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Premium Quality - Nut Milk Bag - XL - 13 " X 13 " - Smoothie Strainer - Cold Brew Coffee Maker- Free Recipes Included - Reusable - Filter Bag - Professional Industry - Largest on Amazon

  • Premium Quality - Nut Milk Bag - XL - 13 " X 13 " - Smoothie Strainer - Cold Brew Coffee Maker- Free Recipes Included - Reusable - Filter Bag - Professional Industry - Largest on Amazon
  • Premium Quality - Nut Milk Bag - XL - 13 " X 13 " - Smoothie Strainer - Cold Brew Coffee Maker- Free Recipes Included - Reusable - Filter Bag - Professional Industry - Largest on Amazon
  • Premium Quality - Nut Milk Bag - XL - 13 " X 13 " - Smoothie Strainer - Cold Brew Coffee Maker- Free Recipes Included - Reusable - Filter Bag - Professional Industry - Largest on Amazon
  • Premium Quality - Nut Milk Bag - XL - 13 " X 13 " - Smoothie Strainer - Cold Brew Coffee Maker- Free Recipes Included - Reusable - Filter Bag - Professional Industry - Largest on Amazon
  • Premium Quality - Nut Milk Bag - XL - 13 " X 13 " - Smoothie Strainer - Cold Brew Coffee Maker- Free Recipes Included - Reusable - Filter Bag - Professional Industry - Largest on Amazon
  • Premium Quality - Nut Milk Bag - XL - 13 " X 13 " - Smoothie Strainer - Cold Brew Coffee Maker- Free Recipes Included - Reusable - Filter Bag - Professional Industry - Largest on Amazon

Premium Quality - Nut Milk Bag - XL - 13 " X 13 " - Smoothie Strainer - Cold Brew Coffee Maker- Free Recipes Included - Reusable - Filter Bag - Professional Industry - Largest on Amazon

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • The BIGGEST 13"x13" and most Durable Milk Bag on the market. You will love the extra large (largest on Amazon) size since it leaves plenty of room to squeeze out the milk without it overflowing.
  • OVER 900 AMAZON 5-STAR REVIEWS - Amazon customers know better than anyone, our nut milk bag is the top 5-star reviewed and purchased nut milk bag for a reason. It's simple, customers love it and keep coming back. Every day we get emails sending us photos of them making nut milk and loving it. There's no need to compare. Amazon customers have consistently chosen Zimtal as their favorite nut milk and bag, and we hope you will, too.
  • SAVE MONEY AND TIME - Read through our over five hundred 5-star reviews and you'll see for yourself how many creative ways our customers use our nut milk bag: cold-brew coffee, sprouting, seed milk, greek yogurt, cheese, iced tea, and homemade juice. One customer even saved 600 USD and uses the Zimtal nut milk bag to strain blended fresh juice instead of buying a new Vitamix-smart guy
  • FREE 2-DAY SHIPPING REPLACEMENT BAGS - If your nut milk bag tears, breaks, or wears out for any reason at all in the next 365 days, we'll send you a new FREE bag with 2-day Amazon Prime shipping. We stand behind our products and our #1 priority is 5-star customer service. We believe that making healthy diet choices should be fun, and we work hard to make being a Zimtal customer an absolute pleasure. It's our 100% enthusiastic satisfaction and money-back guarantee.
  • 75 MICRONS PROFESSIONAL FOOD GRADE NYLON - America's leading raw food experts love the Zimtal Nut Milk Bags since it creates the now famous "perfectly smooth nut milk" consistency. Competitor nut milk bags use a 200 micron mesh count, which is a grade originally used to filter paint in automotive shops, and is too tight for nut milk since it filters out the majority of the nutrients. Save yourself the disappointment of flavourless and watery nut milk. The 75 micron count is the perfect nylon thread count to create the most delicious nut milk you've ever tried.
