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Presto 04213 Electronic Digital Timer, White

  • Presto 04213 Electronic Digital Timer, White

Presto 04213 Electronic Digital Timer, White

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  • This electronic digital timer counts down from any time up to 99 minutes and 59 seconds and has an alarm that signals when time is up
  • Timer also counts up for use as a handy stopwatch
  • Easy-to-read digital display shows minutes and seconds
  • Operates on one easy-to-find AAA battery; Battery included
  • Memory feature stores the last timer setting for quick repeat use; Convenient clip, easel stand, and magnet on back for versatile use
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Customer Reviews

Love this little timer!I love my new timer and thinks it's much better than my old one which I have used for years. The reasons: it is smaller and more lightweight so it won't slide down the side of the fridge; the buttons are very responsive or easy to push (my old timer's buttons would always stick and needed to be pushed multiple times to work which is why I replaced it); the stand on the back is so easy to use that I actually prefer keeping it standing up on the counter now. I not only use it for cooking, but for watering my plants outside. Here we have a serious drought so it keeps me from forgetting to turn off the water outside. The only thing I could find fault with is the alarm beep. It isn't as loud as my old Sunbeam timer so I wouldn't always hear it if I was in the back side of the house. I easily resolved that by moving it to a more central location when using it so I will hear it from every room. The price at less than $7 was also very reasonable and it feels sturdy and well made. 5Don't care for this timer particularlyORIGINAL REVIEW:You must have a tiny screwdriver to install batteries. There are four screws in holes that measure 1/8 inch across. There are better ways to provide access to battery compartments, but apparently Chinese engineers haven't found them yet.Screws are phillips-head and are recessed about 1/4 inch. Battery is one AAA.UPDATE:Well, I was wrong. Only realized after using it that the you have to raise the magnet/clip to access the battery compartment slider which is partially hidden beneath it.But I still dislike this particular timer. It has a loud and annoying beep which might be a plus for some people. The numbers stay visible continuously which I suspect is the cause for batteries wearing out quickly which others have reported. Just use rechargeable batteries and that is not a problem - my battery has lasted much longer than I expected. I don't care for the lack of a number pad but you can change the time fairly quickly: press both min & sec to clear numbers, press and hold either min or sec to fast forward thru them. What I do NOT like is when you reset the time it beeps at EVERY number. Did I mention loud and annoying? Yeah. But if you are repeatedly using the same time period and let it continue to the beep it auto resets to the time you were using. Nice feature if you need it. The buttons *seem* flimsy like they would break off or fall off but I have no reason to complain so far.Not my favorite timer but it works fine. 3For many years we used a Presto electronic timer and loved it. When it went off it was loud ...Preston and Taylor electronic timers:For many years we used a Presto electronic timer and loved it. When it went off it was loud enough to get your attention, even if you weren't in the same room. After many years it finally gave it up so we ordered another Presto from Amazon in June 2013. It also worked great but after a little over a year it was hard to set the time and turn it on. Buttons did not want to work. I know for any modern lost cost item to last a year is pretty amazing but since the other one probably lasted 5 years it was disappointing. We fought with it but finally decided to order a replacement of a different brand. Although probably made in the same factory in China. In Dec 2014 we ordered a Taylor from Amazon. While waiting for Taylor to arrive I decided to tinker with the Presto by using a can of air and contact cleaner to see if I could clean up the internal contacts. I used air to clean around the buttons, sprayed contact cleaner around buttons, and they sprayed with air again. I did not take it apart. Next day it was working like a charm.Then the Taylor arrived. Nice timer, easy buttons for old hands but it was much too polite when the timer went off. Very soft. Like a golf clap.Bottom line: If you want a timer that gets your attention buy a Presto. And if the buttons give you problems use a can of air and contact cleaner to bring it back to life. No screwdrivers.If you want a nice polite timer get a Taylor.Comment: Amazon is a great company and if you can't find what you need you probably don't need it.PS It is obvious I have too much time on my hands to write this review but I'm old and it's cold and raining outside. 5Favorite Timer Ever!I love this timer! I like it so much, I'm looking to buy another one. Here are some of the things I like and some of the things I don't care for...Awesome Features:-3 ways to display it (magnetically, a clip, and a pin that makes the clip into a stand) (also, you can technically use the clip to attach it to some string and wear it around your neck)-Loud alarm that I can hear even when I'm a few rooms away-Clearly visible display-Counts up AND down-Uncomplicated buttons-Remembers your last timer setting (for if you need to continuously set the timer for the same amount of time in a row)-Good alarm length (it doesn't turn off right away, but also doesn't beep forever)-Great size (not too big or small)-Only takes 1 AAA battery-Sturdy, Lightweight, and Sleek-CHEAP (I only paid $3.97, which is totally worth it!)Not Awesome Features:-Can only set the timer up to about 1 2/3 hours-Loud alarm... Yes, I know I put that on the Awesome list too. But, while I like being able to hear the alarm clearly and far away, this alarm doesn't have the most pleasant sound (which I guess is something most people probably like in an alarm). Still, I kinda want to break it when it goes off right next to me and I can't turn it off right away (like if I'm washing dishes and my hands are wet).-Beeps as you push/hold down the minutes and seconds buttons to set the time. It beeps for every number, loudly.