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Planet Wise Wet Bag, Large, Aim Twill (Made in The USA)

  • Planet Wise Wet Bag, Large, Aim Twill (Made in The USA)
  • Planet Wise Wet Bag, Large, Aim Twill (Made in The USA)
  • Planet Wise Wet Bag, Large, Aim Twill (Made in The USA)
  • Planet Wise Wet Bag, Large, Aim Twill (Made in The USA)

Planet Wise Wet Bag, Large, Aim Twill (Made in The USA)

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Made in the USA using high quality PVC, BPA, and Lead free materials!
  • At 17" x 21" and with a color coordinated handle the Large Wet Bag is great for wet or dirty items, swimwear, diapers, shoes, cosmetics, gym bag, and the list goes on and on.
  • Innovative, patent pending, leak-free design resists most odors and stains keeping smells in.
  • Designer cotton outer with coordinating waterproof inner
  • Machine wash warm, tumble dry low or hang to dry. No bleach or softeners.
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Customer Reviews

Nice quality and patternsThis a a great diaper bag. I have bought two now. The first I used for wet diapers when my son was very small. Now we use it for laundry, and I got a second one because I liked the first so much. The first is holding up really well, so I am confident we'll be using them for laundry for a long time. We have taken it on trips and camping too, and plan to use it on all sorts of different trips. I got the large first and reordered a large again; it is a great size for laundry. I like the material on the outside and inside.The first I bought was brown, and I planned to get that again, but there was none available. So this time I went with the "jewel woods" since my son likes foxes. It is gorgeous. I will use it when he grows out of it. Strongly recommend these. Well made, and I like that I can simply hang them on the door or around a chair, etc. Easy to use, and clean - just wash and dry. 5Worst Wet Bags We OwnMy least favorite wet bags after many months of use. We have one large one and one medium in different patterns. I thought the two-layer construction (PUL on the inside, cotton fabric on the outside) would mean that they'd be less likely to smell or feel damp, but it's the opposite. These wet bags ALWAYS feel damp on the outside when they come home from daycare, and these are the first to smell in the laundry pile.Durability is also a concern. It was only a few weeks before the handle on the large bag started to rip, and within several months the zipper broke. Planet Wise uses dinky tiny zippers on their wet bags. The medium wet bag doesn't even have a handle, which really annoys me. It's the same size as many of our other daycare wet bags, but it's the only one without a handle.I'm also not pleased with the cotton fabric they use for the outside layer. We wash our wet bags with our diapers (especially because they get damp & smell within one day), and the cotton fabric just hasn't stood up to that kind of wash cycle. Both wet bags have significant fading after several months of use, so the cute prints aren't even as cute now. And we do not dry our diapers outside, so this isn't an effect of sun bleaching.Our other wet bags are a mix of Smart Snugs (which have great handles but poor zippers) and Alva (which have great zippers and okay handles). When the zipper broke on my large Planet Wise wet bag, I replaced it with Alva wet bags. The Alva and the Smart Snugs are all about the same size as the medium Planet Wise, which I think is the perfect size for daycare. It holds 5-6 diapers. The large Planet Wise can hold many more than that; maybe 10-12? The large is too big for regular daycare use (for one kiddo) so we used it at home, and I found that it took so long to fill it that it would start to stink before we even filled it up. So I think it's an impractical size unless you have two in diapers. But I still wouldn't recommend it since the construction/durability is so poor. 1Perfect Wet BagWe registered for the small and large and have used them for the last year. The large fills the role of a diaper pail and hangs from a hook in the bathroom. The small goes in whatever bag or purse we're using that day, and holds two BumGenius Freetimes.We just purchased the medium for daycare, which requests 5 cloth diapers and a wetbag to contain them after use.The bottom line is that there are few options, even at your local camping/military surplus store. Planet Wise uses a great material on the inner liner, not a conventional plastic or vinyl. It feels like silicone to the touch, never lets a scent out, and unlike Skip Hop's wetbag--it doesn't make a crinkle sound when crushed. You can put this in the dryer zipped-up, but I recommend just air or sun drying it to keep in the best condition.Just a great product. Planet Wise should be selling these at sporting good stores for campers, gym rats, etc. 5Disappointing...Its very cute, but smaller than I expected. It only fits two cloth diapers. I will be buying another one in a bigger size as the quality is very good.***UPDATE***I am so disappointed in this product. It has started leaking through the PUL lining and soaking the outside fabric. For the size, this wet bag was not cheap and I had heard such good things about Planet Wise wet bags. I washed this according to instructions, and never ever put it in the dryer. I hope to hear from the seller.