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Polder Candy/Jelly/Deep Fry Thermometer Stainless Steel With Pot Clip

  • Polder Candy/Jelly/Deep Fry Thermometer Stainless Steel With Pot Clip
  • Polder Candy/Jelly/Deep Fry Thermometer Stainless Steel With Pot Clip
  • Polder Candy/Jelly/Deep Fry Thermometer Stainless Steel With Pot Clip
  • Polder Candy/Jelly/Deep Fry Thermometer Stainless Steel With Pot Clip
  • Polder Candy/Jelly/Deep Fry Thermometer Stainless Steel With Pot Clip

Polder Candy/Jelly/Deep Fry Thermometer Stainless Steel With Pot Clip

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Easy-to-read large temperature zones printed on unit - 6 zones include Deep Fry, Thread, Soft Ball, Hard Ball, Soft Crack & Hard Crack stages
  • Rust-proof stainless steel solid construction, pot clip attachment holds thermometer in place, insulated handled does not retain heat
  • Temperature ranges in Celsius and Fahrenheit - 90F to 400F (30C to 200C)
  • Dishwasher safe, Great for candy making, melting chocolate, yogurts, creams sauces, jams, and more
  • For over 41 years, Polder believes in customer satisfaction and guarantees all of our products. If you are not satisfied, please contact our customer service for a replacement or refund
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Customer Reviews

