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Polyethylene Textured Disposable Gloves, Medium (Box of 500 Units)

  • Polyethylene Textured Disposable Gloves, Medium (Box of 500 Units)
  • Polyethylene Textured Disposable Gloves, Medium (Box of 500 Units)
  • Polyethylene Textured Disposable Gloves, Medium (Box of 500 Units)

Polyethylene Textured Disposable Gloves, Medium (Box of 500 Units)

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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Customer Reviews

STOP, Don't Touch My Meat! I have issues. Many issues. One of which is the extreme horror I am engulfed by when someone cooking a meal for me, touches the raw food with their bare hands.I have to believe, I am not the only one like this. Especially if you are reading this now. If you don't work in the food industry, and buy this for home use, you must share the same neurosis.Well lucky for you, I have already bought this product and it works great! I provides a layer of this strange magical material. It acts a barrier become contaminants both ways. From my hand, or to my hand. It's like magic. The quality is great and fits like a glove... heh... heheh... heh. 5NOPE! Finally got through a box of these. They are sooo bad! I didn't even notice a cancer warning on the box till others pointed it out. Even besides that they are just junk and rip if you even slide your hand in gently. 1Best Food Prep Gloves in the World What can I say, these gloves blow my mind. At around a penny each, they're well made. You have to ask yourself - self, would you go through the trouble of making a glove and then selling it for one cent? I don't think I would bother. But Winco does, so they should be applauded for making such amazing gloves and selling them for so cheap.I use these gloves when I make hamburgers. When I handle bacon. When I touch anything greasy. They do the trick!Note: Though there is 500 in the box, this means that you really only get 250 pairs of gloves, so be warned that if you use two gloves (one for each hand), that you will be spending 2 cents per use. Plan accordingly. You have been warned.Nice gloves! 5Great Deal for Household Chores First, one man's large is another man's...well, not large. I wear a size 8.5 or 9 glove and these EASILY fit and probably would fit anyone up to 11.5 without issue. They stay put on my hands and allow me to tackle nasty household chores without looking like I rolled in off the farm for work on Monday morning. I do all my own wrenching on way too many things with motors around the house and got tired of harsh chemicals trying to cover up oil, grease and hydraulic stains to keep the boss happy. These are perfect for oil changes, air filter changes, painting, working with grease etc..I would not call them waterproof, but they will keep liquid off your hands. They hold up as well as surgical gloves at 1/5 the price and are honestly easier to work with when it is hot as they don't cause profuse sweating.My wife has since discovered my stash and uses them for yard work...so they will be vanishing a bit too quick.Overall a solid 4 star. If they made them a hair heavier and more durable i would have added that 5th star. 4Better than doggy poop bags for picking up dog poop! I use these to pick up dog poop! I have 2 dogs, who each poop 3 times a day, and using these disposable gloves is so much easier than using small bags. I just pick up the poop and pull off the glove inside out! So easy!! I even saw a TV commercial a few days ago for gloves like these expressly for this purpose, but the cost was probably more than 5 times as much as the cost for a box of 500 of these gloves! We have an area in our yard that is fenced off for the dogs, so often I'll go out there at the end of the day with 3 gloves that I put on one hand (one glove on top of the other) and I can just pick up all 6 piles one at a time and put them in the small wastebasket-size bag. Then, when I'm done, I just peel off the top glove toss it in the bag with the poop, tie up the bag and toss it in the garbage. I then take off the 2 remaining gloves on my hand (which are unsoiled) and use them again. I use the 3 gloves just in case the outer glove should puncture, which hardly ever happens. 5As described Just as described.These gloves are great for covering your hands when handling (for example) hair coloring products or smelly foods.They run a tiny bit larger than stated.They are lightweight and inexpensive, and worth the money.These are not made for Hospitals, but are great for picking up "stuff" or for light cleaning, and to protect your hands. 5A little cheap, but ok for the price I wanted these for cooking; Handling raw meat, hot peppers, peeling/chopping garlic, etc. They are pretty big for MED, but not an issue for me as I like they go on and off easily. They are however very THIN. As in its easy to break through the plastic. I was de-seeding very hot habenero chili peppers with these gloves on and the pepper oil definitely got through to my fingers. We had previously bought similar gloves at an Asian supermarket and the plastic was definitely thicker and stronger. 3super poor quality I never leave reviews, but I had to on this one. Every single glove I pulled from the box had a tear somewhere. Usually in the webbings of the fingers. Very poor quality. Do not buy. 1Gloves are way too big Even thought I purchased "Medium" size gloves these are way too big. I'm a guy and consider myself to have average sized hands, but these gloves are ridiculous. They are made for giants with logs for fingers. It's difficult to prepare food with these constantly slipping off. I do not recommend these for the average person. 2Thin, Use and dispose The previous box of these type gloves I bought were no longer available so I decided to try these. I suppose if I had gotten these first, they would have be acceptable, but since I like brand X better, that was the standard that was set when this box arrived.So you may ask what the difference was? These gloves are very thin. I admit they are just going to be thrown away, however, being so thin, if you grab something hot for example, it burns right through the gloves. I had to double them up to complete the task.If you just want to wear them while chopping veggies, they will be fine. 3
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