-Can't go back in time. If you pass the number you wanted to set the timer for, it's either too bad or you have to clear it and start over.Wish List (but these would totally raise the price)-I wish you could skip intervals of time. So when you need to set the timer for 60 minutes, you wouldn't have to go past every single number (although it does move quickly)-It would also be nice if it had a vibrate/silent mode (this will definitely wake a baby, just FYI)-Another neat thing would be if the screen lit up*But I honestly don't mind not having these things since the price and other features make it worth it 5Great timer for the price, but...This was a great timer until the lettering on the buttons rubbed off. Harsh or abrasive cleaners were not involved, just every day finger oils. The printing simply wore off with normal use. It's almost as though the lettering was printed in water-based marker. Whatever the root cause, the result is that the timer is rendered useless without button labels. We tried writing on the buttons with a fine-point Sharpie but that eventually wore off as well. As nice as it is to have multiple timers in one compact form, it's not useful without button labels. 2Easy, intuitive, convenient, dependable--and the price is right and bright.I've just re-ordered this Presto timer. Amazon's helpful history of a customer's past purchases shows that I purchased this timer in 2005, 2011 and 2015. I've ordered it repeatedly only because of a penchant for misplacing the item.From the start I wanted something simple, intuitive and dependable--a device I could use to count down the seconds required to complete each of 12 stretching exercises each day. The timer has proven more accessible and convenient than the timer "apps" on an iPod or iPhone. The only problem the Presto has given me is a loose battery cover (a small, curved strip of plastic), which began to fall off after I had removed it a several times. (Replace the single AAA battery with care--and use an alkaline.)You can pay twice as much for a timer with bigger and brighter buttons, but I doubt you'll get better performance or value for your dollar. 5LOVE this timerLOVE this timer!!! The main reason I bought it was for my spouse . It's LOUD enough for my partially-deaf husband to hear even in the next room; the controls are easy to work; and the batteries are standard AAA size--easily available & replaceable. It can stand easel style, can clip onto clothes or hold snugly to a 'fridge or stove/hood. The magnet is large enough & strong enough for this, unlike the vast majority of the ones I have tried. After I had the first one for a short time I turned around and ordered four more immediately. It maxes out at a little over an hour and a half so it is limited in uses, but that isn't a problem for me. It is only a single-use timer, not for multiple timers at once. Again, not a problem for me. I sometimes run 3-5 timers at once, but I use sticky removable colored dots on each one to label what it is timing--e.g., dubbing a disk on the computer, taping a TV show, food cooking on the stove, and when the washing will be done. As one of those easily distracted people, I LIKE the fact that it only times one thing at a time and doesn't have excess functions. It is what it is--a simple straight forward timer that is very effective doing exactly what it is intended to do. Oh, if you need it to, it counts upward and has a memory feature, too. For $6-7 I couldn't ask for a better low cost, loud enough, effective timer. I plan to get a few more just in case they discontinue them, but I fully expect these to work for a very long time. 5Counts up or down - love itThis timer is small (approximately 2 3/4" by 2 1/4") in size, but the readout is clear and dark - very readable even for my mother's 80year-old eyes. The timer has a button to set minutes and one to set seconds, or you can just start a countdown by pushing the start/stop button. Push the min and sec buttons at the same time to clear the readout. The alarm is loud enough to hear in the next room. The device comes with a AAA battery and the battery cover is easy to remove and replace. I attached the magnet to the side of my fridge and it is holding well - hasn't fallen nor has it slipped while setting it, clearing it, or in between usage. The readout only goes to +/- 100 minutes which might be a negative for some users, but I can't think of how that would be the case if you use it in the kitchen. I recommend it to anyone who's looking for a easy-to-use digital timer. 5No-frills timer does the job Pros: - inexpensive - loud-ish alarm - simple - AAA battery - strong magnet on backCons: - 1hr 39min is the longest time that can be set - not the highest build quality - only one timer - how durable will it be??This is a no-frills kitchen timer. It hits the essential points and a good price point. Most importantly the alarm is loud enough that you can hear it from another room. I also like the fact that the magnet on the back is larger than most and has good staying power on the fridge. My last time would slide down the fridge.I do wish it could time longer periods than 1 hr 40 min. This makes it not usable for slow cook recipes.The build quality isn't great. The display does flicker if you push the buttons firmly. I don't know how long it will last, but I will put it to the test. I got it mostly so my kids can time themselves for cleanup time. It will be abused for sure!As another reviewer mentioned it does "beep" each time a button is pushed, but my previous timer also did this. I don't find it annoying.If you found this review helpful, let me know with your vote. :)UPDATE: It has been over 3 years since I first wrote this review. The timer has been dropped, squashed and otherwise used and abused by three kids. IT IS STILL KICKING. We lost the battery cover a while back, but the batteries stay in pretty well even without the cover. I can recommend it even more than before. 4It's in the garbage now, where it belongs."I hate it" is pretty accurate. I purchased this timer on April 1st, 2016 - today is August 14th and I finally got sick of it and threw it in the trash. I don't know if I got a defective unit or of they all just suck, but the timer that I received was garbage. It worked great for a day or two, then it started going berserk whenever I pressed any of the buttons - it would make clicking noises and display a bunch of dots and dashes. If I was ever lucky enough to get it working properly, lord help me if I accidentally move it, bump it or touch it in any way while it's counting down - it would go berserk and do the clicking with the dots and dashes thing, and would stop keeping time.So today, after being infuriated by it for the last time, I threw it across the room into the trash, where it belongs.Buy something else. 1
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