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PILOT Parallel Calligraphy Pen Set, 1.5mm Nib with Black and Red Ink Cartridges (90050)

  • PILOT Parallel Calligraphy Pen Set, 1.5mm Nib with Black and Red Ink Cartridges (90050)
  • PILOT Parallel Calligraphy Pen Set, 1.5mm Nib with Black and Red Ink Cartridges (90050)
  • PILOT Parallel Calligraphy Pen Set, 1.5mm Nib with Black and Red Ink Cartridges (90050)

PILOT Parallel Calligraphy Pen Set, 1.5mm Nib with Black and Red Ink Cartridges (90050)

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Each pen comes with two cartridges, a converter, nib cleaner and instruction booklet
  • Two different ink colors can flow from the same nib for a beautiful graduated effect
  • Unique "Parallel Plate" Nib Technology allows you to produce clearer sharper writing than with any other pen
  • Refillable - Pilot calligraphy refill model #77313 and additional colors sold separately
  • POWER TO THE PEN: Pilot makes exceptional writing instruments to suit all your needs. We have fountain, ballpoint, retractable, erasable & gel ink pens, whiteboard markers & more for every writing style.
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Customer Reviews

Great pen!I am relatively new to calligraphy; I did some in art school, but the majority of my work has been in digital media over the last 15 years. Recently I have become very nostalgic for hand lettering, and after reading several reviews and watching youtube clips I decided I would give the Pilot Parallel a try. I decided to go with the 1.5mm size as it seemed less intimidating to me as a newbie to calligraphy.Loading the ink was a breeze, and though I haven't had to reload it yet, I don't foresee an issue. The action on the pen is amazing, the ink flows smoothly and consistently, with solid, beautiful lines. I do recommend that you make sure to get good quality paper, my initial tests were on low quality printer paper, which lead to some bleeding.I do wish that I had gone with one of the larger pens in retrospect though; as much as I love this one, it strikes me as being better for decorative scroll work than actual lettering. That being said, I would highly recommend this pen, and I plan to buy the other 3 sizes very soon! 5Good Pen with *NO* ConverterEverybody lies.There's no converter. The description says, "Each pen comes with two cartridges, a converter, nib cleaner and instruction booklet".Instead of a converter, there is a plastic nib cleaner that looks like a blue plastic transfer pipette with the point cut off.I have a feeling Pilot discontinued the sets with converters and the listings have not been updated. I've tried ordering from four different listings that all picture and describe converters, but none came with converters. It's time to give up and just order the converters separately. Attached pictures show what was received. The dark rectangle with a circle cut out is a thin plastic piece that can be run between the plates of the nib to clean and unclog it.I'm having a little trouble adapting to using this 2.4 mm pen. It is very temperamental on how it is held as to the angle on the paper. I started with the 6mm nib and found it much easier, but of course, it is more than twice as wide. Both can be partly tilted slightly off the paper to create narrow lines. When combined with movements in the stroke, they allow for some creative shapes. These pens flow across paper more smoothly than similar tips on dip pens. It is possible to get fairly sharp lines using the nib at 90 . Sharp lines at other angles seem to be mostly limited by paper quality.The shape of the pen is very similar to dip pen holders with a taper away from the nib. The cap cannot be posted. The cap has a threaded attachment. Since it's a plastic pen, I kept trying to just pull it off. I should be able to get the hang of it one of these years. 3Not entirely what was shown.First of all, let me say that the pen itself is very nice. I'm just testing the waters of calligraphy and fine writing and this seems like the perfect match.What I'm not happy about is that I did not get what was promised and shown. The photo for the product shows a somewhat sturdy plastic case, with a snap in slot for the cleaning film and a decent quality converter/cleaner. The case looks like it might be something you'd want to keep, maybe.My pen came in a very cheap, flimsy clear plastic container. Definitely throwaway packaging. It does not have the converter/cleaner as described and shown. Instead it has a large, cheap plastic eye dropper thing that is only good for cleaning, if that. Picture attached of what I got. Not at all what's shown in the product photo - at least at the time of this writing.All in all, I'm happy with the pen. I'll probably get a regular converter for it anyway, and probably wouldn't have used the nicer plastic case. But if you promise one thing and show pictures of it, don't deliver something else. 3Untraditional CalligraphyMy experience with calligraphy pens ranges from some mid-level sets (like Scheaffer) as well as pen and well style. I'm by no means a typographer, and have only enthusiast-level familiarity since my art school days.I learned calligraphy on the pen and well style nibs, which often consist of a single piece of metal that has a "breather hole" in the middle and two tines that are split. Larger nibs may have another metal piece over top (or sometimes under) the split piece