***Udate #2***I finally got ahold of the seller and the only option is for me to mail my wet bag back and wait for them to mail me a replacement after they receive it. I have to pay for shipping myself. If you ever have to deal with Planet Wise customer support, don t bother calling their phone number. It goes to voicemail and no one calls back. They do, however, respond to emails. In any case, I m disappointed. I have never hear bad things about Planet Wise products and really wish I had not received a defective product.***UPDATE #3***They sent me a replacement bag, and it was worse than the first one. All of the stitching was crooked, the tag was sewn on sideways, and worst of all within two washes it was leaking. I follow all recommendations on cloth diaper washing. I suspect my replacement was a factory screw up that they sent me to make me happy. They offered to send me another one, but only if I mailed this one back AGAIN at my own cost. I give up. Stay away from these wet bags at all cost.My official recommendation is the Bum Genius wet bags. They are the only ones that do not leak. Save yourself months of torture. 1Gets the job done and washes well and easily with the diapersGets the job done and washes well and easily with the diapers. We bring this with pre-folds to our LO daycare. The teachers like the reusable bag.And, for anyone questioning how the medium compares to the large, here is a photo comparison of the two. I think the medium is too small for us since she usually goes through 3-4 cloth diapers while at daycare. 5Problem with leakingI bought the large wet bag to try along with a Wegreeco Reusable Hanging Wet Dry Cloth Diaper Bag. I am not impressed by Planet Wise one. The inside and outside of the bag are only sewn together at the top which makes it actually take longer to dry. The Wegreeco one is much bigger and cheaper. I'm currently cloth diapering a 6 week old. The Planet Wise large bag can probably only hold a day's amount of diapers and wipes. The Wegreeco one can contain at least 2 days worth. In the third photo where my hand is grabbing is the space left in the bag and the first day hasn't even ended. This bag should probably only be used on trips around town. I doubt the small Planet Wise bag I ordered could hold more than one diaper.UPDATE:The bag has just started leaking. When I'm using it, I keep it placed on the floor. I don't soak my diapers at all. I hang dry. The leak is not visible but you can feel the wetness when picking it up.UPDATE:I used the warranty to exchange for a new one. Exact same problem as last. This is not a good brand to buy wet bags from. 1Good bag, a little annoying to dryIts a nice bag and made of quality material. The PUL is thick and I can't imagine this bag leaking or smelling. The problem with this bag is that it takes a very long time to dry because the PUL is not connected to the cotton print part like it is with a diaper or the Lite version of this bag. They're connected only at the zipper. So you end up having to dry it twice every time. Its kind of hard to explain why, but I'll try. To dry it, I pull the PUL part inside out, away from the cotton layer and hang it up. That dries out the cotton (print) part, and the "inside" exposed layer of PUL. But because it was hanging to dry, water builds up on the other side of the PUL and collects. So then you have to stuff the PUL layer back inside the way its supposed to be, and the water that collected is now exposed to the cotton part, soaking it. so you have to hang it to dry again. 3buy the "Lite" versionWe previously ordered a Planet Wise wet bag and loved it, so we thought it would be useful to have a second (so if one was in the wash or in the car or something, we wouldn't be left high and dry .... pun intended). However, we did not realize when ordering, not all Planet Wise wet bag are equally! We previously ordered (and loved) Planet Wise Lite Wet Bag, Fox Trot ... note the word "Lite" in the title there, which is not on this product. We had no idea it would make such a difference. This one, the "non-lite" one, is a totally different material that we just don't seem to like nearly as much. It does not fold up as compact or as easily. Most importantly, the exterior cannot wipe down like the other one. Major shortcoming.We are huge fans of the Planet Wise wet bags, but do yourself a favor and make sure to buy the "Lite" variety. 3It is pretty...small.I got the size small for inserts while I am out and about and it can barely even fit two. The bag overall is awesome though. 4love themI have two of these, a small and medium, and I'm so happy to not have to go through plastic bags for dirty diapers/clothes. I use the small to hold pump parts in the fridge at work, which replaces ziplocs so i don't have to go through dozens of those. my only complaint about the small is it is quite small, more like a cosmetic size bag, my pump parts (spectra) barely fit. The medium goes with the baby to day care, and is plenty large to hold a bunch of dirty clothes and diapers (we use gdiapers) though for some reason daycare always forgets about it and sends him home with a plastic bag of dirtys anyway. thats not the bags fault. we wash and dry it with his regular laundry (wash cold, dry medium) and i've never had an issue wish smells or anything they seem very durable and i can see us using these for years. when i'm done pumping i'll find another use for the small one. 5
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