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Planet Wise Travel Wet Dry Bag, Jewel Woods

  • Planet Wise Travel Wet Dry Bag, Jewel Woods
  • Planet Wise Travel Wet Dry Bag, Jewel Woods
  • Planet Wise Travel Wet Dry Bag, Jewel Woods
  • Planet Wise Travel Wet Dry Bag, Jewel Woods

Planet Wise Travel Wet Dry Bag, Jewel Woods

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Made in the USA using high quality PVC, BPA, and Lead Free Materials.
  • At 9.5" x 4.5" the Travel Wet/Dry Bag is the perfect size for on the go! It is small enough to keep in a purse or diaper bag.
  • A zippered "dry" section keeps your cosmetic brushes, pencils, comb, band-aids, medication, etc. away from your wet or liquid items. The "wet" section has the same great "waterproof seam" design and is perfect for a damp toothbrush, shampoo, wet goggles, etc.!
  • Planet Wise's Travel Wet/Dry Bag is perfect for Cosmetics / Make-up, Sunscreens & Lotions, Toothbrush & Toothpaste, Goggles / Swim Caps, Handkerchiefs & Tissues, Markers / Pens / Pencils, Mama-Pads, etc...
  • Machine Washable
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Customer Reviews

Useful little utility pouch I had a rather unconventional reason for buying this pouch. While traveling to Europe, on tours as well as traveling on our own, I sometimes found the ladies rooms lacking in supplies, I.e. toilet paper, paper towels, sink for washing hands (some of the tours were to some rather rustic locations). I decided to travel in the future with my personal stash of convenience items. Carries the camping-style Coleman toilet paper rolls nicely, individual packets of hand wipes, and more. This pouch is a thinner fabric than I had expected, doesn't really look as though it would stay dry if exposed to really wet conditions, but it has a thin, flexible vinyl liner which should keep contents dry, short of full immersion (not sure seams would prevent water intrusion). Wish it had a sturdy loop so I could fasten it to the inside of my camera bag that doubles as a purse, but I'm using the rather large tag on the side as a loop and it is working well. I liked having a choice of colors. The pouch measures 4.75 x 9.5 inches. The larger main pouch should keep contents dry, the smaller outer zip pocket is not lined so not resistant to water.If you find this review helpful, please let me know by using the voting buttons. Through the years, I have relied on reviews to make smart purchases and now I'm trying to "pay it forward" by helping others with my reviews. Please let me know how I'm doing with your vote. Thanks!! 4Nice size, but not useful for anything more than slightly damp I use cloth wipes and am tired of carrying a spray bottle of water with me for the times when I am not near a sink, so I have been looking for a product that will hold wet wipes in my diaper bag. I own several of the larger Planet Wise wet bags, which I use for storing dirty and wet cloth diapers, so I decided to try the mini wet bag for the wipes.Unfortunately, it didn't work out. I had previously looked at the Planet Wise website and noticed that this product was advertised to include "waterproof inner material" and that "each bag is innovatively sewn with hidden seams and sealed for no wicking or leaking." Because of this, I felt comfortable using wet (not damp, but not dripping) wipes. During its first use, though, I noticed that the bottom corners were damp. By the end of the day, the entire exterior fabric was very wet, presumably due to wicking along the zipper. This also led to the dye bleeding in a few spots.My disappointment is probably partially my fault for interpreting the website description to mean that Planet Wise had devised a way to keep the zipper area from leaking, which led me to think I could keep the bag on its side for storage. At the same time, though, I don't think I would be able to ensure the bag remained in a horizontal orientation (zipper facing the ceiling) when holding wet items even if I tried, so I would probably still experience leaks anyway.Watch the video if you'd like to get an idea of the size of the wet bag and how it fits in the Ju-Ju-Be B.F.F. Diaper Bag, Black/Silver as well as how well it can (or rather, doesn't) handle water.Three stars because this product could be useful for things that don't get very wet. If it's wet enough that you can wring water out of it, on the other hand, I'd pass on this product. 3Great for use with pstyle. I got this to use with my pstyle when I am traveling, camping, hiking or attending events where there are only gross bathrooms, or portable potties. I love my pstyle, and wanted a wet bag for it, since a lot of times you can't clean it right away. No one wants to stick anything with urine on it in your bag! I looked at the bags made specifically for the pstyle, but they are not wet bags! I imagine that could lead to wetness outside of the bag after use. This has more than enough room for the pstyle, as well as wipes and/or paper, and a ziplock baggies for garbage. Plus, I can just grab the bag, and no one is the wiser as to what it contains, or what I'm doing with it. The little bag is super cute, and I get compliments on it all the time. My camping friends love that it has little wildlife creatures on it. I have actually gotten two more (with different designs so there are no mix ups!) that I am giving as gifts for the holidays, to be used for the same purpose. 