to both regulate flow and hold more ink. Cartridge style pens are not much different than this except that there is some kind of feed channel that is often placed between the two pieces of metal. In both cases, there is a bit of variance in the line created by the use of tines because pressure changes the flow rate depending on how far apart the tines are. Light pressure equals thinner lines. The more pressure applied, the tines split and this changes the width of the tines, the line, and increases flow. Additionally, holding the pen parallel to the bottom edge of the paper changes the width of the line as well.Unlike this traditional design, Pilot Parallel pens extend parallel top and bottom pieces over the feeder so that the draw of ink is more continuous between the two layers requiring less pressure (almost none), and allows the additional advantage of being able to turn the pen sideways for a nearly ballpoint-style effect. Ultimately, the result is ease of use as well as better ink blending effects. If all you require is a thicker, flat line for your ballpoint pen, or blending, this will make you very happy. I also imagine this might be useful for professional letterers who wish to diversify their tool set, or for those who use this for very large letters needing fill in.However, this creates problems for more traditional calligraphers like me. As mentioned above, calligraphy is typically a pressure-sensitive activity. The greater pressure and relative angle to the bottom edge changes the thickness of the line. The Parallel design does not allow for spreading of the tines because there are not any tines at all, so the only way to change thickness is by the angle of the flat nib. So instead of a wide variation in line thickness, you basically get two sizes: horizontal and vertical. Increasing speed can also reduce thickness somewhat, but only at the expense of accuracy.Minor additional issues are a) it bleeds badly with the ink provided, and b) the smallish nib is far too big. Also, if you are expecting the package that appears in the image, don't. Please see my pics.I do appreciate the inclusion of the bladder, but proper product descriptions and images are important. Pilot should update accordingly. Also, keep in mind, the (amateurish) lettering is on *cardstock*! 3Great pen for certain calligraphy styles!This is an amazing pen for more traditional styles of calligraphy that are boxy like gothic. You will need certain papers that take ink well like drawing paper. Otherwise it will bleed (BUT any ink pen would bleed! This is not a fault of the pen). I bought this pen intending to be able to learn a different style of calligraphy than this is capable of. However, I still love it. It is excellent for more square type fonts (check my pictures). Both of the attached pictures are from the day I got this with no previous experience with calligraphy. It shows that this pen is amazing for beginners!If you're looking to do modern calligraphy with the thin and thick cursive lines, you'll likely need a traditional dip pen. 5Non-traditional but nice.It's not a traditional fountain pen, and as such has advantages and disadvantages. It s easier to use, but has no flexibility. The nib itself can t bend like a traditional nib so the line width doesn t vary, though it can be used on its side for a thin line. This nib can also be pushed up or left without difficulty, allowing for some strokes that might make traditional pen snag or tear the paper.The ink does run a bit fast so it will bleed some. I think this represents the more casual nature of this pen; it should be used fast and easy rather than slow and precise. It s a good pen for fun that still may have a place for professionals.As some have stated the package is different than shown, replacing the metal object (possible ink converter) with a plastic nib cleaner, though the product description is correct. The included booklet is small but a decent introduction including some shapes and 3 alphabets with upper and lowercase letters. It also mentions a way to create a color gradient using 2 pens, though I have not tried that out.Overall I think it s a great thing to have in my collection because of its differences. It would be a great pen for someone looking to make decorative designs or a simple way to do blackletter fonts. 5Amazing, well crafted pen. A must-own for beginners or any calligraphy enthusiast.This pen has a very broad nib and BLOWS through ink like a Cadillac Escalade goes through gas. The thing is though, it also writes like an Escalade drives and is a very smooth, high performance, durable pen. It has a very crisp, clean ink flow, it doesn't leak, and writes beautifully. I also own the 2.4mm,which is too small in my opinion, to make very a amazing scripts unless you really know what you're doing. What I like to do is write with my 6mm in one color, then use the 2.4mm to create drop shadows in another color. You can also create beautiful gradients just by touching the nibs together and "writing" on each other. They will draw ink from one another and mix it so that when you write the next few strokes will blend seamlessly from one color to another. The 6mm is my favorite to use, despite its appetite for ink, but I would definitely recommend getting the green capped pen as well (i don't want to leave the page to look up the size, it's the one between 2.4 and 6mm..i believe it's 4.2mm) as I've watched many videos