Bought the same version when me old one went out, dependable and consistent on tempsI actually just threw out my old thermometer that was the same version that i had for YEARS because it was giving me problems, but it lasted so long and i got so many uses out of it that i just re bought it again. It works great, the only thing id say is dont throw the whole thermometer fully submerged in water or the dishwasher, I think thats where i went wrong. if you have stuck on candy/caramel on it just clip it to the side of a pot and boil with some vinegar and water, itll get most of it off and wipe the rest down. 5Must have kitchen tool for bakers/candy makers.I love this for making macarons, boiling sugar, chocolate, etc. Just be sure to clean it right after using it with a warm cloth or paper towel in order to prevent the sugar, etc., from becoming hard after use. I've attached pictures of desserts I'm made using this. 4Has a Handy Clip!Got this one for canning, but I've expanded to using it for pasteurizing egg whites for buttercream as well. The thermometer has a sliding clip on the back so you just stick it on the pot, slide it to the height you want and you're good to go. The thermometer bulb is suspended a couple mm from the bottom of the metal plate, so you can push it against the bottom of the pan and not worry about blowing the bulb with direct heat. It also has handy markings which tick off the various candy states if that's what you want it for. Cleaning is a breeze since I just toss it in the dishwasher. 5Broke within a month.I was in love with this thermometer! I only used it a few times over the course of a month, and within that time, it stopped working. It has been stuck at the same temp of 188 F regardless of what I ve tried. I m so disappointed, because this product worked great up until that point. 1Don t BUY! Come see why!Guys! Thanks for reading! Listen don t purchase this candy thermometer if you need it quite regularly. We purchased this on Nov 13th 2018 and it is now December 26th and the print of the numbers (THAT ARE QUITE CRUCIAL!!!) are already COMING OFF as you can see in the photo!! The wife makes homemade peanut and pecan brittle for the holidays and she has used this about 15x and will soon be trash bc soon enough. It s terribly sad bc the actual materials used to make this are quite decent! If you need a candy thermometer every now and then ..this one might be okay..but don t depend on it! Note we don t scrub it either. We basically let it soak and lighting clean it so it s not us or us cleaning it vigorously! Hope this helps guys! 2Temperature is off by several degrees - updated reviewI bought this thermometer to replace my old Wilton thermometer because after several years, the numbers were starting to wear off. The Polder thermometer seemed to be off by several degrees, so I compared it to the Wilton thermometer and to a digital one that I have. At temperatures below 200, it was off by up to 6 degrees. Oddly, as the temperature increased, it seemed to be more accurate - but in general, I just don't trust it.July 17 update -- I contacted Polder and said the thermometer was off by several degrees, so they sent me a new one. This one registered too high! I had both Polder thermometers and my digital thermometer in one pot of water. At temperatures below 150, the readings on the Polder thermometers differed by 15 degrees! Once the temperature reached 180 on the digital thermometer, the replacement one tracked the digital one pretty well. But the original one I bought registered low by about 6 degrees.I think I'll try a Wilton one again. Eventually the numbers wear off, but at least it is accurate! 2Red Liquid SEPARATED on one of three I received. Probably the reason for the few bad reviews. Basically GOOD Thermometer.Purchased three (3) of these. When they came, the red liquid had separated one one (1) of them. I looked very carefully at them because the liquid had separated on my old candy thermometer, causing it to give false readings (after working well for many years,) Moving cross-country was not kind to the thermometer.If you don't know what to look for, it can be hard to spot the defect. I suspect that separated red liquid inside the thermometer is the reason for the few bad reviews of the thermometer. Look to be sure the red liquid is one continuous line. If there is a different colored line dividing the liquid, it is defective and needs to be replaced. No thermometer will give an accurate reading if the liquid inside is not continuous.This is a good thermometer, but it appears that a few are defective. I actually bought a digital candy thermometer from Williams Sonoma. It usually works, but sure messed up one batch of fudge. I like having two different kinds of thermometer to use. This one has the bulb at the bottom protected protected by the metal around it and it is impossible to have the bulb or measuring probe sitting on the bottom of the pan. 3Just rightI got a 2 gallon stainless steel pot from walmart for 8 bucks, and with this thermometer I have a stove top deep fryer that meets my needs. yes the numbers will wear off eventually. I use my fryer a couple times a week, and I get about 3 months of readable numbers, which is fine because I can keep using it. You get used to seeing where the mercury level is, which for deep frying just needs to be less than 400 and more than 350. I prefer closer to 400 unless I'm doing coconut shrimp or chicken, the oil cools down too far when I put the food in if I start at 350. It's no fuss and cheap enough that I just replace it when I want, and since I'm not doing candy, accuracy is not critical. 5Not accurate enoughThe thermometer is not accurate. After several experiments, it is off by 10-15* F, which is pretty substantial if you are trying to cook something that requires exact temperature.In our case, we were trying to cook gelato and found that we couldn't get the temperature up to 185*F without taking a lot of time, and without bringing it to a boil, ruining it twice before it prompted the experiment. After using an intstant-read thermometer to check, we were actually at somewhere between 190*F for about 20 minutes.So, if you don't need accuracy then go ahead and get this. However if you need accuracy then save your money and don't buy these candy thermometers that all look the same from several different brands. In our case we had to throw this in the trash to avoid any further wasted time and effort. 1Worked twice, then kaput!I'm guessing I must have gotten a defective unit -- but whatever the case, I bought it to make candy -- a friend was teaching me to make English toffee. I tested and calibrated for our altitude before I used it the first time -- determined that I would need to subtract 8 degrees from the target temperature (of 300 degrees for hard-crack). Anyway, so that worked great the first 2 times I made the toffee. A couple weeks later, I went to make it again, the candy was done but the thermometer was nowhere near the target. Luckily, my friend was with me at the time, and she has made the candy enough that she doesn't need a thermometer to tell, and she saw it was done and told me to quick take it off the burner. Whew, saved from burning it! So today I tried it again on my own, trusting that some kind of weird fluke had happened before. But same thing again. This time I was watching closely. The thermometer reached 260 degrees and just never went up from there. But of course the candy kept cooking and got done. (I was lucky again; my careful watching and all the tips from my friend enabled me to take the candy off the heat once again!). So at this point, I'm thinking the thermometer is useless beyond repair... but just to check, I did the boiling water calibration test again. It showed the same as before -- it boils at 204 instead of 212 (due I assume to our altitude). So that doesn't explain the stuck-at-260-degrees problem. Sigh. 1
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