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Customer Reviews

Fab purchase.I had my first ever latte made with freshly pressed almond milk and I just had to make my own. The nomnom paleo blogger recommended this bag so I went with it. I tried pantyhose and that worked alright in a pinch, but the pantyhose was fragile and let through a lot of almond particulate matter. Since I can compare this product only to pantyhose, buying this milk nut bag was more than worth it. For more durable product, easy to use, I like the drawstring top. It is porous enough to easily let the milk through, but no so porous that a bunch of almond matter gets through. I will *definitely* purchase this product again and highly recommend this item. The only downfall is that it is on the small side, but I can deal with that. 5Best Nut Bag of the Bunch!I purchased several nut bags as I have started making my own Almond Milk and wanted to see if there was a difference in bags. There are differences. The other bags are not as fine a mesh as this one, and when I squeezed the other bags, almond pulp oozed out of the mesh and into my Almond Milk, so I had to restrain it. With the Zimtal bag, the mesh was fine enough that I was able to squeeze the pulp in the bag and get more liquid out. I pulverize my Almonds in a Vitamix which does a great job, but there's a lot of pulp in the end.I used 1 cup of almonds for each nut bag I tested. Not only did the Zimtal bag strain faster, because I could squeeze it and not have an oozy mess, but I also got about 1/4 more liquid from that batch--again, probably because I could squeeze the bag tighter. I highly recommend this nut bag. 5It really works!This bag has made it so much easier for me to make homemade almond milk. I was starting to question all the additives in the box and cold milk products. Though it takes some work on my part this milk is certainly fresher. Since I do use organic almonds from Tierra Farms, I am not sure I am saving money. However, I know using the Zimtal has cut my time in half. It is easy to use and clean. A tip I offer is that since this bag can strain very fine meal, you can run the same meal thru the blender with more water again. I also feel a genuine concern from the company for making the best possible product. 5I use it to cold brew coffeeWorks great if you are cold brewing coffee. Pretty easy to clean too. I'd recommend this product to anyone who is looking to cold brew 5But Bag Has Napoleon Complex and Recipes!Hmmm, this bag seems quite sturdy and well made. I received and opened the link for the recipe book, which I really like. I'm a bit irked that the bag isn't nearly as expansive as described because was a big factor in my choice! We're the reduction as large as it's listed to be, I'd give it a 4.5. It seemed a bit too proudly priced, as well, but that could be my crankiness over the size talking.If you don't mind that it's small, then you'll still get a well constructed bag made with durable materials that look as though they'll wash up well and last quite a while.*UPDATE* I realized that with the review I gave, the actual measurements would have been meaningful. I wet the bag (because it'll be wet when you use it!) and smoothed it across my countertop. Far from the stated 13" X 13" it is really nearly 9" x 9" with a steep curve at the bottom. For this reason, I feel it's fair to deduct another star, or so, from my previous review. All other positive comments remain. 2Great bag, but not for me...Worked great the 2 times I was able to use it. Unfortunately, the care is a bit finicky for me. My mistake probably should've been obvious to me and easily avoided - but in my defense, it was before 10am and I hadn't had my second cup of coffee yet (yes, I run on coffee at this particular stage of life - don't judge)...So, in the hopes of possibly enlightening someone out there, here's what happened. In one of the helpful-yet-slightly-annoying (they stopped before it got truly annoying) emails from the seller, I saw that you can store the nut milk bag in the freezer to prevent bacteria growing and then just thaw it in water before using again. I had bought the bag for my first attempt at cold-brewing coffee, to strain the grounds out after brewing. I'd used it once, and after a couple weeks was ready for my second try. I wasn't sure it was still clean from the way/place I had stored it, so gave it a quick wash, squeezed/towel-dried, and threw it in a bag in the freezer overnight. Second batch of cold-brew was ready to strain this morning, so I grabbed the bag out of the freezer. I did remember the email said to thaw the bag in water - but DID NOT remember that it said to thaw in water for a FEW MINUTES... So here's where I went wrong, I believe. I rinsed it for a few seconds till it didn't feel stiff, and proceeded with my straining. Of course, I love my coffee and it's good to the