and that's the perfect size for calligraphy. I plan on buying one, but for now am just going to get more ink and keep practicing with my 6. The 6mm is perfect for practice, since it exaggerates the size and shape of the scripts so you can get used to the proper strokes and gain muscle memory so when it comes time to use a smaller pen it will feel natural. Also, purchase as many 12 packs of pilot parallel colored in assorted colors. If you have an eye dropper or large syringe, you can mix the inks to create custom colors, or even cannibalize other gel pens with liquid ink (if you're careful enough to cut them open without spilling ink everywhere, something very easy to do.) and refill your cartridge. Most other inks will run smoothly through the parallel and I've found that very cheap, black inks are very enjoyable to write with because they are translucent and have a watercolor effect with the 6mm and when you cross or double back over existing lines, it doubles in contrast and looks great. Overall, i couldn't be happier with this pen and my new hobby. 5Amazing pen!This pen is better than traditional calligraphy fountain pens because it allows for easy color blending. I also like how I can make fine lines using the corner. My pen came with black and red ink cartridges (not the blue I expected), which were okay, but I recommend refilling the used cartridges with a different brand of ink when you have finished with them because the provided ink tends to feather a little. The versatility of the pen makes it excellent for calligraphy and for drawing, and I have even used the fine corner to write notes when I didn't have another pen handy. I will include an example of something written with the pens so you can see their usefulness at color blending, calligraphic writing (I'm not a calligrapher, so I over-flourished it) making fine lines for crosshatching, and making thick outlines for artwork. I now have this pen in three different sizes and hope to get the fourth soon. 5So in Love with my 3.8mm Pilot Parallel Pen - and This is WhyI absolutely love this pen set. I have two. And I couldn't love them more! This pen writes so amazingly smooth. It doesn't glitch or hitch up when writing (if it does, it means the nib has paper particles in it. It's easy to remove by using the Nib Cleaner that comes with this set.). The ink glides on with an ice-cream smoothness that will amaze you and make you wonder where this pen has been all your life. Hands down, it's the best Calligraphy Pen I've ever used. But I don't use it just for Calligraphy. I use it for all my art needs. This pen has so many uses. I'm particularly fond of it for my Art Journals, handmade cards and design.This set comes with everything that you need to get started. It comes with 2 ink cartridges - red and black. A pipette to clean the ink from the pen. A Nib cleaner to clean the nibs. Fantastic color instructions that include some basic calligraphy instructions - and of course the pen unit set itself. (And when it arrives, it doesn't look exactly like the set in the picture, but it is close. The silver pipette in the picture next to the cartridges is actually blue, and it's much bigger - and made of plastic. It's in it's own spot next to the barrel of the silver pen unit. And the nib cleaner (just a thin, plastic sheet that reminds me of a film negative) isn't in it's own place like in the picture, instead it's beneath the ink cartridges. Other than that, it's the same. The picture is probably just an old picture.)Getting Started:It's a snap to get started, simply unscrew the barrel and detach the pen from the unit. Insert the cartridge firmly - while holding the pen unit with the nib pointing upward. Be sure to push the cartridge in without twisting or turning otherwise the valve may not open. After you insert the new cartridge, squeeze the cartridge gently before use to allow the flow of ink to the nib. Be careful not to squeeze too hard otherwise you may rupture the ink cartridge and then ink will leak everywhere (even if you do not see a leak, it will be all over your fingers and soon, everything else). Squeezing too hard may also cause the ink to splash out.Some Tips:Make sure you clean your pen unit every time you change colors. Doing so is easy. After you remove the cartridge (while holding the cartridge upright) insert the pipette. Then, dip the pen into a pot of water. Press the pipette several times until the pen unit is clean. Remove the pipette and insert a new ink cartridge. Be sure to wipe off any excess water with a soft cloth.Always put your cap on tightly. Otherwise your ink may dry out.This ink reminds me of marker, in it's thickness, in its smoothness, and not unlike marker, it will also bleed through thinner paper. So, be sure to either put something beneath your paper when you write/design/draw - or use thicker paper.I haven't noticed much feathering at all. So that isn't an issue for me. Although, this ink does NOT dry quickly so you do have to be careful not to run your hand, pen, or anything else through it that could cause a mess.Did you know that you can write with this pen in two different ways? You use the flat side for your thick, calligraphy, curvy, wavy letters and design - but you can also use the thin side to create fine, thin lines, just rotate the pen. Best of both worlds!They make amazing refills for this pen which you can find here: Pilot Parallel Pen Ink Refills for Calligraphy