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Polar Ice Disposable Plastic Glasses with Lids, 2-Ounce, Translucent, 250-Pack

  • Polar Ice Disposable Plastic Glasses with Lids, 2-Ounce, Translucent, 250-Pack

Polar Ice Disposable Plastic Glasses with Lids, 2-Ounce, Translucent, 250-Pack

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Includes lids for easy and sanitary storage and display
  • Includes 250 cups and 250 matching lids
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Customer Reviews

better for dips than jelloGot these for jello shots, the cups are a thicker plastic than I would've liked and the lids didn't feel like they were the correct size. Was a super pain to get most of them on. Did their job though. 3As described!Cups are great. As described. Ordered them for kids and adult lunch boxes. What im NOT happy about is when I received this order, half of the cups and lids were just in the package NOT sealed up in plastic or anything. Yuck! (It was a tight package so they were all together perfectly.) But I had to hand wash 100+ cups and the lids because I don't know who touched them, or sneased/cough on them, or when is the last time that person washed there hands. Eww! It was the last thing I wanted to do was wash every single one of cups and lids. Luckily I was already washing other dishes when this arrived. But I expected them to be sealed in plastic bags. Overall, I will order these again for the good price, and it is good containers and nice fitting lids, no leaking!! 4Works perfect!These are great for Jell-O shots and my favorite putting shots. This is the second time I purchased these and I will definitely be buying again. The lids fit great and you don't have to worry about spilling or leakage. You can't beat the price. I was in a jam and needed some of these quickly. I went to my local grocery store and it was almost 3$ for 15 of them and that didn't include lids! 5Work well, but have to wait until jell-o sets to put lid onServed their purpose. However, I could not get the lids on the unset Jell-O shots without spilling the liquid out of the cups since the plastic edges bent/weren't stiff enough. Had to let the Jell-O shots set in the fridge uncovered and then put lids on the cups, which meant I needed more space in the fridge to let them set since they couldn't be stacked on each other. Once on, the lids were pretty secure and we didn't have much leakage even when some of the shots melted from being outside in the heat. Would buy again. 4The lids don't closeThis was one of the most frustrating stick inducing experiences I have had. Was it my fault for making 100 jello shots of every flavor and variety, absolutely. But when I bought this product I was led to believe the lids would safely hold my liquid of choice. However, when I went to seal the jello shots only 1/3 of the lids would actually seal causing the jello goo to leak and spill everywhere which resulted in a huge sticky mess. Not to mention was incredibly frustrating. My kitchen countertop now looks like a rainbow. And not one with a pot of gold at the end of it. Thus, if the lids never worked to begin with they should not have been included in the product which would have saved me from what was clearly a domestic caustrophe. 1Perfect for lunch boxesPerfect for snack and lunches! I made a little packing station for my 10yro and put the cups/lids into mason jars. 5Shots Shots ShotsI'd originally bought these to make Jello shots. They worked great for that purpose, but I only needed about half of them so I had to find a use for the remaining 50 or so. I've found that I actually enjoy them for other things even more. I really like being able to fill these with sauce for my packed lunches, or dressing for a salad. You can keep spare Christmas lights in them that always come with a string of lights, or odd screws that come with furniture.They also work great for just pouring shots into if you don't want to clean a round of shot glasses. Just sort of a good thing to keep around the house. 5My dog accidentally got wasted after ripping into the cooler with the jello shots ...My dog accidentally got wasted after ripping into the cooler with the jello shots (a vet visit indicated she was fine just stupid). The adult humans loved them, and these were the perfect size for shots.Pros: all my lids fit and they included extra cups.Cons: not dog proof 5Impossible to fit lid onto containerThese are some of the most poorly fitted caps and lids I have ever had to work with. I have worked plenty jobs in the restaurant industry where we used similar caps and lids that went on with ease. However, I found with these that I had to essentially break the container in order to get a lid to fit, making it very difficult to actually use these and pack them with sauces and dressings for lunches as intended. Unfortunately there are so many of them that I don't want to throw them away. But I will not be purchasing again. Maybe after a couple more frustrating attempts at fitting the lids to the containers I will end up throwing them away. I hope this review spares some other poor souls from purchasing these ill-fitted plastic demon lids and containers and the frustrations that come with them. 1Package opened... possibly not sanitary.Some have commented on what type of plastic these are and if they are food safe. Mine have a "6" in the recycling symbol on the bottom, which are commonly used with disposable plates and cups, egg crates and to go containers. I use them short term for dips and sauces, or to take things in my lunch. No leak issues size is good for those uses.My specific issue with these is that mine came open and re-taped. Not in a way that could have been torn but how you rip the top of a bag of cups to avoid undoing the tie. I am not sure if I received the entire amount as promised. I am using these over time and not for one party ect so it is yet to be seen. I wasn't going to count 125 cups to check. Figure maybe it was returned, but that leaves me nervous and I wash each cup and lid now before using since they weren't safely sealed. 3
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