5Great for reusable menstrual pads! As I would expect from any Planet Wise product, there are no leaks or stink from this bag! I recently starting using reusable menstrual pads and have used this wet/dry bag to carry my pads to and from the restroom, mostly at work. I do wish the outside pocket (the "dry" part of the bag) was just a hair bigger so that I could carry more than one clean pad at a time, but it's not a big enough deal for me to give less than five stars on this product. I just keep the extras in my purse and take one at a time to the bathroom. The inside (the "wet" part of the bag) holds several used pads, doesn't leak, and keeps the pads wet (I wet or slightly rinse them) until I get home at the end of the workday and can do a thorough rinse. 5Didn t keep the wet in I got this today, was very excited to replace my plastic wet wipe pack after a year of abuse. It had finally tore at the seams and started to leak.After 3 hours of having wet wipes in it ( disposable) the outer cloth of the bag was wet. Perhaps It s operated error. I put the wipes in, zipped it shut and walked away. Maybe I needed to whisper kinder words to it first. It s hard to see the wet parts of the bag in pictures but it is the darker shades of blue. All running along the zipper and in some spots halfway down the bag.I have been cloth diapering for over 3 years now with two kiddos. This was my first planet wise product. Maybe it is not meant for wipes but lightly soild items only. Definitely would not want a pee diaper soaking through my stuff- glad it was just wipes Would have given 1 star, but 2 stars were given because I liked the unicorn print and double pocket. Great concept but didn t work for the purpose I needed it for. 2... little clutch fits perfectly in my purse and is great for my RUMP's This little clutch fits perfectly in my purse and is great for my RUMP's. I can fit 3 of them as well as my diva cup and 3 wipe packets in the dry pocket, I don't like to mix the clean with the used. 5NOT a wet bag; interior lining isn t waterproof at all. I got this to carry wet (not dripping) wipes for cloth diapers & was disappointed with the first use. Within a very short time, the entire bag (even the front of the dry pocket) was soaked, & the inside of my purse & it s contents were also wet. A ziploc baggie would ve worked much better.It s a cute bag, very useful for storing dry items, but it s definitely not designed to hold anything damp or wet. 2Adorable, functional, and worth the price! I bought this item to carry my Glad rags, as I have recently converted to the "reusable pad" camp. My first test was a 4 day trip to Las Vegas (as I want a bag specifically for travel) and it performed perfectly. A little wider than I anticipated, so it won't work in a small hand bag (and would be a tight fit in a medium bag when full), but it worked well in my leather satchel. No mess, no smell (!!), and it looked like any other cute pencil bag someone might tote around. I was able to carry around 4 glad rags with two liners each, in various combinations in the two zippered compartments. You will not be disappointed in the craftsmanship or the quality. I plan on buying more to give as gifts to the ladies in my life! 5Use it to keep items organized in the diaper bag! I got this to use with my diaper bag to keep things organized! It is the perfect size for smaller items like diaper creams, lotions and other things for baby! Travel sizes work best because you can fit more in the bag! However, I can fit a full size Burts Bees diaper cream, full size Baby Badger Balm, full size Avalon Organics A, D and E ointment, a travel size pack of Q-tips, an Aveeno baby face sunscreen stick(used right now for me), a travel size of hand sanitizer and a pair of baby nail clippers! It is a really good size for organization! I plan on getting a small sized one as well to keep my baby's clothes in. They are excellent if you need some more organization in your diaper bag or purse! 5A little smaller than expected I had read reviews on this product so I anticipated a smaller bag (which is completely fine since I don't need it for anything big anyways) but it was a little smaller than I imagined. Although it may be small, it does have a little stretching room due to the material being a stretchy fabric which is a plus. I am able to fit 4 large 12" washable menstrual pads in the dry pocket with some effort but 3 fits just fine if you fold them in half first.Definitely not something you should buy for washable diapers but for pads (both washable and or disposables) or for personal items like makeup or bathroom needs this product would work well.Haven't had a chance to use the wet pocket yet (which is a bit bigger than the dry pocket) but from what I'm seeing and feeling, wipes would not be a good idea inside here but again for reusable menstrual pads it would do the trick if they aren't dripping wet. So a few downfalls but for my needs it will suffice. Debating on eventually getting a second for a diaper bag organizer. 4
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