Pens, Assorted Colors, 12 Cartridges per Pack (77312) for less than $6 (for 12 different colors). You can also find all black, or all the same of your favorite color.You can also refill the ink cartridges, if you wanted (I like India Ink) with an eye dropper. (They do not recommend this, of course.) For the price, the 12 cartridges, in my opinion, are really worth it. They're so simple to change, and the ink is fantastic! You do go through it fast though, a downside of the pen, but again, the price is good so it's not like it's bleeding you, and most bottled ink is expensive.As much as I love the refills, I do also like to refill them with my own ink once in awhile to get the variety - and the India Ink. (If you have a favorite ink, this may be the way to go.) The upside of refilling is that you can store the different ink colors. There really isn't any good way to store the ink cartridges once they are open. Keep them in an airtight container, upright, if you can.One of my favorite things about this pen is that you can use two pens to gradate colors. Simply put two different color cartridges in each pen. Hold one pen with the nib pointed upwards, and the other downwards. Leave the nibs in contact for several seconds. The ink from the pen pointing down will transfer to the one pointing up. Then, write. Your colors will gradate as you write.This pen comes in 4 different sizes. The 3.8mm (the green one) is my favorite, which is why I have two. I don't know, there's just something about the width (3.8mm) that is just perfect. Don't get me wrong, the others seem to be just as lovely and wonderful, and I'm sure they are perfect for their own jobs, but the way the letters and design look on paper from this pen, is just beautiful and classic. I like how it's boxy - squared. Simple. Thick. I love the look of the others, yes, but this one, it's my favorite.The one thing that surprised me about this pen, and I've decided to mention it to you in my review just so you're not as surprised as I was, is that this pen is made a lot more 'cheaply' than I thought it would be. I was expecting a 'pen.' A heavy, well built pen. Especially for almost $8. But the whole thing is made of a really light plastic. The heaviest part of this pen is actually the cap. I'm talking, it's almost top heavy when the cap is on. But after I got over my surprise, it really doesn't bother me anymore. That's because I see the good that comes from it being plastic. This pen is feather-light in the hand, so it doesn't weigh your hand down when you are writing. In other words, it's so easy to control. So, I think they got it right after-all. But it was a surprise when you're expecting one thing, and got another. So, just a fair warning. But, it works out okay in the end.If you're new to Calligraphy, or if you want to learn Calligraphy, this is definitely the pen for you. I have been writing in Calligraphy for a very long time now, and this is by far the easiest, smoothest, simplest experience I've ever had with Calligraphy. My 11-year-old has been wanting me to teach her, and this is definitely the pen she's going to start with. Yes, she's going to move up to other pens, but to get the technique down, I can't think of a better, more simpler pen to start on. There isn't much to mess up. The pen does all the work, you just have to concentrate on technique. The instructions come with a nice little 'getting started guide', Amazon has thousands of books, or, you could just Google Calligraphy and start there. For free. Just practice, practice practice. Do the same thing over and over and over again. You'll get it. Remember, practice makes perfect. Your goal is to train your hand and your brain to know what to do without thinking about it. So that it becomes natural.Are you an artist? Love Art? Like to draw? Putting together an Art Journal? Making Homemade cards? Trying your hand at Art Therapy? Definitely give this pen a whirl. You won't be sorry.Are you a pen collector? Do you love pens? I mean LOVE pens? Can't go into an office supply store without drooling over pens? You get excited when you think about buying a new pen? Pens are like Christmas? Yep, then add this one to your pen collection. It's calling your name. You won't be satisfied until you do. You will think of this pen constantly until you answer that call. I hope to one day collect them all. Because they're calling my name. Just like this one did. 5LOVE ITI purchase this on a wimped to try and used as a highlighter, it worked great. I really like that this set brings anything you might need to star two cartilages a small water pump to wash out your inks and this very flexible laminate in case your two plates get a clog, I have no idea were to keep it safe as I think it might break easy. I have horrible letters but I had fun drawing some letters the instruction manual actually is very explanatory and gives you a sample of the entire alphabet. I will repurchase the next size down as I like a smaller tip highlighter. I used noodlers ink highlight ink in the photo. I drew some sample of the variation in the lines also the text book I was studying, the only problem I encounter is sometimes it would skip as when you don't have both conner touching like in an angel it takes a bit of practice, another thing I notice if your are writing, it would consume tons of ink.THIS DID NOT COME WITH THE CONVERTER 3
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