last drop, so I squeezed the grounds in the bag a bit vigorously - but I didn't think I was overdoing it...UNTIL I discarded the grounds and rinsed the bag - and found several tears on either side of the bag (about 1-2mm in size). Clearly can't be used for coffee - or much of anything else - anymore. Needless to say, I was rather disappointed. But I don't blame the company; I blame myself for not remembering and following their care instructions properly. Thankfully, I got a really good deal on the bag, and didn't have to feel like I was throwing twenty bucks in the trash... But for my purposes, and my typical level of mental acuity...I think I'll be going with regular old disposable (or more so, anyway) cotton cheesecloth for my future cold-brew experimentation.Bottom line: bag works well, just a bit on the delicate side for as hard on things as I tend to be. 4Fine mesh but small bagThis is my second nut bag. The first bag I purchased was, Amazing Nut-Milk Bag from Elaina Love's Pure Joy Planet. My main problem with that one was that the mesh wasn't fine enough. I am happy to report that this nut bag is much better when it comes to how fine a strain it gives you. I make hemp milk which makes very fine pulp. Though still not as good as cheesecloth, I'd say this bag is probably the best you can get for a single layered nut bag. I am very happy with my purchase with only a couple complaints.1. I don't care for the square shape. The previous nut bag had an oval shape which I preferred.2. It's a bit on the small side. My last bag was maybe 20% bigger with a wider opening and would fit over my small pouring bowl or large measuring cup. This bag has a narrow opening which won't fold over any of my containers. That means I have to hold the bag while I pour the nut milk and be careful with my pouring.Aside from these two complaints, I'd recommend this bag for the fine straining capabilities alone. Only 4 stars due to the above drawbacks. 4Quality control went out the doorHave used this to make rice milk, barley milk and millet milk, for which it worked extremely well.Edit 10-24-15: After giving this nutmilk bag a 5 star review I ordered two more and am editing my review due to disappointment in the subsequent purchases. My 5-star review was for their initial product, certainly not the one now being supplied. A full third has been lopped off the size of the bags and the drawstring has changed. The original bag had a silky material drawstring that glided smoothly for quality operation. The subsequent ones have a different rope like material that is kinked, jerks and pulls while closing the bag. Already fraying out. A quality product at decent price was initially provided but after many great reviews quality control apparently got tossed out the window as the two subsequent products received are lacking in quality and were total waste of money. 2Happy Enuf for 2nd PurchaseVery happy with this nut bag.I've had mine since April, so about ten months. I've used it, I'd guess an average of every 2.5 days. It does a fine job. I am here to order a second one.I got another bag from a local store first. It was too coarse. It also ripped out soon; within a few weeks. This Zimtal bag makes nicer milk, and just now ripped a small hole. For the past few days I've been using the old bag (the hole was near the top) and it reminds me of how unhappy I was before. After buying this bag, I learned about hemp bags and regretted not buying one of those instead. But I've been so happy with this one, I'm getting another and am not looking into hemp bags.Now that I'm online, I see that Zimtal offers a one year free replacement if the bag rips. I tried to take advantage of the offer, but could not find how to do it. No worries; I got my fair use out of a $10 item. I will purchase my replacement and be plenty happy about it. 5Superb productI wanted a milk nut bag to strain my blended oats for homemade oat milk. My Zimtal milk bag arrived swiftly. But even before it did, Zimtal reached out to me by emailling me a free how-to eBook. How cool is that? My bag is extremely well made and worked perfectly. It washes up quickly. Turn it inside out, use dish soap and rinse. I dry It by putting it over a bottle. It dries in no time. My oat milk is really terrific. 4 c water, a couple of dates, a splash of vanilla and a pinch of salt mixed in with 1/2 c regular oats. Then just blend the heck out of it. You can put in a lot less water at first then add it, if you prefer. This is so good that my husband now complains if we run out if it. This is cheap to do and I get such a kick out of making my own milk. Having a vitamixer helps. Zimtal has been an enjoyable company to deal with. The quality of the nut bag is extremely high and the mesh size is perfect for making milks. I would go back to Zimtal again. Superb product 5
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