pen.PROS: This pen writes beautifully. I love the nib - it writes sharp as a scalpel. I've been told that Japanese nibs tend to be a size smaller than western manufacturers and after this pen I think that's true. This pen feels comfortable in my hand. It's just a tad larger than my other models but it's smooth curves and lightweight construction is comfortable during long writing sessions.CONS: I don't like the non-standardized ink cartridges and the converter this pen came with is garbage. Included w/ this pen is an odd squeeze sponge converter that doesn't inspire confidence. After market converters are available but Pilot discontinued their CON-50 converter and went with the smaller CON-40, which holds less ink. Forums show users generally dislike both but preferred the CON-50s. Many Pilot Metro users end up using syringes to refill the disposable cartridges because it's easier than using either converter. 4I like fountain pens and think they should be cheap and ...Not a fan of Pilot Animal Collection pens. I like fountain pens and think they should be cheap and usable, not expensive collector's items. I carry a fountain pen daily, and because I lose things, I've come to appreciate good cheap pens.So it would seem the Pilot MR Animal should rank among my favorites. After all, it's a tremendous value for a name brand fountain pen. And cheap is good, to my mind.But though I've had several Pilot Metropolitans over the years, this pen falls into a nasty spot in my pen universe: cheap enough (in $ and in build) to invite comparison with sub-$10 Chinese pens like the Baoer Black Classic Ciger, but not the nob or build quality of a Lamy Safari--or, better yet, any TWSBI, especially the cheap Eco.This pen finds no love in my drawer. It feels cheap, even cheaper than $6 Chinese wonders like the Baoer which are constructed from solid brass. The Pilot nib is more consistently good out-of-the-box than the cheap Chinese pens, but still, in my experience they tend to be scratchy and to clog. And while both the Pilot and the cheaper pens can have their nibs tuned, tune a Baoer and you have a knockoff Parker Sonnet with a heft the Pilot lacks for half the price.Look, for what it's worth, I'd recommend going up to a TWSBI Eco every day of year: less than $32, an absolutely fine nib, incredible reservoir volume, a true piston pen. It's the best value out there. Unbeatable. Why settle for the Pilot? And if you're going to settle, why not go all the way to the bottom price-wise? You'll pay less for Jihao or Baoer, but you might find yourself liking it more. 3Just get it.If you've already been deciding on this pen, or you read about it.. not sure if you want this or a LAMY. Or a $100 fountain pen... or a $250-500 fountain pen...Just get this. Everyone else here who has been raving about it, I won't add to what hasn't already been said. But I can say... I do love how it writes in my Rogue Journal, hand made white paper. I bought a fine nib-black and haven't tried the medium-nib in white which I also bought. But I am pretty sure I'll be stoked on this. This pen glides. It looks awesome.And it's under $20.00. At least I know if I lost it (Like i lost my 2 Lamy Safari pens and a Mont Blanc :( -I won't feel as bad.I am not a pen expert. But I do love how it feels. I have spent a few hundred since I've gotten into fountain pens, already of different kinds... I can say this is definitely something I will continue to buy. Hopefully I don't lose it. 5
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